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The World Begins With You Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Sachi-Shimazu, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. Sachi-Shimazu

    Mar 29, 2013
    You must have at least one Player and Reaper character before you can post in the roleplay. You can have one Officer Reaper and two Harrier Reapers (Support Reapers don't really have much to do except summon Noise and create walls, so none of them). You can have a maximum of 2 Players and 3 Reapers.

    ---Character Profile skeleton---

    Name: The name of thine sort of dead person
    Age: Please keep it somewhere between the ages of 15-40
    Gender: Is your character male or female
    Affiliation: Players or Reapers (and the Harrier or Officer if Reaper)
    Personality: What is your character like? Do they get on well with people or are they a anti-social pain?
    Appearance: What does your character look like to the other players in Shibuya?
    Attack Style: How does your character attack? Is it a cherished doll that you brought to life, a prized object with which you whack things, or do you summon fire, meteors, or drop things on the unsuspecting heads of your enemies?
    Entry Fee: The thing that is prized most by the player is taken before they enter the game. It could be their memories or the memories of someone else who entered the game with them, their appearance, maybe a friend who died around the same time who will be restored with them when they win, or anything else which isn't a material possession. Their entry fee also happens to be what is holding them back in life, such as appearance could mean that they are narcissistic or envious of someone else. Basically, what is your entry fee and how was it holding your character back in life?
    Bio: Have a backstory of your character, including how they died.
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  2. Sachi-Shimazu

    Mar 29, 2013
    Name: Miki Hirasawa
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Players

    Personality: Miki is a relatively cold person to others. She is normally reluctant to talk to anyone she doesn't know, as she is afraid they might harm her in some way. Even people she knows well don't get too much out her, since she has issues with trusting people.
    Appearance: Miki is a smaller girl for her age. She has brown hair which she puts up into two pigtails. She wears a white shirt with blue sleeves and long black pants with a tear around the knee. She is often in black Nike sneakers. As part of the Reaper's Game, she carries a wooden baseball bat given to her by her dad.
    Attack Style: Miki has a baseball bat which she wails on the Noise with. the baseball bat has two black skull marks on either side.
    Entry Fee: Her memories of her dad. These have been holding her back, making her cold and untrusting.
    Bio: When Miki was only three, her dad was murdered one night when he was walking home from a late night out. She had to live with the fact for the rest of her life that she would never actually know who did it, and she started to hate everyone who wasn't part of her family for it. Throughout school she had trouble making friends because of this and often just kept to herself.
    As soon as she finished school, she started to recluse in her own home, rarely going out, until her mother said she should probably get a job. She didn't really know what to do where she didn't have to talk to people, but she eventually just gave up and picked a job at the fast food restaurant near the Statue of Hachiko. She actually found she liked the job, not really needing to talk to people a lot.
    One night though, she had a late shift at work and was walking home from work. She was starting to get a chill up her spine, as if something bad were to happen. She started freaking out that someone was going to attack her and kill her. She passed by the alleyways which seemed the most foreboding to her. Then, when she came into the nearest intersection, she stepped into the path of a bullet from some criminal trying to evade the cops. She was rushed to hospital, but she was dead before she hit the ground.
    And so her soul entered the Reaper's Game.

    Name: Virion Ryukosame
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Players

    Personality: Virion is heavily narcissistic, he carries a mirror around to always check how he looks. He tries to flirt with any girl who comes his way, and he gets shot down every time. His Entry Fee for the game really doesn't help with either.
    Appearance: In the Reaper's Game, he has shaggy hair which won't stay in place, whatever he does. He has extremely baggy and casual clothes which don't suit his appearance at all.
    Attack Style: Virion uses his mirror to create a stream of fire. All he needs is some sort of light and something to shoot at.
    Entry Fee: Virion's entry fee was his appearance,and not just a slight change in appearance, he can't actually make himself look good in his eyes. He was never able to get anywhere when he couldn't go ten seconds without checking that he looked perfect.
    Bio: As a kid, he was put into a sort of modelling job for calendars, where every little detail of each photo had to be perfect. After about three years of this job, he started to become obsessed with perfection. From then on, he would constantly be looking at himself in mirrors to check if his appearance was "perfect". He didn't really have too many people who liked him, but he never cared about anyone else.
    Eventually he started to think that everyone looked up to him, his ego becoming very overinflated, and started to be very annoying. He started trying to flirt with every girl possible, thinking he was irresistible. Every time he was shot down, he didn't realise that no one liked him, he just thought that there was something wrong with the girl to not want to be with him.
    The death of him happened to be caused by his narcissism. He was walking across a street on a windy day when he stopped in the middle of the road to check his appearance, without realising there was a car coming straight for him. He looked up just in time to see the car which was about to kill him.
    And so his soul entered the Reaper's game.

    Name: Ritsu Kyosuke
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Reapers (Officer)

    Personality: Ritsu is very cheeky and slightly manipulative of the people around her. She is able to convince other Reapers to do exactly what she pleases. She does have many friends among the Reapers.
    Appearance: She has long blonde hair which reaches to the bottom of her ribcage. She is a large fan of the Lapin Angelique brand and normally wears the clothing of that brand. Currently her favourite clothes from the brand are a black and red mini-skirt, a black mini top hat with a red ribbon, a black shirt which was slightly shorter on one side of the shirt. She also constantly has the M'sieur Lapin brand mascot on her person.
    Attack Style: She uses the ribbon on her hat as a flurry of strikes to attack her enemies, however, her noise form, Lapin Cantus, is a massive graffiti-esque rabbit which slashes with it's claws and ram's it's enemies.
    Entry Fee: Her entry fee for the Reaper's game was the life of her best friend who died in the accident with her. She relied so much on her friend that she literally thought that she couldn't live without her. However, her time in the Reaper's game showed her that she could live without her.
    Bio: Ritsu was a prankster when she was alive, and she was really good at it, often getting away with her little schemes. However, this didn't stop her from making plenty of friends. Her childhood was practically one massive laugh, and her best friend was always their to bail her out. She didn't really like to go anywhere without her friend.
    She also took up a job at the store Gothic Lolita, the Lapin Angelique store at A-East, and formed a very good friendship with the shop owner, Princess K. She would spend most days when her friend wasn't available.
    One day, Ritsu and her friend were at the cafe WlidKat when a car crashed through the side of the cafe, much to Sanae Hanekome's displeasure. Unfortunately for the two friends, they were right where the car crashed through the wall. Ritsu woke up in the Reaper's game and was told that her entry fee was her friend, so if she won the game, her friend would be brought back. That week, she did manage to be one of the winners of the game and her friend was brought back. However, instead of being brought back to life with the other winners, she decided to join the Reapers. She rose quickly through the ranks thanks to her tricks which allowed her to erase players not just with noise at an exceptionally fast rate. She still managed to juggle seeing both her friend and Princess K with her job as a Reaper though, who both know about the Game and keep it a secret for her.

    Name: Zihark "bass" Honda
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Reapers (Harrier)

    Personality: Zihark is extremely laid back, and often tries to play from the background, leaving Tomoe to do the front on fighting. He gets along with others and can act like any sort of personality, since he often observes people from the shadows. He is, however, fairly shy.
    Appearance: Zihark has light brown spiked hair. He sports a white tee shirt, a black leather jacket, and slacks. He is fairly tall as well, which makes him easily noticed, even when he is trying to fade into the background. He also has his bass case strapped to his back at all times.
    Attack Style: He used his bass as a club to strike his enemies with great force. He often waits for his partner to stun their enemies first before he goes on the attack with his brute force.
    Entry Fee: Zihark's entry fee was his memories of Tomoe. Zihark would practically cling to Tomoe non-stop, always needing her help on everything, never doing anything for himself. This was his and Tomoe's dual entry fee as it benefited them both.
    Bio: Zihark only moved to Shibuya when he was 14, living in Sapporo for the earlier stages of his life. He was incredibly shy before he moved and moving to a new town only made is shyness worse. Tomoe Saika was the first person who approached him as a friend, which eventually turned into what he thought was them being boyfriend and girlfriend, but actually more his total and utter dependence on Tomoe. Over the next three years, he would pretty much follow Tomoe around like a crazed stalker, and even though she liked him, it prevented her from doing what she really wanted to do. Over time, he began to find other friends, but he still felt some sort of dependence on her.
    Him, Tomoe, and some of their friends eventually formed a band, in which he played bass. They would often play a support at for 777's band Def March and, when they became Reapers, they had their own gigs at A-East occasionally.
    One night, while offstage after one of their support concerts, Zihark and Tomoe were arguing over whether they keep doing cover songs or write their own songs for once when one of their band members noticed a weak cable on a light hanging above Tomoe, and as they looked up, the cable snapped. Zihark tried to tackle her out of the way, but it was just a bit late, as right when he got to her, it hit both of them, killing them.
    Even though he didn't remember her, Zihark still partnered up with Tomoe during the Reaper's Game. They survive the week and Zihark got his memories back, but in turn realised that what he had been doing all these years was stupid. Him and Tomoe rose to the ranks of Harrier and got a lot more free time, even reforming their old band (after a good deal of explanation).

    Name: Tomoe "sax" Saika
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Reapers (harrier)

    Personality: Tomoe manages to be much more cheerful and approachable than Zihark, but she only has the one bubbly personality which some people don't really like. She also has an issue with people calling her by her first name rather than her nickname (sax).
    Appearance: Tomoe has long blonde hair which she puts in a ponytail. She wears a blue shirt and a blue zip up hoodie and faded blue jeans. she also carries around a saxophone case on her back. She is is smaller that Zihark and the other Reapers often comment on it.
    Attack Style: She uses her saxophone's music as a weapon, using different tune to materialise healing barriers or penetrating bullets.
    Entry Fee: Tomoe's entry fee was Zihark's memories of her. Before their death, Zihark was totally dependant on Tomoe and it stopped her from doing what she wanted to do or aspired to do. This was Tomoe and Zihark's dual entry fee as it benefited them both.
    Bio: Tomoe was often surrounded by friends thanks to her friendly demeanour and she was fairly popular as well. Growing up in Shibuya, there were a few things that she thought of differently, such as not really liking the blog "F(abulous) Everything" that so many other girls in the town seemed to worship as if it were a religion. She still made friends with plenty of people in town, especially people who were new in the town. One of these people being Zihark Honda.
    Tomoe eventually found something in Zihark that she really did like and, even though she thought that his complete and utter dependence on her was slightly infuriating, she did like him a lot. She tried to introduce him to some of her friends who she thought might be good for him, and overtime she widened his circle of friends. They even formed a band with some of them at one point. However, his dependence did not go away.
    One night, after their support gig for Def March, Tomoe and Zihark were backstage arguing over a topic they had often argued about. She didn't hear her bandmate yell at her that the light above her was about to fall, and only saw it when Zihark looked up and tried to tackle her out of the way. Unfortunately for her, Zihark wasn't fast enough and got himself killed as well.
    When they entered the Reaper's Game, he made a pact with Zihark to try to make it up to him, even though she knew he didn't remember her. They played through the week and by the end of the week, they were still standing and they got Zihark's memories back, but instead of being brought back to life, they decided they wanted to become Reapers. As time went on, they rose to the rank of Harrier and reformed their band, and the debated that they should play some real songs still rages on between Tomoe and Zihark. They have become boyfriend and girlfriend though, and Tomoe is secretly grateful that Zihark doesn't totally depend on her anymore.
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