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The World Begins With You

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Sachi-Shimazu, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. Sachi-Shimazu

    Mar 29, 2013
    Shibuya Map:

    You must occasionally take damage and you must fight Noise occasionally

    Please for the love of Goomies keep the swearing low impact and infrequent

    When you fight noise, you and your partner will have to both defeat the Noise before continuing too far ahead into the story, you have to be in the same area as your partner until they defeat the noise.

    You must have at least one Player and Reaper character. You can have one Officer Reaper and two Harrier Reapers (Support Reapers don't really have much to do except summon Noise and create walls, so none of them). You can have a maximum of 2 Players and 3 Reapers. Before posting in this topic, please fill out a character profile here.
    While Pork City and Trail of the Sinner are on the Map of Shibuya, you cannot physically go to those places, even as a Reaper. These places have significant game elements which would be a pain to rp, so no cheeky missions to those places if you happen to be GM.

    Neku may have saved Shibuya from erasure and been brought back to life, but it doesn't mean that the Reaper's Game doesn't run as usual. People still die in Shibuya and they still become players in this game.

    Each week, people who have died will wake up as Players in the Reaper's Game. They have to survive for 7 days and a certain amount of Players are brought back to life based on their performance in each day's mission, while all the others play again. The Reaper's have the job of stopping the Players from surviving the seven days by erasing them with the Noise they create, or they in turn get erased.
    Each week a Game Master (GM) is chosen from the ranks of the Officer Reapers to give out missions each week. They then fight the players on Day 7 of the Game in a special Noise for they gain for that day.

    However, since Neku's run, the rules of the games have changed.

    The GM's don't have to be erased at the end of each week, contrary to the previous games. If they decide to concede the fight when they are worn out from their fight, the Week will end and the Players clear the week. Previous Players who have cleared the game (starting from Neku) can see the players of the current games and talk to them (even if they seem crazy as hell to everyone else). This means cameos of characters from the game will occasionally appear.

    But, there are problems surrounding the UG again. The Taboo Noise have not ceased to attack players mercilessly, even with Sho Minamimoto's apparent demise. While they still attack, they seem to be a lot less in numbers and only appear in certain areas each day. However, both Players and Reapers are unable to avoid these encounters and will have to fight them when they enter these places.

    Basic Procedure for each day:
    Whoever is chosen as GM for the week will send out a mission such as "Reach X", "Defeat X at location Y", "Clear Noise X at location Y", or "Obtain X item From Y store/building located at Z" in some sort of riddle, such as "Reach 74 +30 (meaning reach 104)", with the mission ending with some form of "failure to complete in XX minutes will result in erasure", which will never actually happen. This will be the first post after the previous day's mission has been completed. This will be done by the GM or other Reaper appearing in front of the Players and congratulating them.

    Also in this post, it must include where walls are set up, the requirements to clear them, and the area in which Taboo Noise will appear and which Taboo Noises will appear (list here, Sho Minamimoto and Leo Cantus are unuasable). Checking the Map of Shibuya constantly is advised to avoid confusion, since one cannot simply walk from A-East to Molco without some mention of all the other areas between them

    Afterwards, each Player will include at the start of the post a mission appearing on their phones and the timer appear on their hands in some painful way. Each player must try to complete the mission (no leaving it up to the other players like Joshua does more than once in the game). All players must also enter the area with the Taboo Noise in it and have one fight with that set noise.


    What is the Reaper's Game anyway?
    The Reaper's Game is basically a way for people to get a second chance at life. Players will have to survive through a week of challenges before they have any hope of being brought back to life, but only the best performing players will get their second chance.
    Why are people chosen to play?
    While the actual method of the player selection is unknown (to me, maybe CAT knows something that I don't), all players who pass through the game are in some way flawed socially and are being held back from their full potential. The idea of the game is to remove what is holding them back so they can learn to overcome their flaw and live their life better.
    What are the Reapers?
    The Reapers were once Players who failed to rack up enough points to come back to life but were seen to have some sort of potential in the group of Reapers. The Reapers' job is to be an obstacle to the Players, sending Noise in an attempt to erase the Players and in turn save their own skin. Reapers almost never attack Players directly (which will not happen in this rp), except on the seventh day of the week. Support Reapers are the Reapers who often guard a wall (an invisible barrier between two areas of Shibuya), while Harrier and Officer Reapers are able to summon more powerful Noise to attack players.
    What is the Noise?
    Noise are a manifestation of the negative emotions of the people of Shibuya which are created by Reapers to attack Players. These range from weak frogs (which usually chase down Players day 1 until they are safe) to massive mammoths which can pose a threat to anyone who isn't prepared. Taboo Noise are a special kind of noise created by the previous GM with a math fetish, Sho Minamimoto, which, rather than stay in one place until a Player comes along, will attack Players and Reapers on sight. These Noise are especially powerful and should not be taken lightly.
    How will my partner be chosen?
    Well, that is your choice. Two Players must form a pact on the first day to survive the onslaught of Noise that will attack them otherwise and fight back. You can choose to form a pact with anyone, excluding your other character and a second character of someone who you have already formed a pact with. All you have to do is ask the person you want to form a pact with and the other person will accept and when the massive beam of light appears around your characters, then you have your pact.
    How do the battles work?
    Noise exist in two parallel planes of existence, so one Player fights them in one while the other fights them in the other. Battles don't need to be some long winded fight, but they should at least say what enemy the enemy is (full noise list here, noises 22, 44, 47, 66-96 not allowed), how you attacked them, and preferably some instance of you getting damaged and feeling your partner get damaged. The fight against the GM's noise form at the end of the week will be a fight based around every Player and will probably be a long fight.
    If you have any more questions that have not been answered, please message me and I'll update this section.
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