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Theory Time with Sachi - Magic and alchemy

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by Sachi-Shimazu, Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. Sachi-Shimazu

    Mar 29, 2013
    Okay... so here is something that I thought of randomly, and it won't be as fleshed out as the last one (which in itself was still very spur of hte moment thinking)... what if a large portion of the game has to do with ancient concepts of magic and alchemy versus science. THIS WILL BE A VERY VERY POORLY THOUGHT OUT THEORY, SO DON'T EXPECT HUGE REVELATIONS!

    So... I think I've previously talked about how the starters appear to be circus based... but what if there is something else actually connecting the starters and the legendaries in this generation and a possible motivation for some events... This is the concept of those who still believe in magic and alchemy against the rise of proper science and technology in the Pokémon world.

    So, I have no idea whatsoever how Popplio would fit into this theory at all, so let's start with the one that is the most stupid connection I can think of.

    Actually... after searching up the Litten one, I found an even stupider connection for Popplio, so let's start with that one. Now, each of the starters from what I've seen people have been able to associate with some form of alchemical symbol. Popplio is the most asinine one that I've seen, so I'll just say that one first, people have found the way Popplio stands up makes it look like the alchemical symbol for Mercury, which is liquid metal (alchemy has a LOT to do with metals), but that's only when it stands up... I guess from a top down view it might look similar, but otherwise this one is the dumbest of any of them, and my one for Lunala is going to seem stupid.

    Now for Rowlet and Litten. The markings on Litten's forehead may be the markings of a tiger as well... but Litten doesn't have the markings all over its body. It only has these markings on its forehead, and with its eyes it creates the symbol for sulphur, which also relate to Brimstone in alchemy, which goes with the fire typing well. Now Rowlet is kind of a stretch, but there is a connection to be made with the perfect ball shape and the alchemical symbol for salt (which I guess is supposed to be Earth, I dunno, ask the internet... Although there have been things that show Rowlet as becoming a ground type?)

    Now for the legendaries, Green Vitriol and Aqua Fortis... I mean... Solgaleo and Lunala. So the two aformentioned things are both alchemical solvents (now actually quite common things in chemistry) that were associated with gold. Lunala is Aqua Fortis, and Solgaleo is Green Vitriol. The one I want to talk about more is Lunala, cause the Solgaleo one has been talked about to death. Aqua Fortis was one of a few things that I found after seeing this post on GameFAQs. It had nothing to back it up and after looking for a while I couldn't find the alchemical compound it mentioned, BUT out of all the Aqua ____ compounds in alchemy, I did find Aqua Fortis, now known as Nitric Acid, which was believed to dissolve silver into gold. The reason I want to bring this up is because the moon in alchemy was often associated with water and magic, rather than explaining typing or anything like that. Nitric Acid and Sulphiric Acid (Green Vitriol) were both prominent organic compounds relating to gold that now have pratical usages in chemistry, so I find that interesting, along with the next point.

    This is the first time in Pokémon (ssshhhhh I know about the town in Hoenn but that was built out of logs so I don't think it counts) that we have had an artificial island anywhere, being the theorised E4 locale in the Alola region right in the middle. The other thing is the rise of tech and Pokémon combinations, like the Rotom Pokédex, which makes me wonder how Pokémon elsewhere are being used for scientific purposes. There are clear technological advancements within the Alola region, despite the less technologically advanced guise of the region itself.


    Well... my idea is that there will be a heavy story of alchemy vs proper science between the evil team and your character in this game. I haven't looked into the two leaked Pokémon, but all five official Pokémon can have alchemical connections (be it some quite BS ones) that can be found, while the only technological Pokémon aspect is Rotom Pokédex. So what if the evil team is against the use of technology and believe in alchemy being able to save the world...

    And that's my new BS theory on Sun and Moon. Leave your scathing rants about why every single stupid detail in this theory is wrong, because I literally put it together in an hour and have a great day watching better alchemy related things like Full Metal Alchemist...


    These are the things I was talking about btw with the starters.


    I'm still working on this, and I think it's just someone grasping at more straws that I am, cause it's CLOSE but not quite, but someone managed to find the alchemical symbol for lead in Iwanko's collar (the new dog who apparently also has something special with the starters). If someone is able to show me an image that is actually perfectly superimposed over his collar I will have even more faith in this theory, given that Salt, Mercury, Sulphur and Lead are the four pillars of alchemy, but for now, this is my shitty attempt
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  2. Apawn

    Apawn Modern Gen 2 Artist

    Level 49
    Oct 1, 2014
    Shiny QuilavaQuilava
    A Nice Video That Explains This Pretty Well:

    This All Makes Me Think Alchemy Is Cannon #FullMetalPokemist

    Edit: Was AZ Floette Revived By Alchemy!?
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