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This... is not what I expected...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Sanctuary, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. Sanctuary

    Odd Egg (S)
    (Odd Egg (S))
    Level 2
    Sep 6, 2014
    Have you ever had a time where you find an anime or manga that seems pretty interesting (judging from either the cover image or description given about it), and then you get into it, and it's just... not what you thought it was gonna be?
    I had one of those experiences just the other night.

    The other day, I was looking for manga to download to my phone so that I could read in class when I get bored or don't have anything to do, and also to read at home too.
    So I go to the manga app I use, go to the "Genres" tab, and click on "Comedy".
    Usually I find a cover that looks cool, read the description, and then download about 20 chapters of it to my phone to read later.
    Except this time, I was in a hurry and didn't bother reading the descriptions. This is where I made a mistake.

    After I found about 3-4 new ones to read, I leave them to download and forget about it for the time being.
    I get back home one night and decide to read some manga, so I go to the first one I downloaded.
    I read a couple chapters and it's about a guy who's stuck in an RPG world somehow and has to fight his way out.
    I'm a bit intrigued, so I continue reading as I normally would.
    And then suddenly... hentai.

    Apparently, the manga I downloaded fell under the categories of both comedy and hentai.
    It didn't bother me at all though, I just sat there, looked at the page, and started laughing at the situation I bestowed upon myself.
    Moral of the story: Always read the descriptions of an anime/manga before watching/reading. Always.
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  2. Sachi-Shimazu

    Mar 29, 2013
    Two instances: Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Gakkou Gurashi

    Both shows are designed around what you don't expect and numerous amazing plot twists, and I'm sure with PMMM most people know about it. I had no idea cause it was one of the first anime I ever watched that wasn't Cartoon Network related. And it just got darker and darker, I honestly didn't expect it since the only other animes I'd watched at the time were Naruto, SAO, K-On and Pokémon.

    Now, Gakkou Gurashi was a surprise. See, I don't like horror, and I knew about the situation the characters were actually in. However, for some reason I was willing to watch it, and after the first episode's ending (which was bloody amazing no pun intended) I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue. However, what I didn't expect was a depressing story with amazing characters and an almost Stiens;Gate level conspiracy theory plot twist. I think it's probably up there with my favourite animes now.
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  3. Lord Vain

    Lord Vain ✯Drifting Digital God✯

    Dec 8, 2014
    Mario Mushroom ★Legendary Triforce ★★
    Uh-huh, and what was the name of this manga...uhhh, I mean, what? lol In all seriousness though, remember that it's not wise to literally judge a book by its cover either, kids. Because, well, it could involve porn and you won't realize until it's too late. :P
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  4. LadySmugleaf

    LadySmugleaf Cries in Poetry

    Dec 31, 2014
    Yeah, I recently bought a Madoka Magica spin off called "Homura's revenge" and it started off like you think it would like a title like that.
    But it's Madoka-freaking-Magica. And in the true style of Gen Urobuchi, there were plot twists.

    My moral is when reading a spin off of Madoka Magica. Prepare for the worst and don't get your feels up.
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