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Together Forever - A Negaishipping Fanfic

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by MCOury1998, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Story synopsis: Before they left Nuvema Town for the last time, Pr. Juniper gave Ash and Iris both an Xtransceiver each. Now in Kalos and Johto, Ash and Iris communicate frequently, as to keep up with each other, and to remain close friends. However, the two soon discover that their relationship may soon become far more and deeper than just friends.

    Never "Goodbye", Always "Hello"

    Just after the Garchomp incident...

    "Ash, where are you going?" Bonnie asks her new friend as he starts walking away from Prism Tower.

    Ash turns to Bonnie. "Oh...I...I have to take care of something."

    "Okay, that's cool!" Bonnie goes back over to her big brother, Clemont.

    "Pikapi?" Pikachu asks, rushing over to Ash.

    "Sure, come on, Pikachu."

    Pikachu jumps onto Ash's shoulder as the Trainer from Pallet Town goes over to the spot he had earlier used to get up to the top of Prism Tower. Ash takes his Xtransceiver out of his pocket and turns it on, dialing the only Xtransceiver number he'd ever need.

    Ash watches the others walk back towards Pr. Sycamore's lab, and then the screen on Ash's Xtransceiver lights up.

    "Axew!" A familiar green Dragon type greets, its face on the screen.

    "Ah, hey Axew!" Ash greets.


    "Okay, Axew..." Another familiar person moves Axew out of the way. Iris. "Hey, Ash."

    "Iris...it's good to see you again." Ash says, trying to hold back tears.

    Iris nods, tears starting to stream down her face, and then Ash's. "Same to you...I...I think Pr. Juniper made a good call, giving us these Xtransceivers."

    "Yeah, so how's Johto?" Ash asks. He can tell from the little bit of backdrop that he can see, that Iris is in a tree somewhere.

    "It's wonderful!" Iris says. "I even caught a new friend: Swablu!"

    Iris brings out the little Pokémon and shows it to Ash.

    "Aw, it's adorable...definitely a good fit for you." Ash says, imitating Cilan.

    Iris laughs and wipes away her tears. "Ash...you're a great friend."

    "As are you."

    "So, how's Kalos?" Iris inquires.

    "It's fine...how'd you know I went there?" Ash asks.

    "I know you." Iris chuckles.

    Ash laughs. "Yeah...it's been great! I met two new friends, Clemont and Bonnie, got a Froakie and calmed down a rampaging Garchomp!"

    "A Garchomp!?" Iris gasps. "That's incredible. Guess you might have the workings of a Dragon Master too."

    "Right." Ash agrees, smiling.

    "Good night, see you soon..."

    "'Night, Iris."

    Ash turns the Xtransceiver off and wipes away his tears. He didn't mind Iris seeing him cry. She's one of his best friends. Maybe even more...

    Ash runs the way his new friends had gone as not to get lost, and freak them out.


    After Ash catches Fletchling...

    Ash has taken his sleeping bag up into a tree above Clemont and Bonnie as the Xtransceiver begins to go off. Ash smiles and accepts the incoming call. The caller, of course, is his best friend, Ash's favorite traveling companion.

    "Good evening, Ash." The Unovan Dragon trainer says.

    "Hey again, Iris."

    "Pika!" "Axew!" Pikachu and Axew are also happy to see each other again, despite being miles apart.

    "Are you alright with talking at least once a day?" Iris wonders aloud.

    Ash laughs. "Are you crazy? I'd love that, Iris!"

    "Oh, good." Iris smiles. "Any new Pokémon?"

    "A Fletchling." Ash says. "Sorry I can't exactly show you my new Pokémon..."

    "That's fine..." Iris waves it off. "I'll just see 'em when I see 'em. Hey, I wonder how Cilan is doing."

    "I bet he's doing great...as well as confusing and wearing out everybody with his connoisseur lingo." Ash suggests, Iris smiles.

    "Yeah...Ash, if you had been able to, would've you caught Victini?" Iris asks.

    "Well, I never really considered it. Why?"

    "I had a dream last night that you used Victini in the Unova League...or maybe it was the Kalos League...I don't know. I did see Helioptile, Gogoat and Noivern."

    "Fletch!" Fletchling chirps as it appears from its Poké Ball.

    "Kie kie." Froakie croaks, appearing as well.

    "Huh? So, these are your new Pokémon! Aw, looks like the new Pidove and Oshawott!" Iris exclaims.

    Ash nods. "Pretty much. They're great friends."

    Iris smiles, then looks away at Axew for a second, thinking about something.

    "Ash...I-I...um, this may sound a bit crazy...but I really want to see you again, soon..." Iris admits, then continues upon seeing Ash's confused expression. "I-I m-mean in p-person." Iris blushes...

    ...Iris can feel herself blushing, but she doesn't care.

    "Okay, when? Where?" Ash asks, already committed, and ready to make a plan.

    "Not sure. But soon. I'll figure something out." Iris assures Ash.

    "I'm sure you will. It's who you are." Ash replies, laughing a bit.

    "Yep, and you...well, good night." Iris yawns, her eyelids heavy with sleep.

    "Good night, Iris. Sweet dreams." Ash hangs up, Iris' screen goes black.

    Sweet dreams? In Iris' hazy, sleepy state, it sounded more than just a sweet closer...

    "Axew?" Axew asks its partner.

    "We'll see, Axew, we'll see..." Iris curls up and falls asleep.


    After Clemont catches Dedenne...

    "Can't wait to meet your friend, Ash!" Bonnie exclaims.

    "Same here." Clemont adds.

    "Ash...is 'Iris' your...keeper?" Bonnie asks slyly.

    "Bonnie! You shouldn't try embarrassing Ash like that!" Clemont scolds his sister.

    "What?" Bonnie counters, but drops it.

    "Ash...Bonnie was just joking...you alright?" Clemont notices Ash's expression.

    Ash snaps out of his daze. "Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine."

    Ash calls Iris on the Xtransceiver, who answers within seconds.

    "Ash, good to see you!" Iris greets, then notices Clemont and Bonnie. "So, these are your new friends?"

    "Yeah." Ash says. "I met them in Lumiose City when the gym somehow kicked me out."

    "Hi, I'm Bonnie, and this is Dedenne." Bonnie introduces herself and her new Pokémon, then her big brother. "And this is my brother, Clemont."

    "It's nice to meet both of you." Iris says.

    "Same to you." Clemont replies.

    "Oh, Clemont, you should show Iris your Bunnelby." Ash suggests suddenly. "I started showing her my Kalos Pokémon last night."

    "Okay, then, come out Bunnelby!" Clemont brings out the brown and gray rabbit-like Pokémon.

    "Bunn!" Bunnelby greets.

    "Wow! It looks so cool!" Iris squeals in her child-like fashion.

    "Bun bun." Bunnelby responds in gratitude.

    "Hey, Iris...?" Bonnie grabs the aspiring Dragon Master's attention.

    "What's up, Bonnie?" Iris asks.

    "Um...I was wondering, do you like Ash?" Bonnie asks curiously, putting an emphasis on the word 'like'.

    Iris blushes, turning as red as Fletchling's face. "Well...Bonnie...um..."

    "Sorry, my sister does that kind of stuff sometimes." Clemont quickly says.

    Iris smiles. "That's fine. Well, it was great to meet you both."

    The call ends and the three go to bed, Ash lays awake for a few minutes, thinking about what Bonnie had mentioned. Does he like Iris? Ash smiles, thinking about seeing her again...

    ...in Johto, Iris has fallen asleep after eating a quick dinner post-call. Though she does sleep, the thoughts that Bonnie had put in her head are swimming around in there. Does she like Ash?
  2. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Feelings for only One

    After Clemont helps Ash train for his rematch against Viola...

    "You seem a bit upset about something." Iris notices as her face appears on Ash's Xtransceiver. "What's up?"

    "First Gym Battle...didn't go so well." Ash tells her.

    "What type?"

    "Bug." Ash says. "Gym Leader is Viola, Alexa's sister. She has a crazy strong Surskit and Vivillon."

    "Did Fletchling work in the battle." Iris wonders, knowing that Flying types have the advantage over Bug types.

    "Not really." Ash admits.

    "Okay...pretend this is Burgh you're battling." Iris suggests, causing Ash to grin.

    "So, I should use Unfezant, Pignite, Charizard, Leavanny, or Boldore."

    "Exactly! Hold on, are you gonna switch one of those in?" Iris asks.

    "Don't see why not." Ash smiles. "I'd be lost without you."

    "I know." Iris smiles. "Well, I hope your Unovan Pokémon have a good battle tomorrow...or, whoever you use."

    "Thanks. Best wishes, Iris."

    "Good night Ash, best wishes."

    Ash turns off the Xtransceiver and slips out of the Pokémon Center room that he and his friends are staying in for the night. He goes to the lobby and calls Pr. Oak.

    Oak yawns and then greets the Trainer. "Ah, Ash m'boy, what can I do for you?"

    "Hey, professor. I need you to send over Pignite and Unfezant."

    "Bug type battle?"

    "Yep." Ash says...moments later, Ash holds two Poke Balls containing two Unovan Pokémon...


    Night before the Rhyhorn Race...

    "A Rhyhorn Race!?" Iris exclaims.

    "Axew ew!?" Axew echoes.

    Ash nods. Iris shakes her head. "Man, your lucky."

    "Yeah, but I did win the Gym Battle today."

    "Awesome, who'd you use?"

    "Pig-I mean, Emboar and Unfezant." Ash responds.

    "Pignite evolved?"

    "Yes, and it was absolutely wonderful to see." Ash recalls. "It evolved so it could have just enough strength to absolutely destroy Viola's Vivillon."

    Iris smiles, thinking about the Fire type Starter from Unova. "That's excellent."

    "So, how far away are you from Blackthorn?"

    "Still a good ways away." Iris says as two Pokémon pop out of her hair. "Oh yeah, I caught these two recently: Bagon and Trapinch."

    Ash smiles at the two Dragon types. "So...how are you getting around the six Pokémon team limit?"

    "No idea." Iris shrugs. "I guess if I got a Pokédex, then I would be limited by that."

    "Lucky." Ash says, echoing Iris' tone from earlier, causing the girl to laugh.

    "Well, you should get plenty of rest for your race tomorrow. Best wishes!" Iris tells Ash.

    "I will, best wishes!"


    After meeting the Charisma Trainer, Moussalli...

    "'Charisma Trainers'" Iris is confused by the term.

    "Yeah...and I thought Unova had all of the confusing concepts." Ash jokes, both laugh.

    "Anyways, what kind of Pokémon do you think you'll catch next?" Iris asks Ash.

    "Not sure...hopefully a Helioptile or Bunnelby. That'd be fun." Ash says. "However, you'll never guess who evolved!"

    "Who, Fletchling? Froakie?" Ash shakes his head at both guesses. "Then who?"

    Ash brings out a large grass snake Pokémon that is slightly familiar to Ash.

    "Ser..." The Grass type Starter of Unova greets, happy to see Iris.

    "Snivy evolved!?" Iris nearly shouts, Ash nods. "Ash...are you plaguing Kalos with Unovan Pokémon?"

    "I guess...since I haven't caught any other Pokémon in a while, I thought I'd train some of my Pokémon from other regions." Ash says.

    "What's your current team?" Iris wonders.

    "Pikachu, Froakie, Fletchling, Servine, Scraggy, and Oshawott."

    "That's cool." Iris remarks. "Had any battles yet?"

    "How'd you think Snivy evolved?"

    Iris laughs. "Okay, okay. Good night, Ash."

    "'Night, Iris." Ash tells her. "See ya tomorrow."


    The night after finding out that Clemont is the Lumiose City Gym Leader...

    A small beeping sound wakes up Ash about an hour after falling asleep. Ash quickly slips out of bed, out of the house, and answers Iris' call once outside.

    "Hey, Iris." Ash says, still really tired. "It's a bit late, isn't it?"

    "Yeah, I know, I know. I just forgot to call you earlier." Iris replies, also sleepy. "Anything new?"

    "Apparently Clemont is the Gym Leader in Lumiose City!" Ash tells her. "Also, Scraggy evolved to Scrafty when we helped Clemont get his gym back from the robot he created to help him with the gym."

    "Sounds pretty funny." Iris laughs. "But that's cool that Clemont is a Gym Leader, and that Scraggy evolved!"

    "Yeah..." Ash smiles, happy that again he gets to hang out with Iris nearly every day. Well, it had not really been that long after Ash had said goodbye to her and Cilan in Vermillion City. So, in a way, the two haven't been apart at all.

    "Hey, Ash...um, what exactly is Serena's reason for traveling with you?" Iris asks nervously.

    "No idea." Ash says. "Why?"

    "No reason!" Iris just smiles. "Well, we should both get to bed. Good night, sweet dreams."

    "Sweet dreams, Iris." Ash hangs up and then slips back to bed.

    That night, Ash dreams of more journeys with Iris. Iris catching Kalosian Pokémon while Ash continues to train Fletchling, Froakie and his Unovan Pokémon. Then, Ash winning the Kalos League. Ash and Iris embrace... This part confuses, but pleases the Pallet Town Trainer...


    The night after the Pancham/Pangoro incident...

    "You're. Kidding. Meowth tried that again?" Iris is shocked by the Scratch Cat Pokémon's actions, Ash nods. "Well, maybe you should tell the others about what happened in Unova."

    "Good idea," Ash agrees.

    "So, how are your Pokémon doing?" Iris changes the subject.

    "Alright. I sent Pikachu's Poké Ball to Pr. Oak so that I can carry around seven Pokémon at a time." Ash informs her. "As well as switching around my team some."

    "Okay..so, who do you have currently?"

    Ash smiles as he then lists of the six Pokémon other than Pikachu: "Fletchling, Froakie, Servine, Dewott, Boldore, and Palpitoad."

    "Oshawott evolved?" Iris is excited at the evolution of another one of Ash's Pokémon.

    "Yep. Oshawott ended up with Bonnie, Dedenne and Meowth, and evolved helping to get them through the forest after we all got separated."

    "Goodness...someone just needs to catch Meowth." Iris remarks.

    "I might just have to do that." Ash tells her. "Anyways, have any of your Pokémon evolved?"

    "Only Trapinch to Vibrava when I trained Axew." Iris replies. "Vibrava ended up winning, which was cool!"

    "That is. Good job, Vibrava." Ash congratulates the non-present Dragon type. "Okay, I...l-I mean, good night, sweet dreams."

    "Sweet dreams to you too, Ash." Iris smiles and Ash hangs up.

    Maybe I do have feelings for Iris... Ash thinks to himself.
  3. Thechaosmaster

    Thechaosmaster Keeper of Chaos

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2017
    Potion ★Poké Ball ★
    Wow! That is pretty cool. Amd Serena was kind of like a stalker, in a way, 'cause the only reason why she was following Ash was because he helped her back duing Oak's summer camp and well, just for that alone, (shakes head) if I was like that, I would need to learn the Shadow clone Jutsu, but not going to happen, because, 'no matter how far apart we are, we will always be together, bound by our hearts, and remembered by our dreams. So as long as one freind dreams they will always have their friends by their side.' It's a little quote that I would say is my life's saying. Well, keep up the good work, can't wait for next chapter. :)

    Stop hovering to collapse... Click to collapse... Hover to expand... Click to expand...
  4. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Discovering our Feelings

    A few hours after Dolan the Pokémon Smuggler had been arrested by Officer Jenny...

    Ash's new Vivillon, the Vivillon that he and his friends had saved from Dolan, hovers behind Ash as he calls Iris on his Xtransceiver. It's late evening, the sun starting to go down.

    "Vivi?" Vivillon asks him, looking at the device on Ash's wrist.

    "Huh? Oh, I'm calling a friend of mine, Vivillon." Ash tells it.

    Iris picks up almost immediately and gasps in interest at Ash's new Pokémon.

    "What...is...that?" Iris asks.

    "Vivillon...the Kalosian version of Butterfree, so to speak." Ash informs her. "I helped protect it and a bunch of its friends from a Pokémon Smuggler, Officer Jenny let me catch it after Vivillon showed that it wanted to travel with me."

    "Aw, that's cute." Iris says. "It's almost like you have Butterfree back. It's nice to meet you, Vivillon."

    "Illon!" Vivillon responds, hovering closer to the screen.

    "How about your other Pokémon? Any changes?" Iris asks.

    "Not really, but Dewott is helping Froakie train, which is nice." Ash tells her. "I think Palpitoad might also be close to evolving."

    "That's fascinating." Iris says as Ash returns Vivillon to its Poké Ball. "So, where's the next Gym?"

    "Cyllage City." Ash responds. "I've heard that it's a Rock type Gym."

    "Hmm..." Iris pauses in thought. "Well, then, Emboar, Servine, Dewott, Palpitoad, Krookodile, and Froakie should work out well. Have any other Pokémon that would be super effective against Rock types?"

    "Well...let's see, I'm guessing you listed Emboar because its a Fighting type, correct?" Iris nods, then Ash continues. "Well, I could use Primeape, Scrafty, Infernape, Leavanny, Servine, Bulbasaur, Sceptile, Torterra, Bayleef, Squirtle, Palpitoad, Dewott, Froakie, Buizel, Kingler, Totodile, Corphish, Krookodile, and Boldore. Hmm...any combination would be good."

    "Good point." Iris realizes. "I guess you'll just figure that out eventually."

    "Right." Ash smiles. "Well, how are thing on your end?"

    "I think Swablu may be close to evolving into Altaria. And Bagon into Shelgon."

    "That's cool. Any new catches?"

    Iris brings out a Poké Ball and opens it. "Come on out, Froslass."

    Ash is taken aback. "Wh-what is th-that?"

    "A Froslass. Come on, Ash. I thought you've been to all of the regions!"

    "I have, but Froslass is Ice-Ghost. ICE!" Ash stresses that last word hard.

    "Yeah, I know." Iris hugs Froslass. "But it's just so cute!"

    "Okay, I guess I see your point." Ash smiles. "Is Froslass helping your fear of Ice types disappear?"

    "Yep." Iris confirms. "That's part of the reason I caught Froslass."

    "Fros!" Froslass twirls around, happy to be the center of attention, currently.

    "Okay, good night, Iris." Ash tells the Unovan girl. "Sweet dreams."

    "Sweet dreams, Ash." Iris hangs up and then Ash falls asleep.


    After the Team Rocket/'Kindergarten Chaos' incident...

    Ash sits up in a tree over the route as he calls Iris, Vivillon, Froakie and Pikachu crowded around him as well. It's mid afternoon and the sun streaming through the leaves of the trees looks absolutely beautiful. In fact, everything, in Ash's mind, looks better when Iris is around.

    "Axew!" A cheerful Dragon type answers, a battle going on in the background.

    "Axew, hey, could you go get Iris?" Ash asks.

    "Ew!" Axew nods and begins running with the Xtransceiver in its hands to wherever Iris is.

    A few moments later, Iris has placed the Xtransceiver on her wrist and is talking to Ash.

    "Hey, Ash, you're calling earlier than usual." Iris notes.

    "Well, I had some time away from the others, so I wanted to call you." Ash tells her.

    'You missed me?" Iris asks, teasing Ash a bit.

    "Yeah..." Ash blushes, causing Iris too chuckle a bit. "So, how's your day been?"

    "I was just training Emolga with Bagon...who evolved into Shelgon." Iris tells him.

    "Let me guess, Shelgon beat Emolga pretty easy." Ash says, Iris nods. "Yeah, that's because Dragon types have a resistance to Electric types."

    "Whoa, I had no idea."

    "Yeah, I learned that by battling Clair at the Blackthorn Gym."

    "With Pikachu?"

    Ash laughs. "You know me too well..."

    Iris smiles, then her expression turns a bit more serious. "Ash, there's something I've been needing to tell you..for a while now..."


    "The thing is...ever since the Unova League, and after I felt sorry for you after you lost...I-I've come to love you, Ash."

    Ash smiles. "I've been wanting to tell you the same thing since Nimbasa City...ever since we went sightseeing together...I love you too, Iris. And I miss you, dearly."

    "I miss you too much, also." Iris and Ash both begin to tear up a bit. "I...af-after I b-battle Clair, I'll come to Kalos...and...travel with you...once again."

    "That sounds lovely." Ash agrees. "Let's talk again tomorrow."

    "Okay, tomorrow." Iris smiles.


    After the Pichu-Dedenne incident...

    Ash sits on a hill overlooking the park that part of the mix up between Dedenne and Pichu had centered around. It almost reminded him of when Ash and Iris had found a lost Axew at the Nimbasa Amusement Park, and helped it to find its Trainer.

    Ash's Xtransceiver suddenly goes off, and Ash taps the screen.

    "Good afternoon, Ash. How are you?" Iris asks.

    "Doing well, and you?"

    "I'm doing okay...Swablu finally evolved!" Iris informs him.

    "Wow, that's awesome!" Ash exclaims. "So, what's it like to have an Altaria?"

    "It's nice. Altaria's kind of like huge pillow now! So, whenever the smaller Pokémon need to rest, Altaria lets them rest on it."

    "Aw, that's of Altaria." Ash says, Iris nods in agreement.

    "Yeah, so, how's everything on your end?" Iris asks.

    "Well, Bonnie had an interesting little adventures today." Ash begins. "What happened was that she accidentally switched bags with a girl who had a Pichu. The Pichu's 'Trainer' got lost, so we had to help her older sister find her, as well as switch the bags back."

    "Whoa, what a day!"

    "I know."

    "Doesn't Dedenne evolve into Pichu?" Iris asks.

    "I...I don't think so. But it would be cool if it did."

    "Yeah...so, no new Pokémon?" iris asks, Ash shakes his head.

    "Though, Squirtle has evolved." Ash says, bring out his new Wartortle.

    "Tor." Wartortle greets, sitting next to Ash and Pikachu sits on Wartortle's head.

    Iris grins. "That's so awesome! So, what's your team like now, besides Pikachu and Wartortle?"

    "Well, I have Boldore, Palpitoad, Bayleef, Buizel, and Totodile." Ash responds, then brings out the other Pokémon.

    "Bold." Boldore stands behind Ash, it's red head spikes sticking up over Ash's head.

    "Boldore, been too long!" Iris greets the Ore Pokémon, remember how resilient and useful this Pokémon has been.

    "Toad..." Palpitoad croaks. Ash has been using this Pokémon since the Battle Club tournament a long time ago...

    "Hey, Palpitoad!" Iris is happy to see the Pokémon. Ash had caught the Pokémon just before Ash was able to gets some medicine to her, Axew, Pansage, and a couple of the other Pokémon after they had gotten poisoned by another Pokémon. An Amoonguss, was it? "Palpitoad looks as tough as ever. Still capable of stopping any Electric type?"

    "Pretty much. And once it evolves into Seismitoad, Palpitoad will be unstoppable!" Ash confirms.

    Iris giggles. "I bet."

    Then, Iris notices Ash's Bayleef. "Ah, so who's this?"

    "This is Bayleef, the evolved form of Chikorita, the Grass type Starter from Johto." Ash explains.

    "Bay bayleef bay." Bayleef nuzzles the screen, as if trying to rub its own face against Iris'.

    "I think Bayleef can sense our relationship, in a way." Ash says. "Bayleef has always been one of my closest Pokémon, similar to Pikachu. Basically, Bayleef is accepting you as part of the family."

    "Aw, that is really sweet." Iris says, smiling at Bayleef.


    Next, Iris notices Buizel riding on Bayleef's back.

    "Buizel!" Buizel greets when it notices Iris.

    "Whoa...so that's a Buizel!?"

    Ash nods, petting the weasel Pokémon's silky orange fur. "Yeah, used to be Dawn's. However, it was more battle-apt. I had an Aipom that was more into contests, so we traded. Though, I have used Buizel in the Wallace Cup."

    "That's cool...wonder if I'll run into Dawn here in Johto?"

    "Maybe...that would be cool as well." Ash then picks up the sleeping form of Totodile. "This is the Water type Starter, Totodile."

    "Totodile is cool." Iris whispers as Ash returns the sleeping baby Pokémon.

    "Ash!" Bonnie calls from down the hill.

    "Okay, I've got to go." Ash tells Iris. "Love you."

    "Love you too, Ash." Iris says, both then hang up.
  5. Thechaosmaster

    Thechaosmaster Keeper of Chaos

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2017
    Potion ★Poké Ball ★
    That is an interesting idea using Bayleef like that, even though many believe that she has a crush on Ash, I think that she is just a bit, emotionally attached to him. But all in all, that waa pretty good. Keep up the good work. XD

  6. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Approaching the Top Level

    Ash sits on Blastoise's shell, floating in the middle of nearby lake, Froakie on his lap. Ash had made a new friend today, Sanpei of the Ninja Village, and Froakie had gotten more training. Always a plus...all this, he's currently relaying to Iris...

    "...I think Dewott could use some of that kind of training as well." Ash says.

    "Kie kie?" Froakie asks, revealing that its still awake.

    "Go ahead, Froakie." Ash tells the Bubble Frog Pokémon, who goes and plays with the others.

    "So, did Blastoise evolve during all this too?" Iris asks him.

    "Yeah. It's Rapid Spin with Blastoise's massive size proved to be overly effective against Team Rocket." Ash laughs. "They'll be in the hospital for a while. And.."

    Ash holds up a Poké Ball that isn't quite working.

    "Ash, is that...?"

    "Yes. I'm going to switch out Blastoise at the next Pokémon Center so that I can use Meowth in battle." Ash says. "Meowth will learn, hopefully. I just have to make his heart change."

    "If anyone can do that, it's definitely you, Ash." Iris compliments.

    "Aw, thanks." Ash smiles, replacing the Poké Ball on his belt. "So, how's your day been?"

    "Wonderful. I caught another Ice type!" Iris cheers, then brings out a Poké Ball. "Come on out, Glaceon!"

    "Wow, just like Cynthia's..." Ash remarks, seeing the Glaceon. "Um...why...?"

    "Good question. Froslass was just too adorable to pass up catching." Iris says, then tangles her fingers in Glaceon's fur. "And Glaceon, well, I love how soft it is. Also, Axew really likes snuggling up against Glaceon."

    "Is that true, Axew?" Ash asks the green baby Dragon type.

    "Axew!" Axew confirms, nuzzling Glaceon.

    Ash smiles. "Well, I should let you go. I don't know how long Blastoise remain like this."

    "Okay, talk to you later, love you."

    "Love you."


    Ash raises his left wrist, the one he has a silver bracelet on. Ash presses the small dark green stone on it and the Snorlax in front of him glows.

    "Okay, Snorlax...use Pulverizing Pancake and get that Snorlax out of here!" Ash commands.

    "SNOR!" Ash's Snorlax glows and roars as it rushes at the other Snorlax and punches it hard.

    "Lax!" Snorlax screams as it flies through the sky back to its home.

    "Ha! Great job using your Z-Move!" Ash tells Snorlax, hugging it. Snorlax hugs Ash back. "Okay, return."

    "That was great." Bonnie tells Ash. "I bet Iris will enjoy the retelling of this!"

    "Yeah, you're right." Ash agrees.

    "Go." Bonnie urges, pushing Ash towards a more secluded area, then smiles and walks back to her brother and Serena...

    ...Ash sits on top of the pavilion/temple that he had just chased another Snorlax away from. With Pikachu on his shoulder, Ash calls Iris.

    Iris smiles at her 'boyfriend'. Axew and Pikachu are happy to see each other.

    "Hey, Ash." Iris greets. "You look a bit worn out. Battling?"

    "You could say that." Ash replies vaguely.

    "What happened?" Iris asks.

    Ash tells her about the Snorlax problem, Z-Moves, and using his own Snorlax.

    "So, you've changed up your team?"

    "Yep. Besides Snorlax, I've got Croconaw, Buizel, Boldore, Palpitoad, and Meowth."

    "So, I guess Bayleef and Totodile evolved?"

    "Earlier today." Ash confirms. "Before the whole Snorlax incident. I'll be switching out Snorlax soon. Maybe switch in Corphish, Gible, Bulbasaur, Quilava, Dewott,, Servine, or Primeape."

    "That sounds great. So, are you trying to have all fully evolved Pokémon by the Kalos League?" Iris inquires.

    "Pretty much, except for Pikachu, of course."

    "Pika!" Pikachu confirms.

    "How are Fletchling and Froakie?" Iris asks. "Any new Pokémon?"

    Ash shakes his head. "Nothing yet. I'd really like to catch a Psychic type next."

    "Hmm...makes sense. Oh yeah, Shelgon evolved into Salamence...and I got this:"

    Iris shows Ash two stones, one is a Key Stone, and the other...Salamencite.

    "Cool, so Salamence can Mega Evolve?" Iris nods.

    "And so can Altaria, I've got its stone in my bag right now." She confirms. "Well, 'night Ash."

    "Good night, Iris."


    At the radio station...

    "Go, Poké Ball!" Ash hurls the empty capsule at Malamar, taking it by surprise.

    "No!" Madame X screams as she collapses, and Malamar is captured by Ash.

    Ash picks up the Poké Ball. "Alright, you're only going to get this once: you going to change from your evil ways, or I will not hesitate from locking you away from ever..."

    Ash places the Poké Ball on his belt, and leaves along with Pikachu and his friends...

    "Ash..?" Bonnie raises an eyebrow at the Pokémon Trainer. "Um...I think this may have gotten on the news...or other Officer Jennies, like in Johto, might've been alerted, so, you should...you know..."

    "Right." Ash begins walking a different route than the others.

    "Huh, Ash, where are you going?" Serena asks in a worried tone,

    "Come with me." Bonnie takes Serena's wrist and drags her back to the group's camp...

    ...Ash's Pokémon relax or play while Ash calls Iris. Seismitoad and Feraligatr wrestle while Floatzel shoots around using Aqua Jet. Pikachu watches Meowth closely, making sure he doesn't try and do anything. Then, Floatzel engages Froakie and Fletchling in a game of tag while Gigalith sits a bit uphill from them, watching over the Pokémon and its Trainer.

    "Hey, Ash...I was hearing about a Malamar incident." Iris greets. "Ash, everything alright? Knowing you, you probably got involved somehow..."

    "Yeah, a Malamar turned evil and tried to start world conquest." Ash confirms. "I caught Malamar, it isn't going to be causing anyone trouble...unless I'm battling them in a Pokémon battle."

    "I like the sound of that." Iris looks behind Ash and notices the evolved Pokémon. "So, more evolutions? And, I can see Meowth..."

    "Yeah. Palpitoad, Croconaw, Buizel, and Boldore all evolved today." Ash tells her. "And, Meowth proved useful today against Malamar."

    "Cool." Iris says. "Malamar is Dark-Psychic, correct?"

    "Yep." Ash confirms. "Anyways, how's everything on your end?"

    "Vibrava has evolved to Flygon, and Axew finally evolved!" Iris says, then turns to left. "Fraxure, get over here!"

    A dark green dragon type with a dark gray underbelly and red tipped tusks runs over to Iris.

    "Frax!" Fraxure cheers, pressing its face against the Xtransceiver.

    "Hey, Fraxure. You look great!" Ash compliments the adolescent Dragon type.

    "Ure fraxure!" Fraxure says in gratitude, then moves out of the way.

    "So, Iris, how are Froslass and Glaceon getting along with your Dragon types?"

    "It's as if Ice types had no advantage of Dragons!" Iris laughs. "It's just wonderful, meaning I made a good choice in catches. Also, there's a Sneasel I've been trailing for a while, I think I'm gonna catch it."

    "Well, good luck, Iris." Ash smiles, happy that the Dragon trainer's fear of Ice types have disappeared.

    "Just wondering, will there be a point where you use Malamar in battle?"

    "Honestly, I hope not, for now." Ash admits.

    Then, Ash hears footsteps coming towards him.

    "Hold on a sec."


    Ash looks up to Serena running towards him, smiling. Bonnie is close behind her.

    "Dedenne, use Nuzzle!" Bonnie commands.

    Dedenne zaps Serena hard, paralyzing her. As Bonnie drags Serena off, she calls to Ash, "Tell Iris I said 'hi'!"

    Ash smiles, and turns back to Iris. "Bonnie says 'hi'."

    Iris laughs. "What happened? Did Dedenne get sicced on someone?"

    "Yeah...Serena." Ash says. "I think Bonnie was ensuring we have some time to ourselves."

    "Oh, Bonnie." Iris smiles. "What a good friend. Well, I should probably let you go. I need to go catch this Sneasel, and then get to Blackthorn."

    "Okay, good luck, Iris. Love you."

    "Love you, too."


    "So...the Battle Chateau is Kalos' version of the Battle Clubs?" Iris asks Ash, who sits in one of the towers at the Battle Chateau castles.

    "Kind of. It's confusing, honestly." Ash tells Iris. "The different titles and all."

    "Yeah, different cultures." Iris agrees. "How's your Pokémon teams?"

    Ash brings out his Pokémon: Froakie, Fletchling, Dewott, Servine, and Gible.

    "Going back to just regular six?" Iris asks, seeing the other five Pokémon besides Pikachu.

    "Yeah. Pr. Oak still has Pikachu's Poké Ball, though." Ash confirms. "I can still catch another Pokémon and use it."

    "Yeah...maybe when I get to Kalos, I can try a 'debut battle' at the Chateau as well." Iris suggests.

    "Maybe, I bet you'd love it." Ash agrees.

    Fletchling flies overhead as Gible chases Dewott, trying to bite its head. Servine and Froakie just watch the other Pokémon playing as Pikachu sits on Ash's shoulder.

    "So, did you catch Sneasel?" Ash asks, and Iris responds by bringing it out of its Poké Ball. "Wow, awesome!"

    "Yeah, thanks." Iris says, hugging Sneasel.


    That voice. Ash recognizes it. It's the friend of the rouge Weavile at the Battle Frontier. Sneasel must've felt that Weavile could sustain itself and the pack, and went out on its own.

    "Hey, Sneasel. Good to see you again." Ash greets. "How's Weavile and the others?"

    "Sneasel, sne sneasel el!" Sneasel responds.

    "You know this Sneasel, Ash?" Iris asks, Ash nods. "So cool!"

    "So, that's...nine Pokémon now?" Ash asks as Sneasel is returned to its Poké Ball.

    "I think...let's see," Iris names her Pokémon out loud, counting them. "Sneasel, Fraxure, Altaria, Salamence, Flygon, Dragonite, Emolga, Excadrill, Froslass, Glaceon...that's ten."

    "Ten Pokémon." Ash sighs, smiling. "That's quite a lot."

    "Yeah." Iris agrees. "Well...talk to you tomorrow?"

    "Yeah, tomorrow." Ash hangs up, and then returns his Pokémon and returns to the others.
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    Wow, this is looking good, Keep it up (gives two thumbs up) well, later.

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    The Unova Champions

    fter Iris had seen Ash's 'Future Unova Champion' Pokevision Video nearly a hundred times...

    "Ash, that video was awesome!" Iris tells Ash.

    Iris smiles at his girlfriend. "You saw my Pokevision Video? Thanks! Bonnie convinced me to do one with my Unovan Pokémon...mostly as a gift to you."

    "Yes, I did appreciate it. Old Unova outfit, all of your Unovan Pokémon..." Iris says, then thinks of something. "Um...did Oak take off the limit or something? That had to have been, at least...nine Pokémon, not including Pikachu...?"

    "Yeah. I also had mom send me my old outfit." Ash tells her, adjusting the Unova League cap on his head. "And...I decided to just keep this outfit on. For good luck."

    Iris smiles. "You look better."

    "Thanks. I've got the same team now as last time we talked. I switched it around again. Though...Dewott and Servine did decide to make the video interesting by evolving mid-filming. So, I sent them back to Pr. Oak's lab afterward."

    "Your Pokémon are so much like you." Iris laughs, in a good way. "Always making good surprises."

    "Which is what's gonna help me win the Kalos League." Ash says, full of positive energy. "Then, I'm going to go back to Unova...and beat Alder."

    "Why that? I thought you'd want to travel all of the regions?" Iris is confused by this sudden change of heart.

    "Well...if you're going to be a Gym Leader...and if we want to be together...I should have some reason for staying in Unova besides you." Ash tells her.

    "That...or we could be co-Gym Leaders."

    "I like that idea."

    "Well, I battled Clair, didn't win. But I did catch a Gible." Iris tells Ash. "So, I'm going to start making my way to Kalos to see you."

    "Can't wait."

    "So, where's the nearest town?"

    "Ambrette Town. See you soon, love you."

    "Love you, infinity." Iris says, making Ash laugh as he hangs up.


    Ash rests up against his new Amaura after saving it from Team Rocket. Amaura, unlike Ash, is asleep. However, unlike earlier, Amaura is not dying from being in warm temperatures.

    Ash's Xtransceiver goes off. It's Iris.

    "Ama?" Amaura wakes up as Ash answers the call.

    "Hey, Iris." Ash says.

    "Hey, a new Pokémon." Iris notices. "What is it?"

    "Amaura, Rock-Ice. Fossil Pokémon."


    "No, different group." Ash corrects. "Remember, this is Kalos."

    "Yeah, doesn't mean Fennel couldn't travel there with Musharna."

    "I know. They have a different method, didn't see it though." Ash tells her. "Anyways, I also caught a Skrelp that evolved into Dragalge yesterday. Poison-Dragon."

    "That's cool." Iris smiles at Ash.

    "So, where are you, Iris?"

    "I flew on Salamence to Olivine City today." She tells him. "Taking a rest today. Where are you?"

    "On the other side of Kalos from you, unfortunately." Ash says. "We'll hopefully cross paths soon."

    "Yeah, well, talk t you tomorrow?"

    "Tomorrow." Ash agrees. The two hangs up, and Ash falls asleep against the baby sauropod.


    Ash is at the Cyllage City Pokémon Center just half an hour after his eye-opening victory against Grant. First using Froakie and Pikachu as a distraction against Grant's Onix, Tyrunt and Rampardos. Then, Ash brought out Amaura, which has evolved, and crushed Grant's Pokémon too easily.

    Ash now sits on Aurorus' back as he talks to Iris over the Xtransceiver.

    "Wow, Amaura is gigantic now...or, I mean, Aurorus." Iris beams in excitement at the huge Ice type Pokémon. "And...this creature 3-0'd a Rock type Gym Leader?"

    "As always." Ash confirms. "Though, Froakie and Pikachu did get some good training in."

    Aurorus, though it is being talked about, is busy eating all the leaves of the trees around it.

    "So, what's your team going to look at after Cyllage?" Iris asks Ash.

    "Pikachu, Fletchling, Froakie, Gible, Dragalge." Ash says plainly. "I have yet to use Gible and Dragalge yet. And...Fletchling and Froakie still needs further training."

    "Alright, can't wait to see these Pokémon in person!" Iris says. "How is Team Rocket without Meowth?"

    "Weird. Plain weird." Ash says. "The seem to fall apart easily. I keep thinking that James is probably going to leave first. Jessie will be the only one to remain, I bet."

    "Hmm...I remember how he treated his Pokémon...I wouldn't be surprised." Iris admits. "How are you feeling?"

    "Great. Like I'm just one step closer to beating Alder." Ash responds, then yawns.

    "Wonderful. Well, Ash, I should let you get to bed." Iris says. "Good night, Ash. Can't wait to see you again."

    "Love you, too." Ash echoes. "Can't wait too see you again, as well."


    Ash tries a Pokepuff from both Miette and Serena. Ash scrunches his nose at the taste.

    "Something wrong?" Both girls ask Ash.

    "These...are too sweet. Nasty." Ash says, wiping the crumbs from his mouth. "I bet Cilan...or even Bianca...could make better pastries than these."

    "Cilan? Bianca?" Serena is confused.

    Ash's Xtransceiver goes off. Saved by Iris. "I've gotta go..."

    Ash answers the call as he finds a good hiding place high up in a tree a good ways away.

    "Hey, Iris." Ash greets. "Entered Kalos yet?"

    Iris nods, then shows Ash something with the Xtransceiver. It's a huge pink crystalline structure with gold metal pieces in it.

    "What is that?" Ash asks Iris as her face returns to the screen.

    "It's the Sundial!" Iris tells him. "It's a strange thing that crashed here near Anistar City a long time ago."


    "Scouted out the Gym." Iris says, showing Ash the 'Psychic Badge'. "Two Meowstic. They're nearly unbeatable."

    "Wonderful." Ash says. "Krookodile is probably my best, then. Besides that, Leavanny, Heracross or even Vivillon. But, I don't need to worry about Anistar for a while"

    "Good point." Iris says. "I'll just battle some more gyms until we meet up."

    "What got you interested?"


    Ash laughs. "Makes sense. Well, I should go. See you."

    "Bye, Ash." Iris hangs up, then brings out Dragonite. "Okay, let's go...next Gym: Snowbelle City."

    Iris flies on Dragonite south to Snowbelle City to try her chances against an Ice type Gym Leader.

    Not only had Iris visited Anistar today, but also Laverre City. A Fairy type Gym. Two badges down, six to go. Now, Iris is aiming for the Kalos League, because of what Olympia had told her...
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    (Whistles) wow, this story is cool, and way to go Iris, she is really improving her teams, at least she no longer has a fear of Ice types, wonder what the so called "dragon buster would say if she saw her now? He he, later. ;)

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    Speeding towards Success
    "Do you think Iris would like meeting my new friend?" Bonnie asks Ash, referring to the Flabebe now in Bonnie's hair.

    "Mm hm, I think that was really nice of that man to let you keep Flabebe." Ash agrees.

    The two sit at a fountain in town while Serena and Clemont collect supplies in town.

    "Okay, then, call her already!" Bonnie urges, scrunching up in excitement.

    "Dedenne!" Dedenne echoes.

    "Bebe?" Flabebe asks.

    "Okay, then." Ash lifts up his right wrist and dials Iris' number.

    A few moments later, Iris answers. "Hey, Ash...Bonnie! Good to see you again,"

    "Good to see you too." Bonnie says cheerfully.

    "Hey, what's that in your hair?" Iris asks the seven-year-old girl.

    "Oh this?" Bonnie gestures to Flabebe. "This is Flabebe. It's a Fairy type from Kalos."

    "That's so cool. So, where's the next Gym?" Iris asks Ash.

    "Shalour City, Fighting type Gym." Ash replies.

    "Flying types." Iris suggests. "Malamar may also be useful."

    "Yeah...Malamar, I want to wait on Malamar..." Ash says. "I'm just not sure if it's had a change of heart yet. I'll just have to see. So, how's everything on your journey going?"

    Iris holds up a Pokédex, and then a Badge Case containing five badges.

    "Goodness, you're getting around quickly." Ash exclaims. "Dragonite and Salamence?"

    "Yeah. Bonnie, when you become a Trainer, what are you going to do?" Iris asks the young girl.

    "Not sure yet. I'll have to think about it..." Bonnie says. "What kind of Pokémon do you have?"

    "Well, on hand, I have Fraxure, Froslass, Emolga, Excadrill, Salamence, and Dragonite." Iris lists off. "And, at Pr. Juniper's lab...Glaceon, Flygon, Altaria, and Gible."

    "Oh cool. Ash also has a Gible." Bonnie notes.

    "Yeah, I know." Iris laughs. "Well, I should get going to the next gym."

    "Right, so should I." Ash agrees. "See you."

    "Bye." Iris hangs up. Then, Ash and Bonnie walks back over to the others.

    "So, who were you two talking to?" Serena asks Ash and Bonnie.

    Bonnie shrugs. "A secret."

    Serena raises an eyebrow suspiciously, then, Flabebe playfully uses Fairy Wind on her.


    After Pikachu and Gible nearly defeats Mega Gardevoir, and Gible evolves into Gabite...

    Ash calls up Iris near the place he had just met the Kalos Champion earlier that day.

    "So, how was your day?" Iris asks Ash curiously.

    "Fine." Ash replies. "I met and battled Diantha, the Kalos Champion with Pikachu and Gible. Didn't win, though Gible did evolve into Gabite."

    "That's really fascinating." Iris responds.

    "Are you at the next gym yet." Ash asks, curiously.

    Iris shakes her head. "I'm in Geosenge Town, resting up...ran into some weirdos called 'Team Flare' They had some kind of strange green blobby Pokémon with a blue hexagon on it. I took it from them...just in case."

    Ash smiles. "I think we could be there in a couple days, actually."

    "Cool..." Iris sighs, looking at Ash. "Well, see you soon?"

    "See you." Ash shuts off the device, and then turns to see Serena approaching. "What do you want?"

    "To talk." Serena replies.

    "SERENA, FLOETTE WANTS TO SHOW YOU A NEW MOVE SHE LEARNED!" Bonnie shouts, scrambling after the Vaniville girl.

    "FLOETTE!" Floette screams, unleashing Moonblast...



    The cave tunnel begins to collapse. Ash quickly grabs Iris' hand and they duck into a nearby side-tunnel.

    "Well, that was close." Ash remarks, trying to catch his breath.

    Iris nods. "I...I guess that's what that guy meant about the cave being dangerous..."

    Ash looks down the tunnel. The light is dim, but he can see a bright white speck in the distance.

    "Could that be an exit?" Ash asks, pointing it out.

    "Lets see..."

    The two Pokémon Trainers trudge ahead through the darkness towards the glowing object. Soon they come to it...and gasp in realization...

    "The Light Stone!" They both exclaim.

    "B-but, wh-what is it doing in Kalos of all places?" Iris demands, Ash just shakes his head in disbelief.

    "I don't know...maybe it means that Reshiram wants us to be able to get out of here..." Ash suggests.

    "Your guess is as good as any." Iris admits.

    Ash picks up the Light Stone.

    "Pikapi?" Pikachu asks.

    Ash smiles, looking at his partner. "It's fine, Pikachu."

    The stone glows, humming and vibrating in the boy's hand...soon, it expands into a huge white dragon.

    "Reshiram..." The two whisper, reaching out to stroke its soft feathers.

    Reshiram bends its head down and allows the two to climb up onto its back. Iris wraps her arms around Ash as he and Pikachu holds tight to the neck of Reshiram.

    Reshiram screeches and plunges into air, smashing through the cave roof and into bright daylight. Ash looks at the sun, thinking of the legends that stated that Volcarona appeared to be a substitute sun during the ice age...

    ...Reshiram lands at the town entrance about an hour later...just in time to see the others arrive.

    "What happened to you guys?" Clemont asks, clearly distressed.

    "The cave collapsed...and we kinda got lost..." Ash says. "Anyways, did you get it?"

    "Yep, it's right here!" Korrina holds up the piece of Lucarionite in her hand...



    The group says goodbye to the Mawile Trainer and heads down the mountain. Just like on Capacia Island, Iris has a flower in her hair. They have stopped in a shady spot to rest.

    "Anyone hungry? I saw an apple tree nearby, maybe I could get us some..." Serena suggests.

    Ash shakes his head. "No. I..."

    "Same here." Iris says, remembering the same thing that Ash is.

    "Okay..." Serena goes and picks an apple from the tree and bites into it. "Oh my Arceus that is disgusting!"

    Ash and Iris burst out laughing.

    "What's so funny!?" Serena demands, whirling on them.

    "You." Ash says.

    "That face you made." Iris adds. "There's no way that apple could've been that bitter for...a little kid!"

    Iris knew about at the level Serena was at. Seriously? She'd been on a journey with Ash for a few months now...and she is still a practical beginner!

    Serena tosses the apple at them and storms off.

    "Um...I think that made her mad..." Bonnie suggests. "But...I..."

    Bonnie looked down at the ground. Serena had confided a secret to her...that she was in love with Ash...and now...? Would Serena retaliate in some drastic way, seeing Ash with Iris...?
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    Ouch, :winces: Serena sure has it tough, but she is a bit, weak to say the least. That is something I dispise more then the fact that Dunsparce has no evolution or even a mega, that thing can be worse then an Unown, and those things can only learn Hidden Power! And alone, they are usless, but have alot of them, and you can changer reality. #Troll
    But anyway, I hate the stereotype that women are weak and men are superior, and I'm a DUDE MYSELF! To me, men and women should be on even grounds. Maybe women have more then men, I don't know, but come on! The way they made Serena is an insult to women around the world! Misty would have been a better compainion then Serena!


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