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Top 10 Smash Bros.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wizard, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. Wizard

    Wizard Do you feel it? The moon's power!

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2016
    Hey! I am a little curious as to how other peoples' stats look on their Super Smash Bros. games! Now it doesn't have to be any particular smash game, although if you have Smash 4 it would be nice. Just let me know what your stats are in the following:

    Top 10 Most KOs

    Top 10 Most Falls

    I'll go ahead and do mine so you can see if you're confused.

    Top 10 KOs
    1. Ganondorf - 669
    2. Dark Pit - 513
    3. Greninja - 321
    4. Ike - 297
    5. Charizard - 227
    6. Lucina - 215
    7. Bowser - 193
    8. Lucario - 192
    9. Ness - 179
    10. Shulk - 174
    Top 10 Falls
    1. Ganondorf - 293
    2. Greninja - 159
    3. Dark Pit - 121
    4. Shulk - 109
    5. Bowser - 108
    6. Falco - 97
    7. Lucina - 96
    8. Lucario - 94
    9. Charizard - 89
    10. Ike - 83
    This is just for fun, I'm not judging you (yet) :)
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  2. 8542Madness

    Apr 6, 2014
    Top Ten KOs
    1) Ganondorf (435)
    2) Little Mac (292)
    3) Pikachu (229)
    4) Captain Falcon(218)
    5) Cloud (139)
    6) Jigglypuff (110)
    7) Kirby (100)
    8) Mewtwo (95)
    9) Charizard (92)
    10) Ike (70)
    Interestingly, from here on out almost every character is around 40.

    Top 10 Falls
    1) Ganondorf (196)
    2) Captain Falcon (136)
    3) Pikachu (112)
    4) Little Mac (94)
    5) Jigglypuff (69)
    6) Kirby (53)
    7) Cloud (45)
    8) Mewtwo (44)
    9) Charizard (39)
    10) Ike (33)

    I'm going to do something extra and add in a ratio of falls to KOs, seeing as how I have the same characters in my most falls and most KOs. To clarify, if I put Ganondorf (9999) that would mean I'm getting 9999 KOs for every fall. I wish I was that good. I'll also add in the number of battles I've played as these characters since I'm already going this far.
    1) Little Mac (3.11) (109 Battles)
    2) Cloud (3.08) (48 Battles)
    3) Charizard (2.36) (35 Battles)
    4) Ganondorf (2.22) (211 Battles)
    5) Mewtwo (2.16) (46 Battles)
    6) Ike (2.12) (29 Battles)
    7) Pikachu (2.04) (111 Battles)
    8) Kirby (1.89) (51 Battles)
    9) Captain Falcon (1.60) (107 Battles)
    10) Jigglypuff (1.59) (53 Battles)

    I guess the lesson here is that I should play more Cloud, seeing as how I learned how to play as him exceptionally well in less than fifty battles. Funny, I could swear I'm best with Pikachu, yet he's number 7. I guess two KOs per death is actually a pretty solid ratio, but I was expecting higher for what I think of as my best.

    Huh. These ratios were a lot lower than I was expecting. This is probably because I only entered the competitive aspect seriously last summer and I didn't have my WiiU then, which is what I pulled these stats from. I may reset these stats and build another stat portfolio for myself based on my newer smash capabilities.
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  3. Absolute Zero

    Absolute Zero The second seal

    Level 19
    Mar 17, 2015
    *sniff* My Ganondorf Brethren... *sniff*

    Ever since the days of Melee when he was titled "bottom tier" and "an ugly Captain Falcon stunt-double" and "like, really slow, dude", I have had such a difficult time finding anyone else who appreciates the 'dorf as I do.

    I want to hug you all right now. And then explode in dark magic.

    Anyhow, on these records, only my top 7 are actually in my best fighters. I've recently decided I'm good with some fighters like Lucario and Little Mac, but I haven't used them enough for it to show on records. Also, I'm still pretty darn good with Mewtwo and Lucas, but I don't have the DLC myself, so they'd only show up on my record elsewhere like at work.

    Ganondorf 937 (more than 5x higher than second place)
    Bowser 170
    Lucina 150
    Mii Sword 138
    Ike 129
    Mii Brawl 125
    Zelda 90
    (3 more who I hardly use)

    Ganondorf 470
    Lucina 137
    Bowser 89
    Mii Sword 87
    Mii Brawler 77
    Ike 54
    Zelda 40

    I stopped using Lucina a while ago as Ike and Zelda took her place in my heart, but these are my KO/Fall ratios of my non-Mii top 5.
    Ike: 2.39
    Zelda: 2.25
    Ganondorf: 1.99
    Bowser: 1.91
    Lucina: 1.09

    Lucina's pretty far down I think because I did a lot of handicapped practice with her (my own handicap set to 60-100%) and she was my Cruel Smasher (I got 10 KOs one time with her, but lost the replay because of an update). Similar for Ganondorf, I try to push my limits by going against teams of two 9s or three 7s, lowering my ratio in the process.

    My self-decided top in order are
    1 Ganondorf
    2 Bowser
    3 Mewtwo
    4 Ike
    5 Lucas
    6 Zelda
    7 Lucina
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