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Top 3 Favorite Characters In Hyrule Warriors

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TheBlazingInfernape, Feb 25, 2015.

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  1. TheBlazingInfernape

    TheBlazingInfernape Gone, probably forgotten

    Level 23
    Dec 12, 2014
    Celebrating the Majora's Mask DLC, I have come up with a question for all you WONDERFUL members at Lake Valor.
    Who are your top 3 favorite characters in Hyrule Warriors (AKA one reason to get a Wii U)
    These are mine:
    1. Young Link.
    HE IS SOOOO ADORABLE! He is also a force to be reckoned with. His strong attack allows him to convert his SP Gauge in to his Magic Gauge allowing him to turn into the all mighty FIERCE DEITY LINK!!!!!!
    2. Zant.
    I've always had respect for the Usurper King in Twilight Princess and Zant has always remained as my favorite Zelda villain. His attacks refer to his boss fight in Twilight Princess and attacks using two deadly scimitars. He does get dizzy from attacking however which does leave him open but other than that he is an amazing character.
    3. Sheik.
    The Sheikah Tribe was my favorite lore to look into for the Zelda games and Sheik was my favorite ninja-like character in any game. Sheik attacks using her Goddess Harp, needles and some really good close-quarter combat skills. Like a ninja, Sheik is a very fast character and can get around her foes if need be. Also... do I have to mention that every song Sheik uses for her attacks are the same songs (with the exception of the Song of Storms) that she taught Link in Ocarina of Time.
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  2. Aurelia

    Aurelia Supporter

    Dec 5, 2014
    I really enjoy Lana, I mean she isn't a Zelda character and I love the idea of how they portrayed her in this game play. Honestly she is one of my main characters.

    2. Ghirahim, he was always one of my favorite villain characters and being able to play him was pretty awesome. I just wish I could play him more in the story mode rather than adventure mode.

    3. Impa, she is a very interesting character, I use her a lot but I honestly think that she is a very underrated main character, I think Impa is very reliable and with awesome combos to unlock.
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  3. Sachi-Shimazu

    Mar 29, 2013
    Hmm, favourite three...

    3. Shiek:
    Ninjas are always my favourite characters to play as in video games, especially in Dynasty Warriors games. The speed as well as the ability to do the special little elemental ring attacks is really need.

    2. Lana:
    LANA IS NOT A BAD CHARACTER!!!! Her moveset is quite unique and fun and her mobility is quite good as well. Her book weapon is quite fluid and great for large amounts of crowd clear while the spear is fun and easy to link attacks.

    1. Midna:
    This is all I will say. Y,Y,X,X,X. Amazing crowd clear and awesome attacks. Her other attacks are quite fluid as well and she is fun to play.
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