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Travel Horror Story #1: Waffle Juice

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ryan, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Ryan

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    Nov 21, 2012
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    For those of you who don't know, I've been traveling with my mom and sister for the past eight or nine months (I say it a lot, I'm sorry, I know it's obnoxious). On my travels, I've encountered many things, so this will be a short series to some of the more horrifying experiences I've had.

    This one is particularly unsettling.

    Back in September 2017, we were in Oslo, Norway. We didn't book our hotels in advance - that would have been smart and safe. We live on the edge. So, we ended up sitting at the Gardermoen Airport for an hour or two frantically looking at AirBNBs that wouldn't shatter our wallets, and by extension, our souls.

    We ended up finally reaching a great destination, one we return(ed) to frequently: Fuckit.

    The only thing we could find was a Best Western for $200/night. We've never paid that much for a hotel, especially a Best Western. Fuck off, Best Western.

    It blew through a good chunk of the money we had saved, but we're already touched on that point. I'll reiterate it, just in case: Fuck off, Best Western.

    The hotel itself wasn't that bad. The price sucked. The beds were soft and the bathroom floor was heated. The room was pretty small and at the time we had like three huge suitcases and three backpacks. We got to cuddle with our luggage.

    None of this by itself is particularly horrible, beside that price. The room came with a complimentary breakfast, so we got up at an ungodly hour to eat. Buffet style with Norwegian jams, breads, meats - pretty nice.

    The kicker was the waffle maker - heart-shaped and stylish, of course. Next to it was the waffle batter. Wholesome, delicious waffle batter. I started making myself a waffle and fucked off to get the meats while it cooked.

    As I came back, though, I saw an old tourist who apparently never had waffles before. I watched in abject terror as I watched him pour some raw waffle batter into his drinking cup, slide it onto his plate, and return to his table. That sobered me up quickly. No more waffle excitement high for me.

    I went to my table and passed him on the way - waffle batter cup still full. I'll be honest, I didn't watch him terribly closely. I didn't want to. How could you watch someone drink waffle batter?

    But it wasn't a big room and I definitely didn't see him get up at any point.

    When I finished my meal, he and his family were finishing up too. I had to walk past to get back to the room... but I wasn't just gonna mind my business after witnessing potential waffle batter drinking. So I moved past their table extra slow... All the glasses were empty.

    I think he did it. I believe he drank the waffle batter. But I wonder if he's okay. Can you be okay again after that?
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