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Travle of the worlds #3 By swiftBlaze

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by SwiftBlaze01, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. SwiftBlaze01

    SwiftBlaze01 Youngster

    Jan 13, 2017
    I am a writer from the Fanfiction website a person named StokedSparksurfer send me an invite for this wonderful website and I be honest I like it so far. Now then I have written already 50 chapters to the story I want to update here and here is my plan I going to update one chapter per day including today till we reach the point I in the old website. once we reach it I going to try and update once a week. anyways all an all comments are liked for a new guy for me hope you all have fun when the story starts

    This is the original Chapter from the Fanfiction any and all mistakes will be kept. also i writen one story in Fanfic that not related to Pokémon but if you want to read it go ahead and find me on the Fanfiction website. I haven't referenced to my to world 1,2 so you mostly be ok.

    Hello everyone! How is it going everyone? Welcome to the second story I written! Well even if my first story was not good it a decent starts especially seeing that it's not an extremely popular movie. Oh well, anyways let's get to the story. Just like last story Chapter one is just the hub world of my travels.



    As I was coming back after learning to control my magic from the last world. Lucky for me he sends during the crazy began, so I had more battle experience with some other students. Well as much fun that was it was time to go back and see what could come up next.

    "Finally that madness is over. I could really go for hot coco after all of this." I said as finally got out of the portal and landed somewhere. As I looked around I saw where I saw is the same place I keep on meeting Zeus for him to teleport me for something. I also saw that h had a smile on his face as he saw arrive

    "Hey blaze." He said as he saw me arrive. "I trust you learn how to control that new power?" as he said that he mumbled something I could not hear

    "Mostly. Still the magical surges happen every now and then but not often. Lastly catch" I said as I thrower a packet to him

    "Perfect I use these items later. Now then about the magic surges that normal now then I will allow you to use magic when you out there but only when your alone and/or people you can trust with the secret." Zeus said

    "I understand but I can I ask a favor?" I asked

    "What is it?" Zeus said

    "As much it cool to have these powers can you show me a way to store this energy, Every now and then?"

    "Not exactly what you want but there a way to save energy till you really need it so there backup energy for when you really need it."

    "Better than noting is there a limit or no?" I asked

    "There no limit but you need to hide somewhere on your body that you marked." Zeus said "I look it for you in the spell room while you rest for a bit."

    "Thanks. Now then time to visit and old friend... that reminds what going to happen to the owl I got?" I asked as I was about to step out the room

    "You can bring him along your adventures if you want. Or let him rest up here but heads up he sleep at your house if you going to leave him this time." Zeus said

    "For now let him rest. After all that madness I bet he need it... too bad I can't understand him with words." I said

    "...come back here tomorrow I think I have both a job and something you like." Zeus said" before I forget pass me the wand and the sword will you." He said as I pass them both over.

    "Why do you need both of them?" I asked

    "Remeber just as you arrived after your first job?" Zeus asked

    "Yes that you have two weapons on that sword." I said

    "Well now I am going to add the wand to your sword." Zeus said.

    "amazing." I said as I saw him fuse the wand with the sword.

    "Well now you be able to use the sword, bow, and the wand just by calling it out with you heart. But just act like you need to say it please"

    "Sure. I be at the café for a while after that there something you need me for you can find at my house." I said

    "Got it." Zeus said as he left the room. As I left to room also walked over to the café as I thought of a few things. Where could I store my energy I realized there one perfect spot and going with living people believe of angels and all that, it would help keep this thing going. Next question that pop into my mind was when/ where can I learn to speak other species languages. Last question that pop into my mind what was the point of my first job I got normally there some lesson you learn in this.

    As I walked into the café I saw business blooming today "Hey Joe I see business is great today." I said

    "Oh hey blaze!" Joe said as he saw me "so how was your training? And that other job of yours."

    "It went great. By the way can I have the regular?" I said

    "sure." Joe said with a smile "oh and thanks for the business."

    "What do you mean?" I said

    "Oh right I didn't tell you before. There a reason this place is so pack most of the time. This café travels over all the haven realms so those you help over your travels might come in here." Joe said

    "Ok that explains some things" I said as I saw Emmet at one of the tables. "But how do you know which realm goes each person?"

    "I don't it the souls that decide why you think the doorway is always in a corridor?" Joe said as he passes me a drink.

    "Thanks now if you excuse me I going to see an old friend." I said

    "Sure I talk to you some other time." Joe said as he saw the whole place filled and walked around to talk to everyone.

    "Same old joe." I said as I chuckled a bit as I walked around towards Emmet "Hey Emmet."

    "Oh? Hey Blaze?" Emmet said with a smile "sit down will you not?"

    "It has been a while no? And sure I take a seat" I said

    "Yeah, oh thanks a lot for what you did before." Emmet said

    "Sure even if it was my job why I did it." I said

    "I not talking about the town I mean saving my dad." Emmet said

    "Your dad?" I said

    "Oh right I haven't told you yet. Apparently Vitruvius was my dad" Emmet said

    "How is that possible? I mean he old as hell... and apparat from that where did you learn this?" I asked

    "The old part even I don't get still. But there a building that all family tree lines are at if you want I show you were it is." Emmet said.

    "How about you just give the address that way I won't forget it." I said hopping I could see by myself.

    "sure." Emmet said as he pulled out a paper." Someone wrote this for me just before I went there. You can keep it almost useless for me now."

    "Thanks" I said as he passed me the paper. "Before I forget how did things go after I left?" I asked as he began telling me how things with Unikitty and benny went well after they got married and she wore the necklace I fix for her during it. Metal-bread sailed the seas for new mates. Batmen try to change his ways better and faster. Business

    "Well maybe see you around other time Emmet. Oh tell everyone hi. Oh before I forget how did things go after I left?" I said as I waved him goodbye as I saw him wave goodbye also.

    "Maybe I visit some other time this place." I thought as I put away the paper. "Anyways time to go home and rest while I can. And while I can give toby the owl room to mess up or for him to keep till god moves him to a owlery and maybe keep him happy." As I thought of this I saw that I managed to think my way to my house.


    It took a while to calm down toby after I gave him his temporary room yesterday. I told him the rules for the while he lives here as he agreed I knew it was safe to sleep for the night and now as I was walking towards Zeus room like the last two times.

    "Hey Zeus." I said as I saw his table filled with may papers.

    "Oh Blaze perfect timing on I found the spell just now." I heard his voice from somewhere in the pile. "Say can you help me here? Kind of stuck under these papers."

    "Hehehe sure. Sword Transform to wand. wingardium leviosa!" I said with a chuckle. As I lifted all the papers off the table and slowly making sure I did not mess up the pile or picked him up it took about ten minutes to safely take away the mess

    "Thanks..."Zeus said as he was taking some deep breaths "oh here the spell you need to learn soon." He said as he picked up a paper and pass it over my way

    "What the hurry?" I asked as I looked over the paper.

    "I won't be the one that send you over today it a person I trust to look over the world you going to soon." He said

    "Who is he/she?" I said as I was almost done with the scroll.

    "Well I be honest it a she and you never see anything like it for a good while I think... last time you saw it should be when you were still alive." He said as I got confused what he meant luckily for me I just fished reading the page.

    "Good to know?" I said with some confused voice.

    "Well try the spell out before she arrives." Zeus said.

    "Before I even try this spell, what with the style of sword you gave me?" I asked

    "Oh right the reader never got told about it." he said to himself. "well as you can notice the sword is a double edge. It's basic form is 2 feet long but as you know the size increases if you add energy to it. the hilt is 3 inches long. lastly it has three holes with a openable/closeable gap straight down the middle.. Many propose reasons, you can learn them over time but main propose for this style of sword is to break other swords when you close the gap in the middle. You might find other reasons during your adventure as you learn new styles. The three holes are sure for spheres." Zeus said as I was about to ask him what he was talking about.

    "Give me a moment here." Zeus said. "the spheres are used as modifiers or even super hidden pocket for something you might want to save for later... hard to think for a reason right now that you might now. Maybe you can use this adventure ... I don't know but as long it a sphere shape you can hide it maybe later we fix this for anything pocket in one of the holes... preferably potions..." he said as he began talking to himself for more options of what to do with it.

    "fine!" I shouted as trying to get him back to the pervious thing this case the spell, as I focused my energy. "New storage, spot wings energy sources all of them 90%!" I shouted as I felt many energy sources traveling to my wings and then felling like it disappearing. This went on for the rest of the minute. "Ok I think it done." I said as I felt the energy stop moving.

    "Remember that spell for it can be your trump card in one of your battles now try to release it." Zeus said

    "Ok. Wings energy release all!" I shouted as I felt energy magically appearing from nowhere in my wings and flowing thought my body for other minute. "Odd but I fell just I was about 3 minutes ago."

    "Nice! And if you learn how to make this spell faster imagine how many stronger spell you can use." Zeus said with a chuckle "or it a good way to get rid of energy attacks that could knock you out."

    "So true." I said with my own chuckle.

    "NOW!" I heard him say to someone but to who I did not know. As I was about to turn around I felt a paw hit me hard to the side of my neck

    "Why..." I said as I saw a pink flying cat like thing attack me" M... "All I could say before my body gave up on me and it became unconscious.

    Zeus eyes

    "Well thanks a lot." I said as I rubbed the back of my head

    "Your welcome." She said with a giggle.

    "I should have planned that better for he saw you." I said

    "Oh well I lock up some memories form him till I met him where we going." She said with a stronger giggle

    "Calm down before somehow he wakes up." I said

    "Ops right." She said a bit embarrassed

    "It ok, take care of him for me. Oh that reminds me don't open that special memories." I said with a worried face

    "You still haven't told him?" she said with a questioning look as her paws began glowing.

    "No I still have not found the perfect time." I said

    "Problem." She said as her paws glowed a bit stronger. "He knows about the family tree house."

    "Darn... I guess I have to tell him when he comes back..." I said

    "It's ok." She said as she patted my back.

    "Thanks well maybe see you around later." I said as I remember something "oh give this note to him wherever you drop him."

    "Sure... by the way is it ok if I travel with him sometimes?" she said "If you say yes then it pay for that favor you owe me."

    "Well if you say it like that then I can't stop you but it his choice." I said with a chuckle

    "Fine!" She said with an angry voice and face as she teleport Blaze and herself away from here.

    "Oh, I in trouble." I said as I began sweating

    Hey everyone! Hope you like the small twist at the end. What kind of secret is he finding form me? Could I given a hint what secret he held before? Or could it be something that even I don't like. Now then for those who play the game know that trap at the start of this game so I just pick the ones I want. Sorry for anyone who wanted random

    Still laugh at myself all the mistakes i done in the past trust me writing will be better in the future
  2. SwiftBlaze01

    SwiftBlaze01 Youngster

    Jan 13, 2017
    Welcome, all to day 2 updating this story to here... Yeah, it going to be a huge pain to read this whole story once I update the current 180K story I written.. Sorry future everyone in the future 2 months... I just thought of something right considering where I am full version... Fudge if I do this all right then once I update the last chapter in that place will also be close to this place... Anyways those who are reading this story Goodluck in the future your going to need it.
    Hello everyone! I got nothing to say but happy reading


    "This should do." Said a pick cat/mouse? floating somewhere in the middle of a forest near a waterfall and a lake. As she looked around she saw no Pokémon around her here. "Well now a better time than never." She said as she teleport a human to this world. "Now what should I change you as..." she said as she got an idea for one." Well take care of yourself Blaze." She said as she left a paper right next to me as she looked around one more time she notice a sword I brought along. "I take this for now." She said with a giggle as she teleported away from here, But unknown to her a dark sprit was watching from the shadows. Sometime past as the Pokémon she left behind started to wake up.

    "Where am I...?" I asked myself in my thoughts. "I feel like someone was near me... But I'm not sure... AHHH What going on!? I can't remember much!" I thought as my eyes shot awake as I looked around I saw a wonderful place around me. "Serious where am I at?" I asked as it click in my head as I notice I never seen a place like this." What is this place?" I said as my felt the pain on my head

    "Ahhh... my head is pounding..." I said hoping someone was around me and would talk to me. "Wait a moment do I at least remember my name?" I asked myself as it took some time and it clicks. "It Chris that little I know." I thought to myself." I can't remember much else..." I said as I thought a few things. More I thought more holes in my memory I felt but I remember some important things (some powers and the weights I have on). "Serious what going on!?" I said as I felt my thought all dry "water I need some water." I thought as I remember I just saw and hear a waterfall nearby. As I walked over to the waterfall I saw a little lake I walked over there slowly as I felt my body odd.

    As soon I reached the lake nearby I lowered myself right next to it I got some water by the mouth and closed my eyes as I felt the water richer than any other water I tasted. As I thought about this water I also felt the air fresher almost like there was no bad gases in it. "Ah that was some good water. I fell alive again!" I said to myself as I brought my head out of the water and open my eyes as I could not believe what I saw as I looked down to the water I saw that I was a Pikachu body. "How! I never seen one in real life so it impossible I transform myself into this." I thought as I tried to cancel whatever it was and go back to my old body

    "WHAT THE HAY!." I shouted as my head was going crazy thing of what happen "WHY?!" I asked myself as I saw a paper on the floor I went to pick it up and saw something. Just as I was about to read it I heard a noise coming from behind me.

    "Beheem!" something said as three Pokémon as it moved towards me. As I looked towards them I saw them turning to themselves and flickering their lights that I assumed that were on their hands. As I thought on what they could be. As I thought of this one of the Pokémon charged towards me and attacked

    "What's the deal all of the sudden?!" I asked myself as they all began getting ready to attack me one by one. As I saw this I knew I could not win this fight one VS three so I held on to the paper and ran for dear life. As I was running away thanks to the fresh air here I felt I was wasting less energy than normal. I keep on running for about 20 minutes as I looked ahead I saw other Pokémon walking around peacefully

    "HELP!" I shouted as I grab his attention and he stopped.

    "Huh what's wrong? What are you all in a fuss for?" The Pokémon said

    "d-did a Pokémon just talk to me!?" I thought as my moved back in surprise

    "Whoa! What did I do to you?! Sorry! I'm Nuzleaf!" He said "It's all right now, so just clam down."

    "Yeah, your right." I said" I'm a Pikachu now, too so I guess this explains how other Pokémon understand each other... maybe even animals as I never seen one in the Pokémon world." As I thought of this I heard a noise from behind me. As I turned around I saw the Pokémon from before were still after me

    "Huh?" Nuzleaf said with little worry in his voice. "What in the world." He said with even less shock in his voice" RUN!" he shouted as we turn around and began running away again "Oh no..." he said as we reach a huge amount of trees close to each other almost making a wall" ain't that one of them mystery dungeons up ahead?" he said as he took a few steps back. As he did we heard those Pokémon that were following us were right behind us. "Ahhhh! There ain't no other way to go!" as we ran inside of the dungeon I saw the tress were getting ticker and ticker.

    "these mystery dungeons sure are mysterious, all right..." he said as he began thinking of a few things whatever he was thinking I saw a quick small smile and as soon I saw it, it changed into a normal face "Every time you go into one, it'll have a different layout and items in it. And all the Pokémon around here seem mighty on edge- attacking for no reason. It's altogerer hard to get out of a mystery dungeon once you've gone in one." Nuzleaf said "you'll be wanting to find the stairs if you got any hope of moving ahead. Watch out for Pokémon while you keep an eye open for the stairs." He said as if I had the body of a child not of an adult/ teenager (body does not matter, the soul and mind matter.) "I'll take the lead, since you seem new to this, but you stick to me like a bad stain." He said as I nodded and began walking deeper into the forest. As we began walking I looked back. It looked like the trees were moving around to close the door.

    "Dagnabbit! It's an enemy Pokémon!" he shouted as somehow did not wake them up "Looks like its asleep now, but... if it rouses itself, it'll surely be looking to rough us up! We'll have to use our best moves to beat it! I reckon I'll take this one, so you watch close. He said as he walked up to it and used faith attack.

    "Ok." I said as he just keep on walking forward as we walked for some time we saw that there was other Pokémon in front of us. "Oh great look another one." I said jokily "can I try it this time?" I asked

    "Well you need to learn to protect yourself so sure." Nuzleaf said. As I took down the Pokémon in front of us. As we keep on walking around the Dungeon we eventually found a fruit on the floor.

    "Awesome!" I shouted as I quickly ran past him and went to pick it up

    "Hey! I was supposed to tell you lots of boring details on how to get that fruit!" he shouted.

    "Hello have you forgotten there Pokémon behind us trying to kill us!" I shouted to him as he had a shocked face.

    "Oh that right we need to move!" He shouted as we ran towards the only way we still have not seen.

    "There the stairs!" I shouted as I saw the stairs in front of us. "And no shut up and just go down them!" I said as I grab him and walked down the stairs

    "Fine less talk more walk then..." he said as we reach the bottom of the stairs. "U take the lead then."

    "Finally!" I shouted as we walked down the next floor facing three Pokémon on that floor. As we passed this floor and reached the next set of stairs we saw a small opening with plenty of sunlight

    "I'm a struggling...." Nuzleaf said just barley

    "Same here..." I said with a bit less panting. "Let take a 5 minute break?" I asked

    "Yeah... But them fellers that attack us all of a sudden. They're a kind of Pokémon called Beheeyem, I do believe." Nuzleaf said. "What are they following you for? Did you cause some kind trouble? Why, your childish pranks even got me caught up in your mess, I reckon!" he shouted

    "Will you shut up!" I shouted back as he backed up a bit. "Childish prank! Do I look like a child or something to the Pokémon in this world? Never mind that though. What I should be focusing on now is who, why, does someone want me dead this soon. When could they been told I would come or do they feel I something else. Maybe I test him for something later" I thought for a while "how the hay should I know I was just walking and they just attack me for no reason. And I know I was not in a dungeon when they began following me" I said passing the fact in the dungeons we all kill each other

    "Hm? You reckon you don't know why they were attacking you?" He said

    "Yeah." I said as this might be the perfect moment for that test. "Also does not help memory fail. One of the few things I know is my name and I human..." I said

    "What? You ain't got any memories at all?! Can't remember nothing but your name... Chris huh? And you say you ain't even a Pokémon at all but a human? That's all you reckon you can remember?" He said "wait... WHAT?! A-a human" he asked as we heard some noise behind us.

    "Oh darn..." I said "RUN!" I shouted as we began running to the next part of the dungeon as we ran into "do me a favor don't talk let's just run." I said "I know already our turn, their turn our turn and so on. Their bait times and range attacks to use." I said looking into his eyes reading some thought before he said it.

    "Right... well let's go." He said.

    "Serious dude less talk more running away." I said as he realized something. "If you want to talk wait till we somewhere safe for a good while." I said hoping he stop treating me like a full child. As we pass through the dungeon I saw a few times he was dropping a few rocks and when I ask him what he was doing

    He said "so we don't get lost."

    "Whatever as long it does not allow them to follow us all the way." As we reach small area we saw there were two paths.

    "Bet the way down is towards north (top area of screen)." He said

    "Bet it south." I said back

    "1,000 bits bet?" he asked.

    "Sure." I said hoping to get some money as we shock hands

    "So, which first?" I asked

    "North. And so you can see I not lying you go first" He said as I took lead for a moment as we walked down the path north we saw that it was a dead end."Ahhh fuck.... I pay when we get somewhere safe."

    "Good. Now let's go south and see what happens from there. I take lead till we get out of here seeing I got a better... direction gut?" I said

    "Yeah..." he said looking around quickly. As we walked around the dungeon looking for the stairs, we found a few basic items that would help along the adventure that I did not know at the moment would help me along the long adventure ahead of me. As we ran around the whole floor each time getting more and more helpful things we eventually reach a last set of stairs as we saw a clearing getting bigger and bigger.

    "I think we safe now..." I said breathing heavily.

    "Yeah I think we lost them Beheeyem also... we lost them... I hope."

    "same." I said as we rested for a good while. As we rested for this while I tried thinking about my past and hopefully think about

    "Consarn it. You sure did drag me into a fine mess! And me having nothing to do with any of it!" he said shouting at me. "But... I reckon I could forgive you this one time, us being all right and all. Adios, friend. I'll be heading home now." He said

    "Hold it! You owe me 1000 bits!" I shouted back

    "Darn it!" he shouted. As I saw him digging around an invisible pocket.

    "Hey, how about this I go live with you seeing I don't have a house and if I do I don't know where it could be. And those bits you can keep." I said

    "... DEAL! Follow me! And I be honest I thought of leaving you behind this gives me a reason to not say I cruel." He said with a clear face

    "... I keep this on mind." I said "and who know maybe staying at your place for now will lead me the next place I need to go. Or even maybe get my memories.

    "... I be honest I hate people who think to much." He said getting a bit mad as he quickly shook it away. "Oh well keep up." And so Chris ended up heading to Nuzleaf's village together with him Traveling down deep valleys and over rugged hills... camping out beneath the stars when night fell upon the... until at long last

    "Oh! There it is! You can see it now!" he said as he ran a bit ahead of me.

    " FINALLY!" I said as caught up.

    "You see that there lake." He said as he point to it


    "That there little village on the shore is where I live... SERENE VILLAGE!" he shouted near the end. "We're nearly there now! I reckon we should push on" he said as I nodded and ran ahead of his seeing the road we were going to take. And so Chris, once an angel and now brought to this world as a Pokémon with no memory of what had been left behind came to serene village. To the village where Chris is destined to meet a certain Pokémon who will become the partner of a lifetime in the adventure ahead.


    "What-? Why, You sassing little so- and so! I invite you over outta the kindness of my heart, and you turn up your nose like that?" Nuzleaf said as he realizes It." oh? Or could it be... mm-hmm, I see how things are. I sure enough did just try to abandon you right there... and yeah, I may seem like the kind of feller who leaves a kid all alone... But don't you hold none of that against me! Ain't no reason to be scared!" he said as he began panicking. "Fine! I am sorry! I was in the wrong! So, please... come stay with me, won't you?"

    "Have some pity... I'm begging you!" he said almost sounding desperate "I mean ... I sure would appreciate it... if you'd come along and stay with me..."

    Maybe i should have said something earlier but each chapter is about 3K few are 6K because of reason that I said in the story chapter
  3. SwiftBlaze01

    SwiftBlaze01 Youngster

    Jan 13, 2017
    sorry for not posting in some time got some small life problems but fix it now. but no matter what I still updating one a day even if I miss one I sorry but please wait. by the way question is there any way to just do one line across than a ton of these - ?



    "I reckon we're here." Nuzleaf said" This here's my house. Lucky for me this residential area is just one of the many. And also the close to the main area where everyone passes by the day"(just a reason for why some Pokémon you see in the main area that have no house as far you know.) "anyway." He said shaking his head. "let's go in." as we both walked in the house. It looked pretty basic. "here you rest till your memories come back or whatever happens." He said

    "Thanks where will you sleep at?" I asked

    "The room you entered is more comfortable." He said

    "OK if you say so. I take the bad room seeing I almost forced you to do this." I said trying to rub my back of my head.

    "It ok..." he said as he also rubbed his head. "Plus the company is welcomed." He said almost smiling.

    "Yeah same here." I said. "Even if annoying at first, roommates can amazing later."

    "... True ..." He said

    "Anyways, what do you reckon you're gonna do?" he asked as it took me a moment to remember what happen before all this.

    "Not sure... I guess go along with things how they work here... maybe there a Pokémon out there that can help... there so many questions I have right now but there little I know...

    "I see... but all the wondering in the world won't give us nothing but a headache.... We could get us some answers if and when your memory ever comes back, But until then, you can just stay here. Sound good?" he said almost forgetting about the bet that suited me just fine. "Be the way I wouldn't tell the other folks in the village about them beheeyem though. Might scare them off." He said as he began mumbling things. "that right! You're about school age from the looks of you..."

    "Not going to say it...." I thought

    "So I reckon I should get you enrolled the village school." He said

    "Darn it... oh well. If I stuck here might as well learn as much as possible." I thought as my face showed my thoughts.

    "Like it or not, Pokémon will wonder even more about you if you aren't going to school at your age." He said.

    "But I am 18 years old... darn something to hate about this world right now...." I said

    "Sorry but on just looks you are about 6 years old..." he said " anyways... so let's just agree that you'll go to school for the time being all right?"

    "It not like I got many options... "I said

    "I reckon I'll go and get that all took care of right away... and that means paper work darn..." he said. "so don't you stick one toe outside this house till I get back, you hear?"

    "Yeah I get it as long I don't hear anything bad outside I stay in here."

    "Good. I see you in a moment." He said as he left the house.

    "Well might as well get the room ready for anything that happen now." I said as I began walking around the room and as I was about to grab the box and move it to a better location I heard a noise coming outside. "Darn it I knew I should have not left him drop the rocks." I said as I walked over to one of the windows to see if my theory is true. As soon I got to the window I saw a quick movement heading towards the door. "Darn it." I said to myself as I ran towards the door "sorry Nuzleaf." As I got outside I saw nobody in the general area.

    "Who could it been then." I thought "well can't let my guard down now. Weight 0!" I thought to myself as I felt a huge amount of weight disappring but I did not see anything on me going away.

    "I knew it!" said a voice from behind me

    "AH!" I shouted as I back-away from the voice and saw it was a Pokémon.

    "I knew my eyes weren't playing tricks on me! I totally saw you go inside with Mr. Nuzleaf just now! Where are you from? What's your name?" the Pokémon said as by the voice I assumed it was a girl.

    "Er, well... my name " I said as she cut me off

    "I'm Mirajane! I live right nearby with my old pops! That house right there" Mirajane (chikorita) said as the pointed to the house right next to Nuzleaf " so where are you from? You're not seriously 's kid or anything, are you? Like that could ever happen!" she said as she began laughing completely ignoring her previous question about my name.

    "Oh right! But this is your first time here, isn't it? In that case I'll show you around the place! Come on!" Mirajane said as she began pushing me around the whole town asking me more and more questions. Eventually I told her my name was Chris but for some reason I felt I should not call myself that but something else (also question for those who played this game before is it just me or does the list of questions our partners asks seems like they was supposed to tell you one area at the time than just two areas? I really feel like they cut a huge part of the game here)

    "...hmm? Am I annoying?" she asked as I was thinking about it "you're totally thinking about how annoying I am right now, yeah? Well quit it! sheesh! Gimme a break, you big miltank!" she said as she began laughing for a little bit. "See what I did there? A little joke? With the miltank? " as she continued to laugh for a while as it took me a moment to know what she was talking about. "Which leads us to..." she said as she took a deep breath "TA-DAAA! Here she is! Serence village!" she shouted as I looked around as saw it was a beautiful calm place here "and her heart is this plaza here!

    "it may not look like much, but we've got most of the basic facilities here." Mirajane said as she she gave a quick shout out to the deposit box and kecleon's shop. "It's probably too much to take in all at once, so ... I'll tell you about each facility in turn! Let's see to start with, we got-"she said as we heard a Pokémon yelling.

    "There you are! Mirajane!" Lombre said

    "Eep! Lombre!" Mirajane shouted as she began walking back a bit.

    "So this is where you've been! You're the one who tramped all through my lotus pond, aren't you?!" Lombre said

    "I-it ... it w-wasn't like that!" Mirajane said " I was just trying to have a little adventure!" she said as she ran away towards the opposite direction from Lombre.

    "Mirajane! Stop! Right! Zere (that what it truly says in the game and yes those who played it I been modifying Nuzleaf)!" said a Hippopotas

    "Gah! And Hippospotas!"

    "You! You are ze one that vent into my cave aren't you?! And vat's more! You took ze treasure I had hidden inside, didn't you?!"

    "N-no... I was just exploring a dungeon, and I happen to... uh... well, you know it is! You gotta have a reward after clearing a dungeon, right?" Mirajane said with more panic on her voice.

    "Stop right there! Mirajane!" Carracosta said

    "P-pops?!" Mirajane said

    "Oh! Old man Carracosta!" Lombre said

    "This where you've been loitering, child? What about your chores back home, eh? Playing hooky again to wander around, eh?" Carracosta said

    "No, Pops! I have a real reason this time..." Mirajane said

    "and I know you've been snacking on the oran berries from my field again!" Carracosta said

    "I have not!" Mirajane said

    "You have!" Carracosta said this continued for a while

    "so how long do you think this continue?" I asked Lombre about five minutes later.

    "I say 2 more times after all I seen." Lombre said

    "I have not!" Mirajane said

    "You have!" Carracosta said

    "I have not!" Mirajane said

    "You have!" Carracosta said "I want the truth from you child!"

    "Yeah, I did eat them. They were delicious" She said full force with little holding her back on her words. As I face-palmed myself

    "... ... ..." I said.

    "Hey! I see Mirajane over there!" I head a bunch of Pokémon shouting from behind Carracosta." Everybody! Mirajane been sighted!

    "GAHHHHHHH!" Mirajane shouted as she quickly ran past me.

    "Don't you dare run! We'll catch you!" Carracosta shouted

    "We're coming for yooouuuu!" the villagers shouted as everyone ran, trampled, charged towards me. To catch her.

    Some time later...

    "note t... self don't let mira.... Get me into tr..." I said as I stood up. As I looked around I only saw the shop keepers were still around.

    "Ah so you're not dead... that good." Said kecklon.

    "yeah." I said as I walked towards him" What in the world... did I just witness? Ok... I ended up left behind, but... since I'm here anyway... I might as well have a look around." I thought to myself as I remember what I was doing. "so what do you do here?" I asked as I walked around the plaza finding about each venue one by one.

    As I walked around town spare I saw two Pokémon talking to each other which somehow I knew as Deerling and shelmet

    "Hm? What's going on over there?"

    "What?! Goomy did?!" Deerling said

    "yeah, well, he imsisted on going..." shelmet said

    "No more excuses, shelmet! Tell me the truth! You and pancham pushed him into this didn't you?" Deerling said with some serious angry.

    "Th-that's... not fair, Deerling! He's the one who said he wanted to go! How can you stand there and blame us?" Shelmet said trying to pled innocent

    "Quite easily. You're the ones who are always teasing poor Goomy, after all! someday you're going to go too far, and it'll be too late for sorries then!" Deerliing said obviously getting more angry at him

    "Shit this can't be good. Ah I just wish I knew this place better." I thought.

    "I-I know that! No need to fuss so much."' Shelmet said.

    "you're going to show me the way there. Right now." Deerling said.

    "well that works for me." I thought as I quickly moved somewhere where they could not see but I could keep a eye on them leading the way. "Those two kids... they must live in this village, too, huh? they might need help. But with this new body and new powers I need used I might not be much help... well even a little helps a lot in these case."

    Well new body same old trouble well will I learn to not get myself into this. Well it might be never but you got to give me props for keep it to my gut. But knowing people who go down this path ... oh well we see eventually, or maybe not. Well those who read my first store know it already did but I did put a minor fix to it... well see if somehow I manage to make that fix useless. Knowing Chris(Swift Blaze) he make the rules change to manage his ways.


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    Sorry about the odd link but the Fanfic website and this website does not allow the link to other places so this as close I can get probably and if they want me to delete it I try to do it A.S.A.P. once I read it
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    SwiftBlaze01 Youngster

    Jan 13, 2017


    As I followed the deerling and shemlet without letting them see me and somehow not being able to hear me. As we reach a clearing I saw other Pokémon waiting there. He quickly turn around and saw it was a pancham. i moved a bit closer hoping to be able to hear what they were saying.

    "What?! he still hasn't come back out? Deerling said

    "Yeah, that right. It's been a pretty long time, too. I knew he was a total wimp" pancham said

    "No surprise there. He shoulda just admit what a wimp he is and kept his mouth shut." shemlet said

    "But he had to go talk big, like he could handle this kind of place. He was boasting, saying *I'LL show you!* that's what got him into this mess." Pancham said

    "He's probably huddled up somewhere in the forest, petrified and sniffing back tears!" shemlet said as both of them laughed

    "You are so mean, pancham!"Deering said getting so angry even I did not need to see her face to know she might to something risky "Goomy isn't even the same age as us yet!"

    "Yeah, but he's the one who talks big. He got what was coming to him. We figure it's our job to teach him a little something about how harsh the world is." Pancham said

    "And if something happens to him in there? What are you going to do then, huh? I'm going in after him" deerling shouted as she began walking towards what I assumed was another one of them dungeons Nuzleaf talk about earlier. As she was about to pass Shemlet and Pancham I saw them about to stop her and this seem like a good time to come out.

    "I come along to!" I shouted coming out of the bush.

    "What!? Where did you come from?" deerling asked.

    "Village, followed both you and shemlet here. The rest is self-explain from there." I said.

    "Oh I see." She said. As she looked at me for a bit. "Are you not 6 years old?"

    *faceplam*" can we please not base on looks right now? Is there not a friend of your in danger in that dungeon behind you?" I asked hoping to bring her back to the subject on hand.

    "right! Let's go!" she said as we both ran in. I could her both of the Pokémon that we left complain about something but we decided it would be better to just go in the dungouns

    Know this normally she be left behind with pancham and shemlet. And yes the stage is easy already with just you going alone. I just wanted a way to write a bit more during the dungeon. It will not matter which starter you pick. BACK TO THE STORY!

    "Thanks for coming along." Deerling said

    "Same." I said. "If I wasn't here I think they would have stopped you."

    "Hmmm. I think your right. They think as me as their idol. Plus knowing them they will be scared also" She said giggling a bit.

    "I see. So what is this place? And I got a feeling that this Goomy stuck in some kind of bet" I asked

    "So you're new to the village?" she asked as I nodded my head. "Once we get out of here maybe you can tell me where you're from. But back to your question first. This place is called the Foreboding Forest. And second, I think there is some reason why he here, I remember them talking about a paper they lost in here a while back they boasted as they went in a few floors."

    "Really." I said laughing a bit." I love to see their face as they ran away." She thought of it for a while before she giggled

    "Same. By the way you seem way to serious for someone your age." She asked. As we saw a Pokémon ahead of us and a seed. "Hey that a blast seed. It really powerful can take down many Pokémon quickly very helpful especially those who want to attack others." She said with some worry on her voice as I looked up I saw her crying a bit.

    "I hate to attack Pokémon also but sometimes we are forced to do things so we can help other Pokémon. But at the same time life is something that should not be wasted." I said trying to calm her down along with many other things.

    "Yeah, your right." She said as she rose her hoof up to dry her tears" Thanks. If I did not know any better I would say you were an old man of wisdom."

    "Well, we can talk more about this later." I said with a chuckle "plus look at that, this Pokémon fell asleep waiting for you clam down. Is it that not nice?" I asked.

    "Yeah." She said nodding.

    "If we lucky we might be able to sneak by and take the seed it in front of it." I said as I sneak past it and took the seed I signaled Deering to follow me.


    "perfect." I said" and we did have to attack yet."

    "yeah." She said with a small smile.

    "if we play our cards right we might be able to get to Goomy without attacking anyone." I said

    "that be nice. Well let's keep going." Deerling said as we walked through dungeon. We manage to evade some of the Pokémon that we saw ahead of them but every now and then we had to fight some Pokémon. As we reached near the end of floor 4 we eventually saw a Pokémon shaking in a corner of the room.

    "ughhhh... why did I come here... I so scared..." the Pokémon said as we saw the piece of paper right next to him.

    "Goomy!" deerling shouted as she ran towards the Pokémon.

    "Deerling?" Goomy said as he stilled his head up.

    "Oh thank Acreus you're ok. (those who play the game the whole know what I talking about)" She said as she bend down towards goomy, And try to calm him down. As she did I looked at the paper that was right next to him somehow I could ready the writing that was put there.

    "g-o-o-m-y" was written on the paper " well sorry to break up this reunion but can we please get out of here soon? We can keep talking as soon we out of this dungeon" I asked as they both looked at me.

    "Yeah I think you right." Deerling said as she looked towards Goomy." Well let's go goomy." She said as gently she could.

    "Yeah your both right I can't last this any longer." Goomy said

    "Come on." I said as I lift Goomy on-top of deerling. "Before we go I guessing you need this paper?" I asked

    "Yeah... can you carry it for me?" Goomy asked.

    "Yeah." I said with a smile. As we walked out of here I went on ahead every now and then to knock out any Pokémon in our way out. "last floor finally!" I shouted as we got up the last set of stairs "Should we have a small break ?" I asked

    "Yeah I hungry" Goomy said as we heard his belly rumble.

    "Oh goomy you can't be that hungry I been doing all the walking for both of us." She said as I heard her belly rumble even louder.

    "you were saying?" I said with a laugh as my belly also rumbled but louder than anyone else. " oh hay balles." I said as we all began lauging for a bit till our bellies rumbled again. "catch, apples on me today." I said to both of them as I pass them both apples

    "thanks." Deerling said as she lowered herself to the floor to rest.

    "thanks." Gommy said as he crawled towards the floor and getting off her back.

    "So goomy why is it that I carrying this paper?" I asked as I took a bite of my own apple.

    "Oh they didn't tell you?" he said shaking a bit.

    "Nope." I said

    "Well Shemlet and Pancham told they lost a paper in this dungeon" Goomy said

    "That was after they teased you into doing this?" I asked

    "Yeah." Goomy said a bit embarrassed" well the deal was if I was able to bring their paper back with my named singed they would have to admit I had guts.

    "Goomy you do you plenty guts and more than those two combine. Think about it! You manage to keep your cool and stay in the forest longer than them. Plus you did not get knockout as far we know."

    "Yeah your right." Deerling said knowing where I saw going. "You manage to write your name on the piece of paper." She said as I rolled out the paper." You did all they asked for on come on grab that paper and let's get out of here." She said as goomy grab the paper and began crawing his way out of here with us behind him.

    "Deerling! And others...y-you actually made it back?!" pancham said as goomy drop the paper that we brought back.

    "And you brought back the paper, too!" shemlet said with shocked

    "You even wrote your name on it?" pancham said as he took a closer look to it. "... Hmph! What's up with this writing? It's so sloppy and all over the place?" Pamcham said as he began lauging.

    "It is NOT sloppy!" Goomy said.

    "Too funny! I bet you were too scared and shaking to even write properly!" said shelmet as he joined into the laughs

    "That's hilarious! Come on, let's show this to everyone!" Pancham said as he grabs the piece of paper. "See ya, suckers!" as he left us behind and laued their way out of here.

    "Hey! You two!" Deerling said as I try to calm her down.

    "Easy, Deerling they have karma strike them eventually.

    "Ugh, I've had it up to here with them!" Deering said as she gave a sigh. "and you, too, Goomy! I'm glad that you made it out OK, but what if there hadn't been anyone around to help?" she asked

    "... Sorry deerling. I wanted to show them that I had real guts, too." Goomy said

    "Those two will just goad you into doing something crazy, you can't listen to them! Well... you did give it everything you had that for sure." Deerling said.

    "Deerling!" goomy said as he showed great happiness.

    "You made it that far into the forest alone... and wrote your name, just like they asked." Deerling said as she moved her eyes to the side. "Even though your writing is sloppy..."

    "Don't call it sloppy!" Goomy shouted as I chuckled a bit.

    "And... it's really thanks to you that Goomy got out of there in one piece today." Deerling said as they both trun to me.

    "We really do owe you. So thank you... um..." Deerling said as she realized something." Hm? You never did tell us your name, did you?"

    "Tomorrow I tell you both. But right now I need to get home before Nuzleaf returns" I said

    "Don't worry we help." Deerling said as she quickly pick up Goomy" come on I know a shortcut back to the village." She said as she ran forward.

    "thanks." I said as I ran after her we ran for about a good hour before we reached the village when we looked around we saw that those two were still not here and "well I hope we made it in time." I said pating a bit." But seriously thanks for what you did

    "Well thank you for saving Goomy and bring me along." She said as she stoped

    "Well thank for coming along." I said

    "Anytime. I could always go another adventure." Deerling said

    "I keep that on mind. And maybe we bring Goomy to train him a bit so he can take the abuse easier." I said

    "Maybe once he fells up to it without being forced." She said as tried to shake goomy awake

    "... How did he fall asleep?" I said chukling a bit. "Well whatever ,you were right ... and to think before it took us three hours to get here. But now just hour?" I said

    "Really?" she said.

    "Oh well see you both at school tomorrow! And good lucky with Goomy!" I shouted as I quickly ran towards Nuzleaf house as I reach the house I saw that Nuzleaf just arrived from doing what he was doing.

    "Darn it..." I said to myself as I walk towards the door and knocked on it.

    "Chris?" Nuzleaf said all angry "Why are you outside?" It took some time but after explaining what happen all he did was sigh

    "After I done told you not to leave the house! I done told you to stay inside until I got home, did I not?!"

    "For all we know Mirajane could have been a one of the Beheeym's! And if she was imagine what would happen if the Beheeym killed me! You would have a village after you because I a new Pokémon around here!" I shouted back

    "You'd best learn to mind your elders next time!" he shouted a bit softer "But... well... you did bring up some good points and it ain't like I can't understand the itch to see the wider world out there. I reckon this must all be new to you, after all. It's a fine thing to have a love of adventure in your heart."

    "it was more of a rescue mission that my need to explore." I thought

    "grown-ups will always be saying you can't do this, that, or the other... But there are things in life you'll never learn except by experiencing them for yourself. I reckon I'm pretty lax when it comes to adventuring and what have you. So if you get a hankering to go adventuring around the village, you go right ahead." He said as he almost had a second reason he wanted me outside.

    "Thanks. If anything this ... adventure got me some good reputation around town. It going to be easier to fit in." I said

    "Yeah... But from tomorrow morning you'll be attending class at the local school. So tuck in early tonight to be all ready for your first big day." He said

    "Darn it! New world but same old trouble... Why it had to be school!" I said as I walked towards my room joking as I heard him laugh a bit. But what freak me out was it almost sound a bit evil

    "No matter where you go school shall follow you!" he said in a creepy voice. As I turn towards him showing a scary face

    "Don't dude." I said in a creepy voice as I turn back to my normal face, and saw him a bit scared. "well see you tomorrow" I said as I went to my room and got ready to sleep the first say/night cycle away.


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