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Tricks, no Treats(OSS)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Thunder, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. Thunder

    Thunder The Alolan Archer

    Apr 19, 2015
    When you're eleven years old, your parents start worrying, worrying about how you're growing so fast that tomorrow you'll be going off to university. My parents had this problem, it was a long time ago on this same date, of course a different year. I was in my bedroom, texting my friends, not doing any harm and then my parents come storming in and start shouting,
    "Why aren't you in your Halloween costume, son? You're brother's waiting!"
    I sigh and get changed into some childish costume, it was probably something like Spiderman. I went downstairs to find my brother, looking at himself, he thought he was sos good-looking, when someone told him he wasn't he'd have a major tantrum, it was like he was vain four year old in a sixteen year old's body.
    "Stop looking at yourself, you vain little loser!"
    Then he shouted for our mum and I got a big lecture about respecting your elders, I pretended to listen and left the house, my brother then whispered to me, saying he only agreed to take me trick-or-treating because some cute girls go trick-or-treating in, well, I'm just going to say, revealing clothes. My brother told me to call him when i was time to get back. I obviously wouldn't, seeing him get in trouble was a rare gift. I walked down the street, whistling an eerie composition. I was into music, hard core and dangerous music, all kids go through their phases and this was one of my mine. I went up to a house, the lights were all on, the door opened as soon as I knocked on it. I walked in, a loud, slow, rasping voice began to speak to me.
    "You shouldn't have come, you kids and you're trick-or-treating, getting fatter and fatter each year, I'm surprised you haven't exploded. This year, there will be no treats, only tricks, screams and deaths. I am Gagori Gore, the goriest, most bloodthirsty ghost of all eternity, you townsfolk should be honoured, honoured that I have taken over your town!"
    Then he continued to explain, explain about how every house was filled with weapons and more, spears, ghostly minions, living dolls that held knives instead of teddy bears. I was petrified but managed to gain some courage and leave the house. I felt safe but I had no idea what was happening, I got a call, from an unknown, it's probably Dave, he uses his brother's old phone now, forget about that, this is what I thought, when I answered the call, the voice that I had just heard spoke, it listened and when I dropped my phone I began I whimper, not only because I'd just lost all my money for calls, I whimpered because he said the four words that anyone would dread on Halloween night.
    "I'm coming for you."
    I ran, cluelessly, I had no idea where I was going, but I ran, as far as I could. I actually passed my brother, he was making out with some girl. I ran, ran, I ran till I dropped, I fainted on the hard street. I woke up, completely in fear. I was in my house, which was a relief but I was still scared. My fears raised when my mum and dad came in, wearing masks, robes and, worst of all, bearing chainsaws.
    "We are minions of Gagori Gore, goriest ghost of all eternity. Die with no struggle, or face a slow, painful death."
    Funnily enough, my brother came in, looking like them but he still had the same personality and looked at himself in my mirror. I averted my eyes and they came towards me with their sharp chainsaws, as they got ready to strike, I whimpered once more and then, they striked.
    I woke up again, out of breath, I thought I had been killed. I was in my house and my family were normal then I noticed the mirror, it was cracked, I looked into it and a hole appeared, black as night. Zombies, ghouls, vampires, things that shouldn't even exist came into the house, infested it like a swarm of bees. I struggled, suffocated it in the crowd, wounded by so many and then trampled by many.
    Can you guess what happened next? That's right, I was awoken again, this time in the presence of my brother, in a dark room. He suddenly spoke, in the same voice I had heard at the strange house, then he morphed into some creature, scared the hell out of me. I ran, turns out the room was so dark, walls couldn't be seen. I banged into a wall and fainted on the spot.
    The next day, I woke up, it was no longer Halloween and everything was normal, it was a dream, I realised I had nothing to fear but what scared me was the voice, it kept coming into my head, saying things I did not want to hear, the four words stayed with me forever.
    "I'm coming for you"
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