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Sign Up/Discussion Two Sided Belief | Sign up and Bonfire.

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by LassusVulpes, Feb 14, 2024.

  1. LassusVulpes

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    (Giratina (Origin))
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    Sep 2, 2017
    Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    Rated Teen : Gore, Violence, Cannibalism, Mature topic.

    4/27/2214 Seven days before humanity falls.

    ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ Ay Captain. I hope you're doing well. Seems Locus is failing to hold it's grip. We might need to call off the mission early. I don't know if my crew can handle all this stress. Something about the radius is setting off their fight or flights.

    ○ A faint banging noise is heard in the distance.

    Shit... I gotta go Cap. BACK OFF THE FUCKIN DOORS GO-

    ♪ The call has been Terminated. ♪


    Humans have always wished to explore all they can. Doesn't matter the sacrifices required. If something exists, humans will always try and dominate. During the late summer months, news broke out of a rift opening in deep space. Attempts to land onto Mercury was halted as scientists attempted to find a way to enter the new rift.

    └ Earth Dispatch
    Greetings M.A.D [Mars. Adventure. Dispatch.]

    I hope this email reaches you well. I am sure you are well aware of the recent rift opening. As this is the first time in our existence that something of this magnitude has ever been made. We have got in contact with the V.A.D to help with further research. We would love to hear if you are on board with our plan to explore and understand this rift.

    There are some rumors going about, that what may be past this will allow humanity to go further past the current scientifically powered era.

    With best regards,
    Steve Lorands of the E.A.D

    Scientists collected together, each passing day new technology was constructed and information gained. 6/27/2197 being the first day humanity was able to have a rocket enter the rift. With the cameras equipped to the rocket they got their first views to this new realm. Eight planets similar to the solar system of 2024, however each mutated and of new life.

    Earth once big green and blue, now a blood red and gloom green. Venus a yellowish white to a now pale blue to that of Neptune. As humanity rejoiced at their new comings and a birth of a new era. They were none the wiser of what was to come. A slim black creature slithered its way past the rift as it swims in the abyss into earths atmosphere.

    └ N - 16

    I've made it ▓▓▓▓▓▓. I am unsure how long my form will last. This worlds atmosphere is already tearing away at it... Earth seems to be a weird planet. The smog and smoke is suffocating. How could such delicate life survive in this?

    I may not be able to send back our status quo. Apologies for my failure. However this planet is worth the research. I sense the final core to be in the hands of the humans.

    Good riddance.
    N - 16

    Humans and Altered life. Both with their own goals in life. Who shall prevail, and who shall fall?

    This Roleplay is far different than any other that I've seen be made. Instead of controlling only one pawn, you shall control both a Human and Altered. On no case shall your two characters be allowed to interact to become friends with one another. This is a story of domination and war, not peace and tranquility. May the best creation win.

    1/1/2200 | 78286 days till all Humans die.


    └ Father ♥ | 1/1/2199
    Hey Maya! Happy new year! I hope college life has treated you well! Your mother still worries about you and hopes that you won't become like your brother haha! Things have been calm at home, and your room is still only collecting dust. Michael has still yet to contact home. But you know your brother, that's par for the course.

    Speaking of your brother. I heard that he's attending the same college. Maybe you'll run into him. If you do, tell him that he left his gauss rifle here.

    Loves and Kisses,

    Maya sat back in a bricked alley way and read that email over and over again. She hadn't heard from Michael since he ran away eons ago. Her family hadn't been close for as long as she could remember. Both of her sisters were murdered. Vasilisa was murdered early on in Maya's life, Marrion was killed during a spy investigation in her late teens. Still surprised to be alive Maya fled off, telling her parents she was heading off to collage.

    "Hey. I think we got a space to sleep tonight." another voice called out. From out of the shadows of the alley a girl with short curly brown hair emerged. "Reading that email again Maya? Geez girlo you got it in rough."

    "I know I know... Just sometimes it's weird to think that somehow out there my brother is still alive. He ran out of home a long time as well." Maya replied back solemnly. She reached her arm out and was picked off the ground by the other girl. "So, Minla. How long do you think until the space embassy will take us in? I don't know if I can handle cannibalism again.. I miss the taste of sane meat."

    "Hell if I know.. But for now, I got a cheap as hell motel for the night. Tomorrow we'll be meeting up with a member of the Lotus gang. Maybe they'll help us out.." Minla put her baseball bat behind her neck and used it to stretch.

    As the two arrived at the motel, the smell of vapes wafted the air. Maya covered her nose as they walked inside. The walls peeling and crumbling, the light oozing and droning with a fly stuck in its coil. A faint drip noise came from the restroom faucet. The bed crunched as Minla tossed her bat onto it.

    "Well. It's definitely a sack of shit... but It's better than sleeping in a toxic fallout." Minla opened the cabinets and shined a flashlight into the darkness. "Doesn't seem like any vermites. Should be clear... I'll give you first take on the shower."

    Maya nods and heads off towards the restroom. As she was undressing she heard a shatter of glass. She abruptly ran out of the restroom and pulled out her pocket knife. "What's going on?!" she called out to Minla.

    Minla was standing over top a male, her baseball bat splashed with blood. "Damned gonk decided it wanted to jump me." She looked over at Maya. "And who the shit do you think you'd kill in a damned bra and jeans? You ain't no anime character. Next time at least cloth yourself."

    Maya stared blankly back, then at the male. "Are you going to kill him.?" Maya sheepishly asked.

    "No point in killing him. Damned things already scared shitless." She pointed the bat towards the males soaken pants. Maya winced before walking back in the restroom to grab her clothes. "I don't feel like showering anymore.."


    "Me. I am Me. Me is Me. But what is Me? I am Me." An altered creature spoke to itself, rambling, chanting, calling out. "Insane? I am not. I am me. Me is not insane."

    The altered creature stood from its darkened room, as it walked forth cracking open the window. The moonlight opens and reveals a blood stained room. Three corpses all laid to rest. The altered's hands stained red.

    The altered stumbled out of the room, blood dripping from the stalactites which it calls its claws. Its broken voice whistled out as if breathing. Its body pulsing and breathing inorganically.

    "One... Three. Two... One... Three. Two." Counting its footsteps it stumbles and walks into the wall. "Do it again. Do it again. Do it again. Do it again." It muttered endlessly. "Good job me. Good job me. Good job me."

    "You're probably one of the most insane I've seen..." Another altered called out. "No one here could ever be as deranged as to go out and kill without needing... And here you are. You're insanely weird Gunn. I like it."

    Gunn looked over at the other. "Good job me. Good job me." Gunn grabbed its mouth and forced a smile it with. However its face melted back to a forever smile.

    "We have a hunting party in around an hour if you'd like to join. How for it Gunn?"

    Gunn looked at the other before cracking its neck sideways as if confused. "Good job me?"

    "We need someone who's good in a battle, so why not bring you along? It'll help us prepare for war." The altered held out its hand ready to shake Gunn's. "I don't know if we've met. I'm Loa."


    As mentioned, this RP will revolve around a Human and Altered action. While each turn doesn't require both, both parts of the stories will move along throughout our tale.

    Altered don't use scientific inventions, instead use their articular bodies for their advantage. They're able to control how their body looks, moves, and acts freely. They can go from a solid to a liquid at will, as well as create onto themselves. The only way to kill an altered, is to break its core. Even then, if another altered can get ahold of it, it can use parts of itself to regenerate a fallen altered.

    However. Altered lack a lot of basic intelligence. And tend to look at things in a simplistic way. Some altered have better understanding than others, but it is mostly in vein. Altered also have to eat, drink water to survive.

    ALTERED START OFF IN A CUSTOM PLANET IN THE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, THEY DO NOT START ON EARTH! The altered planets also have humans on them, because humans have found a way to colonize on them. But are not fully aware of the Altered existence.

    Humans have surpassed in technological ways, however in pursuit of said technological advancement, the common health for many has dropped. Funding that once went into protection services like police, social services, courts, and all the sort were moved over to fund the new space technology. This led crime to rise, homelessness to run rampant, and gang warfare to run rampant. Human story shall start off in the Rats layer. Which is the bottom of the barrel. (If you'd like to discuss starting somewhere else to benefit your character. DM me and let me know)




    Brief Backstory:




    Anything you're carrying:

    Name: Maya Bird

    Age: 22

    Brief Backstory: She'd never felt the term family before. Her real family abandoned her, and the ones that picked her up often left her in the dust. Maya had grown used to the constant neglect and has learnt to take care of herself. Throughout it all she still kept her optimism up and made sure to give everyone the best she could.

    Through her constant neglect she would workout in the sunken room that she had to call her room. Pushups, crunches, squats, all of it. It was her escape. She shadow boxed often as if she was in her final stance against anyone. It was when she was 15 where she got her hands on her first ever gun. A simple .357 Magnum. She fell in love instantly, wanting to learn more she found some old books and went on to learn as much as she could.

    Appearance: A tanned girl with long brown hair, often tied into a pony tail tipped with a blue bow flung over her shoulder. Brown eyes, with painted black nails. A medium bust, and on a more bulky end, with some muscle. A tattoo ran on her shoulder of a cog wheel.

    She often wore a ragged gray t-shirt, leather bikers jacket, black jeans tied over with two belts with a chain attached to her belt to pocket. A black respirator often hung around her neck unless outdoors. Bruises scattered about her body, and a scar here and there.

    Personality: Maya is often out going and tries to be kind to anyone. However is a tough hard headed brat when need be. She's a skilled shot, but is better at hand to hand combat rather than shooting. She often finds large big rooms or gifts uncomforting and prefers a simple room. Even a trashed room makes her feel more safe than an extravagant one.

    Pronouns: She / Her

    Anything you're carrying: Switch blade, two MRE packs, Water bottle, Holo-phone


    Preferred appearance:


    Name: Gunn

    Preferred appearance: Gunn uses a limp human formed shape, with long black horns from the side of its head. A long sword emerges out of its arm whenever its ready to attack, and it often drags upon the floor while Gunn moves. Once Gunn finds a target it will charge and its body will release an ear piercing screech. It moves faster and faster as its legs turn to liquid allowing it to move quicker.


    Merry murdermas!~
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