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Video Game Ideas

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Neb, May 18, 2024.

  1. Neb

    Neb Cosmog Enthusiast

    (Flabébé (O))
    Level 20
    Nov 4, 2018
    GS Ball ★★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Poké Ball ★Potion ★Oran Berry ★★
    Have you ever had an idea for an original video game (not tied to any series)?

    Around 2016 or so I had an idea where I wondered what if there was a game where you were on a Majora's Mask like time loop and explored a small town to find weird occurrences like a UFO sighting or a glitch? These would be preprogrammed to happen at specific times during the time loop in different parts of an open map and you'd have to find them before they already happened. Finding these would unlock details of the story and the game would keep track of each thing you found. In hindsight my idea was basically Outer Wilds, but in a small town setting rather than in space.
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  2. Jeydis

    Jeydis Deep down in Underfity

    Level 11
    Aug 11, 2017
    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    Honestly that sounds pretty fun, good X-files vibes.

    I have been watching a lot of Pirate Software's stuff lately and he is a great motivator for making videogames. Looking over my notes app on my phone most of these are from waking up in the middle of the night after odd dreams. Took a bit to correct all the typos lol.

    - The player upgrades chunks of code to make a better and better indie game. 2 modes, a puzzle maze thing that would let you unlock code upgrades and then in the waking world you can configure the code bits into your own lil game.
    - Interplanetary cooking game, it's not cute but its gritty. Like The Bear but on a space station/vessel. Making bizarre food for varied aliens, getting strange ingredients etc.
    - A game where you play a cursed druid, barred from returning to the massive forests on their homeworld. You have to find sources of power elsewhere, make strange and exotic animal friends to break your curse.
    - Arbor Guardian: You play an plant/elf like creature that is bonded to a mystical tree seed. you must plant it and keep it alive to grow a new population of your species. Mix of exploration and RTS/base defense elements. Where you plant and how you decide to grow your tree determines your upgrades, powers and what the next generation of your species will be like. Could be roguelite in a way, when you finish a run your original elf dies and you start up with new characteristics based on your past decisions.
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  3. Infernostar

    Level 23
    May 4, 2018
    Legendary Triforce ★★
    I have brainstormed a few proof of concepts, some aren't very far along but one in particular I've got a design document up for.
    The ones I can recall including it are as follows

    - A visual novel following a Who Done It style murder mystery set on the ISS, with the catch being you can potentially prevent the murder if you pick up on who is going to be the killer in time.
    - A battleless Pokémon is what I describe this one as to better illustrate it. A research vessel is sent to an alien planet to document the wildlife, observe them in nature and uncover secrets of the new world to see if its a plausible new habitat for mankind
    - A third person on rail shooter focusing on a newly inducted member of an elite air force tasked with protecting the planet from an alien invasion.
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  4. Wizard

    Wizard Do you feel it? The moon's power!

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2016
    I was once trying to make a video game with my brother, though it never really went anywhere. It would be a little something like this:

    Turn-based RPG based in a somewhat typical medieval fantasy world. Emphasis would be placed on silly dialogue and random character choices have drastic effects. (For example, you make fun of a bald man and get a game over.) I ended up creating 20+ music tracks for this game that are still unused to this day.

    My other idea is easily my favorite. It's a 2D fighting game called "The Founding Fighters" or "The Fighting Fathers." It's a fighting game where the roster is made up of the founding fathers of the U.S. with other historical figures being part of the DLC. Alexander Hamilton wields a sword, Richard Nixon is a waterbender, etc. The OST is just really intense rock and metal versions of patriotic songs.
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