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Video Games Rules - Read this if you do not want a "Game Over!"

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dragon, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. Dragon

    Eevee (J)
    (Eevee (J))
    Level 1
    Oct 10, 2014
    Lake Valor's Video Game Rules

    Hi there, and welcome to the Video Gaming section! on this board, you are free to talk about anything video game related! That's right - from Legend of Zelda, to Final Fantasy, to Resident Evil. But, before you hit that 'create post' button, please be sure to go over each of the rules here!

    All forum-wide rules apply here

    Like all the other boards, the video games section follows the specific general rules of the entire Lake Valor community forums, so it's important that you're familiar with these rules before posting here. If you're not sure on what these rules are, just click on here!

    Remember that we Promote Discussion

    Your thread has to at least try to promote discussion here; threads that don't, or threads for small questions like, "Should I buy a Wii U or an Xbox One?" are unnecessary and clutter the section up. If your thread does not promote discussion, it will be merged with an appropriate thread!

    Please try to remain civil

    Basically, game discussion is to remain civil at all times. Remember that gamers can be a hotheaded bunch, with the console wars and company-loyal fans. Flaming, arguing, spamming or plain rudeness will not be tolerated at any time. If a discussion becomes too aggressive, the thread may be closed. A healthy debate is good, as long as it remains respectful. Any disrespectful posts will be deleted on sight.

    Beware of Spoilers!

    This forum contains spoilers. Anytime you discuss a particular game, it's common that there will be spoilers and plot details being discussed. Just remember that you run the risk of having plot spoiled for you when you view threads in this forum. And if you post a spoiler, please at least use your own judgment as to when to use spoiler tags.

    But the most important thing of all...

    ...Enjoy yourself! We are aiming for you to enjoy yourself right here on the Video Games section, making new friends, and just be fans of our favourite video game franchises. C:

    Thanks for reading! I you have any questions, contact a staff member!
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