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Video Showcase of my videos being showcased

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Derahex, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. Derahex

    Nov 14, 2014
    Since there's a section for this, I decided to show my best videos to the community!

    All these I created myself and uploaded to my Youtube account, you can go see it if you want (I go by the same name, Derahex) However the videos I am not showcasing here are either too old and/or too crappy, so yeah.

    For those interested, the programs I use are:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
    Adobe After Effects CS5
    Adobe Soundbooth CS5

    First Video (And Best):


    Have you ever seen the 'Stickman opening a door' GIF File? Well, as it turns out it's named 'Multi lock on', and no one really knows who made it.
    I downloaded a video version of it and a few other animations inspired by Multi lock on, and put in Music and Sound Effects, since no one else did it.
    Bottom Line:
    Video: 97% Not me (I added some screen effects, like text)
    Audio: All me

    Second Video:


    This is the same concept, I added audio to a video.
    The sound effects bank for Radiant Historia was rather limited, so I decided to pimp them up! I recorded footage with an emulator of all the characters using their Mana Bursts (Basically Limit Breaks) with a music track from the game. I also made a pathetic attempt at added visual effects for the last one.

    Third Video:


    Why won't it show up as a video?

    A Drawn to Life AMV I made, for some reason I thought the ambiance and lyrics of the song went nicely.
    Game: Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
    Song: Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire - Vietnow
    Note: Youtube really screwed up the part with the TV Static
Thread Status:
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