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* Virulent * - Sign Ups/Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Nova, Jul 24, 2015.

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  1. Nova

    Nova Hiker

    Level 1
    Nov 2, 2014
    Hey all! This is the sign up/character profile page for my new Pokémon RP, Virulent! I'm not going to make this all fancy like the main post, but hey, of doesn't matter, right? I thought so.
    Also, if you have any questions, ask them in your sign up post or PM me! :D
    Please read here before signing up:http://lakevalor.net/topic/11562-virulent-a-Pokémon-rp/

    1: All LV RP rules apply.
    2: All applicable rules from my main post apply.
    3: There are Pokémon restrictions. Restrictions include the following: all legendaries, Phione, and ditto.
    4: Keep the shininess to a minimum! Remember, shinies are rare. And with the plants, think of how many died! I'm not saying shinies aren't allowed, just try to avoid them.
    5: If you could, try to avoid using overused Pokémon such as Lucario, Riolu, the Eeveelutions, Absol, etc., as I would like to see some diversity among our group.
    6: No Mega evolutions. Remember, Mega evolution is triggered via the bond between human and Pokémon, alongside the mega rings and stones. With humans extinct, Pokémon can no longer mega evolve. Your Pokémon may carry around a mega stone as a keepsake from it's dead trainer however, but it can't be used for any sort of power up.
    7: You are joining in as a new group member. As in, you're a newbie. You can't be a leader or higher up in the group. I may hand out promotions though!
    8: Ah, Accessories and design quirks. Those are allowed, but no going overboard on either. You can give your eevee a white paw, and your Aggron can have a scarf, but nothing too...er, different. When it comes to accessories especially, please limit it to one or two, since there is gear needed for...uh, plant-fighting.
    9: You can freely change eye colour. Just..no rainbows. Please.
    10: When giving your Pokémon move sets and abilities, make sure they're legal. They can have TM moves or egg moves, mainly if they were a trainer's Pokémon. Just make sure the Pokémon can actually learn them in the games.
    11: New rules may be added. If they are, I'll be sure to let you guys know~

    Profile format:
    Rank: Keep this at the rank of Normal. Only when and if you are given a promotion may you change this.
    Age(human years):
    Appearance(quirks, scars, etc.):
    Other Info(i.e. family, romantic interest, fears, etc., not required but any extra info is coolio!):
    My characters' Profiles(use this as an example as you write yours!):
    Name: Kali
    Rank: General
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Female
    Moveset: Crunch, Fire Fang, Thunderbolt, Take Down
    Ability: Intimidate
    Age: 24
    Appearance: That of a normal luxray, with one long, thin scar running across the bridge of her nose and silver eyes. Her body has other scars here and there, but they're faint and her fur mostly hides them.
    Accessories: N/A
    Personality: Kali is a mostly soft-spoken yet authoritative leader. She tends to be cold and distant. Much of the time she is silent, really only offering her intelligible speech when giving orders, scolding others, or to friends. She leads well, however, and is a good decision-maker. She is not without her flaws, however. She is fairly rude and hates being asked questions, especially about things she can't answer. She also has a tendency to ignore others, and when angry, she tends to not think things through well. She tends to be untrusting, only giving her trust to those who she thinks have proven worthy.
    History: Kali was born in the wild and eventually caught by her trainer. She had been raised under the assumption that it was a good thing to be raised by a human, but being a trainer's Pokémon—or at least this trainer's Pokémon—was hell. Turns out he was a member of some stupid human group, apparently called Team Rocket. Her trainer hurt her and worked her to the bone; he sent her out in battle when she was weak, and when she lost, he'd punish her quite harshly. She eventually learned to put up with this, though left with a strong resentment towards humans. For the longest time she put up with the abuse, until one day a mission was crashed and Kali found an opening to escape. She pulled it off, but injured her nose terribly, resulting in the scar she has now. She survived in the wild until the Virulent Plague(what they call the Toxic plant's effect), where she took cover and eventually formed the group with Avro and the others.
    Other Info: I made her trainer a Team Rocket grunt since they are fairly widespread. She still has family, but at the moment she's unsure whether they're alive or not. Even if they were, she'd likely not recognize them.

    Name: Samantha(Sam or Sammy)
    Rank: Normal
    Species: Furfrou
    Gender: female
    Moveset: Sucker Punch, Surf, Thunder Wave, Headbutt
    Ability: Fur Coat
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Normal furfrou, with blackish brown tips of her ears and tail.
    Accessories: Silk Scarf(from trainer before she died.)
    Personality: Sam is quiet, shy, and timid character. She is very obedient as well and is easily bullied into doing other's bidding. While that is so, she will only do something if it comes from another group member and if hurting others is out of the question. She's also very curious, and asks a lot of questions. She tends to trust easily.
    History: Sammy was born in captivity and raised by a loving trainer. She never had any reason to be wary around humans and therefore is extremely upset about their wiping out. She tends to weep at night, though not every night, and she also gets scolded a lot by Kali due to clumsiness and such. She joined the group after a while, still mourning her trainer, who died, but forced to move on.
    Other Info: Avro was her teammate at one point, but he left before their trainer died. Also, Sam is going to be joining at the same time as all of your characters! I love playing newbies ouo

    Name: Avro
    Rank: General
    Species: Staraptor
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Close Combat, Fly, Brave Bird, U-Turn
    Ability: Intimidate
    Age: 36
    Appearance: Same as a normal Staraptor.
    Accessories: An Amulet coin around his neck.(This was from his trainer before she died.)
    Personality: Strict yet kind, Avro is a great leader. He is understanding, but will not tolerate misbehaviour and lying. He is quite intimidating to others, but when you get to know him he is kind. Kali blames him for being soft as well, which he can be when it comes to the scared and young. He is a good strategist and will always put himself in harm's way for the group. He also never uses other's nicknames, and quite often adresses female characters as Miss.(I.e. Miss Kali)
    History: Avro shared his history with Sammy, though he was born earlier. He also has a liking for humans, though his look had slightly altered when he met Kali and learned about her life. However, he doesn't full on hate them. He left his trainer before she died, having told the older Pokémon in his team that he was searching for a safe place for them to stay. He returned once, but saw his home devastated and dirty. He assumed everyone was dead(not knowing Sammy was still there) and headed back to the group.
    Other Info: N/A
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  2. Grelleth

    Grelleth Sailor

    Jul 14, 2013
    Name: Scratch
    Rank: Normal
    Species: Parasect
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Spore, Aromatherapy, Poison Powder, Giga Drain
    Ability: Dry Skin
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Instead of ovals, the tochukaso on his back is decorated with perfect circles.
    Accessories: Black Glasses, not always worn.
    Personality: Scratch speaks at a slow pace in a monotone voice. He doesn't like bright light and often avoids venturing outside on sunny days. To help with this he was given a pair of Black Glasses, even though he knew no dark-type moves. He likes to explain things to other if asked questions. He is interested in medicine, since the spores he produces can be used as medicine. He prefers not to directly attack, instead supporting others with moves like spore. If needed he will resort to using Giga Drain.
    History: Scratch was given to a youngster by a breeder when he was still a paras. He stayed by the youngster's side for several years, receiving the Black Glasses from him eventually evolving into a parasect. He then was traded to a scientist, who wished to use the parasect for research. He was tested on and had his spore used to create medicine. Living in a lab also piqued his interest in medicine. After many years, he was released back into the wild to live in a forest. He lived there happily as a hermit, giving the wold Pokémon who lived there advice and helped solve their problems. When the Virulent plague struck, he wanted to learn more about it and what caused it. It could be said that he is quite the expert on the plague. This title spread and soon a resistance group was knocking at his door asking for him to join their cause...
    Other info: N/A
  3. TehAbsol

    TehAbsol Psychic

    Aug 30, 2014
    Name: Randi
    Rank: (Not yet established)
    Species: Gengar
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Shadow Punch, Sucker Punch, Dream Eater, Hex
    Ability: Levitate
    Age: 11 years
    Appearance: For the most part, he looks normal, though he rarely has the signature 'smug grin' that Gengars usually express.
    Accessories: He always carries around a satchel full of sentimental items that used to belong to his trainer. Even the satchel itself belonged to her.
    Personality: Randi is mostly a quiet and polite Pokémon. He usually doesn't include himself in any kind of debate, argument, or discussion, but rather listens and makes his own opinions in his head. He is also quite sensitive to criticism or being judged, but like everything else that crosses his mind, he keeps it quiet. Randi is usually clingy when he becomes friends with someone because he has a deep fear of losing someone (which he face heavily when the toxins wiped out almost everyone he knew). When he talks, he talks slowly, and his voice sounds slightly distorted. He also likes to take everything slow. He absolutely hates being rushed, and if it's too much for him, he could have an anxiety attack.
    History: He was raised from a ghastly by his trainer, Olivia. She always kept him out of his Pokéball whenever she traveled, as well as her other two Pokémon, a Mudkip, and a Ponyta (both of them evolving eventually). Recently after Olivia traded in order to evolve Randi, the toxins were released into the air. It eventually killed her, and Randi left her corpse on the floor of her home. He doesn't know what happened to her other Pokémon.

    (Ill probably be making another one soon! Also sorry for the weird highlight thing on this post, I dunno what happened.)
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