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Weekly Prompt- Character stays up late

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by CharlieWeasleyfan, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. CharlieWeasleyfan

    Shiny Roggenrola
    Level 1
    Jan 24, 2017
    Trainer Card - Cave ThemeRocky Helmet ★★★★★Staff of VerityExp. Share ★★
    As another morning began in Nuvema Town, there was talk going around the local adults. There was a little gathering happening. Cheren, Bianca, and Hilda were all coming home to have some time to relax. Now, of course, Cheren told his little sister who was a bookworm like him to come over to the party. She was very much like him. Sometimes she was called Cheren after he left. The party was going to be at Cheren's and his sister Molly was a good cook so she was making all the snacks for him. "Ser?" Molly looked and chuckled as she saw Serperior around her.

    "I'll make your lunch in a few minutes. I have to make sure Cheren's party food is ready. This food has to be good," she promised. While Molly plated the dips into their respective bowls and then soaked the dishes, she sighed as she saw Serperior and Stoutland waiting now. "I'm on it guys I promise. I have your food measurements," she promised. Cheren chuckled as he came down.

    "They are picky. Did you," he began before she threw a bean at him. "What's this?"

    "Senzu Bean!" Cheren stood straight faced and then began laughing. He had left a show named Dragon Ball Z on and the one character threw it and yelled Senzu Bean. So in English, it was a Pokebean.

    "How's the food?"

    "Finished and dips are left to refrigerate. Are you sure you want me there? I can go to Castelia City," she offered. Cheren nodded and she sighed. "Why do you want me there? I didn't save the whole Unova region twice. Not once even," she answered.

    "Technically you helped. I knew about what Pokémon to train up cause you called me every day and asked where I was. You are the gym leader know it all. Especially considering I fired Lenora," he chuckled. It was a joke between him and Molly. She had found a google image of a Pokémon card with Cheren on it and his one move was labeled, 'Fire Lenora'.

    As the sun set, Hilda and Bianca arrived. "Hey Bianca," Molly greeted. Cheren wanted Molly at the party for another reason. Bianca and him wanted to give her a Pokémon. She always dreamed of going on an adventure but she stayed back when Cheren told her there were only three.

    When Hilda got there, she was with N and Reshiram while N's Zekrom was in his Pokéball. "Hey guys," he greeted. Molly froze as she saw N, but she snapped out of it. She took an educated guess that he and Hilda were together.

    "Hey," she responded as she laid out the food. Cheren smirked at the reaction Molly had to N and kept it to himself.

    "Wow, you were bussssy," Bianca mused. Molly chuckled and nodded at that. She spent from 6 that morning to 7 that night making food.

    "You have to be busy when you make 20 dishes of food in case people are really hungry and 10 Pokefood meals," she explained. As N and the others dug into the fruit salad, Molly was busy feeding the Pokémon.

    The moon was out and it was bright for an average Unovan evening. "Looking at the stars?" Molly jumped at that since she knew the others were hanging out. She didn't expect N to come out. "Why aren't you in there? Cheren said the party was for you too," he prodded.

    "Cheren's always been the big brother that people envy. He tries to include me in a lot of his things. But I hate it when he does that. He has a life. It's like he thinks I'm not going to make friends. Granted he's probably right on that," she chuckled.

    "You're saying nonsense. You'll make a lot of friends. You just need to get out there. Where's your Lillipup?"

    "Upstairs," she responded.

    "Do you battle with Lillipup?" Molly nodded and he chuckled. "Good. I have a Zorua at level 5, what's your's at?"

    "Level 7," she responded. Cheren walked out and smiled. "Hey Cher," she responded.

    "Let's have a moonlight battle," he offered to N.

    "No thanks, Cheren. Too tiring," she answered.

    "Well then come inside for a little present," Bianca trailed. Molly glared at Cheren and he put his hands up. "Oh don't glare at him. This was my idea," she chuckled. Molly was pushed into a chair by N and she groaned. "Professor Juniper wants you to experience the adventure, so pick one of these 3 Pokémon to be your partner. Cheren and I agreed. You need it. Plus you'll make loads of friends on your journey," she began.

    "I have an idea," Hilda decided. Cheren and Molly looked at her. "Let's play truth or dare first. Once we all do two then she can pick one," she offered.

    "Agreed," Cheren and Molly answered. As they sat on the worn out couch, Molly was conveniently placed between Cheren and N.

    "Bianca how about you start?"

    "Sure. Cheren truth or dare?" Bianca and Cheren both liked to tease each other but Cheren was good at evasion.

    "Truth," he answered.

    "When you lived with Molly, did you two have a bunk bed or your own rooms?" Molly and Cheren blushed at that. They had to share a room and a bed. They couldn't buy bunk beds. The ceiling was too high and they couldn't get two beds since the room was too narrow.

    "Neither. We shared a bed and dressers. It wasn't bad. It just meant changing in the bathroom and sometimes being evicted from your own room if the other's friends were over," Cheren responded.

    "Your turn Cheren," N chuckled.

    "Hilda truth or dare?"

    "Dare," she decided. Cheren wasn't a great dare guy but he knew a good one. He and Molly did it all the time when she was 10.

    "I dare you to hang upside down with your feet against the dresser for two minutes," he informed.

    As Hilda did that Molly shuddered. 20 seconds upside down with that dresser was a pain. You felt weak after a minute. But Hilda did it and she sighed in relief. "Nice work Hilda," Molly chuckled.

    "Thanks. Now it's your turn Mol. Truth or dare?"

    "Truth," she answered. She and Cheren both picked truth, though eventually regretted it. Hilda smirked and that left Molly worried.

    "How long have you had a crush on N?" Molly froze and so did Cheren before looking at Molly who was like a cherry tomato.

    "Irrelevant," she answered.

    "Relevant. The response," Bianca replied.

    "Since I met him in Nimbasa City when he was still King N," she answered and Cheren sat up. "You didn't know I was there?"

    "Mom never told me," he sighed.

    "Your turn Molly," N chuckled.

    "I vote no. Look at the sky. The moons getting brighter which means it's at least midnight," she sighed.

    "It's 2 AM. How about we go eat some more food and let you pick a Pokémon before watching a movie," Cheren suggested. Molly and the others nodded and as Molly brought out the food, N helped her serve it.

    "Look how close they are," Hilda whispered to Cheren.

    "I ship it," Cheren chuckled. As N and Molly finished eating, they washed the dishes and then sat on the loveseat to watch Incredibles with the others. By the time the movie ended though, N and Molly were asleep cuddled up. "What time did they fall asleep?"

    "4 AM," Bianca answered before closing her eyes for some sleep. Hilda was already asleep and Cheren chuckled.

    "Goodnight everyone," he mused as he curled up in the chair.
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  2. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Aw, this was very sweet!

    I wanted to know more of what they did besides Truth or Dare.
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