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Weekly Prompt "Fancy Seeing you here..."

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by CharlieWeasleyfan, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. CharlieWeasleyfan

    Shiny Roggenrola
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    Jan 24, 2017
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    As another morning began in Hammerlocke, Emily was just heading to the Pokémon Center before getting a Flying Taxi to Motostoke for the chance to go to the Wild Area. She had wanted an ice type Pokémon and heard of Vannilites being in the area. She had to get a Pokémon that was good against Raihan as she had plans to ask him for an exhibition match. She wanted a chance to be in the Gym Challenge and needed an endorsement first, which wouldn't happen unless she could get one of the Gym Leaders to see she was worth it.
    As Emily walked in, she smiled at the woman in behind the counter of the Pokémon Center and she handed over her one Pokéball. "Could you heal him up please?" The lady smiled at Emily knowing that she always trained her Pokémon for a chance to fight Raihan. As Emily got her Pokéball back she walked outside and called the Flying Taxi to take her to Motostoke. Arriving, she noticed that there seemed to be a Haxorus roaming the streets which confused her. It wasn't normal for Haxorus to be in the city.

    "Haxorus come back here," a voice called and that made Emily chuckle. She knew that voice quite well as did everyone who lived in Hammerlocke. "Sorry about that-," he began before he eyed Emily warily. "I feel like I should know who you are."

    "Considering I've been mentioning for the past week to my friends that I would be getting an Ice Type to challenge you? I wonder why?" Emily knew that Raihan wasn't being serious about not knowing who she was. They had conversations a lot when in Hammerlocke.

    "Well it's fancy seeing you in Motostoke when you want an Ice Type. I take it you're heading down to the Wild Area," he chuckled. Emily nodded and walked down the steps before hearing someone following her. "You do know the Ice Types are in an area that you're not to be in right?"

    "Your point?" Emily was not one for the rules unless she had a certain set that she had to follow and at the moment she had none.

    "If you want to get to the Ice Types you need to start going on the Gym Challenge. Which starts in 1 day right? As in the opening ceremony?"

    "That explains why you're in Motostoke," Emily chuckled looking at Raihan completely understanding now. "So I need to be in the Gym Challenge, but there lays a problem. I need an endorsement to do that."

    "I think I can help with that," a voice informed and that made both Raihan and Emily turn their heads. "You must be Emily. Hop and his friend were mentioning your passion to be in the Gym Challenge and from what I can see you're a capable trainer. So I'm going to give you a Pokémon of your choice as well as your endorsement," Leon informed.

    "Didn't Hop's friend beat you as the Champion though?" Emily wasn't trying to be rude and that was evident. She knew that a Gym Leader, business CEO or the Champion had to endorse you.

    "She did, but then I took it back. It goes to show you that your skills are always being tested," he informed as he threw three Pokeballs out and 3 different Pokémon came out. "We have Scorbunny which is a fire type, Grookey which is a grass type and Sobble which is a water type. Which will you take?"

    "Scorbunny," she answered instantly and that made Raihan chuckle. As Scorbunny walked over, she gently picked it up and rested it on her hat where it was able to rest comfortably.

    "Here's the endorsement. Go up to the stadium and get registered. Raihan will show you the way. I'll see you at the opening ceremony," Leon dismissed as he ran ahead. Raihan chuckled and lead Emily up to the stadium.

    "So a Fancy seeing you here becomes the beginning of your Gym Challenge. I hope you're ready," Raihan teased.
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