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Weekly Prompt- Fine, I dont believe you

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Pokémist, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Pokémist

    Pokémist Trashcan

    Level 19
    Nov 28, 2015
    Note: This a cheesy first person POV oneshot, so Imma warn you xD

    You left me. You said you needed to go. Surprisingly, I let you do. I dont know if it was for good and probably will never know. Afterall you said, you will never come back.
    Silly me, you tried explaining me but there was only thing I told you "Fine, I dont believe you". Those words still stab my heart. How could I be this ignorant. For once couldnt I think better.
    Now, all your memories come up. Tears I shed are for you but you will never know. You left me. I tried explaining this to you. I told you my flaws, my mistake bit you denied to take it all in. You told me the exact same words "Fine but I dont velieve you".
    Silly me, tried explaining you. I became selfish, I tried forgetting you. But whenever I heard your name, everything went to blur. I wasn't able to focus on anything. That was the time I came to knkw how much it hurts to love.
    Fine, but I dont believe you when you said you are going forever. Ha, you didnt even say a proper goodbye. At least, dear,you could have told me before. You could have been hugged before letting me go. You could have saved me from dying in your memories.
    I know I have done so many wrongs but if you see me now, you would realize, I am not the one who made you cry.
    ha, silly me, I know you woukd not believe me like I never did. But I will wait till I find you again, till I tell you again how much I love you. And if this time you tell me "Fine but I dont believe you" I will make you believe. This time, I am not hiding, I am not leaving. I will stay and wait. I will believe you.

    Note- There are typos and I will edit it later, thank you.
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