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Fanfiction Weekly Prompt - La Hanau

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by BraviaryScout, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. BraviaryScout

    BraviaryScout Way of the Wind

    Level 66
    Apr 18, 2017
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★
    What's happening fellow Valorians? Brav is here with another Weekly Prompt, courtesy of the ever-awesome @WavePearl

    This week - It's time to celebrate!

    And celebrate we shall! As usual, this is another one of my Ketchum Alola family one-shots! Our favorite twins are about to have their big birthday party! And it's on a Friday, so no better way to kick off an awesome weekend right? This one is going to be in a two-part segment!

    Enjoy guys. Tell me what you think!

    Serena Ketchum let out a sigh as she drummed her fingers on the leather steering wheel of the family car. The ring on her right finger sparkled in the Alolan sun as it began to move west.
    Although the kids had been at school all day, it was a busy time of preparation for her since today was their personal favorite one of the entire year.
    Their ninth birthday.

    The summer had been a whirlwind of activity. First Ash Ketchum, her husband had been called away right as school ended on a business trip all the way over to the Unova region. Recently, a conversation at night while they lay in bed together was concerning. Ash had briefly mentioned retiring once he was defeated as the Alola champion. One of the reasons for him heading to Unova besides participating in the Vertress Conference as a competitor was also to meet with some League officials on the possibility of being a commissioner or analyst in the future.
    As soon as word got out of his mulling, there were almost a dozen well-paying offers of a job in running the multiple Pokémon leagues he had previously entered.

    Ash hadn't made any decision yet, but stated that he was still planning to continue his duties as the incumbent champion of Alola. He had just surpassed the record for being the longest tenured, attaining the title before the twins Elio and Selene were even born.
    The more unsettling news was that just before she left to get the kids; he had gone to the doctor for his physical. He had gotten one several months ago, but cited that it was the reasoning and it seriously concerned her.

    Movement caught her eye as a couple of uniformed students passed in front of her vehicle.
    Elio and Selene went to Palokoa Preparatory Academy, a private grade school tailored for everyone until they were into college. It was among the best on Melemele Island.
    Serena opened the door and headed across the street, mindful of the traffic, even though it was being directed by one of the teachers on directive duty. Most of the students would wait at the roundabout in front of the campus where parents came in to pick up their children.

    Elio and Selene were waiting in the throng of similar clothed students as they chatted with a couple others from their class. Teachers were smiling, waving traffic along and there was a genuine happy feeling in the air. It was Friday, which meant that school was out of session until Monday morning.
    Her two now-nine year olds were deep in conversation with a long blonde haired girl with braided pigtails and bright green eyes. All three of their Pokémon were by their trainers' feet, also taking the time to interact with each other.

    Serena recognizer her. Lillie Aether, whom her twins had befriended at summer camp and slowly began to coax her out of her shyness and into their little string of friends. She was an incredibly sweet girl who loved Pokémon to death, but for a strange reason, she had been hesitant and even afraid to physically interact with any of them. Nobody understood why.
    During Professor Kukui's Summer Camp; she had accidentally gotten separated from the group as they headed back from an expedition in the Lush Jungle. The trial captain they were with; Mallow Lokelani had to place a call to the Akala Ranger station in order to conduct a search.
    Lillie had fallen and hurt herself from tripping over some gnarled roots and the presence of so many nearby Pokémon had scared her.

    Eventually, it was Elio, who had found her hiding and gently assured her he would keep her safe while trying to get Mallow's attention. That came rather quickly when they had just come across the mysterious Totem Lurantis, which frightened both children since it had become angered. Even though his fear and uncertainty, Elio was able to hold it off with his Litten and Pikipek until Mallow had arrived to calm it down. The Trial Captain definitely gave him a commendation on his bravery in that situation.
    Since then, she had grown to become close friends with both him and Selene, who had even helped her catch her first Pokémon. One of those adorable snowy white Vulpix.

    "Elio, Selene!" Their teacher called out. "Your mother is here!"
    "Mommy!" Both young kids and their Pokémon bounded right up to the twenty-nine year old woman.
    "Hi!" She reached down and with one arm, gave them each a big hug. "How was your day?"
    "It was awesome!" Elio said, with his Litten meowing in agreement. "They told the whole school it was our birthday over the announcements!"
    "Wow that's really cool!"
    "Yeah! Too bad there wasn't any cake!" Selene said.
    "Well wait until you see what we've got for the party!" Serena suggested, trying to uplift her daughter's spirits.
    "Woohoo! I'm so excited!"
    Elio made a fist and jumped up. "And I just can't hide it!"
    "Then let's get going! We've still got a lot to set up!"
    "Okay." Elio turned back. "Uh...bye Lillie. I'll see you in a little bit?"
    "Yeah. Um...see you."

    As he turned to head out, the blonde was surprised to see Selene giving her friend a knowing smirk.
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  2. BraviaryScout

    BraviaryScout Way of the Wind

    Level 66
    Apr 18, 2017
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★
    All right everyone! Here's part 2!

    Serena smiled happily as she heard her two children humming happily in the backseat, barely able to contain their excitement for the party just for them coming up.
    It had been a lot of preparation in making arrangements, to the grocer for a cake, sending out invitations, gathering together enough ingredients to feed her family plus the dozen others coming to their house in a couple of hours. She had yet to start on the big pizzas that they'd be serving as part of the dinner, but much of the other things had already been taken care of.

    "How was your day?" She asked, initiating a small talk as they went on the Alaloa back towards their house in the neighborhood of Waimanalo.
    "Pretty good!" Selene said. "Considering that it was our birthday today!"
    "What? Did all the kids treat you like royalty?"
    "No!" She giggled. "They just said happy birthday and all! A lot of them said they were super jealous we were nine before they were!"
    Serena couldn't help but laugh at that one. She switched lanes as the exit to their home was coming up soon. "Selene, one day you're going to not want to have a birthday!"
    "What! Nuh uh! Not in a million years!"
    "Row! Rowlet!"
    "See? Even Rowlet agrees!"
    Serena turned to address her son. The boy had been unusually quiet compared to last year when he wouldn't stop talking about how great it was turning eight alongside his sister. He had his arms folded and leaned against the car door, eyes closed.
    "Elio, did you finish all your homework?"
    "Yes Mom. Mrs. Nakamura gave the whole class enough time to complete everything." He replied with barely another movement beside his lips. Pikipek was sleeping on his shoulder and Litten pawed gently at the backpack he had set between his legs.
    "You excited for the party?"
    His mother was a little confused, but decided not to press the issue.
    It was a silent remainder of the ride home.

    Serena did not see her husband's car in the garage as she opened it up. As far as she could tell, he hadn't said anything about work calling him in. There were no new texts from his phone.
    "Where's dad?" Elio asked, noticing the same thing.
    "I don't know sweetheart."
    She shut off the engine, allowing her kids to open the door and bound inside the house.
    "Pikachu!" They shouted in delight upon hearing their father's starter Pokémon rush forward to greet them.
    Even from inside the garage, Serena paused at that seemingly little piece of information given away. Ash always took Pikachu with him wherever he went.

    The kitchen was a hive of activity in their house as Serena ran her hands through the running water at the faucet. All the caked durum wheat flour coating on the fingertips easily washed away and she proudly smiled at her handiwork of the three perfectly rounded crusts of pizza dough.
    One thing the Ketchums liked to do every other Thursday was make pizza, involving the entire family. Ash would be the one to toss the dough while Serena was in charge of baking. Elio and Selene made sure which toppings went where as well as the distribution of cheese that on occasion, was in too large portions.
    Even though he was gone for the moment; Serena was more than capable of taking care of things by herself. However his absence made things completely odd. Pikachu was doing his part to help out.
    Out of their uniforms for more casual wear; Elio and Selene had sat down on the opposite end of the counter in the bar chairs, scrunched over the stack of papers as they continued to write on their homework. Occasionally, one of them would ask the other two for insight on an answer. From Serena's perspective, Elio had finished his homework, but hadn't bothered to explain his answers to the problem when it asked for such.

    Her thoughts were cut off when she heard the garage door open. Moments later, Ash stepped in with his Dusk Lycanroc and Infernape behind him. Serena saw his head bowed and the normal smile looked a lot more grim than normal.
    "Hey Pikachu!" Ash laughed as his longtime partner jumped into his arms. "How are ya today!"
    "Daddy!" Any thoughts about their homework were completely abandoned as they hopped off the bar stools, running right up to their father and joining him in an incredibly affectionate hug.
    "Ah the two most favorite people I wanted to see!" Ash suddenly grabbed Selene by her shoulders, raising her up and tossing her into the air. The little girl let out an excited squeal as he caught her, throwing up again and again.
    "Daddy!" Selene squealed.
    "Dang!" Ash exclaimed, catching and setting her back on the ground. "You're getting heavier!"
    He turned to Elio.
    The young boy's eyes turned to nervousness. "No nonono! I'm fine Dad!"
    "Okay." He turned away. Just as he did; Elio relaxed, which turned out to be a big mistake.

    Serena looked up after hearing a yelp of surprise, now seeing her husband scoop up their son, who was now flailing in protest.
    "Nononono! Dad!"
    Ash gave off an evil laugh. "There's no escaping me Elio!" He moved right over to the couch. "One! Two! Three!" The boy was a swinging mess and crashed right on top of the neatly arranged pillows and blankets in their living room. "Haha! In your face! You may be the birthday boy, but I'm still the boss around here!"
    "ASH!" Serena scolded. "What did I tell you about that?!"
    "Oh no!" Ash's exasperated response came from the other room. "Your mother is onto us! Quick, hide the evidence!"
    He walked back in with his two kids. "Sorry about that love. Just wanted to get these two excited for their ninth birthday!"
    "We are already excited Dad!" Elio said.
    "Don't you forget it either." He affirmed, walking up to Serena. "Well hello love. I missed you this morning."
    "I know." She hoped that he wouldn't mind her hands caked with flour. His arms snaked their way around her waist and she allowed him to capture her lips with his own in a lingering kiss.
    "Eww!" The twins looked away in disgust. "Cooties!"
    Ash and Serena chuckled just as their doorbell rang.
    "Yay! Someone's here!" Selene led the way. "Come on Rowlet and Rockruff!"

    Their first friend Hau Kealoha was the first of their invited guests to arrive and the three of them quickly ran outside to go and play on the inflatable structures and trampoline in the household's backyard.
    That left Ash and Serena alone in the kitchen together. She had just started baking the pizzas when she finally had the time to see the look in his eyes. They told her that he had something he wanted to say.
    "Ash, how was your visit to the doctor?"
    "Good." He set both his hands on the counter and bowed his head. "I'm just...tired lately."
    "Well what's wrong love?"
    "I...I'm not sure." He glanced worriedly at her. "I really don't know. Doctors don't either."
    His smile returned, albeit faintly. "But I'll know more soon. Besides now is a positive right? We have to run a party for our two beautiful kids. Okay?"
    A kiss sealed the discussion for another time, yet Serena couldn't help but think something was very wrong with her husband.

    Ash stood next to Serena along with a group of four other pairs of parents as they watched the loud, but controlled chaotic environment that showed everyone having a blast of a time. Many of Ash and Serena's Pokémon joined in on the fun with his Noivern carrying a couple of kids for a ride and her Delphox creating a dazzling display of fiery magic.
    The table next to them had a large white and blue birthday cake and a growing pile of presents.
    Talk was smooth and easygoing and everyone had something to say. Although Ash was Alola's champion and Serena being a four-time Kalos Queen, they kept a very low-profile presence in the media much for the sake of their children. There was no need for the press to know everything about their daily lives. On occasion, they'd make media appearances, but it wasn't a regular thing.
    That didn't stop other parents of classmates and all from coming up to them in awe.

    "Um Mister Ketchum?"
    Ash turned around to see a little blonde haired girl with a wide-brimmed hat and white sundress. She looked over at everyone roughhousing in the background, but still seemed fairly happy to be there. A thin present wrapped neatly was carried by the white Vulpix by her side.
    "Hey Lillie!" He reached out. "I'll get the gift from you!"
    "Let me get one of the birthday kids over here. Thanks for coming. I know both of them are lucky to have you as a friend."
    Lillie smiled.
    All three of them turned to see Elio bounding right up and giving Lillie a tight hug.
    "I'm so glad you're here! C'mon, we're going to go play with our Pokémon!"
    "Hey Mister Ash!" This was from Hau, who followed them back. "Want to arm wrestle?"
    "I don't know about that. You beat me pretty bad last time."
    "What?!" Another one of the boys said. "You're a little Wimpod!"
    "Wimpod?!" Ash feigned offense. "Oh all right buddy, you've got yourselves a challenge!"
    With a huge strong arm; he hefted him, Hau and Elio right up on his arm while they clung to his body.
    "Hey look at this guys! I got three losers hanging on me!"
    "You're the loser Dad!" Elio giggled. "Because all three of us are going to take you down!"
    "Welcome to try." They found a spot on the table away from the cake and presents and propped their arms up. Ash smirked as his son, Hau and the third kid named Mamo all stuck their hands somewhere on his arm.
    "Ready go!"
    The three kids' attempts were in vain, as Ash's well developed muscles held firm. Hau, Elio and Mamo grunted before his son put his second arm in the mix and added his legs for leverage. A crowd was beginning to gather, cheering the kids on.
    "You guys must be tired." Ash taunted. "I'm bored."
    "What?! No!" Elio looked at his two teammates, laughing. "Pull harder!" Their faces were strained, but determined.
    "Ahh." He groaned, faking tiredness. "I'm too weak."
    "Come on!" Hau cheered and to the crowd's excitement, the three of them had gradually made progress before finally bringing his arm down. "Yes! We did it!"
    "Yay!" Lillie clapped in excitement. "Go Elio!"
    Again she missed the growing smirk on Selene's face right next to her.

    Serena glanced at her husband as she was with several of the other wives off to the side in their lounge chairs, drinking glasses of wine. Much of the talk was the occasional gripe about their husbands. It was either too busy at work, lazy or something else that would just fuel the fire of the negative conversation. Looking at Ash playing with all those kids; she smiled to herself, having nothing to contribute to that.

    He caught her gaze and flashed a smile, just as the arm wrestle turned into a physical one as they climbed onto his back, trying to pin him down. Ash ended up doing push-ups while two clung to his back and a third grabbed his shoulders. From the side; Selene let out a mighty roar and charged in to join the fray. Her force was enough to knock everyone over and the laughter that ensued from all five of them was infectious.
    Especially the twins, but everyone had gotten up after Serena decided it was time for the cake and presents. Ash brushed off the dirt and grass all over his shirt, urging the young ones on, but not before fist bumps on a good match.

    A half hour later, all of Selene's presents open and Elio was still busy with his. A few of the kids had to leave and there were goodbyes as well as promises of play-dates in the future. Nearly all the cake was gone after Serena offered some to the visiting parents.
    Lillie sat next to Selene, watching her brother open his gifts.
    "Did you have fun?" She asked, snapping the blonde out of her thoughts.
    "Yeah. And so did Vulpix. Thank you so much for letting me catch her."
    "You're welcome. Glad I had a spare Poké Ball as well!"
    "Now you see why I got you that one right?"
    "Yup!" Selene's face stopped as if a thought had popped right back into her head. "Oh and Lillie?"
    She had a knowing smirk. "You're very easy to read."
    The blonde's cheeks heated up. "W-what? What are you talking about?"
    "I know you have a crush on my brother."
    "Nonono! I don't!"
    "Oh come on!" Selene egged on. "You think I wasn't able to figure it out after you said how brave he was facing the Totem Lurantis?"
    "Hey Selene! Look at this!"
    Both girls turned to Elio, who was holding up a frame with a picture in the center. The image was the same boy, cheering on Lillie as she held a Poké Ball close to her chest, right after catching her first Pokémon.
    The blonde wanted nothing more than to shrink and disappear from her seat.

    The rest of the day went by smoothly. Bidding goodbye to everyone, the loudness had vanished, replaced by a blissful peace and quite that the parents had appreciated much more than the kids.
    Elio and Selene 's room were next to one another, built out of the same area, which allowed them to have a guest suite in an open bedroom. As it was customary in the household; Ash and Serena would switch who would kiss goodnight to one of the twins each.
    "Well how did you like your birthday bash?" Serena asked as she gently tucked in Selene.
    "It was the best one ever!"
    "Thank you so much Mom! I really had a good time!"
    Serena gently stroked Selene's hair. "My baby girl's growing up." She leaned down and gently kissed her forehead. "Goodnight birthday girl. I love you sweetheart."
    "Goodnight. I love you too Mommy."

    "There we go." Ash shifted the blanket over Elio's form so that the child was snuggled inside. "How does that feel?"
    "Really good. Thanks Dad."
    "Good. Looked like you were having fun today."
    "I was. I loved our party. Can we do it again?"
    "Maybe. You can start planning for your tenth. Can you believe you're going to be double digits now?"
    "No." Elio shook his head. "And Dad?"
    "Yes son?"
    Ash saw a glimmer of tears in his child's eyes. "I don't want anything to happen to you."
    "What? What do you mean?"
    "I...I...I saw you talking with Mom about doctors not knowing about something wrong with you. Please just let everything be okay."
    Ash gasped. He had hoped that conversation had only been done between him and his wife. How did Elio pick up on it?
    "Son," He said after a moment. "Chances are, nothing's wrong. I just wanted to go and make sure of it so that everything will be fine."
    "O-okay. I'm just worried about you Dad. That's all."
    "There's nothing to worry about."
    Elio nodded. "I'm sorry. I don't like to cry."
    "What's wrong with crying?" Ash asked. "Elio, it's perfectly okay to cry."
    "It means something bad is going to happen."
    "Not always." His father leaned closer. "Do you want to know when I cried?"
    The boy nodded.
    "When you and your sister were born. I cried because I was so happy that two of my favorite people came into the lives of your mother and I."
    He leaned down to plant a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Goodnight son."
    "Goodnight Dad." Elio gently put his arms around his father's neck. "I love you so much."

    What do you guys think? Let me know!
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