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Weekly Prompt - Streaker

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by BraviaryScout, May 22, 2017.

  1. BraviaryScout

    BraviaryScout Way of the Wind

    Level 66
    Apr 18, 2017
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★
    Brav here again. Forgot to post this prompt from having such a busy week and having just a couple days to write something.
    So last fall; I was watching my hometown San Fran 49ers play against the Los Angeles Rams on TV during the first Monday Night NFL game. A couple of minutes in the last quarter, during a break between plays; a drunk fan ran out onto the field with his shirt off for a good few moments before being apprehended by security. What made it funny was the commentator's remarks as if it was play-by-play while it was happening. Kevin Harlan is awesome.
    Here is the link to the video. And here's the footage of the actual fan, since the broadcasting company having a policy to avoid shooting footage of said people.
    This prompt is heavily inspired by that moment, mixed Pokémon style and a bit of humor. Enjoy.

    "Emolga, use discharge!"
    The skysquirrel Pokémon's yellow cheek sacs crackled with static energy before it let loose a barrage of lighting in all directions.
    Rosa was ready, "Serperior, counter with leaf tornado!" Her regal Pokémon spun its elongated tail around, swirling a cyclone of leaves. The two attacks collided for just a moment before the latter's broke through, dispersing the electrical energy and whipping the smaller Pokémon up in the air. Emolga quickly recovered on its feet and leveled out just above the field's floor.
    Up surrounding Nimbasa Gym Leader Elesa and Unova League Champion Rosa were enormous bleachers containing thousands of cheering audiences. This was the Pokémon World Tournament.
    "Let's go Rosa!" From the bench on her side; her longtime friend and rival Hugh pumped his fist, "You got this!"
    "She's definitely skilled." Beside Hugh, Aspertia Gym Leader Cheren's face barely changed, yet his eyes glimmered with impression, "Elesa's definitely strong on her offensive and speed fronts and Rosa's Serperior is giving her a run for her money by countering most of Emolga's attacks."
    Up overhead; an enthusiastic announcer seemed to be agreeing.
    "Rosa's been busy, tuning up her Serperior's high speed with disruption attacks. Leaf tornado can also impair Emolga's accuracy and although the strong discharge doesn't require physical contact, Emolga's firing almost blind!"
    "Oh yeah," His partner in the booth at the top of the arena agreed, "Serperior's quite nimble too. We saw it in action against the Elite Four, giving Iris a bunch of trouble even by its swiftness."
    Elesa ordered another discharge, clenching a fist in annoyance as Emolga let loose another one. Serperior was ready and on his trainer's command, quickly slithered away, despite barely having to move to avoid the badly aimed strike.
    "Let's finish this with-" Rosa was cut off by movement out of the corner of her eye.
    Before either battlers knew it; some man had jumped down from the barrier separating the main field and all the spectators.
    The orange clad referee blew his whistle, prompting both trainers to call off their readied attacks.
    "And it seems as if a man has ran onto the field." One of the announcers said, "Oh my. He seems to be heading straight for Miss Elesa!"
    "What is going on here?"
    The Nimbasa Gym Leader stared at the stranger as he neared her and cupped his hands to his mouth, blowing a kiss. He stumbled back as he did so and both trainers didn't have to look vary hard to deduce that the twenty something year old guy was intoxicated. Elesa made a disgusted face while Emolga floated by her side with an angry expression and ready to jump to its trainer's defense.
    "He's broken out into a run again!" The announcer boomed over the loudspeakers and cheering audience, "Running out across the field recklessly! Now he's taking off his shirt! Waving his arms and crossing to Rosa's side! Is he going to blow her a kiss too! I hope not! Someone will not like that!"
    The man waved his crumpled shirt up in the air and continued to half-dance half-run around the active Pokémon battle going on. Rosa, Elesa and the referee sighed with irritation, all hoping this fiasco would be ended quickly so the battle could resume.
    "This guy for real?" Hugh grunted in annoyance.
    "The guy is doubling back!" The announcer cried again, "He looks like he wants to interact with Serperior! Clearly he's drunk! But there he goes! Somebody, security stop this man!"
    Cheren sighed, "I guess this is my cue."
    He released his stoutland, pointing towards the battle's interruption. Nodding in understanding; the big doglike Pokémon rushed out onto the field, closing in on the drunken man in seconds barking.
    "Now here comes Cheren's security Stoutland!"
    The shirtless guy stopped as the normal-type skidded to a halt in front. In a half-hearted attempt to evade his pursuer; he doubled back to go in the opposite direction. Unfortunately this did not work in his favor.
    Being so disoriented; the man ended up slipping and falling down on the sudden vector change. The commentators were all on it, talking as if it was part of the actual match going on.
    "Oh and he is going to trip on his own feet right in the middle of the field! Stoutland's right on him! The greatest run distance ends with the most exciting chase to happen today!"
    The crowd continued to wildly cheer at the action even as the dog used its nose to push his quarry towards a pair of waiting police officers.
    "What?" Hugh breathed from the sideline, clutching his side to keep from laughing, "That was just...interesting."
    Cheren was patting Stoutland as it returned to his side. "As much fun as that was. How about we get back to the battle?"
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