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Weekly Prompt: What Inspired Team Skull to Take Po Town?

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Aewynessa, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Aewynessa

    Level 1
    Jan 24, 2017
    Staff of VerityCrown of ValorBig Nugget ★★★★★
    Hello, fellow people at LV! I was browsing around this forum, and I came across the pinned thread for "Weekly Prompts". Curious, I clicked the last page and found this week's prompt, titled, "What do you think inspired Team Skull to take over Po Town to begin with?" I got this crazy idea, and I just had to write it. It's not too long; just a little blurb story.

    Now, let's get into this, shall we?

    -=-=- The Dead Truth: Why Team Skull Really Took Over Po Town -=-=-
    "Man, this is the best pasta I've had in years."

    Two Team Skull grunts lounged in the back of a local restaurant, eating a plate of seemingly normal spaghetti. A college student owned the shop, and she didn't have any Pokémon of her own. It had been easy to threaten her with their Zubat and Salandit and get a free meal.

    "Dude, when have you ever had pasta? All you ever eat are chips, Coca-Cola, and malasadas," the second grunt said, his eyebrows raising condescendingly.

    The first grunt slammed his drink back on the table. "I eat other things, too, ya lunkhead. You gotta enjoy life sometimes, and this is one of those times. I ain't kiddin' when I say this pasta's good."

    The second grunt took another bite of his pasta. "You know, homie, this is some fine stuff. I gotta hand it to ya. This was the best place to raid."

    "I know, right? I can't get enough of it," the first grunt said, stuffing his mouth with a large wad of spaghetti noodles.

    The two grunts ate in silence for a few moments; then, the second one said, "Why haven't we taken this place over yet? Big Sis's gotta know about this place."

    The first grunt shrugged. "Dunno 'bout that. We should still tell her, anyway. She'd love this place."

    At that moment, the two grunts heard siren sounds come from far down the street. They exchanged a fearful glance.

    "We gotta split! C'mon, grab the to-go orders!" the first grunt commanded.

    "Geez, lay off, will ya? I already got 'em," the second grunt said, to-go boxes in hand. He paused and stared at his half-eaten meal. "Crud, we gotta leave this?"

    "Sorry, dude! We can eat out of the boxes later! That's why I got 'em!" the first grunt said.

    The two grunts sprinted out of the restaurant. A cop car lurked outside of the restaurant, its officer driver just beginning to step outside his car.

    "Hey! Stop where you are!" the cop shouted, reaching for a Pokéball on his belt.

    Ignoring him, the two grunts hopped on their motorcycles and revved their engines. Before the cop could throw his Pokéball, the grunts were already speeding out of sight.

    Half an hour later, the same two Team Skull grunts stood in the presence of one of their "admins": Plumeria, who also went by the nickname "Big Sis".

    "Are you kidding me?" Plumeria scoffed. She held the to-go box of pasta in her hands and gazed judgingly at the lukewarm pasta.

    "Sis, I'm not!" the first grunt said. "Just try it. It's literally the best pasta ever. Like, ever."

    "...Fine. If I hate this, you guys are going to pay for it," Plumeria threatened. Pushing her pink locks behind her head, she hesitantly grabbed the plastic fork in the box and twirled some spaghetti around it. The easy of which the pasta wrapped around her fork surprised her. More curious than tentative, she shoved the entire bite in her mouth and chewed it slowly. As the taste of the spaghetti settled into her mouth, her eyes widened in shock at its extraordinary quality.

    "This pasta...," she said.

    The two grunts eagerly stared at her. "What is it, Sis?" the second grunt asked.

    Plumeria gazed at the pasta box. "This pasta...is the most amazing, most lit spaghetti I've had in my entire life," she said praisingly.

    The two grunts shared an excited look. The first grunt said, "Yeah, Sis, that's what I meant! That's why we should take the restaurant like the boss Team Skull we are!"

    Plumeria closed her eyes thoughtfully. "No. We shouldn't take the restaurant," she said.

    "Wh-What? Why not?" the first grunt complained.

    "Because I have a much better idea. If one Po Town restaurant has this kind of spaghetti, who's to say that their other pasta places aren't as good?" she said. "We're going to do much better than take that stupid pasta shop. We're going to take the whole town! Then, we can get all the amazing pasta we want!"

    The two grunts couldn't have been more ecstatic. "That's legit, Big Sis! We should totally do that!" the second grunt said.

    Plumeria narrowed her eyes at the grunts. "I don't need you to tell me that. I need you to tell the other grunts that we're going to take Po Town."

    The grunts gulped. "Yes, Big Sis!" they simultaneously said. "For the pasta!"

    Plumeria grinned savagely. "For the pasta!" she cackled.

    Needless to say, the next few days in Po Town were very chaotic.

    "No! Please! Don't take my pasta!" the store woman from before cried.

    "Too bad, loser! This place is ours now!" a Team Skull grunt laughed. He and a few other grunts finished tying up the women, then proceeded to raid her kitchen.

    All across town, the same events were occurring in other pasta shops and grocery stores. Team Skull grunts were capturing various shop owners, forcing them to cook pasta to feed the entire criminal organization. Plumeria herself headed the effort against an expensive restaurant that served pasta only.

    "Give me your pasta!" she screamed at the restaurant owner, her Pokémon and subordinates fanned out behind her.

    She got her pasta very quickly after that.

    From a distance, Guzma and Gladion observed the havoc with great interest.

    "Plumeria actually decided to go through with the assault. Color me surprised," Gladion said.

    "I do have to admit; this place has some real good pasta," Guzma said. He held a plate of Po Town's signature pasta in his hands, and he was munching on it as he spoke.

    "Hmm. Lemme try," Gladion said. Guzma, shrugging, handed Gladion the plate. Gladion frowned at the generic appearance of the pasta, then ate a bite. His normally half-lidded eyes opened fully in mild surprise.

    "I'll agree with you there," he said, giving the plate back to Guzma. He looked back towards the mess that had become Po Town.

    "That is some good pasta."

    That is why Team Skull took over Po Town.
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  2. GiratinaMissingNo

    GiratinaMissingNo ~Renegade Glitch~

    (Moltres Egg)
    Level 1
    Mar 8, 2017
    That is the most amazing thing I've read all day! Hilarious and brilliant, and a slightly less gothy look at why, instead of my idea that it was an Ultra Space hotspot.
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