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What are PokéPoints & How do I spend them?

Discussion in 'Market' started by LV Announcer, Nov 30, 2014.

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  1. LV Announcer

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    What are PokéPoints & How do I spend them?
    Let's answer both of that for you!​
    What are PokéPoints?

    Simply put, PokéPoints are the currency of Lake Valor. Obviously, it isn't related to real life money whatsoever, and it can only be used on Lake Valor. The amount you have will appear underneath all of your posts to both yourself and all other members. When you very first sign up, you start with zero, but never fear! Earning PokéPoints is quite easy, and fun, too!

    How can I earn PokéPoints?

    Posting/Creating topics:
    Just posting around the forums and creating topics will earn you PokéPoints. This is the most simple way to earn them. Here is a list of our PokéPoint values.
    Participating in events or contests:
    Another very common (and arguably the most fun!) way to earn PokéPoints is to participate in one of LV's many events or contests. We host various events like these all the time, and more often than not, the prizes will be in the form of PokéPoints.

    Most of our events happen in the Events forum.

    Selling products:
    For those who have something to offer, such as artwork or rare Pokémon, you can also sell those types of things for PokéPoints in Lake Valor's Market. It's up to you how many PokéPoints you want to charge for, but remember to read the rules of the subforum you're planning to sell in to make sure you're aware of any guidelines we have in place.

    You can ask for PokéPoints donations here. Our community is quite generous so if you really need yourself some PokéPoints for whatever reason, don't be shy to ask here (as long as you meet the requirements, of course).

    What can I spend PokéPoints on?

    Once you've saved up some PokéPoints, there are two primary places you can use them!

    Buy stuff in the Market:
    That's right, LV's Market is for both selling and buying! Be sure to explore and see if there's anything you're interested in. If you're in need of a signature/avatar, or want to buy some sweet Pokémon, this is the place to be! It is the primary reason to save up your PokéPoints - a ton of the stuff in here is of high quality and certainly desirable.

    Buy stuff in the LV Shop:
    LV's official shop is the other primary place to spend your PokéPoints. Click Shop at the top of the menu. Here, you can purchase more site-related things like Adoptables, Name changes, Custom titles and more.

    For more misc/detailed information, click the spoiler tag!
    How do I actually spend PokéPoints?

    Actually buying stuff can be a little confusing and not so straightforward for some, so I'll explain how to do that here!

    How to pay users in the Market:
    When you're purchasing items in the Market, obviously you're buying it from an actual user. Once they have delivered your product, you pay them by going to their profile and clicking the little PokéPoints sign at the top right. It looks like this:
    From here, you type in the reason you're giving the PokéPoints, and the exact amount you're giving.

    Remember to pay full price for anything you've bought, as soon as you are able. Refusing to pay the full amount (or any at all) can have you banned from buying things in the future!

    How to buy things in the LV Shop:
    Once you are in the shop, hover over the item you want. To the right, a tiny arrow pointing downward will appear. Click that, and the box will expand, showing you details about the item. In the field next to "Purchase Quantity", type in the amount you wish to buy, and then click "Add to Cart". Now you will be taken to your cart, which is a list of items you are planning to buy. Once everything you want is in your cart, simply click "1-Click Buy". The item is now bought!

    From here, click on "My Shop Items" at the left to view the items you purchased. They should show up here.

    Click the little folder icon all the way to the right of the item, under "More". Now you can click "Use Item" to use it. It will take you to a new page, just click "Use Item" again, and click "OK" in the popup.

    And, the item is now used! Congrats!

    Any questions about anything relating to PokéPoints, or suggestions for how to improve this guide, please do let us know by posting below. :)

    Guide originally by Pixel, edited by Achromatic
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  2. Satix

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    Charizardite X ★★★★
    This guide has received some very minor edits and been moved to the Information Desk. Thanks again to @[member="Pixil"] for writing this.
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