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What are the dynamics of the pokemon world?

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by JunieBee, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. JunieBee

    JunieBee Youngster

    (Odd Egg (S))
    Level 1
    Jun 4, 2021
    To be clear... I am not interested in starting a real-world debate. But I do think the Pokémon world (or perhaps worlds) has dynamics that both mirror and are vastly different than our own. I have some observations of the Pokémon world I'd like to share and I think it's an interesting topic to discuss.

    Pokémon games have free clinics everywhere. You can get your Pokémon treated for any ailment at any time! But we also have purchasable items from pharmacies and other stores, so we have a union of free medicine and captialism. Corporations are shown to exist in numerous games and take a prominent role in several games, some of which are clearly evil.

    Most people in Pokémon games have plenty of free time to participate in the hobby of Pokémon collecting - and also other hobbies. Bikers, fans, beach-goers, bug-hunters, etc. Even essential workers like police or doctors hang around catching Pokémon during (presumably) work hours. At least the regions shown likely have achieved a world of high income earners and elective work. Children don't seem to go to school and parents allow their kids to freely wander around, so the Pokémon world has established a much safer world than ours. I would assume education still happens - so I would assume home-schooling is the norm. Considering the small-families we see everywhere and the general ease of lifestyle, I think it's feasible.

    The technology of the Pokémon world seems similar to ours in some aspects but not others. Infastructure is similar but deemphasized. Bike and walking paths are prominent whereas roada are not. Boats are shown, but roadways exist too.

    The Pokémon world is vastly superior in micro and macro technology. Compacting living organisms who can conduit elemental powers into a hand-sized ball is way beyond our world's current science. Add in the way pokeballs "grab" the Pokémon, I think we are nowhere near their level of technological achievement.

    Biologically, scientists can splice bones of deceased species together to create genetic hybrids. Biologists today have created hybrid animals but nowhere near to the scale the poke world does - and certainly not with the ease and quickness they do it.

    What other observations do you have? I have only played a few games and so def am not an expert.

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