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What makes us human?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by guest, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. guest

    Dec 18, 2014
    What is is about us that defines us a human? Something physical, or something mental? Criminals are often called 'less than human' for their actions and disregard of law, but a child also has the same disregard of law. A doctor could also kill someone by accident or not. Does that mean that children and doctors are also less than human? With so many varied states of mind and mental illnesses present in the species, can a mentality really be the answer?
    Humans are also very varied in appearance, making it difficult to define someone as human based on their appearance and build. Physical disabilities and disease can make you question how accurate a physiological guideline could be.

    What is your take on this? Do you think the answer lies in the mental, or the physical? Aspects of both? Is there something you feel could never be the correct answer, or situations in which someone isn't actually human at all?
  2. Wiso Altred

    Wiso Altred Dragon Tamer

    Level 6
    Nov 6, 2014

    1.As for the question,Humans are diffrenciated by They Accualy having a mind And Moralitiy and thinking

    2.Called less human because they arent thinking straight and have lost thier Morality and common sense

    3.Docotrs and children arent called that because,It was an accdent And children arent fully growen they donot have the same undrestanding as we do about life and consequences

    4.The skin colour or shape doesnt Change anything about you being a human,The diffrnciatyion of that by skin or shape ,is just plain stupid and useless

    5. the answer is both Mentally and Psycally tho mostly mental,we are human because We posses brains , Common ense,Creativity,And the ability to change and disobey orders,Its what makes us all,Humans.
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  3. Noctis

    Noctis *this message has been removed*

    Nov 13, 2014
    Our species makes us human, regardless of how you think.

    "Less than human" acts are made upon humans. But who are we to say that these acts are less than humans? If we didn't have moral guidelines savagery would probably be a huge thing STILL. Yes, lets go back in time when drowning women because people thought they were a witch was considered okay. Those are less-than-human acts right there, but of course those people were still people, no?

    Not to mention, we're completely ignoring non-civilized tribes. Tribes that eat human flesh and think it's okay. They are human.

    No matter how crazy you are, if your species is human, you are human.
    You are a creature of higher intelligence.
    You have thumbs.
    You walk on two legs.
    You can make tools.
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  4. Iceixient

    Sep 5, 2013
    I believe what makes us human is our capacity to understand and just how much we learn from generation to generation. It is what has granted us superiority over other animal species in quite a few aspects. However we are not all knowing, and we definitely do not understand everything. But even so we search for a wide variety of answers, and we always seek to learn more; some more so than others. Regardless of if its the bigger picture, or as simple as how to get by in day to day life, we are constantly gaining a deeper and deeper pool of knowledge. We have developed and learned so much that honestly, its hard to pinpoint just exactly how our future is going to be. That is what I believe makes us most human.

    We consider many other animals to be lesser, yet we are the only species known to kill for simple pleasure. So I don't think a criminal is less human, and in a morbid sense, by that fact could be considered more human. But at the same time, motives vary. The self same criminal that everyone may look down upon may have killed in self defense. May have killed because he/she believed that is what he/she had to do, because that is what was right. What one side may consider to be evil and less human, the other side can view you in the same way; so who is 'less human' changes from person to person.
  5. Princess Victoria

    Level 11
    Oct 5, 2014
    If you ask me this question, I'll tell you one word: genetics. The very fact that we have a certain sequence of genes on our chromosomes make us human. Regardless of whatever you may think. This is the hard truth of life.

    You may then ask, what do people mean when they say less than human? It is probably because we fail to conform to society in a certain way. Maybe we've done something wrong. Whatever the case, it is a phrase used in ostracism. It shouldn't exist in the first place.

    Kill, you say. For self defense, I can accept. But how do you define a threat? And if it is not for self defense, I guess it's time that you get punished by the law. We all have to be responsible citizens of society, and that means having self restraint.
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  6. ✯Ho-OhLugia✯

    ✯Ho-OhLugia✯ Pokemon Masters

    Dec 12, 2014
    This is how I like to picture things:

    We're not 'human' because we're the most intelligent species (humans really aren't). We can't judge another person because they've done something wrong and say that they're not 'human'. What is 'human' anyway? From this context, I believe you are talking about having a higher mental capacity, correct? And that we have a conscience and a decision making thought process?

    What I believe is that being 'human' is nothing we should all be proud of. We should consider every other, more beautiful creature as equals as us. The majority of people, and I know lots of people are going to disagree, say that just because we're more 'intelligent', we deserve the most rights. But I... disagree! I firmly hold a strong belief that every creature deserves just as much as we do (or maybe more). Humans do not consider the beauty and innocence of animals. I'm not saying that we are bad, but the point I am trying to get across is that humans and animals are equals and are all considered 'human'.

    I am disgusted at the fact that a dog or tiger is killed for attacking a human (which is not premeditated), but a human only receives prison or fines for planning and murdering another person.

    Animal species are suffering by an extreme degree due to unnecessary human activity. And not only that, people all over the world are suffering for reasons that only people cause. Is this considered human? No, because none of us can reverse such damage being caused. But the way I like to think about it, we can all try to work together and consider everybody and every species as 'human'. My form of 'human' is being able to be ethical and kind. I understand that many people are realizing their errors and making an effort to make up for that. That is being 'human'. People are starting to think of ways of how to reverse the damage being done because they once thought that their actions were not wrong (such as deforestation).

    In summary, I believe that what makes us human is having the capacity to treat all creatures as equals and realizing the errors of their ways and working to fix their 'mistakes'.

    I'd also like to add something to that. As well as equal, I see humans as having the power to love, care and share in joy with one another. Everyone is supposed to be at peace with one another, and the happiness that we bring to each other. As much as big philosophical questions scare me, I can say that many people look at the bad side of human beings - polluting, damaging the environment, hurting one another, war; but I'd like to say that what makes us human is the ability to correct our mistakes and the ability to love one another and look after our environment and the animals of this earth.

    Heh, sorry Lugia (twin discussion). The fact is, I get carried away when it comes to discussions, so let me answer this discussion properly. What makes us human is the ability to love and cherish each and every living being on the planet. Animals have the capacity to love too, but express it in a different way. Who are we to say that all the other creatures of the world aren't as great as us? We say that they cannot understand like we do, but we can't understand them either. To treat everything as an equal being with love, kindness and peace is what makes everything a lovely being. Nobody has the rights to alienate an animal or human for breaking the law, for everything needs love. I see justice as an excuse for revenge. For instance, we can't say a criminal is less of a person for doing something wrong. Rather, we must forgive and forget - look on. For if we show this kindness, then other people will learn. Trust me, it works. The way to become a better person is to show the kindness and to set aside all our differences, yet many people want to be proven right, therefore going to extremes to get their point. It isn't like that. If we all have to learn something, it is to be selfless.

    Sorry if this was out of track and dwindled of topic, it's just that we both have lot's to say.

    Sorry again for anything that might have been offensive, just tell me, and no offence was meant.
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  7. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith Animation Writer

    Jul 28, 2013
    As someone from an old PC game I know said:

    "It's our wits that separate us from the beasts."
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