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Original Who You Are is Who We Need

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Coraline, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Coraline

    Level 34
    Jan 24, 2017
    Trainer Card - Cave ThemeRocky Helmet ★★★★★Staff of VerityExp. Share ★★
    Character Bio(Chapter 1 will be next)

    Names: Gwendolyn and Marc Fenin.

    Ages: 12

    Parents: Unknown to them

    Personalities: Quiet and Shy

    At age 7 Gwendolyn and Marc were abandoned in the streets and were found by a set of professors. They were taught everything at a young age and are some of the smartest kids in town. But they were taught one thing. Never question authority. So now with nothing else in their heads they have a routine for themselves. They know there are injustices in town but won't say anything since it's the older people who make the rules. Gwendolyn has some spunk about her but she won't use it. She's always glued to Marc's side and he's always glued to her side. Fear is their enemy.
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