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Why doesn't this have a prequel/sequel?!

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dawn, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Dawn

    Chiyo Sakamoto
    (Snorunt ♀)
    Level 8
    Oct 21, 2014
    Plenty of games these days don't tell a complete tale, or offer such a rich and detailed world that there is plenty of room for other adventures set in that same world, be they connected to the game in question or not.

    So, what games would you like to see get a prequel or a sequel, and why?

    Weird as it sounds, I would actually love a Tales of Zestiria sequel. I despised Zestiria, but I adored Berseria, and I'd love a sequel that brought the loose ends of both titles together and wrapped them all up in one nice little bundle. A restoration of harmony in the world, if you will.

    As bad as it was, we need a sequel to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as well. They CANNOT just leave the game hanging there for another 11 years ._.
  2. Strytho

    Strytho Tactical and Special Ball Breeder

    Legendary Egg
    (Groudon Egg)
    Level 23
    Sep 10, 2015
    Friend Ball ★★★★Beast Ball ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★Lure Ball ★★★★Basic Gary Oak ★
    Megaman ZX Advent needs a sequel, that games was good but it was left so open ended. I need to know what happens next!
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  3. Haunted Ditto

    Haunted Ditto PKMN Ranger

    Level 4
    Jun 18, 2018
    Oran Berry ★★Helix Fossil ★★★
    I would like to have a Broforce 2. The game is hilarious af which offers alot of room for a sequel.
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  4. GlaceonSilver

    Apr 18, 2015
    Xenoblade Chronicles X desperately needs a sequel to wrap up the loose ends in the story. The game ends on a mystery cliffhanger that throws the already somewhat lacklustre story in a completely new direction that is never actually expanded upon. The ending just left me with far too many questions. Apparently, there's been somewhat of a discussion about a Xenoblade x port coming to the switch, which could mean there's still an interest on Nintendo's part for a sequel.
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  5. Absolute Zero

    Absolute Zero Possible Hero

    Level 25
    Mar 17, 2015
    For Cuphead, I really want to see what happened either before or after the game. How did The Devil get owed so many people's souls? What kinds of things did they bet him in? Especially if he won those souls in head-to-head competition like The Devil Went Down to Georgia, it might be fun to compete against those characters for their souls and win. On the other hand, what might happen after the "bad" ending of the game? No spoilers from me, but I'm excited to find out what Cuphead and Mugman would be up to in their new situation, and how they either thrive, try to get out, or try to be rescued by someone else!
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