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Fanfiction Will of Fire (a Naruto fanfiction)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by NaruhinaKage, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. NaruhinaKage

    Level 2
    Aug 14, 2020
    SUMMARY: What if Itachi Uchiha was not the only one to have a little brother, but also his best friend Shisui Uchiha? What if this little brother, Satoshi Uchiha, also survived the Uchiha Downfall that claimed his and Sasuke Uchiha's clan? And what if, Satoshi functioned as an ideological-counterpart to Sasuke? That is what this explores...
  2. NaruhinaKage

    Level 2
    Aug 14, 2020

    Four-years-ago, a terrible fate fell upon one of the mightiest clans in the world, the Uchiha. They were betrayed by one of their own, the young heir who one on a particular night in late-July took his sword and cut down every last member of the mighty clan. However, there were two children he spared, his own brother as well as the brother of his best friend, who had died by his hand.

    The Slayer of the Uchiha tortured his younger brother with the Moon Reader, taunting the boy to come after him once he had the same power that his elder brother held. This subjugated the boy to the Curse of Hatred, thus plunging the child down a Path of Darkness. But the other child had been spared from such a fate, as he had been away the very night that the clan had been slain.

    The child and his mother had been away from Konoha for the weekend, attending a ceremony that was important to his mother's people. The child's mother was not Uchiha, but she had such a fiery spirit that the child's father had been unable to help but fall in love with her. They ended up having two children, both of them boys who were born eight-years-apart from each other.

    The eldest became a prodigy of the Uchiha clan who embodied the Will of Fire, just as his Uchiha ancestor Kagami Uchiha had done, however he had been killed by the Slayer of the Uchiha, who the elder boy had once called friend. Then there was his younger brother, who despite not being a prodigy like his elder brother, would certainly follow in his footsteps of carrying the Will of Fire.

    And now, four-years-later, his story was about to begin...the story of Satoshi Uchiha.

    In a house on the edge of Konoha, a twelve-year-old boy awoke just before the sun began rising over the horizon. He threw the covers back and got out of bed. The boy went over to his dresser, where he began changing out of his pajamas and into some regular clothes, which consisted of a maroon long-sleeve shirt and beige cargo shorts. Then, he left and went out to the living room.

    There, the child was greeted by his mother, a beautiful young woman who was almost forty. She had on a dark-brown long-sleeve shirt and a pair of light-brown pants. She was darker than her son, her skin more of a coppery-brown while the child's skin was light-brown. However, both of them had the same black hair and soft, amber-brown eyes that seemed to be filled with warmth.

    "Good morning, Mom," the child greeted his mother, giving her a big hug.

    "Good morning, Satoshi," the woman, whose name was Hanako Uchiha (at least amongst the people of Konoha she was), replied as she embraced her son in return. "Did you sleep well?"

    "Mm-hmm," Satoshi replied with a nod. "Of course I did, I didn't want to oversleep for today!"

    "I bet, now come along," Hanako said as they broke the embrace and walked to the front door.

    Satoshi nodded again as he followed his mother outside to stand in the front yard. It was a nice sunny day in Konoha, the temperature pretty comfortable. Hanako and Satoshi faced eastward as the sun began to peek out over the forests and mountains that surrounded Konoha. Hanako was Notchie, a people who had come to the Land of Fire from the east many centuries ago, and it was traditional for her people to pray to the Four Directions every morning when they woke.

    First, they prayed to the East, from whence comes the sun, new things, children and babies.

    Then, they prayed to the North, from whence the cold comes and cleanses Mother Earth.

    Next, they prayed to the West, to the Elders and Ancestors, as the West was a place for Death, which was part of the Circle of Life.

    Then, they prayed to the South, from whence comes the Breath of Life, which warms Mother Earth in the Spring and makes everything green again.

    Finally, they faced the East again, praying to the Great Spirit to help everyone.

    Once they were finished, Satoshi and Hanako went back inside and ate breakfast. It was said that in the Ancient Homelands of the Notchie that they ate corn, however those who decided to venture westward left everything but their culture and language behind. It was said that they all ritually cleansed themselves before coming here, so they did not bring with them any diseases.

    Satoshi had asked his mother once what it would be like if they went and visited their Notchie cousins across the Great Ocean to the east, and she told him that it was likely that the Eastern Notchie might not recognize them at first, since the Western Notchie had become so different.

    Even they still sang the same songs, spoke the same language and essentially practiced the same culture for the most part, there were many things that the Western Notchie had changed.

    However, that was not relevant at the moment. When they went back inside, Hanako made her and Satoshi a breakfast of rice and fish. Corn had not been the only traditional food that the Notchie had eaten back in their Ancestral Homelands, but it was one that certainly put them apart from the Nihonjin of the Shinobi Nations. However, that did not matter to the Notchie.

    They were a very loving, open and caring people who always sought to make peace.

    Anyways, after the two Uchiha finished eating breakfast, Satoshi got on a pair of blue sandals and headed out. The Ninja Academy's Graduation Exam was today, and he certainly did not want to be late. Satoshi and his mother lived on the other side of Konoha from the Academy, meaning he had a good long walk to make. However, it never bothered the young Notchie-Uchiha boy.

    The school day didn't start until nine-o'clock, and waking up at sunrise usually gave him about an hour or two, sometimes three depending on the time of year, to make it to class on time, as well as have a nice enjoyable walk through Konoha on his way to school. Though they could've moved closer to downtown, Hanako liked living in the part of Konoha that was less crowded.

    On his way to school, Satoshi happened to look up at Mount Hokage, which was the largest and most significant cultural icon in the entire village. Carved into the mountainside were the faces of four very important shinobi, each who in their own time have been leaders of the village.

    First, there was Hashirama Senju, who along with his younger brother Tobirama and an Uchiha named Madara had established the village. Hashirama had become the First Hokage because of his unique Wood-style jutsu as well as his charismatic leadership. He'd been incredibly beloved.

    Then, there was Tobirama Senju, the younger brother of the First Hokage. His claim to fame was establishing the Konoha Police Force, the Ninja Academy (originally the Ninja Training Institute) and inventing many powerful S-Rank jutsu. Unfortunately, his reign had been very short-lived.

    Next, there was Hiruzen Sarutobi, a student of the Second Hokage who had become both a very powerful and intelligent shinobi. He was the longest-reigning Hokage and was even still leading the village to this day after the fall of the Fourth Hokage following only being Hokage for a year.

    Finally, there was Minato Namikaze, who like the First and Third, was a very beloved. He was also the youngest Hokage ever, however he sadly had been killed over twelve-years-ago when Konoha had been attacked by the Nine-Tailed Fox. He had sacrificed his life to defeat the beast.

    As he looked at the monument, Satoshi frowned, noticing that the "decorations" from the day before were missing. One of his friends, a twelve-year-old boy from his class at the Academy named Naruto Uzumaki, had taken the liberty to paint all over the Hokage Monument. It had made their sensei, Iruka Umino, very angry. But to Satoshi, it had been extremely hilarious.

    Not only that, but humbling. The way some people viewed the Hokage, it was as if they were deities. In the Notchie-way, leaders were more of civil servants, so seeing the Hokage being humbled in this way was fitting to him. Satoshi sighed, guessing that someone must've made Naruto remove the graffiti. Oh well, at least the memory was still there in the Uchiha's mind.

    Speaking of Naruto, there was something that Satoshi needed to take care of before the exam.

    In downtown Konoha, the sunlight gently pouring through his bedroom window woke up the boy called Naruto Uzumaki. He sat up, yawning and stretching, before getting up out of bed.

    Before going to change out of his pajamas and into regular clothes, Naruto went out to the kitchen of the apartment in which he lived to fix himself some breakfast. He had decided to fix himself a cup of instant ramen, which took three minutes to make, much to his disappointment.

    That was one of the things in life that he disliked, the three-minute-wait when cooking ramen.

    However, once it was finished he ate happily, wolfing down his most favorite food in the world, before returning to his bedroom to get dressed. He put on a pair of orange pants, a black t-shirt under an orange jacket and a pair of green goggles around his forehead to hold back his hair.

    The boy had somewhat-messy, spiky yellow hair and blue eyes, however instead of being pale he was a little tan, but not as dark as say Satoshi Uchiha, who was one of his few friends in the entire village. For most of the boy's life, he had received nothing but hate from most of Konoha.

    He didn't know why, and those who maybe did know would either pretend that they had no idea or were not able to tell him for some reason. Regardless, Naruto kept smiling every single day.

    Once he was dressed, Naruto left his somewhat-messy bedroom and went out to the front door to head to the Ninja Academy. Today was the Graduation Exam, which he had sadly failed the last two times, but today Naruto was adamant about passing. He wanted to become a ninja so that he could become Hokage. Then, he thought, everyone would finally start respecting him.

    Right as Naruto got to the front door and started putting on his sandals, there was a knock at his door. Four knocks, technically, and Naruto laughed. That was Satoshi's way of knocking because the number four was really important to the Notchie people, of which the boy was a member.

    "Satoshi, ohayo," Naruto greeted his friend as he opened to the door to reveal the Uchiha boy.

    "Jingololo," Satoshi replied in the Notchie language. "How are you doing, Naruto?"

    "I'm fine," Naruto said. "How's it going with you."

    "Same," Satoshi replied with a nod. "The Graduation Exam is today. Really excited about that."

    "Me too," Naruto agreed. "I just hope that it's not over the stupid Clone jutsu."

    "Hey, speaking of that, I could help you with it if you want, Naruto," Satoshi offered.

    "Really? That'd actually be great, thanks, Satoshi," Naruto replied gratefully.

    "No problem," Satoshi said. "However...there is one thing you have to do in return, though."

    "Oh, and what's that," Naruto asked, noticing the mischievous smile on his friend's face.

    "You have to...oh, I don't know...ask Hinata Hyūga out on a date after the exam," Satoshi said.

    That demand surprised Naruto. Hinata Hyūga was kind of shy and weird, buy she was also very kind and smart. She was in their class at the Academy, and she was also one of the people in the entire village besides Satoshi, his mother and a few others who actually cared for Naruto. Even though, why would somebody like her want to be with someone like him, given his reputation?

    "What, Hinata," Naruto asked. "A-are you sure? I mean...why would she want to date me?"

    "You say that as if she's like Sakura," Satoshi replied, referring to one of the class bullies. Well, on a technicality, Sakura Haruno wasn't exactly a bully, but she was definitely not a nice person.

    "I...I didn't mean that," Naruto corrected himself in a panic. "I just...I mean...Hinata's...Hinata..."

    "Yeah, so," Satoshi asked, shrugging. "What would it hurt? Besides, you get along pretty well."

    "I guess," Naruto sighed, then smiled. "Okay, sure, I'll do it."

    "Awesome," Satoshi said, grinning. "Now, let's get to the Academy and do some training!"
  3. NaruhinaKage

    Level 2
    Aug 14, 2020

    Naruto Uzumaki and one his few friends in Konoha, Satoshi Uchiha, headed to the Academy to work on the Clone jutsu. Fortunately, there was still at least an hour or so before school would begin, so they had enough time to train. Naruto was grateful for Satoshi's offer of help since he really need to pass the Graduation Exam, which he had unfortunately failed the last two times.

    At the end of the previous semester, which had been in July, the Graduation Exam had been over bukijutsu, or weapons handling, something that Naruto was not the most skilled at. Sure, he was good at the basics when it came to using shuriken or kunai, but not enough to pass the exam.

    Then, at the end of the previous school yeat, which had been back in March, the exam had been over the Transformation jutsu. Naruto had failed that time because he had apparently gotten a few details wrong with the person he was supposed to transform into. That had been annoying.

    Naruto was eager to graduate so that he could get on his way to becoming Hokage, believing that everyone in the village who doubted and hated him with start treating him with respect and like somebody important. And to become Hokage, he had to graduate and become a shinobi.

    The two boys arrived at the Ninja Academy several minutes later, since the apartment in which Naruto lived was in downtown Konoha and not that far away from the Academy. Instead of going in, they went over to the Academy Training Ground, which was around back behind the building.

    "Alright, so, how are we going to do this," Naruto asked once they reached the training area.

    "Well, I thought that maybe I could use my Sharingan to help see why you're having problems with the jutsu," Satoshi suggested. "It's not as good as Hinata's Byakugan, but it should work."

    "Both those dojutsu can see chakra, right," Naruto asked, and Satoshi nodded. The clan that the Uchiha boy came from had an interesting dojutsu called the Sharingan which could see chakra, read movements and even copy movements or jutsu. Meanwhile, the Byakugan of the clan that Hinata was from could see so much more than the Sharingan could. "Cool, let's do this, then!"

    "Mm," Satoshi agreed with a nod, forming a tiger handseal as his amber-brown irises filled with red and a single tomoe appeared in each, revolving around the pupil. This was the Sharingan.

    "Clone jutsu," Naruto declared after forming the chakra concentration handseal and squatting a little. A column of smoke exploded next to Naruto, dissipating to reveal a...dead version of him.

    Meanwhile, Satoshi stared intently at his friend and the useless clone, analyzing them both with his Sharingan. Then, he blinked, and the boy's eyes returned back to their normal amber-brown.

    "So, what did I do wrong," Naruto asked a little dejectedly.

    "Well, Naruto...you kinda looked like you were trying to squeeze out a fart...or something like that," Satoshi admitted, and both boys broke out into laughter for a minute. After they calmed down, the Uchiha boy continued. "But, seriously, you should relax. Tensing up like that is going to force out too much chakra instead of restraining the chakra that you're putting into the jutsu."

    "Um...I...I think I understand," Naruto remarked, scratching his head. "So, I just need to relax?"

    "Yeah," Satoshi confirmed, nodding. "Just trust your chakra, but don't put too much into it."

    "Okay, okay," Naruto replied, nodding to show that he understood. "So...what else, Satoshji?"

    "The handseal," Satoshi said. "The Clone jutsu uses ram, snake, tiger. Here, I'll show you."

    "Okay." Naruto watched as Satoshi formed the series of handseals he had just explained. Ram. Snake. Tiger. Then, Satoshi declared "Clone jutsu" and four columns of smoke exploded around the Uchiha boy in the formation of the Four Directions. East. North. West. South. The smoke then dissipated to reveal four perfect copies of the young Notchie boy. "Wow, that's amazing!"

    "Thanks," Satoshi said, before dispelling his clones. "Now, you try, Naruto."

    "Here goes nothing," Naruto said as he relaxed and formed the correct handseals. "Clone jutsu!"

    After about an hour of practice, Naruto was able to make three clones. One of them was pretty close to being perfect, while the second looked like it should probably take a visit to the hospital and the third looked like it had died. Satoshi assured Naruto that it would be good enough for now, and that the proctor would hopefully be lenient on him since Naruto did try to work on it.

    The two twelve-year-old boys then went inside, heading up to the second floor and going inside Classroom 201, which along with Hinata Hyūga had been their classroom for the last several years ever since they first enrolled at the Ninja Academy. Satoshi went off to sit with some of the other kids in their class, while Naruto went over to sit next to Hinata, who blushed a little bit.

    "Good morning, Naruto," Hinata greeted him, smiling warmly.

    "Hey, Hinata, how's it going," Naruto asked as he sat down next to her.

    "I'm doing alright, how about you," Hinata replied.

    "Pretty fine, I guess," Naruto said with a shrug. "I'm excited for the exam, what about you?"

    "I am as well," Hinata agreed. "It'll be nice to finally be able to become a ninja."

    Before they could say anymore, their teacher entered the classroom to begin the exam. Iruka Umino was the homeroom teacher of Classroom 201. He was a Chūnin who wore his hair pulled back in a ponytail and had a scar across his nose. He was a kind young man, but the standard Konoha Chūnin uniform that he always wore commanded respect, which he was usually given.

    "Good morning, everyone," Iruka greeted his class. "Today, as you know, is the Graduation Exam, and I hope you are all prepared. To graduate, you will have to use the Clone jutsu. When your name is called, please proceed to the next room. Shino Aburame, you're up first."

    "Naruto," Hinata said with concern, noticing that Naruto seemed to be a little nervous.

    "I'll do fine, don't worry," Naruto assured Hinata. "I've got this, believe it!"

    "But...but don't you...have trouble with the Clone jutsu," Hinata pointed out politely.

    "Yeah, but Satoshi helped me out earlier this morning," Naruto replied. "And I think I've got it."

    "That's good," Hinata said with relief, and Naruto smiled at her.

    Naruto was one of the last to be called up to take the Graduation Exam, the only student after him being Ino Yamanka, who was obsessed with Satoshi's coldhearted cousin Sasuke like most of the girls, except of course for Hinata, were. Anyways, once his name was called, the Uzumaki boy took a deep breath, exhaled and got up, before leaving to go the testing room for the exam.

    In the room, there was a table at one end set up with a two headbands on it. Behind the table sat Iruka, along with another Chūnin instructor named Mizuki, who didn't look happy to see Naruto.

    "Naruto, good, you're here," Iruka noted, nodding to the boy. "Please use the Clone jutsu."

    "You've got it, Iruka-sensei," Naruto replied, relaxing as he weaved the series of handseals that were required for the Clone jutsu. He noticed that Mizuki's calm expression was starting to turn bitter, however he did not let that distract him from his goal, which was passing. "Clone jutsu!"

    Poof! Poof! Poof! To Naruto's left, to his right and behind him exploded three columns of smoke, that within seconds dissipated to reveal duplicates of the young Uzumaki boy. One was perfect, one was pretty good and the third looked very sickly. However, it was a little better than earlier.

    "Huh, wow, I'm impressed," Iruka remarked. "Congratulations, Naruto, you pass!"

    "Yes, thank you so much, Iruka-sensei," Naruto exclaimed, stepping forward to receive his ninja headband that he had worked so hard over the last several years to earn his place as a shinobi.

    Mizuki looked very unhappy, however the Chūnin said nothing as Naruto accepted the symbol of a Konoha-nin from Iruka. Grinning from ear-to-ear, Naruto removed the goggles from around his head and then tied the headband around his forehead, holding back his messy and spiky hair.

    "Hold on, Iruka," Mizuki then decided to speak up, and Naruto sighed. Both Naruto and Iruka looked at the Chūnin, wondering what the problem could be. "Were those adequate enough?"

    "What do you mean," Iruka asked, crossing his arms over his chest. "Naruto made three clones, and not only that, but they were mostly viable. He's clearly been putting some work into it."

    "Yes, I agree, however only two were really viable," Mizuki pointed out.

    "It does not matter," Iruka told Mizuki crossly, before looking to Naruto. "You can go now."

    "Okay, thanks so much, Iruka-sensei," Naruto told his teacher as he left the room.

    After Ino completed and passed her exam, there was a congregation of students outside of the Ninja Academy. Naruto ecstatic. He had finally done it, he had passed the Graduation Exam and was now a ninja. He was very grateful for Satoshi's help earlier that morning, without it Naruto would have surely been sitting dejectedly off to the side again. Specifically, on a certain swing tied to a branch of a tree in the schoolyard. However, Naruto was here, with his classmates.

    "I'm so proud of the both of you," Hanako Uchiha told the children, giving them both a big hug.

    "Gwalnisha mahdo," Satoshi replied in Notchie, thanking his mother. Naruto, on the other hand, was a little too emotional at the moment for words. Even though Hanako wasn't his mother, to be here amongst his classmates who were being congratulated by their own parents and also be congratulated by someone such as Hanako was a little overwhelming for the young Uzumaki.

    "We should have a nice big dinner to celebrate," Hanako told the children. "What do you think?"

    "Huh-uh," Satoshi agreed, saying "yes" in Notchie, nodding. "Oh, we should invite Hinata!"

    "Of course," Hanako said, turning to the Hyūga. "What do you think, would you like to come?"

    "I would love to, thank you, Lady Uchiha," Hinata said, giving a small polite bow.

    "Please, Hinata, just call me 'Hanako,'" Hanako told the girl. "I'm not into strict formalities."

    "Right, I'm sorry, Hanako," Hinata replied.

    "Hey, Naruto, don't forget," Satoshi told his friend, nodding towards Hinata.

    "Don't worry, I didn't," Naruto assured Satoshi, before stepping towards Hinata. "Hey, Hinata."

    "Hey, Naruto," Hinata said, smiling kindly at him. "Congratulations on passing!"

    "Same to you," Naruto said. "Anyways, I was wondering...would you like to go out sometime?"

    "L-like on a d-date," Hinata asked, her eyes wide and her face turning red. Naruto chuckled, not at her expense, but how adorable she was. The girl's heart in her chest and her nerves felt like they were on fire. Was this really happening? Was the person she really liked asking her out?

    "Yeah, of course," Naruto replied with a shrug. "What else would I be talking about, ya'know?"

    "Well...um...I...I..." Hinata pressed her index fingers together nervously, looking down.

    "So, what do you think, Hinata," Naruto asked Hinata." You wanna go on a date sometime?"

    "Hai," Hinata replied enthusiastically, before fainting. Naruto cried out in alarm and caught her in his arms before she could hit the ground. Hanako and Satoshi couldn't help but laugh.

    "Well, that happened sooner than I thought," Hanako remarked. "But at least it happened."

    "Yeah," Satoshi agreed. "I helped Naruto with the Clone jutsu earlier, and then in return..."

    "Hinata, hey, Hinata...are you okay," Naruto asked the unconscious girl in his arms.

    "She'll be alright," Hanako assured him. "I think she just got a little surprised, that's all."

    "A little surprised," Naruto asked. "She passed out!"

    "Eh, Gwalnisha's right," Satoshi told Naruto, patting him on the shoulder. "Hinata will be fine."

    "N-naruto...?" Hinata opened her pale lavender eyes and looked up at Naruto a moment later, surprised to find that she was in her crush's arms. But fortunately, she didn't faint a second time.

    "Oh, good, you're okay," Naruto exclaimed with relief. "Are you alright, Hinata?"

    "Mm-hmm," Hinata replied, standing up as Naruto let her go. "So...did...did that really happen?"

    "What, me asking you out," Naruto asked, and Hinata nodded. "Yeah, I did! Is that alright?"

    "Of course it is, Naruto," Hinata replied, blushing and pressing her index fingers together again.

    "Alright, let's go before she faints again," Hanako suggested, and without another word, the group headed off eastward to where the Notchie-Uchiha lived to have a celebratory dinner.

    It was a new chapter in the lives of Satoshi Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga...
  4. NaruhinaKage

    Level 2
    Aug 14, 2020

    Three days had passed since the Ninja Academy's Graduation Exam took place. Now it was the Ninja Graduation Ceremony, during which the twenty-seven students who graduated from the Ninja Academy would be placed onto teams of three. After going through his morning routine, Satoshi Uchiha excitedly headed out to the Ninja Academy, excited for the events to come.

    As he made his way downtown, Satoshi wondered who would be on his team. He hoped that he would get to be on Naruto and Hinata's team, since all of three of them were pretty good friends.

    Putting three freshly-minted Genin on a team who were already good at working with each other was a good idea, however Satoshi did worry that the Hokage might not see it the same way. That was fine, he supposed, just because they weren't on the same team didn't mean that they had to stop being friends or anything. Perhaps it would be a good idea, he supposed, to branch out.

    Anyways, on the way to the Academy, Satoshi ran into Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga. They happened to live across the street from each other, as it so turned out, so they tended to walk to the Academy together, and even on occasion were joined by Satoshi if he happened to run into them on his way to the school. Today was such a day, and so the three friends walked together.

    Even though Naruto had asked Hinata out on a date and she had accepted, they hadn't yet gone on their date yet. That was fine, since they were both still kind of young. When Satoshi had told Naruto to ask Hinata on a date, he hadn't been particular about when they were to gone their date when Hinata accepted, so there was no pressure on them to go out on their first date yet.

    On their walk to the Academy, the three friends talked about their weekend, as well as the team assignments. Naruto and Hinata had apparently trained together some, and Naruto was working on learning a Wind-style: Gale Palm to help with the fact that he only knew the Academy Three.

    "Why Wind-style," Satoshi had asked Naruto, curious why that style of ninjutsu in particular, as Wind-style users were pretty rare in the Land of Fire, but were common in the Land of Wind.

    "Hinata thought it'd be a good idea," Naruto had replied with a shrug. "It's pretty cool, though."

    "Naruto's chakra seems to flow like wind," Hinata had briefly explained, giving a small.

    "Man, the Byakugan sure is amazing," Satoshi had remarked with a sigh, before chuckling. "You know, sometimes I wished Gwalnisha married a Hyūga. Your skills are so much cooler, Hinata."

    "You can copy jutsu and movements, though," Naruto had pointed out, and Satoshi had just shrugged. "But, I guess having Wind chakra could explain my crappy chakra control, ya'know."

    That was definitely a possibility. Wind was unpredictable, sometimes being strong and forceful, while other times being soft and gentle. Naruto was also unpredictable, as well as hyperactive.

    Soon they arrived at the Ninja Academy and ascended the stairs to the second floor. When they reached their classroom, Satoshi opened the door and held it open for his friends, before then following them inside. They went to their usual seat, which was the desk in the middle row on the left side of the classroom, at least from the teacher's perspective standing at the front.

    Not too long afterwards, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka came bursting into the room, each declaring that they had arrived first. Then, the former marched down to the desk where Sasuke Uchiha sat and settled down next to him, much to Ino's disappointment as the other seat at that desk was taken up by Kiba Inuzuka, a short-tempered, impulsive boy accompanied by a ninken.

    Then, Iruka Umino finally arrived, and everyone settled down once he entered the classroom.

    "Starting today, you are all real ninja," Iruka began. "But you are still Genin and the hard journey that lies ahead has just started. Now you will soon be taking on missions to help the village, so today we will place you into three-man-teams, each under a Jōnin-sensei whose instructions, as you have always done with mine, in order to successfully complete your missions."

    The three friends hoped that they would all be on the same team, while all of the other girls in the class were desperately hoping to be on the same team as their "precious Sasuke."

    "We tried our best to balance each team's strength as best as they could," Iruka continued, and a good amount of the students groaned. "Alright, so let's go ahead and begin with Team One..."

    One-by-one, Iruka began to announce each of the teams. However, right as Iruka started to say who would be on Team Five, there was an explosion of smoke right next the Chūnin. Everyone was put on guard and shocked, wondering what was happening. Were they being attacked?

    But then, the smoke quickly dissipated to to reveal a beige-wearing kunoichi holding a banner behind her that read "ANKO MITARASHI — SNAKE MISTRESS — SPECIAL JŌNIN — SQUAD LEADER OF TEAM SIX." The purple-haired woman's expression seemed to be a mix of happy and sinister.

    She was clearly someone not to be crossed, however she was also clearly someone who could be a valuable ally if one were to get on her good side. That was the feeling Satoshi got from her.

    "Hello, everyone, hope I didn't scare you or anything," the newcomer said, smiling at the class as Iruka sighed in disbelief. "Anyways, the name's Anko Mitarashi, and I'm Team Six's Jōnin-sensei."

    "Anko...I...I haven't even announced Team Five yet, much less your team," Iruka protested, and Anko turned to face him. "Besides, the Jōnin are supposed to pick up their teams after lunch."

    "Eh, I wanted to treat my team to lunch today," Anko said, giving a shrug. "There's no harm."

    "Oh, fine...alright...Team Six," Iruka sighed, glancing back down at the list of Genin squads that, before looking back at his class "That would be Makoto Futaba, Satoshi Uchiha and Sōji Hyūga."

    Darn, I'm not on the same team as my friends, Satoshi thought, but then he looked over at his two teammates, Makoto Futaba and Sōji Hyūga. The former was a brown-haired girl dressed in a blue t-shirt, white shorts and blue ninja sandals. Makoto had her ninja headband tied around her forehead, as did most people. She was pretty tomboyish, but that did not stop her from joining the crowd of Sasuke-fangirls, it was just that Makoto was one of the more reserved fangirls.

    Then, there was Sōji, a cousin of Hinata's and a member of the Main House just as she was. Sōji was a rather calm and collected boy who Satoshi had never really had a problem with. He was also very caring, however he was not afraid to chastise someone, but only if it was called for.

    "Come on, Team Six, let's head on out," Anko called to her students, motioning for them to follow her as she started to leave the classroom. The three Genin did so and followed her out.

    Anko Mitarashi took her three Genin students to a dango shop that was not too far away from a certain ramen shop that Satoshi's friend Naruto enjoyed frequenting. Anyways, they went in, sat at one of the tables and all ordered some food (most of the items on the menu were dango).

    "Alright, so why don't we start our by introducing ourselves," Anko suggested to her team.

    "What would you like to know, Anko-sensei," Sōji asked. "Besides our names, of course."

    Anko was indeed aware of her students's names, that fact was pretty much true. But besides the information given to her by the Hokage, she did not know much else about her Genin charges.

    "Hmm...how about your likes and dislikes, any hobbies and goals for the future," Anko replied.

    "That sounds pretty good," Makoto remarked. "Um, so...why don't you go first, Anko-sensei?"

    "Well, I guess it's only fair," Anko agreed with a shrug. "My name is Anko Mitarashi. I like dango, if that wasn't obvious by where I brought you guys, it's pretty much the best food ever. Anyways, I dislike spicy-foods as well as a certain snake. My hobby, and this might actually surprise you, is conducting tea ceremonies. And my goal is destroy that certain snake. Okay, who's up next?"

    "I'll go," Satoshi offered, and Anko nodded to him. "My name is Satoshi Uchiha. I like my friends, my family...I still have family on my mother's side....and life in general. There's not really a lot to dislike, in my opinion, but...I don't like how stuck-up my cousin Sasuke Uchiha acts. Anyways, my hobby is singing stompdance songs and my goal is to live up to the legacy of my big brother."

    "Hmm, your Shisui the Teleporter's little brother, aren't you," Anko asked, and Satoshi nodded, a hint of tears beginning to build up in the Notchie-Uchiha boy's amber-brown eyes. "Okay, next?"

    "I suppose I shall go next," Sōji offered, and Anko signalled for him to begin. "I am Sōji Hyūga. I like my clan for the most part, however there are...certain aspects about the Hyūga clan that I must admit that I dislike. My hobby is reading and my goal is to become a strong shinobi."

    "Very interesting," Anko noted, before gesturing to Makoto. "Alright, you're up, now."

    "Okay, well, my name is Makoto Futaba," Makoto said, smiling happily. Satoshi couldn't help but think about how cute the girl was. "I really like the water, fish and Sasuke. I dislike how Sasuke acts, though, I agree with Satoshi...I wish he wasn't so coldhearted. Anyways, my hobbies are playing in the water, swimming and fishing. And...for my goal...well, I'm not really sure yet."

    Hmm, she's different than most kunoichi her age, Anko considered thoughtfully. "Well, that ends the introductions, so now it's time for the fun stuff. Okay, so tomorrow we'll be doing a mission."

    "What kind of mission, Anko-sensei," Satoshi asked excitedly. "What are we going to do?"

    "Well, it's just going to be with the four of us," Anko replied. "It'll be a survival training exercise."

    "I thought that we only undertook those at the Academy," Sōji spoke up with surprise.

    "This one's special," Anko said, before grinning. "Because, you see, I will be your opponent."

    "We...we have to fight you Anko-sensei," Makoto asked a little nervously. "How come?"

    "Hmm, well, here's the thing...you three aren't actually even Genin yet," Anko said as her grin widened. Makoto gasped in shock, a look of horror on her face, while Satoshi gave cried out in protest, and meanwhile Sōji simply sighed. "Heheh, yeah, I thought you guys would freak out!"

    "Anko-sensei, I don't get it," Satoshi told the purple-haired Snake Mistress, having to keep his Sharingan from activating on instinct. "Was the Graduation Exam just a waist of time, then?"

    "Yeah, we worked so hard," Makoto agreed. "What was the point of the Academy at all?"

    "I imagine that the rest of these teams will be told something similar, correct," Sōji asked.

    "Correct, Sōji," Anko confirmed with a nod. "And to your point, Satoshi, Makoto, your time at the Ninja Academy was not a waist, trust me, education is always very important. But, the exam was just a preliminary test to see who is worthy of becoming Genin. You see, of the twenty-seven kids from your class, only nine will most likely become Genin. This test is going to be very difficult."

    Satoshi took a deep breath and exhaled, calming himself down. He shouldn't have really been surprised, part of him thought, why would a Jōnin take three Genin under their wing without first getting to test their skills and to see if they're worthy? It made sense, but when he thought about it, there was a problem. If the output was so low, then why were there so many ninja?

    "Anyways, the test will be at Training Ground Forty-Four tomorrow morning at six-o'clock," Anko told her Genin students. "Bring everything you've got and be ready to fight. Also, don't be late."

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