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World Breaker (Title WIP)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Aiko, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Aiko

    Aiko Anti-Shadow Weapon

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    (Dialga Egg)
    Level 36
    Mar 7, 2016
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    Hello! This is a story about a girl named Kara who has the ability to jump through worlds. It follows her adventures throughout the multiple worlds she finds and the enemies and challenges she must face. All criticism is welcome and appreciated! There isn't really a schedule or set amount of length for the chapters. Please enjoy!

    Looking back, this was probably the best mistake in Kara's whole life. All she had in her hoodie at the time was $5, her flip phone, and a pair of ear buds. Kara was standing on a large steel pole about 50 stories above the ground. The area was a construction site for a new hospital, ironic considering what she was about to do. She looked down at the ground below. She saw piles of dirt, rubble and construction equipment. She looked up at the sky and let her body fall off the steel pole.

    The last thing Kara expected was to wake up again. She had a horrendous headache and felt so weak, she could barely open her eyes. "Aah! Y--'re ---ke!" She heard someone talking but was too tired to completely understand what they were saying. Kara surveyed the room, but couldn't make out any details. She was able to lift up her arm and was surprised to find no sort of medical tubes or needles attached to it. After just laying there for what felt like an eternity, she was Finally able to sit up. Looking at her savior(or tormentor from Kara's point of view), she noticed she was looking at herself as if the person was just wearing a mirror. "Wow, these must be some crazy drugs I'm on haha..." was what Kara tried to say, but instead it came out something more along the lines of, "Wow, drug you is crazy haha" She, of course, wasn't on any sort of medicine or drug, just very tired. Her Doppelganger looked at her and laid her back down, letting her go back to sleep. The next time Kara woke up, she felt much more lively and energetic. Kara looked at the Doppelganger. "What?" was the only thing she was able to say. She had so many questions racing through her head. The clone burst out laughing. "You're a funny one!" she said while looking at Kara. "Look, my names Cailin, but just call me Cali. I'm the one that saved you!" Kara was still very confused by the whole situation, and Cali only made her more confused. "What do you mean you saved me? Did you like, catch me mid-air or something like that?" Cali started laughing again. "No, I found you in the forest outside of my house, where would you be falling from?" Kara surveyed the room once again, this time able to see some detail. The room was unlike anything she had ever seen before. It was a wood cabin, but the wood looked fake. Hell, everything in the room looked like it was made of cheap plastic or rubber, almost like a set for a show. Kara looked at Cali again, with an almost shocked face. "Where the hell am I...?"

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