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Writers Block Zone

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Arctiquaza, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Arctiquaza

    Arctiquaza Never quite gone

    Level 32
    May 27, 2018
    Sail Fossil ★★★
    Ever had writers block before? Yeah, its not fun. Well this is a place to get your creative juices flowing! Here you write one shots of... Anything! You can also leave random one shot suggestions for one or more other people to get inspired and write! Remember, no random is too random! Let me start it off with one of my stories and a suggestion for another person to write.
    I asked my brother for a random idea, and I gave me a simple idea of "Pokeperson goes to fast food and there is a Pokémon at the counter" and that got my creative juices flowing and I made this thing. He also gave small details like names and what he was pondering.

    Mel'Tal (Meh-Tall) was strolling through the park. He was pondering what Duckletts eat, when, at the thought of eating, his stomach growled. He complied and headed in the direction of the nearest Mc^Mareep.

    Upon reaching the Mc^Mareep, the first thing he noticed was the array of pineapples hanging from the ceiling. This was his first time dining at this particular establishment, so naturally he was surprised by their spectacular decoration! I mean, it's just so cool! Pineapples!

    He looked at the current cashiers, and they were all normal, except for one. One of them, was in fact an Ampharos! He decided to take a chance, and went to it.

    "Ampha! Ampharos!" It said in greeting.


    "Am?" It questioned.

    "Ookay... so... I would like a Magicarp sandwich. And for the drink... hmm... uhh... I can't decide! Got any suggestions?"

    "Ampharos?" Ah right. He had forgotten it was a Pokémon at the counter for a second.

    "Uhh... sure. What you said." He said slowly. He couldn't decide, and it all looked good, so a surprise would be fine.

    "Amph..." It gave him a strange look and went into the back to tell the order.

    After awhile, his food was ready. He grabbed the paper wrap containing the sandwich, and a clear plastic cup with a orangey-yellow liquid, presumably Leppa juice. I sat down and took a bite of the sandwich, and then a sip of the drink to wash it down. However, instead of the sweet Leppa juice I was expecting, I tasted a plethora of horrid flavors. Pineapple, cyan pepper, lots and lots of garlic, and many more that did not mix well. I felt a burning and tingling sensation in my nose as my sinuses cleared, but the terrible taste still lingered in my mouth.

    After washing it down with water - although it was still lingering faintly - I immediately went to the counter and pulled out a master ball, catching the Ampharos. I put it into the PC, so that the drink may never be given to any unsuspecting person ever again. I sure won't be dining at Mc^Mareep again anytime soon.

    And now for an idea. How about,

    A person goes on a journey to be the very best, the very best at playing the Ot
    amatone (look it up)
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  2. BraviaryScout

    BraviaryScout Way of the Wind

    Level 66
    Apr 18, 2017
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★
    This is actually quite a neat idea. I’ll have to put a prompt in here at some point
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