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Catching Pokémon

All the information you need to know about catching Pokémon on Lake Valor!

Catching Your First Pokémon
It can be overwhelming catching and finding your first Pokémon, therefore we recommend you start at the Intro Lobby section. Starter Pokémon can be found there, and most are fairly easy to catch. You'll need to get hold of some Poké Balls first however.

If you recently signed up, be sure to open up the message you received upon registering to the site to receive a code that will help you get your first Poké Balls! Additionally, creating an Intro Thread to introduce yourself to the community will net you a lot of PokéPoints (see below).

Trainer Tips!
Special Pokémon like Pikachu and Eevee can also be found in the Intro Lobby, so be sure to make it one of your first stops on your adventure. You will need to adventure into other sections to find more than just starters, however.

Obtaining More Poké Balls
Whilst adventuring around the sections and threads looking for Pokémon, you might have ran out of Poké Balls already or want to stock up on more. To do this, you will need PokéPoints, our virtual currency that you used to buy your first few Poké Balls. This currency can be earned simply by replying to and creating threads around the sections of Lake Valor. You can also earn it by taking part in events! From there, you'll just need to head to the Shop and purchase the types of balls you want.

Trainer Tips!
Sometimes you might want something a bit more extravagant to help you succeed in catching rarer Pokémon, like an Ultra Ball. Do note that they will cost more PokéPoints.

Finding Different Types of Pokémon
So, like any good trainer you want to find different types of Pokémon to catch, right? The best way to go about doing that is simply to explore different sections around LV and encounter Pokémon as you discuss. Many Pokémon are exclusive to one or two sections, so you'll want to check everywhere. For example, did you know that Snorlax can only be found in The Lounge? Whilst you're posting, reading or creating your own threads you might run into one!

A lot of rare Pokémon also happen to appear in our Safari Zone section where you can discuss everything about your Lake Valor trainer experience.

Additionally, you can find eggs. These level up and hatch the same as a Pokémon would evolve. Eggs have a 100% catch rate, but most eggs won't be too easy to find. Legendary and Mythical Eggs are especially rare.

Trainer Tips!
When encountering a Legendary Egg, you might notice that they come in different colors. These colors will reflect the games said legendary Pokémon appear in, so a Legendary Egg with Kanto Legendaries will be colored red and blue.

Although very rare, you can even find shiny Pokémon! You never know when one might pop up, so be prepared and keep Poké Balls on you at all times! Additionally, certain exclusive Pokémon can be found roaming the site for a month only, each year. For example, our mascot Azelf happens to appear throughout the month of November (our anniversary month), and Halloween Pikachu (a special, rare variant of Pikachu) appears during October. We will put an announcement in the Info Desk and create a site notice each time one of these rarities is due to appear!

Can't Catch 'Em All
Though you can catch a lot of Pokémon, many species must be levelled up and evolved to reach their full potential. Most final stage evolutions cannot be found anywhere on Lake Valor, though you can find some middle stage evolutions such as Metapod and Kakuna as you explore. Get posting to evolve your Pokémon!
Nov 12, 2017
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