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Staff Team

Meet Lake Valor's Staff Team!

Admin Team
The Admin Team folks are the head honchos around here! They're responsible for making the site work! They're usually found improving the site, adding new additions, making important changes or creating events.


Hello, people of Lake Valor! I'm BZRich64, or just BZ for short, a lifelong Pokémon fan and LV's resident mustache aficionado (for some reason). I am a man of many interests and zero talents. I may not be the most social staff member here, but don't hesitate to come to me with any questions you may have.


Hiya everyone! I'm Jeydis, a newer Admin but I have been around for years on LV. I love indie games, reptiles and DnD. I always go for underdog picks in games, especially Pokémon. I am the weirdo running Accelgor leads and Miltank sweepers. Drop me a line if you want to chat or have any questions, I pretty much have LV opened all day on one device or another. See ya!


Salutations memers, the name's Wizard! I am the arbiter of sarcasm, inheritor of potato fields, and the worst wizard you'll ever meet! You can see me gushing about Xenoblade Chronicles, Persona 5, and especially Fire Emblem on both the forums and Discord. I look forward to becoming friends with each of you!
Mod Crew
The Mod Crew moderates throughout the site's many sections and are tasked with hosting events and make important decisions about how the site should function.


Moderator of: All Forums

Hello everyone, my name is Duo! My biggest interest in gaming lately has been playing semi-competitive stuff, between Smash Ultimate and modded Pokemon Showdown. Other than that, I spent a few years volunteering at a dog shelter, have made pixel art since I was in middle school, and do enjoy fishing from time to time as well. I hope you enjoy your time on Lake Valor!


Moderator of: All Forums

Ooga booga, I don't play the newer pokemon games so don't @ for info on those, but I've been on these lands for long enough I should be able to answer questions about the site. so go ahead and ask, i'm active on both the site and discord and my sleep schedule is pffffffffff


Moderator of: All Forums

Hello, I'm Neb! I've been a Pokémon fan since 2010 and I have no intention of changing that. When I'm not playing video games, I'm reading, swimming, listening to vinyl records, or hiking. Don't be afraid to message me if you need help with the sections I'm moderating!