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Staff Post Guide: Joining Our Discord Server!

Discussion in 'News Desk' started by Professor Azelf, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. Professor Azelf

    Level 1
    Oct 14, 2016
    At Lake Valor, we have a lovely way for you to interact with members of the community! We have our very own chatroom for members to hang out! It has many channels for different discussions such as general, art-related or role-play related. At first, getting connected may seem confusing but it's fairly simple as I will demonstrate below!

    The following steps are for people with a Discord account. If you don't have one, it will prompt you to create one which is fairly easy as well. (Step 3)

    Step 1 - After logging into your Lake Valor forum account, go to the side bar under your avatar and click 'Discord' and 'Join Chatroom'.

    Step 2 - You will be taken to a 'Join our Discord Server Page.' Click the blue, clickable text.


    Step 3 - This leads you to the Discord website where you will be prompted to "Accept your invite." Hit accept. Now, if you already have a Discord account, log into it. If you do not have one, enter a username and create a password and add an email account for verification.


    Step 4 - Now you must link your Lake Valor forum account with your Discord one to start chatting! Head over to your 'External Accounts Control Panel' by clicking this link. Then, scroll down to the 'Discord Integration' option and hit 'Associate Discord Account.'


    Step 5 - You will be asked to give Lake Valor - Catch, Train & Evolve Pokémon permission to view your account details; make sure to authorize these permissions. Your Discord account will be authorized and you'll be set!


    Step 6 - You will be asked to enter your Lake Valor forum account password to sync your accounts. Enter it and click 'Associate Account.' You're done! :)


    Get chattin'!

    If for some reason the steps do not work, please contact a staff member who will promptly assist you. If you do not get the proper roles associated on Discord, a staff member can assist you for that as well.
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