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Global Forum & Discord Rules

Like most websites, Lake Valor has its own set of rules. Some of these are different from other websites, so make sure you give them a read.

General Rules

Be respectful towards everyone.
Absolutely no discrimination is allowed here - that includes discriminatory jokes.

Keep political and religious discussions to dedicated threads in The Lounge.
Arguments over personal beliefs are what family dinners are for - keep them off the site or in their dedicated sections.

No NSFW content.
We're not that type of site. Swearing is fine, slurs are not. Don't get carried away.

Links to external websites beside well-known social media sites are not allowed.
This includes Discord servers. Serebii/Bulbapedia/Smogon/Pokémon Showdown are allowed for informational purposes. Whether or not a link is considered advertising is left entirely to the discretion of the site admins. Have any doubts? Ask an admin.

Don't exploit bugs.
Find a bug on the site? Report it.

Don't spam.
No one likes spam. If you spam, you'll likely end up needing your posts to be approved before they become public. This includes posting multiple times in a row. You must wait for someone else to post before you reply to a thread again.

Account Rules

One account per person.
You can only have one forum account. Choose wisely.

Ban evasion will result in a ban extension.
If you ban evade or help someone ban evade, we will take action against your account. Conveying messages from banned members is strictly forbidden.

Any work you post must be your own.
... Unless you have written permission from the creator of whatever content you're sharing. Make sure you give credit!

You must be 13 to have an account on Lake Valor.
It's for your own good, sorry!

As has always been the case and goes without saying, leaking information exclusively shared amongst staff will result in a ban. The length of this is up to the admins discretion!

Misc Rules

Keep the total height of your signature no bigger than 400 pixels.
Banners must be no bigger than 500 pixels wide - this includes content in spoiler tags.

Usernames may not contain inappropriate words.
If you sign up with a username like this, you may be immediately banned and expected to re-join with an appropriate name!

You may not use special symbols or emoji at the START of your name.
This makes it difficult for users and staff to tag and find you, but you are permitted to use them at the end.
Oct 3, 2018

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