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    Catch, train, and evolve Pokémon while you explore our community. Make friends, and grow your collection.

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Help Articles

Want to learn how Lake Valor works? Check these Help Articles out.

General Lake Valor Help

Global Forum & Discord Rules

You must read and follow these!

How Lake Valor Works

A full, comprehensive guide on how to use Lake Valor.

Trainer Levels

Learn about how to level up and unlock special bonuses by doing so.

Volunteer Roles

Want to go the extra mile for Lake Valor? Apply for a Volunteer Role!

Pokémon Catcher Help

Catching Pokémon

Teaches you how Catching Pokémon works, where to find Pokémon and more.

Levelling & Evolving Pokémon

All the information you need on how to evolve and train your caught Pokémon.

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Jun 25, 2018

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