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Trainer Levels

You might have noticed your level below your profile picture to the side of the posts you make. This article will go over what that means!

Introduction - What is a Trainer Level?
To the left side of every post you make, you'll be able to see your trainer level right below your profile picture, like so:

This is your trainer level. You level up by creating posts around Lake Valor, which also helps you earn PokéPoints. When hovering over your level, you will be able to see when you'll hit the next level. You level up by creating posts.

Please note that on mobile and tablet devices, you will not be able to hover over your level to see when you're about due to level up. Every level takes about 5 posts to reach, aside from the later levels. Keep this in mind.

The Benefits to Levelling Up
By hitting post milestones and reaching a new level, you will unlock certain bonuses and rewards, such as medals and PokéBalls.

In order to unlock all of the available PokéBalls in our Shop, you will need to hit certain levels.

  • • Premier Ball unlocked at Level 1 until Level 5.
  • • Regular Poké Balls are unlocked by default.
  • • Great Balls are unlocked at Level 5.
  • • Ultra Balls at Level 10.
  • • Master Ball at Level 15.

There are other items in our Shop that you must level up to obtain too. For example, from our User Upgrades Shop:

  • • User Title formatting is unlocked by default.
  • • User Name Change is unlocked at Level 10.
  • • VIP User Upgrade is unlocked at Level 20.
Jun 12, 2018

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