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  • Member Since: 25 Sep 2013
  • Birthday: August 7, 1997
  • Age: 19 years old
  • A.K.A: Astral

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someone edit my profile to say im actually 19 not 18... im too...

Updated 15 Feb · 3 comments

About Me

Hey there, I see you've stumbled across my profile page! Let me guess, you misclicked and ended up here by accident? Yeah, I figured. Well then, see you! And, for those of you who actually came here on purpose, because you were interested in what I have to say about myself here, I guess here's a little bit more about myself!


Posted Image


I am Astralogy, though pretty much everyone just calls me Astral, because it's easier I guess. I'm a eighteen year old doofus from the Netherlands, the country where nothing ever happens (seriously, it's so boring here, please come save me). If I seem scatterbrained or chaotic a lot, it's because of that.

I'm currently trying to finish high school as soon as I can, so I can start studying what I really want, Psychology. My aim is to become a forensic psychologist one day, because hell it's awesome! Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of luck in my life, but hey, let's just hope for the best, right?


Anyway, here are some other things about me, just for the sake of it:


​Favorite game franchises: Pokémon and the Legend of Zelda

Favorite anime: Soul Eater

Favorite Pokémon: Gardevoir and Gallade (please don't make me choose)

Favorite type: Psychic, with Ghost and Dark following close


If you want to get in contact with me, just ask for my Skype account, I'm almost always available there! Don't be afraid to ask :D


I am a very interesting person and you all shall love me or else I will cry. :c You won't like it when I cry.


OK bye! <3

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    The Netherlands
  • Favorite Pokémon
    Gardevoir and Gallade
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  • 3DS FC 3DS FC  3239-5005-4692
  • DeviantArt DeviantArt  barrybadeend
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  • Skype Skype  barrybadeend
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Get chance and luck

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someone edit my profile to say im actually 19 not 18... im too lazy to do it
Feb 15 2017 12:52 PM 
  • Achromatic's Photo
    that's what birthdays are for!!
    Feb 15 2017 01:13 PM
  • Astralogy's Photo
    actually my whole profile has become irrelevant, rip.
    maybe i should actually edit it once
    Feb 15 2017 01:17 PM
  • Achromatic's Photo
    do it! it could be so beautiful...
    Feb 15 2017 01:38 PM


So, since the Shiny Charm is already given out to people who completed the Alola Dex, what do you think could be the reward for completing the National Dex once it comes out?
Jan 03 2017 05:55 AM 
  • Astralogy's Photo
    I'm pretty sure they confirmed there will be a patch that will add a National Dex once Pokémon Bank is available for Sun & Moon

    Jan 03 2017 06:22 AM
  • Achromatic's Photo
    They've confirmed National Dex will exist, but from what I can tell it's going to be a feature within bank - not the main game.
    Jan 03 2017 06:29 AM
  • Astralogy's Photo
    Damn that's a shame, I really loved the new Dex entries...
    Jan 03 2017 06:32 AM


I really want to turn my Pokémon fangame idea into a fanfiction or something, but I know I lack the skill to make it as good as I imagine it, and I don't want a great idea to go to waste :/
Dec 30 2016 04:58 AM 
  • Gengar's Grin's Photo
    Gengar's Grin
    Get a ghostwriter?
    Dec 30 2016 10:32 AM
  • Apawn's Photo
    @Astralogy You could help with my fanmadegame, Pokemon Amethyst, we could really use the help
    Dec 30 2016 12:57 PM