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  • Member Since: 02 Aug 2014
  • Birthday: September 30, 1988
  • Age: 28 years old
  • A.K.A: Karz, Sgt. Karz, Sarge

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I found my first shiny in Sun! I'm so happy!

Updated 10 Dec · 3 comments

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Pocket Halk is watching you - Art by Pari


I'm a transgender person leaning a lot to the masculine side and I prefer they/them as pronounces but masculine pronounces are fine too since I sometimes use the masculine ones myself. People usually call me Kaz and Karz but friends of mine sometimes call me Vy/vyth as remnants from when I used another name online.

I got a MyAnimeList profile, feel free to send a friend request as long as you say who you are, specially if you have a different name on MAL than on LV.

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May you fly with the bricks of freedom

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    Not Telling Other
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    Somewhere on a route doing much EV training
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    Arcanine, Raikou and Jolteon to name a few.
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    Karz, Sgt. Karz, Sarge

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  • 3DS FC 3DS FC  0345-0699-4500
  • Skype Skype  Karzarill

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I found my first shiny in Sun! I'm so happy!
Dec 10 2016 07:01 AM 


I just found out that spending over an hour doing nothing but trading pokémon ain't good for my back. Oh well my dex is now at 74% so it was totally worth it gained 14% progress today because of it.
Dec 02 2016 04:08 PM 


Tomorrow I'll finally be able to play SM. OMG I think this is the first time in ages is been this hard to wait.
Nov 21 2016 03:06 PM 
  • Megarai111's Photo
    Same... it's about time we get it too >_>
    Nov 21 2016 09:57 PM


The 5 days extra wait time for Sun and Moon is gonna be more painful than they thought I would be.
Nov 17 2016 08:47 AM 


Just realised its your Birthday so Happy Birthday buddy!
Sep 30 2016 06:33 AM