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Just became a pre-contributor on Smogon. Today's a good da...

Updated 20 Jan · 2 comments

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Just became a pre-contributor on Smogon. Today's a good day :)
Jan 20 2017 04:35 PM 

Endrew SwiftwindReborn

When you ask, "What Crobat uses X-Scissor?" you forget who you're talking to. I am the one who frequently runs Toxic, Protect, Dig, and Phantom Force. I use it, and figured others might too. It is a power 80 move, that hits one of it's weaknesses super-effectively
Oct 22 2016 05:21 PM 
  • Reborn's Photo
    And as for weird sets, you're talking to the guy crazy enough to currently be trying to get Jigglypuff and Blastoise to work in DOU. These are Pokemon that aren't even on the viability rankings, meaning they don't even satisfy these conditions. "Pokemon whose roles are almost never needed, and in most cases weigh the team down due to their use. Pokemon in this tier are far more situational and costly than those in higher tiers."
    Oct 22 2016 05:43 PM
  • Endrew Swiftwind's Photo
    Endrew Swiftwind
    Blastoise is ranked that badly in doubles?
    Oct 22 2016 06:05 PM
  • Reborn's Photo
    Yeah, kind of for good reason too. As a follow me user (which is its only real niche) it gets outclassed by things like Jirachi and Amoonguss. Jirachi has a much better typing, ability and utility (gets things like thunder wave, trick room, helping hand a 60% chance to flinch iron head), while Amoonguss acts as a great rain and trick room check, puts on pressure with spore and has a much better ability. Blastoise is very passive and not tremendously bulky. Neither regular or mega blastoise are ranked in DOU, but Mega Blastoise is in tier 1 (essentially S Rank) in DUU and non mega is tier 1.5. Really shows how without being outclassed by the premier redirectors and not having to take hits from stupidly powerful mons like Lando-T and Mega Kang Blastoise can be pretty strong. The only reason I'm running him on my team is that I needed a Follow Me user that doesn't get utterly destroyed by Zard Y, but I mean my teams a perish trap team so it's not like it's super competitive to start with. Still yet to lose with it though so fingers crossed I guess lol.
    Oct 23 2016 06:48 AM


I have lowered my prices at my signature shop. Come get a signature for only 75 points! http://lakevalor.net/topic/12339-reborns-signature-shop/page-1
Oct 12 2016 09:20 AM