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  • Member Since: 23 May 2015
  • Birthday: July 12, 1998
  • Age: 18 years old
  • A.K.A: Bio

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Oh cool 1000 posts. Now what

Updated 22 Dec · 2 comments

About Me

Welp, what should I say. Hmm... Let's start with a simple Hi! How are you? Good? Good! I'm most likely alright. If I'm not dealing with a stupid problem, then it's stupid people; sometimes both! However, it's not too bad. Got a nice cat, friends that I'll have to the end, and plenty of food to fill the hole in my heart. Who know's, maybe we could be friends. You'll catch me anywhere that's not competitive talk, because screw that noise. I'm also now the proud owner of Deadpool Sanc and Sans Sanc


Some other things about me, uh hmm... I like food. I like trying new foods and showing them to my friends. Hole-in-the-wall is a frequent word in my vocabulary. I'm also a fan of animals that are not on my dinner plate (sorry that was bad). My plan is to have a PhD. in ethology which is the study of animal behavior. Any other questions feel free to ask me in my q&a! I like talking.


Lastly don't forget to check out my poem in the lit library! http://lakevalor.net...about-the-veil/

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    Wherever I'm standing
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    Gardevoir, Gengar, and Kyogre
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  • Discord Discord  BiohazardSr
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The wonderful wyx made me this!

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hoy bio, did you rejoin the bees?
Jan 18 2017 04:31 AM 


Oh cool 1000 posts. Now what
Dec 22 2016 06:47 AM 

Grand RizerBiohazardSr

just out of curiosity did you name yourself from the biohazard(resident evil) games
Dec 19 2016 07:02 PM 
  • BiohazardSr's Photo
    Nope! I made an emblem in COD once out of a biohazard sign. Since Biohazard is usually taken I thought it would be cool to use BiohazardSr (as in senior) instead
    Dec 19 2016 08:50 PM
  • Grand Rizer's Photo
    Grand Rizer
    oooh okay
    Dec 20 2016 07:03 AM


http://lakevalor.net/topic/12854-biohazardsrs-big-book-of-poems/#entry340449 I finally got a new poem out! Go read please, and let me know what you think
Nov 19 2016 09:51 PM 


Round two pf the quiz is tonight! No body is going to want to miss it!
Nov 19 2016 10:42 AM