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Social Team

Learn about our Social Team and how you can join.

Social Team
In order to grow even further, Lake Valor has established a Social Team which is built up of individuals who are tasked with taking care of promoting our site outside of the forums on Social Media. This usually involves maintaining our Social Media accounts, creating art to promote site events or thinking of new ways to attract attention for Lake Valor outside of the site.

Below are the two current roles we have going.

Social Media Poster
Social Media Posters are expected to regularly post content, pictures, updates and interesting trivia to our Twitter Page. There are certain requirements, such as making at least one per day, but don't worry - we've set out many handy tips and guidelines that help you make the best posts possible, and it's also possible to schedule out Tweets in advance if you're away! Being a Social Media poster is also something you could put on your resume, just saying.

Social Media Artist
Social Media Artists are requested (on Discord) to create art to promote certain happenings around Lake Valor, such as special Pokémon Catcher events or maybe something happening in the Pokémon universe. Unique art makes us stand out, so that's why we need artists! Lake Valor is nothing if not full of creative individuals.

Though we do NOT recommend applying solely for the perks (this will get you either denied or dropped extremely quickly from the team), there are some you can take advantage of such as a cool orange username, special rank bar under your username in posts, extra PokéPoints per posts and even a special section on Lake Valor to share ideas and discuss the Social Team in.

Want To Apply?
So, if you feel you meet these requirements and feel you can add to our Social Team as an Artist or a Poster, please apply by dropping an Administrator or a Super Moderator a message!

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Oct 29, 2018

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