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Aftermath [ RWBY RP character sheets]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by BiohazardSr, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. BiohazardSr

    BiohazardSr My name is Sid. Sid the Bard

    May 23, 2015
    [These are where to put the old character sheets, NOT sign ups. This rp is just a continuation of the year of Valor. Those in this rp include @[member="Tonochi"], @[member="DrGetus"], @[member="shinygiratinaz"], @[member="LadySmugleaf"], and @Lunar-Peacle]

    Tragedy has fallen across Remnant. What remains of this thriving land, has fallen into panic and chaos. Beacon has fallen, grimm and bandits run the lands, the White Fang's revolution is in full swing, and our heros are scattered across the kingdoms. Each fought valiantly in holding back the opposing forces and assisting civilians and students in fleeing the school grounds, however some of them lost their lives when the drones of Atlas suddenly turned on us. Despite the loss, their sacrifice helped most people flee to safety. With that, our heros went on their own journey. Some with their team, others on their own, and a Welcome, to the aftermath of the Fall of Beacon. Will you help rebuild? Or perish with the nation.

    [I am pretty much using the same format for character sheets, spare a change or two]

    Name - Most characters have a first name and a last name, and most student's names are based off a colour.

    Age - Everyone is a young adult. Feel free to have a little leeway with this

    Colour - The colour your character is affiliated to. This is evident in their name and appearance, so choose wisely.

    Race - There are two races; Humans and Faunis. Faunis are basically half-humans half-animals. All Faunis shown in the show so far are humans with distinctive animal body parts, such as a tail or ears. You can also include their home location or location of residence before moving into Beacon. [Fun facts. Faunus usually only have one animal trait. Keep it in mind]

    Gender - Pretty self-explanatory. You can elaborate a bit here by specifying if they prefer to be called by a gender they're not and, if you think necessary, their sexual preference. This is a topic that will be taken lightly within the RP, with two characters being able to fall in love only if both parties agree to do so.

    Appearance - Also self-explanatory. Height, body figure, hair colour, hair style, eye colour, skin tone, etc.

    Personality - What is your character like? Are they friendly, or a really quiet person? This is the place to write it! And don't be shy on the details! (Just remember to keep it appropriate)

    Skills and Abilities - These usually relate to things outside of battle, such as cooking, or being a great planner, or excellent on surviving in the wild. You can also discuss their weaknesses, but leave the in-battle stuff for the next section.

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style - Every character has a weapon, and sometimes these weapons can take on more than one form. Also include a description of your fighting style.

    Semblance - Every character has one of these too. It's just an ability that there born with, usually not too over-powered. [If this is changed from the original one in anyway, please pm me. ALSO feel free to boost up the power on this a bit. It's been some time since the start of this year, and you've all been training hard in the school, and surviving out here. Don't go nuts please]

    Where you are now [optional]- Beacon has fallen, and now you've been scattered. Where has your hero gone off to, and maybe even why? Feel free to tell as much as you want

    Themes - Just a little fun thing, but if you've got a song in mind for your character, you can add that here too. [Optional]

    [I'll get mine up after work. Will edit it in]
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  2. Aiko

    Aiko Anti-Shadow Weapon

    SS Egg #2
    (Dialga Egg)
    Level 36
    Mar 7, 2016
    Lure Ball ★★★★Friend Ball ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★Ultra Ball ★★Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    Name - Paluna santari
    Age - 19

    Colour -Paluna
    Race - Human

    Gender - Female;Bisexual

    Appearance - A skinnier girl around 5 and a half feet tall. Has purple hair and a birthmark across her right shoulder. Very pale since she never goes out.

    Personality - After the fall of Beacon, Paluna changed. She had seen death and destruction for the first time in her life. She blames herself for the death of her teammates. She is still a pretty happy person, but sometimes just wants to be alone.
    Skills and Abilities - An amazing cook that just took up drawing and draws occasionally in her free time. Also really good at swimming. Loves anime and can tell you basically anything about any anime ever(basically shes a big weeb). Plays some video games, but usually says her hands hurt if someone asks her to play.

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style - Long range bow named Aranglot. It shoots a variety of arrows and has a new function of turning into a spear . Usually normal arrows, but can be poisonous, fire, or invisible arrows. Its about 48' in height and weighs about 10 pounds. She likes to stick around mid range so shes far enough away from melee users.

    Semblance -Paluna can be invisible for up to a 2 minutes and 30 seconds and a cooldown of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. If someone touches her while she is invisible everyone can see her.

    Where you are now [optional]- After the fall she first went to meet her parents in Atlas for a short time then came back to help rebuild Beacon. She is now searching for her brother in Mistral.

    Themes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLmopbS97aY
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  3. LadySmugleaf

    LadySmugleaf Cries in Poetry

    Dec 31, 2014
    Name - Rose Pikamina

    Age - 18

    Colour - Light Pink

    Race - Faunus, from the far western mountainous region of Vale

    Gender - female

    Appearance - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4tZPNZK0BuYb0hxazBsYnRTQW8/view?usp=sharing
    Rose has a petite figure, reaching only 5'. She is also very pale with grey blue eyes and her once long, thick black hair has been cropped short, reaching just above her shoulders and usually pulled back into low pigtails, tied with a light pink ribbon. Though it gives more of an appearance of pompoms. Being a faunus, she also has a pair of black cat ears. Because she has spent her life fighting grimm, she sports several scars that she used to be cautious showing to people, continues to hide them out of habit instead of fear.
    Rose generally wears black capris, a pink halter top with a black poncho and black combat boots. She also carries a leather messenger bag and a hip quiver for her arrows. She also wears a brown leather gauntlet on her right arm and a fingerless glove on her right.

    Personality - Rose is an optimist, preferring to look on the bright side. She is very friendly although the that has been tempered by her recent experiences and she mostly adheres to solitude to the company of strangers, though she much prefers being around other people. She can be hyper and get excited easily, but also gets distracted just as easily, though she rarely shows those traits anymore, due to having to become a lot more focused. Though she kept her good heart and is still very loyal to her friends and family.
    Rose is very proud of her ability to take care of herself, as she has an independent streak a mile wide, something that has only grown since her recent experiences. She prefers to pick her fights, uncaring if others think she's a coward.

    Skills and Abilities - Rose is a good climber and enjoys heights. She also is excellent at hunting and tracking and is a fairly decent cook when she has the chance. She is also very friendly, though she isn't so quick to become friends after her recent experiences. She also has some proficiency with the Ocarina and has natural stamina, heightened by her years of experience and pushing herself.
    Rose also has extensive knowledge of herbal cures, homeopathic remedies and first aid. Though she excels by herself, Rose is a horrible judge of character, which often leaves her without any money. After the fifth time of that occurring, Rose generally tries to keep to herself.
    During her time in beacon, Rose became more of a night owl and an insomniac, due to being unable to sleep because of the silence. But now she pushes herself to become tired enough to sleep as both a survival tactic to get her rest and as a coping method to not dwell on what might have happened to her family and friends.

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style - Her weapon of choice is her bow, which can convert into a gun or a staff. Rose is generally a long distance fighter, though she knows enough about close combat to defend herself until she can reach higher ground where she can snipe from safety or she can tire her opponent out, often by using her semblance to dodge the worst attacks and then outlasting them due to her stamina.

    Semblance -Foresight, which gives her to ability to predict any incoming movements when active, not unlike gut feelings, super accurate but very draining, she can only hold it for a few minutes before draining herself completely.

    Where you are now- Somewhere in the middle of Vale, heading east towards the coast. After the fall of beacon, Rose made her way to her home, barely remembering to leave a note for her team. It was there that she was met with ruins and a group of bandits looting. Rose saw red and quickly defeated them, but her family was nowhere to be seen and after hours of searching, she found a barely legible note saying they had fled Vale. She gathered what was left of their supplies and money and left, trying to find her family and friends, intent on going to Mistral first, where her mother hailed from.

    Themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc_9RT4q8YA
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  4. Getus

    Getus The Senate

    (Kyogre Egg)
    Level 18
    Apr 4, 2016
    Philosopher's CowlReaper Cloth ★★★Psychium Z ★★★★Great Ball ★★Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    Name — Ember Stein
    Age - 18
    Colour — a blend of red and orange, primarily red with an orange secondary
    Race — Human — From the outskirts of Mistral
    Gender — Male

    Appearance — 6'1 with a muscled body (More upper body than lower). He has red hair that hangs loosely around his head, the bangs stopping short of his eyebrows. Over his eyes he wears a pair of tinted glasses, hiding his orange eyes from view. He is also pretty pale, causing his eyes, when revealed, to stand out due to their colour.

    His outfit consists of a mix of crimson armour and white bandages. Over his chest he wears a chest plate with the head of a snarling wolf engraved into the steel. The armour covers from his neckline, down to the bottom of his stomach, and it is armless. Instead of wearing armour of his arms he has bandages down to his wrist, and covering his hands are gloves with steel woven into the material, giving it some of the protection gauntlets would but keeping the flexibility.
    His waist is covered in bandages as are his knee's and ankles meanwhile the rest is covered by similar armour to his chestplate.
    He carries SusiHammas, his weapon, in a sheath on his waist.

    Personality — Ember has, like his name suggests, a fiery personality. This means he is easy to rile up and causes him to lash out. To counter this though he has learned the art of meditation in order to calm himself, but this is all forgotten during battle where he is fueled by his emotions. Despite this though he is protective of those he considers a part of his 'pack', willing to strike down those who harm them. On the other hand he can seem uncaring to others problems, and would rather let them handle it themselves only stepping it when he feels it is needed.

    Furthermore he is quite the private individual, preferring to keep his past to himself

    After watching Beacon fall, and his memories of his parents fate creeping back up, Ember went on a prilgrimage where he attempted to make peace with his demons. Alone he was unable to do so, and so he suffers from nightmares that, in turn, causes his already short temper to become even shorter. The lack of sleep, along with giving him the shorter fuse, has caused him to slip into daydreams and lose focus often.

    Skills and Abilities — Ember is good at hunting and surviving in the wild due to his upbringing. Also follows his instincts when dealing with unknowns, not always right. Due to this he can come off as distrusting and paranoid. Furthermore he is easily angered.

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style — Ember's weapon is a great sword he calls 'SusiHammas' roughly translating into 'Wolf Tooth'. It is a 175cm in overall length, with the handle being long enough for both his hands to grip it. Above the handle, covering the bottom of the blade where it connects with the handle, is a wolf's head with open jaws. The entire great sword is silver, except for the wolf's head which is red with orange eyes. The sword can also turn into a shotgun by retracting the blade into the wolf's head and the blade becomes a barrel that hides within the jaws of the wolf.

    Ember's fighting style can be described as one used by a 'Juggernaut', he charges head first into battle using his semblence to pull his target towards him as he attacks, or reflect any attack that could pose a threat.. He also uses his semblence in tandem with his attacks by increasing the weight of his attacks at their peak to give extra impact by either releasing a pulse of repulsive gravity that, if the area is right, will slam his opponent into the environment. He can also use the attraction feature of his semblance to pull an opponent into his attack.

    Semblance — Ember's semblence is partial control of gravity, in the form of repulsive and attractive attacks. Using either function Ember can either pull objects/people towards him or push them away. The force of this effect is based on how much effort Ember places into the use. Due to the semblance involving Ember asserting his will over a person the use of the semblance is rather draining on Ember's stamina. Therefore, Ember uses the semblance in short bursts at key moments where it would affect the fight the best. The semblance drains more of Embers stamina is he uses it on a sentient being, as they have their own will and will resist but if the object is inanimate or has no will of its own he will be able to use the semblance without much problem.
    Essentially the more someone resists, the harder and more draining the semblance is to use.

    After his time in Beacon, Ember has developed his prowess with his semblance to reduce how much stamina is costs and increasing the range around him he can release the attack.

    Backstory/History —

    Ember has a mixed heritage, his father being a wolf Faunus but on the other hand his mother being a human. At his birth, the only signs of him having a Faunus heritage would be his slit orange eyes. Despite this though, it was determined Ember was human. At first his eyes were a sore topic for Ember, due to bullying he suffered in his younger years due to them, but after his family moved away from civilization, Ember began to make peace with his stand-out features. Knowing that, despite him accepting his eyes were apart of him, others would not and would either respond like his childhood tormentors or would be weirded out by their eerie appearance. This led to Ember adopting a pair of sun glasses to hide the features.

    At the age of 10, Embers home was attacked by a swarm of Grimm that, after sizeable losses, were able to kill his parents. The stress and distraught Ember felt from the events caused him to unlock his semblance and, due to his age and inability to control the semblance though, wiped out the surrounding Grimm and his home in a repulsive blast. It was after this his teacher found him unconscious in the ruined area and took him with him into the forest where he lived.
    The exhaustion from the use of his semblance caused Ember to enter a coma for close to a month, and after awakening he discovered he was no longer in his home. After meeting his rescuer and coming to terms with his loss, Ember threw himself into his training vowing to become stronger, strong enough to prevent anyone else going through what he did.

    As he grew older though, Ember began to develop a temper that stems from his faunus half, and knowing he would not be able to tame it, his teacher decided to help him use it in his fighting style and so Ember learned how to harness his own anger to add ferociousness to his attacks, a ferociousness that grew the more Ember embraced his Wolf-like qualities.

    One day though, when training, Ember and his teacher had an argument that caused Ember to lose his temper and, using his semblance, he threw his teacher through their home. Seeing what happened, combined with memories of what his semblance did all those years ago, Ember fled from his second home. After months of wandering and living on the land, Ember met a teacher from Sanctum Academy who, after a week of consideration, got him entered into the Academy.

    When he was 17, Ember was accepted into Beacon Academy and so he entered with a goal of growing stronger. Strong enough that he would be able to harness the full strength of his semblance and prevent anyone going through what he did.

    Where he is now:
    After the fall of Beacon, Ember decided that it was time to face his fears and so he is currently travelling back to the woods he grew up in and hopes to reconcile with his teacher, and if possible complete his training so he can put his demons to rest and protect Remnant like his father once did while fulfillling his dream.

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  5. Lunar-Peacle

    Lunar-Peacle Of Moonlight and a Thousand Eyes

    Sep 9, 2014
    Name - Ning-Yun "Yun" Chui

    Age - 18 borderline 19

    Colour - Grey

    Race - Human

    Gender - Female

    Appearance - 5'3", she is considerably small in height, but she has a lithe frame. Her once dark hair bun had been released as a single high ponytail, leaving a stray braid down the right side of her head. She has light skin and cloudy grey eyes. Her outfit is a grey mandarin top and pants with white trims on the sleeves and neckline, as well as black flats and white socks. Her hands and calves (area of leg past knee to ankle) are wrapped with white bandages to increase grip on her weapons) and decrease wind drag (calves). She wears a sash around her waist to decrease air drag and it acts as a makeshift sheath for her weapons.

    Personality - Yun is mostly quiet, and almost always spaced out when undisturbed. She prefers to be kept alone on most times, but will not mind company. A patient person, she is good in listening and understanding things, especially when it is related to book knowledge. On the other hand, she is still very sceptical in terms of negotiation with other parties and has a hard time making important decisions quickly. Over the course of time, she developed a strong loyalty to her family and friends and has no qualms putting herself on the line for them.

    Skills and Abilities - From her time in Beacon, she has greatly improved in terms of cooking, and further in hunting. Her ability to kill has further improved since the fall of Beacon, but she still carried the guilt of killing as a whole, even though she has yet to kill a person.

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style - A pair of twin fans named Yuan and Yang respectively. Made of rosewood, but after returning home, she fortified her fans with hollowed metal. The paper in the fans are layered with wax to prevent tearing. The fan structure is predominantly bronze in colour with a tassel hanging on the end of each fan. Yun is considerably ambidextrous, but is also just as good using a single fan.

    Yun's fighting style combines primarily Chinese martial arts like Taichi and Kung-Fu. She is mostly fast with good reflexes, but cannot deliver strong hits well, even though she is still improving in this regard.

    Semblance - Flight. From the start of the year, Yun had mostly mastered levitation as a whole, but at this point in time, she has Improved in her Semblance of flight. She is able to fly up greater heights and stay in the air longer. (For maximum 5 minutes she can stay airborne, it takes equally (or longer) to roost/recharge) However, she is still susceptible to strong winds and any form of weather or anything that can make her lose concentration and fall.

    Where you are now [optional]- Yun had returned home to the mountains in Vale to check on her family. While some members have died, she stayed behind to help to rebuild the martial arts academy. However, over the course of time she stayed at home, she realised her purpose for joining Beacon was to after all, become a respectable Huntress in her own right and help those she can. Yun left her home with a heavy heart and now wanders the land, determined to help anyone else in need from the disasters that had happened.

    Themes - To be decided.
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  6. BiohazardSr

    BiohazardSr My name is Sid. Sid the Bard

    May 23, 2015
    [Ok I'm writing here cause can]

    Name: John Green

    Age: 19

    Color: Green

    Race: Faunus [Viper]

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: John stands roughly at about 5'10" with a medium sized frame. Is skin has a slight tan to it, but can still be considered pale. His face is a bit narrow, coming to the point in the chin. He has green, messy hair and two dark green, snake like eyes.

    He wears thick jeans and a black hoodie that are dotted with bits of armor all around to allow mobility. On his head he wears a pair of pilot goggles that he keeps up foe most of the time

    Personality: John is an often blunt man, unafraid to speak his mind and opinions on things. Often times he's a little too stubborn for his own good, choosing to risk his life over his allies' and friends'.
    As of recent though, John's fell in a bout of depression. What with the fall of beacon, and the death of his teammates, he's a bit more emotionless then usual.

    Skills and abilities: What John lacks in the arts, he makes up for in the mind and body. John enjoys a lot of people watchign, choosing to use the info he's gathered fornlater to help interact with his team and be a better leader. Out in the wild he excells even better, with a good knowledge of how to survive in many situations, and what is safe to eat. Though unfortunately his cooking is built more towards safe to eat and less... flavor

    Weapons: He carries two gauntlets simply, but accurately, named Faust. He swapped out the blade on the back for a dust magazine, to allow for some styled punches. it's also a gun

    Fighting Style: John prefers much more close and personal barrage of attacks, a leave no time for an opening. He hits hard and fast, and any pause he does leave is filled in by his allies. His main flaw is how much of a glass cannon he can be at times. At times he's fighting on nothing more then pure stubborness and willpower, which can lead him into serious injury.

    Semblance: Density Shifting. John has the ability to lower and raise his density for unique affects. At the start of the year he could simply raise and lower it, but he's developed it since, such as isolating it to his fist and feet for extremely dense attacks, hardening his body to allow for a near impenetrable shell, and lightening his body to allow for floating for some time. The two drawbacks are its energy drain, and how it affects his mental state. Use it too many times in a heavy battle, and he starts going a bit wild.

    Where you are now: After the fall of the Academy, and the death of his teammates, John went back home to his parents where he helps out making weapons. Buisness is unfortunately going well.
    He spends his days defending the homestead and helping around the shop.

    Theme: https://youtu.be/lVb83ltfKWY
  7. shinygiratinaz

    shinygiratinaz Boats Against the Current

    Dec 18, 2013
    Name - Luta Aliquam

    Age - 19

    Colour - Orange/Gold

    Race - Faunus (Lion). Has a lion's tail. Lived in a small desert outpost in Vacuo before coming to Beacon.

    Gender - Female

    Appearance - http://imgur.com/Wjft3jj She has olive skin, hazel eyes, and blonde and orange-streaked hair that she keeps cropped short around her ears. She's 5'8" and far more muscular than average. She wears an orange t-shirt with scaled armor over her right arm and the right side of her chest, and jeans. Her shoulder armor has a slot that her weapon can fit in to when it's retracted. She has a lion's tail tipped with a tuft of orange hair. Her ears are studded with ivory-white fangs of various sizes.

    Personality - Luta is abrasive and bold, but she's realized it isn't always helpful. She's occasionally self-conscious of her own personality, especially in stressful situations, thinking that she's been acting childish. She tries to be more serious and quiet to compensate for this, but she is genuinely awful at doing so.

    Skills and Abilities - Luta is still almost impressively bad at cooking. Her night vision and great senses of hearing and smell make her an excellent tracker. She is incredibly stubborn, but has due to recent events become slightly more receptive to opinions and observations that conflict with hers.

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style - Luta's weapon is a war-axe named Boomstick that can transform into a flamethrower. Even as a war-axe, she is able to shoot flames across the blades while attacking with it. Her fighting style has become even more reckless and aggressive than it was, with her relying on ignoring off any damage with her semblance and taking out her foe as fast as possible.

    Semblance - Luta's semblance allows her an increase in strength and speed and temporarily eliminates her ability to feel pain. As her semblance has increased in power, her strength and speed have gained even more of a boost and she is able to hold her semblance longer. The numbness to pain and exhilaration of power has started to become addicting to her, however, and she tends to abuse her semblance for it.

    Where you are now [optional]- Luta has wandered for a while, taking out Grimm where she can and trying to help people she comes across. Recently, she's made up her mind to try and get her team back together in an effort to start fighting back for Beacon however they can. Unfortunately, she has no idea how she's going to find anybody, so she keeps wandering.

    Themes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QCBkwmsOk0
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