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Fanfiction An Eeveenture (Finished)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Uber-Dan, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    A Eeveenture 1

    Protagonist info:

    Name: Shine
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Anticipation
    Moves: Tackle, Baby Doll Eyes, Bite, and Take Down

    "Wake up." said a voice.

    "Huh?" you mumbled.

    "Wake up Shine." said the voice.

    "Five more minutes." you mumbled.

    "WAKE UP!" shouted the voice.

    You jolted awake at the sudden shouting. You wish your big brother would stop that.

    "Big Brother" information:

    Name: Lunar
    Species: Umbreon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Moves: Toxic, Moonlight, Screech, Foul Play

    "Rise and shine, Shine." teased Lunar.

    "Lunar..." you groaned.

    "Come on, breakfast is ready. You're like the typical protagonist or something, always sleeping in." teased Lunar.

    You yawn and stretch as Lunar walks away. Your training yesterday really wore you out. Lunar clearly doesn't understand this having not gone through this training himself. You reflect on it for a moment. You are currently undergoing intense training so that you can take over as guardian of this island.

    You live on Sunshine Shores, one of nine islands gathered in a cluster. This island has a large beach , a small forest, some plains, and a cave. Each island has it's own guardian. All the others are guarded by legendary Pokémon. Sunshine Shores is different though, it's guarded by your grandmother, an Espeon.

    Grandmother info:

    Name: Solar
    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Magic Bounce
    Moves: Morning Sun, Grass Knot, Dazzling Gleam, and Psychic

    Now, you may think that's odd but Solar is a tough Espeon, capable of handling herself against the other guardians. According to your parents, Solar in her prime was unstoppable, capable of taking on vast armies of Pokémon without breaking a sweat. You're unsure how much truth is behind that. Solars age has been catching up to her though and she fears she may not be around much longer.

    "SHINE, BREAKFAST!" yelled Lunar.

    You snap out of it and wonder why you just did an internal monologue like that.

    "Coming." you call.

    You run to a clearing to meet you mother and father.

    Mother info:

    Name: Wash
    Species: Vaporeon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Moves: Aqua Ring, Acid Armor, Ice Beam, and Hydro Pump

    Father info:

    Name: Bolt
    Species: Jolteon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Quick Feet
    Moves: Thunder Wave, Pin Missile, Double Kick, and Discharge

    "Good morning Mom and Dad." you said.

    "Good morning Shine." said Bolt.

    "How did you sleep?" asked Wash.

    "Rough, I was sore all night from training." you replied.

    "Well Solar she just wants to make sure you are ready to take her spot." said Bolt.

    "Why me though? You used to be the leader of an exploration team and Mom is quite the fighter." you asked.

    "We've been over this before. Solar can tell that you are the best fit, you just need training." said Bolt.

    "I know but it's so hard." you complained.

    "Maybe of you put less focus into complaining all the time and more into your training it won't be." said a voice.

    You turn to the source and see it's Solar. She slowly walks over to where breakfast is.

    "Shine, you can be great but you need to focus." said Solar.

    "I know..." you said.

    "Then why don't you?" asked Solar.

    "Owned by Grandma again." teased Lunar.

    "You shut it. You're not helping things at all you know." snapped Solar.

    "Sorry Grandma." apologized Lunar.

    You fall silent and eat with the others doing the same. It was a berry salad. Wash always had a way with food. After breakfast everybody except you and Bolt went to do different things.

    "Shine?" said Bolt.

    "Yeah Dad? What's up?" you asked.

    "I need you to go to Bursts lab to make sure he isn't starting another forest fire.

    Burst info:

    Name: Burst
    Species: Flareon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Moves: Bite, Dig, Smog, Flare Blitz

    "Can't Chill do it instead?" you asked.

    Chill info:

    Name: Chill
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Moves: Water Pulse, Barrier, Mirror Coat, and Frost Breath

    "Chill hasn't been around for weeks. You didn't notice?" said Bolt.

    "Can anybody keep track of her?" you asked.

    "Point taken." admitted Bolt.

    You begin walking to Bursts lab. Doing so had you traverse the forest. It's not that big but there are a lot of Pokémon looking for a fight. Nothing you can't handle easily.

    Wild encounter 1:
    Rattatta x 2

    You start with Baby Doll Eyes. Both are taken aback and their attack is lowered. You then rush in and Bite one and Tackle the other. Both run away.

    Wild encounter 2:
    Caterpie x 2
    Weedle x 1

    You quickly Take Down the Weedle to avoid being poisoned and it drops fast. The Caterpie launch String Shot at you wrapping you in thread. You quickly Bite your way free and tackle them both. As they reel from your attacks, you tackle them again, knocking them out cold.

    Wild encounter 3:
    Metapod x 3
    Kakuna x 2

    You ignore them completely. You have better things to do then waste energy attacking foes the can't even move.

    Wild Encounter 4:
    Beedrill x 25

    You run away quickly, taking shelter and wait for them to go away.

    Notice: In the future you will need to decide on battle tactics. These were done for you so you know what you are capable of.

    After those battles you come across Bursts lab. Walking inside you immediately duck under a cloud of Smog.

    "It's just me Uncle Burst." you called.

    "Sorry Shine. I heard the Beedrill and thought they got inside." called Burst.

    Burst walks to you.

    "I know why you're here. No I'm not setting the forest on fire again." assured Burst.

    "You better not anyway." said a voice.

    You turn to the entrance to see your big sister.

    Big sister info:

    Name: Seedling
    Species: Leafeon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Moves: Helping Hand, Grass Whistle, Synthesis, and Last Resort

    "Once. Once I set a fire in the forest and you are STILL going on about it." complained Burst.

    "If it wasn't for the conveniently timed rain this would have become Burnt Down Island." said Seedling.

    "I helped by absorbing some of the fire using my Flash Fire ability." pointed out Burst.

    "It shouldn't have happened in the first place." complained Seedling.

    Seedling is usually more calm and relaxed than this but she really gets worked up over that fire. You ponder for a bit, whos side should you take?

    Vote now, whos side to take:
    A. Take Burst side.
    B. Take Seedlings side.
    C. Remain neutral.

    How to vote:
    Leave a comment blow if viewing on DA.
    Stop hovering to collapse... Click to collapse... Hover to expand... Click to expand...
  2. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 2

    Take Bursts side - 0
    Take Seedlings side - 1
    Remain neutral — 2

    "Sis, it was a accident and Burst deeply regret it. But Burst, never do that again. No matter what science says or needs." you said.

    "I figured out that I shouldn't do that experiment again, at least not until I find a way to keep it under control." said Burst.

    "He shouldn't have done it in the first place." complained Seedling.

    "Look, fighting about it isn't going to change what happened. Yes it shouldn't have happened but it did and we should focus on preventing it from happening again rather than live in the past. Sis, I know you better than this. You know Burst didn't mean for that to happen." you explained.

    "I know but..." started Seedling.

    "And Burst, I know you regret what happened and you have taken precautions since." you interrupted.

    "Yeah I have." said Burst.

    "Look, we need to stop this fighting and work to prevent what happened from happening again. Seedling, why don't you help Burst with that? I'm sure you can easily prevent the forest from catching fire again." you suggested.

    "I like that idea." said Burst.

    "Same here." said Seedling.

    With that you left. It seems you made the right choice there. Seedling and Burst working together to stop the latter from catching the forest on fire again, that's something you didn't think would happen.

    You have a few wild encounters and simply use the same tactics as you did before.

    "Those guys are too easy." you thought.

    After getting back home you tell Bolt what happened.

    "Well Shine, if I learned anything from being an explorer it's that sometimes that's the best way to go about things." said Bolt.

    "What do you mean?" you asked.

    "Well, even if you can take an opponent in a fight, they may not solve things. Sometimes you can talk them out of fighting or even befriend them." explained Bolt.

    You pause for a moment.

    "Is that how you met Mom?" you asked.

    "Ha ha no. I found her washed up one day and took her in. After that, things looked good for us, she settled down here and we eventually got you." explained Bolt.

    "Are you telling her our story?" asked Wash.

    "Just a short version Wash." answered Bolt.

    "What happened before you got here?" you asked.

    "Well I was travelling with my trainer and something happened that caused me to run." explained Wash.

    "What happened?" you asked.

    "I-I would rather not talk about it." said Wash.

    Wash looks like she's about to cry.

    "I'm sorry Mom." you apologized.

    "It's ok Shine. It's just something that brings up memories." said Wash.

    Wash walks away.

    "Do you know what happened to Mom?" you asked.

    "Yes but I want her to be the one to tell you when she is ready." said Bolt.

    "SHINE!" called Solar.

    "Looks like it's time for your training." said Bolt.

    You run over to where Solar is waiting.

    "I know I'm late. Dad was telling me a story." you said.

    "You're not late." pointed out Solar.

    "Oh." you said.

    Solar begin your training. You jumped, ran, fought, and a lot of things to improve your power, defence, and agility. It's tiring to say the least.

    "Faster Shine." ordered Solar.

    You huff and puff.

    "Keep going. Just a mew more metres." said Solar.

    You push yourself to the end and collapse in exhaustion.

    "You made it to the end, that's an improvement." said Solar.

    "That course is brutal." you complained.

    "Did you do the exercises I told you to?" asked Solar.

    "No." you replied.

    "I rest my case." said Solar.

    "Grandma..." you began.

    "Shine please. I'm not saying to take this super serious but I want to see you put in some more effort." interrupted Solar.

    "I am putting in effort." you complained.

    "Not enough though." said Solar.

    You groan.

    "Look Shine. I know you don't like it now but late in your life you will need to be strong ok?" said Solar.

    "I know and I do want to protect this island but it's so hard." you complained.

    "Everything in life is hard." said Solar.

    Before you could respond Bolt ran up to you two.

    "Solar, we have a situation." said Bolt.

    You and Solar followed Bolt to the beach where there were hundreds of dark type Pokémon waiting.

    "They just got here. They say there are here to take over in the name of Lunar Peeks." said Bolt

    Lunar Peeks is one of the islands in the area. It's just south east from here.

    "Is that so?" asked Solar.

    "Yeah!" shouted one of the dark types.

    "Get behind me everybody." ordered Solar.

    You and Bolt did as you were told.

    "Get read to feel pain." said Solar.

    Solar closed her eyes for a moment as the gen on her forehead glowed. Upon opening her eyes Solar unleashed a powerful Dazzling Gleam. The pure light blinded you, all you can hear are the dark types screaming. After a few moments you can see again.

    "Still got it in me." bragged Solar.

    You look forward to see what she meant. To your surprise the entire army of dark type Pokémon were fainted.

    "That was amazing grandma." you said.

    Solar didn't respond but rather placed her paw on her chest and began breathing heavily.

    "Grandma?" you called.

    Bolt and Wash helped get Solar to a place she lay lay down comfortably.

    "Are you ok?" you asked.

    "I'll be fine Shine. It seems my age is catching up to me." answered Solar.

    "You say that all the time and look, you took them all out." you said.

    "I used toed that without breaking a sweat. Now I can't use a single Dazzling Gleam without nearly suffering a heart attack." said Solar.

    "I think the question is, why did they attack?" asked Bolt.

    "I don't know but they were from Lunar Peeks which Darktai is the guardian of." said Solar.

    "You think he may have went rouge?" you asked.

    "Wouldn't be the first time he caused mischief and this certainly isn't the first time he nearly threw he world into turmoil." said Solar.

    "The world? Not just the islands?" you asked.

    "Yes. Darkrai has done notorious deeds in the past such as attempting to put Pokémon nationwide into eternal slumber, going as far as distorting time and space to achieve this, all in the name of a simple goal, to enshroud the word in darkness." explained Solar.

    "What! And he's a guardian now?" you asked.

    "Yes, he was supposedly reformed after losing his memories but apparently that's not the case." explained Solar.

    "What do we do about this?" you asked.

    "Shine, I can't fulfill my duties anymore. It's time that you are assigned the role of Guardian of Sunshine Shores." said Solar.

    "But grandma, I'm not ready for this." you objected.

    "I know but you have your family behind you and you are much stronger than you may think. Besides, like I said, I can't fulfill my duties anymore." explained Solar.

    "But I don't know what to do." you said.

    "Listen closely Shine. On the middle island of the cluster, Draketopia, is an Exploration Guild. Talk to the guild leader, a Gallade, and tall him that, 'the little Sunshine is here.'" said Solar.

    "What are you talking about?" You asked.

    "You will know once you get there." answered Solar.

    "I'll do it then, for you grandma." you said.

    "That's the spirit. Listen, I want you to pick two others to come with you. They will aid you and help defeat foes you can't alone." said Solar.

    Vote now: Who to take with you. (Pick 2, the first mentioned will count as 2 votes while the second count as one, think carefully.)
    A-Bolt, Jolteon
    B-Wash, Vaporeon
    C-Burst, Flareon
    D-Lunar, Umbreon
    E-Seedling, Leadeon

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  3. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 3

    A-Bolt, Jolteon - 4
    B-Wash, Vaporeon - 2
    C-Burst, Flareon - 3
    D-Lunar, Umbreon - 2
    E-Seedling, Leadeon — 1

    "Dad, you were the leader of an exploration team, I want to take you with me. Uncle Burst, you're pretty good at blowing things up, I bet you will be able to help me." you explained.

    "You know it son." said Burst.

    "I'll take that as a good thing." said Burst.

    Bolt the Jolteon and Burst the Flareon joined the party.

    "We'll stay here and make sure Solar will be ok." said Wash.

    "Plus with the recent attack, we need to keep an eye on the island as well." said Seedling.

    "Good luck my little Shine." said Solar.

    "Make sure Shine take care of herself dear." said Wash.

    "Good luck little sis." said Lunar.

    "My little sister, may the power of the earth aid you." said Seedling.

    "Question, how will get to Draketopia?" you asked.

    "There is a cruise ship coming later. They will stop here, then go to an island where a fighting tournament is being held, and then Draketopia. You can watch the fights but make sure you get off at Draketopia." explained Solar.

    "A tournament? Can I participate?" you asked.

    "No Shine, the fighters signed up a long time ago." explained Solar.

    "Oh." you sighed.

    "When will the ship come?" asked Burst.

    "In a few hours." answered Solar.

    "Am I the only one who notices the convenient timing of this?" asked Bolt.

    "We all are, we just don't talk about obvious plot conveniences like that." explained Solar.

    "Well that just shattered the forth wall didn't it?" you asked.

    "Yes it did." answered Solar.

    A few hours later, you, Bolt, and burst boarded the cruise ship. Solar pulled some strings to get you the tickets. The boat is super classy and everything was so fancy.

    "Now this is luxury." said Burst.

    "Yeah." agreed Bolt.

    The three of you split up. Bolt and burst relaxed while you looked around to see if there was anything interesting. You later find yourself having a nice chat with a Buneary.

    "So you're travelling?" you asked.

    "Yeah, it's really great. I'm looking forward to seeing all the islands. Except Lunar Peeks of course, no ship can get there. How about you? What are you up to?" answered the Buneary.

    "I'm heading to the guild in Draketopia. My grandmother, Solar sent me there." you explained.

    "Solar? You mean Sunshine Shores guardian?" asked the Buneary.

    "Yep but she passed that title onto me." you explained.

    "Wow, I'm actually talking to a Island Guardian." squeed the Buneary.

    You pause.

    "S-sorry, I get excited easily." apologized the Buneary.

    "It's ok. Anyway, my name's Shine, you?" you asked.

    "My name's Bunal but you can just call me Bun." answered Bun.

    Bun info:
    Name: Bunal (Bun)
    Species: Buneary
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Moves: Endure, Jump Kick, Bounce, Dizzy Punch

    "What will you do once you get to the guild?" asked Bun.

    "I don't know. I was just asked to give the guild leader a message." you answered.

    "That sounds interesting. I plan to visit the guild myself to see if I can officially become an explorer." said Bun.

    "What does an explorer do?" you asked.

    "In addition to exploring new places they take jobs to get money, items, and reputation." explained Bun.

    "That sounds interesting." you said.

    Later, the ship stops at the island with the fights.

    "So, what is this island called?" you asked.

    "The writer didn't bother naming it." answered Bolt.

    "Bolt, if you're going to break the forth wall at least try to be discreet about it." complained Flare.

    "Maybe we should slow down on breaking the forth wall." you suggested.

    The ship sets sail tomorrow morning so you can watch some good fights at the arena.

    The first fight was a Nidorina against an Onix. The Onix tried to use Rock Throw but the Nidorina shattered them with Double Kick. The Onix then Binded her but she used Crunch and then Double Kicked the Onix into submission.

    The second fight was between a Nidorino and a Gengar. Obviously the Gengar won easily.

    The third fight was between a Rhyperior and a figure under a black cloak. You couldn't tell what Pokémon the latter was, only that it defeated the Rhyperior in mere seconds, it was so fast you couldn't even tell what moves were used.

    The forth fight was between an Alakazam and a Golem. The Alakazam use a Psychic attack but the Golem hung on and used explosion taking them both out. Since the Golem was that one that used the attack it was considered the winner.

    "Wow, those were some sweet fights." you said.

    "Yeah, those Pokémon are really tough, especially that mysterious one in the cloak." said Bolt.

    The fifth fight started the second round. You expected the Nidorina to lose like the Nidorino did but apparently she has some tricks up her non-existent sleeve. She avoided the Shadow Punch and landed a Crunch. With the Gengar in her jaws, the Nidorina tossed it aside. Not giving up, the Gengar started launching several Shadow Balls but the Nidorina simply decided to Dig her way out of trouble. Waiting for his foe to strike the Gengar got ready and Shadow Clawed Nidorina as she emerged. However, Nidorina took advantage of the close range needed for a Shadow Claw and Crunched the Gengar again, knocking it out.

    The sixth fight was the cloaked Pokémon against the Golem. Like with the Rhyperior, the fight was over in seconds. Once again it was over so fast you couldn't tell what moves the cloaked Pokémon had.

    The seventh and final fight was between Nidorina and the cloaked Pokémon, it was over just as fast as the others.

    "That cloaked Pokémon is scary." you said.

    "What kind of Pokémon do you thin it is?" asked Burst.

    "Doesn't seem to be anything I ever encountered." answered Bolt.

    After the fights your party got some shut eye in a nearby forest. The next morning you were back on the ship.

    "That was entertaining to watch." you said.

    "Still talking about that?" asked Burst.

    "Sorry, it's just that that Nidorina was so cool. I know she lost against that cloaked Pokémon but the way she handled herself, wow." you said.

    "My ears are burning." said a voice.

    "Oh, I uh..." you muttered.

    "Heh, everybody as that reaction. Anyway, my name's Fury." said the Nirorina.

    Fury info:
    Name: Fury
    Species: Nidorina
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Hustle
    Moves: Double Kick, Crunch, Dig, Poison Fang

    You and your party introduce yourselves.

    "Anyway, I got to get going, see you." said Fury.

    After a couple hours of relaxation your party arrived in Draketopia. It's a huge city but you head right for the guild, no point in wasting time.

    The guild was a large base carved in a mountain. There were several teams there as well. As you walked inside you were greeted by the guild leader, Gallade.

    "Welcome young Pokémon, what can I do for you?" asked Gallade.

    "Well, I was told by my grandmother to tel you that, 'The little sunshine is here.' I don't know what that means." you said.

    "Ah, it's time then. Listen, before I became a guild master I was an explorer like many of the Pokémon here. Solar was my best friend, real tough, even as an Eevee." explained Gallade.

    "Wow, but that doesn't explain the message." you said.

    "Well, simply put your grandmother wants me to make you an official exploration team." explained Gallade.

    "Huh? Why?" you asked.

    "Well, given your mission she felt that you may benefit from the guilds resources." answered Gallade.

    "You mean like more team members?" you asked.

    "Yes, your mission isn't one that can be accomplished alone." explained Gallade.

    "You mean my mission to check on the other guardians?" you asked.

    "Correct. We can come up with a team name later but for now, I can have you sent to one of three islands, Foliage Forest, Lava Blast Island, or Marsh Deep Island." explained Gallade.

    "Um excuse me." said a voice.

    You turn to the source to see it's Bun.

    "Hey Bun." you said.

    "I heard everything. I want to help you." said Bun.

    "That's great, I appreciate that." you said.

    Bun joined the team.

    "So that's what's going on here." said another voice.

    "Fury?" you said.

    "Hey kid, I thought you were something special but when I came by here to see if there's any info on that cloaked Pokémon there was none but I overheard everything. Let me help too." said Fury.

    Fury joined the party.

    "Looks like you're set. However, having everybody come at once will hinder you progress so I recommend taking only three allies and leaving one behind." suggested Gallade.

    You think for a bit. Which island to go to and who to bring?

    Vote now:
    Which island? (pick 1)
    A- Foliage Forest
    B-Lava Blast Island
    C-Marsh Deep Island

    Who to bring? (pick 3, the first mentioned gets 3 points, the second gets 2 and the third gets 1.)
    A-Bolt, Jolteon
    B-Burst, Flareon
    C-Bun, Buneary
    D-Fury, Nidorina

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  4. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 4

    Vote results:
    Which island?
    A- Foliage Forest - 3
    B-Lava Blast Island - 1
    C-Marsh Deep Island - 1

    Who to bring?
    A-Bolt, Jolteon - 9
    B-Burst, Flareon - 10
    C-Bun, Buneary - 1
    D-Fury, Nidorina — 10

    "I'll go to Foliage Forest with my Dad, Uncle Burst, and Fury." you said.

    "Hey, I just joined you, why you leave me behind?" asked Bun.

    "I uh.." you muttered.

    "Just kidding, I understand. Any one of us would be good there." said Bun.

    "Right then, before you go, Solar wanted me to give you this." said Gallade.

    You obtained the summoning charm.

    "That's a very old relic made by the legendary Pokémon, Hoopa. As you progress, the island guardians may offer their aid. Since they can't leave their post, they will instead grant the power to summon them." explained Gallade.

    "Summon?" you asked

    "How it works is, they join you for a single fight then return to their island." answered Gallade.

    "Is there a limit to how much it can be used?" you asked.

    "Yes, it can only be used once per day due to lack of power." answered Gallade.

    "I see. Then I should save it for the tough fights then." you said.

    You pause for a moment.

    "Who can I summon now?" you asked.

    "Nobody now, you need to gain the trust of one of the guardians first." answered Gallade.

    "Question, I heard of island guardians in the Alola region, is there any relation?" asked Fury.

    "No there isn't." answered Gallade.

    "Speaking of guardians, why do the islands have guardians?" asked Bun.

    "Well, I'll tell you the full story." said Gallade.


    A bunch of crystals float around a large area in the middle of the ocean. After a while, the islands are raised.

    "A long time ago, there were crystals that were packed with power. Nobody knows where they came from, only that this power is what created the islands." explained Gallade.

    Each crystal lands on a different island.

    "Each crystal maintains their own island, keeping the balance." explained Gallade.

    A crystal shatters and the islands fall into ruin.

    "If any of the crystals are destroyed, it will be the end of harmony on the islands, the end of life here, an apocalypse if you will." explained Gallade.

    Celebi is floating around one of the crystals.

    "To this end, each crystal called for powerful being to protect them. Answering the call were what are now known as the guardians." explained Gallade.

    "Who are the guardians?" asked Bun.

    Each of the guardians are standing in a circle.

    "You know the Sunshine Shores guardian, Shine here. Foliage Forest to the northwest is guarded by Celebi, Lava Blast Island to the north is guarded by Heatran, Marsh Deep Island to the northeast is guarded by Suicune, Royal Plains to the east is guarded by Mew, Ancient Jungle to the southeast is guarded by Genesect, Deep Freeze Berg to the south is guarded by Articuno, and Lunar Peeks to the southeast is guarded by Darkrai." explained Gallade.

    -End Flashback-

    "It's extremely important that the crystals and their guardians are safe." said Gallade.

    "Understood but I have a question. Why not just go confront Darkrai?" you asked.

    "Lunar Peeks are guarded by a powerful dark force. It's impossible to go there by sea." answered Gallade.

    "How do we go there?" you asked.

    "I don't know. I'll try to figure something out." said Gallade.

    "I've been wondering, you got a name Mr. Gallade?" asked Bun.

    "Huh? Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself didn't I? Ahem, my name is Blade." introduced Blade.

    Blade info:
    Name: Blade
    Species: Gallade
    Ability: Steadfast
    Moves: Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, and Close Combat

    "Right, check out the shops before heading to Foliage Forest." said Blade.

    "Will do." you said

    "Also, think of a good name for your exploration team." suggested Blade.

    Bun stayed behind to do some training while you are away.

    At the market area, you see several shops selling items. Most are closed for some reason though so you buy some food rations.

    "Any idea why the shops are closed?" you asked.

    "No idea." said a clerk.

    With that you head to where the boats are. Blade sent word ahead of time and they know where you are going. Next stop: Foliage Forest.

    Vote now:
    It's a long trip, who's backstory do you want to hear on the way?
    A-Bolt, Jolteon
    B-Burst, Flareon
    C-Fury, Nidorina

    How do you deal with the following wild battles?

    Battle 1: Bulbasaur x 5

    Battle 2: Pidgey x 3, Pidgeotto x 2

    Battle 3: Rattata x 10

    Battle 4: Weedle x 4, Kakuna x 2, Beedrill x 1

    Battle 5: Pineco x 1

    Battle 6: Wurmple x 7, Silcoon x 3, Cascoon x 3, Dustox x 2, Beautifly x 2

    Boss: Scyther x 2, Scizor x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like Baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like Bite and Take Down

    Optional: Suggest a team name.

    Tip: Exp and levels aren't a thing here.

    Tip 2: Attack if you think your team can take the enemy, ignore peaceful Pokémon, hide from foes that are too tough and mobile.

    Tip 3: Attacking foes that are too tough is bad for your health, ignoring Pokémon that won't so the same will get you back stabbed, hiding from still foes and foes that can still sense you is pointless and dangerous.

    Tip 4: Sometimes Pokémon won't attack unless provoked, be mindful.

    Tip 5: Sometimes more than 1 answer is the correct one, it depends on your team.

    Tip 6: You will somehow be fully healed for the boss fight, nobody knows how or why that happens.

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  5. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 5

    Vote results:
    It's a long trip, who's backstory do you want to hear on the way?
    A-Bolt, Jolteon - 2
    B-Burst, Flareon - 0
    C-Fury, Nidorina — 2
    (RNG says Bolt wins)

    How do you deal with the following wild battles?

    Battle 1: Bulbasaur x 5
    A-Attack - 0
    B-Ignore - 2
    C-Hide — 2
    (RNG says ignore)

    Battle 2: Pidgey x 3, Pidgeotto x 2
    A-Attack - 1
    B-Ignore - 0
    C-Hide - 3

    Battle 3: Rattata x 10
    A-Attack - 1
    B-Ignore - 2
    C-Hide - 1

    Battle 4: Weedle x 4, Kakuna x 2, Beedrill x 1
    A-Attack - 0
    B-Ignore - 3
    C-Hide - 1

    Battle 5: Pineco x 1
    A-Attack - 1
    B-Ignore - 3
    C-Hide - 0

    Battle 6: Wurmple x 7, Silcoon x 3, Cascoon x 3, Dustox x 2, Beautifly x 2

    A-Attack - 0
    B-Ignore - 0
    C-Hide - 4

    Boss: Scyther x 2, Scizor x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like Baby Doll Eyes - 4
    B-Attack with moves like Bite and Take Down — 0

    It's a long trip to Foliage Forest so you decided to ask Bolt about his story.

    "So... Dad. About your trainer... He wasn't a nice one was he...?" you asked.

    "I never had a trainer Shine, been wild from the day I was born. Your mother is the one that had a trainer." answered Bolt.

    "Oh. Well, could you tell me about when you were exploring?" you asked.

    "Sure, I'll start with how I joined Blades Guild." answered Bolt.


    A long time ago when Bolt was around your age.

    "Morning already?" asked Bolt.

    "That's right, rise and shine son." said Solar.

    "Breakfast is ready." called a male voice.

    The male voice was Bolts father, Ribbon the Sylveon. Bolt made his way to his parents and had breakfast.

    "Well, how was your adventure yesterday?" asked Solar.

    "It went good, I saved a Charizard from Tiny Woods. Don't ask how he got stuck there because I have no idea." answered Bolt.

    "Well I'm sure he was grateful." said Solar.

    "I took a boat for several hours to do a five minute job." groaned Bolt.

    "Well, Blade got back to me. He's willing to take you on as an apprentice." said Solar.

    "What? How did you get him to do that with my little credential?" asked Bolt.

    "He owed me a favor, we're even now." said Solar.

    "You're going to be a great explorer, I know it. Someday when you return home I bet you'll have a cute Flareon under you front leg." said Ribbon.

    "Oh come on dear. Our boy is more of a Glaceon or a Leafeon sort o guy." teased Solar.

    -End Flashback-

    "After that, I sailed to Draketopia, became an explorer, and had a ton of world experience. Also, I proved my parents wrong when I met your mother while on an adventure. Well, that's the start of that anyway." said Bolt.

    "Huh? That's it?" you asked.

    "Of course there's more but that's a story for a different day." said Bolt.

    "But that isn't much of a story." you complained.

    "Sorry, we're almost there anyway." said Bolt.

    "Already? But the writer said it was a long trip." you said.

    "It takes about an hour and a half." said Bolt.

    "That's a lot shorter than the trip from Sunshine Shores to Draketopia." you pointed out.

    "That was a luxury ship that stopped off at a fighting arena. Blades boat too us straight there and is a lot faster." said Bolt.

    "Are we going to just be ignored here?" asked Fury.

    "Pretty much." answered Burst.

    Later you arrive at Foliage Forest, it's time go through the Pokémon encounters.

    Encounter 1: Bulbasaur x 5

    You ignore them, they glance over but leave you alone.

    Encounter 2: Pidgey x 3, Pidgeotto x 2

    You hide in some bushes, it works at first until one of the Pidgeys flies to your hiding spot for food. Thinking you are ambushing them, they attack at one from the air away from most of your attacks range. Bolt blasts them off with Discharge. Ignoring them or getting the first hit may have been better.

    "The Pokémon here are tougher than Sunshine Shores." you pointed out.

    It's true, you could easily fight everything not named Beedrill back home but it's definitely rougher here.

    "Well, you're used to the Pokémon back home and they didn't come in large of groups as here." said Bolt.

    With those encounters, your party makes their way farther in Foliage Forest.

    "Can I ask you something kid?" asked Fury.

    "Sure, what is it?" you replied.

    "What sort of training did you do?" asked Fury.

    "Well, my grandmother put me through speed training like obstacle courses, strength training like breaking stone, and intelligence training like maze solving." you replied.

    "All to guard your islands crystal right?" asked Fury.

    "Yes, as the youngest member of my family, I'm being trained to take over as guardian." you replied.

    You come across some more encounters.

    Encounter 3: Rattata x 10

    You ignore them. One tries to steal some food off you but a quick glare from Fury keeps it back.

    Encounter 4: Weedle x 4, Kakuna x 2, Beedrill x 1

    You ignore them too. The Beedrill keeps it's eye on you as you pass by but doesn't bother you due to it's main focus being protecting the Kakuna.

    "Say Shine, I wanted to tank you for before." said Burst.

    "What do you mean?" you asked.

    "I mean sticking up for me when me and Seedling were arguing." said Burst.

    "I didn't stick up for anybody, I took the middle road to defuse the argument." you pointed out.

    "Yeah but still, I don't think most Pokémon would blame you for siding with Seedling. As much as I hate to admit it, she has a point, forest fires are very serious." said Burst.

    "It was an accident, you learned from your mistake, and things worked out fine." you pointed out.

    "Heh, we sure got lucky with that rain didn't we?" said Burst.

    "Pretty much." you said.

    You're pretty deep in the forest now. Just a couple more encounters to go.

    Encounter 5: Pineco x 1

    You ignore it, knowing well about it's explosive tendencies.

    Encounter 6: Wurmple x 7, Silcoon x 3, Cascoon x 3, Dustox x 2, Beautifly x 2

    You try hiding. At first, it works but as one of the Wurmples approaches you, it sees you and panics, fearing an ambush attempt on the cocooned Pokémon. This sets the Dustox into attack mode forcing you to fight the group.

    Both Dustox spreak Poison Powder and poison your party. Burst slams into one using Flare Blitz while Fury jumps up and beats it down.

    The Beautigly see this and unleash Silver Wind, inflicting high damage on Bolt and Fury. Burst uses Smog on them to get them back. He then goes to take on one of them leaving you with the second.

    You start by slipping behind a tree. The Beautifly hits the area around it with gust and looks to see how you fared.

    You weren't there however. You drops from the tree and surprise attacked it, knocking out with Take Down.

    Should have ignored that.

    Tip: Pokémon guarding something, such a cocooned Pokémon are on high alert and aren't going anywhere, you will be found if you hide, guaranteed.

    Next is the boss, your party is fully healed somehow.

    You walk into a clearing and see a couple Scyther and a Scizor. Upon close inspection you see they are fighting Celebi.

    "You're persistent aren't you?" said Scizor.

    "Yeah well I'm not giving up." said Celebi.

    Scizor responds with a Bullet Punch to Celebis face sending it to he ground.

    "What are you doing?" you called.

    "Looks like we have company." said Scizor.

    "Shine, is that you? These thugs are working for Darkrai. They're here to break the crystal." called Celebi.

    "Shut up you." snapped Scizor.

    Scizor motions the Scyther to attack your party while he battles Celebi.

    You begin the fight with your Baby Doll Eyes.

    One of the Scyther charges you but Burst slams into it using his Flare Blitz. Bolt blasts the other one with Discharge and it retaliates with slash.

    The other Scyther knocks back Burst with Slash. The combination of the attacks and recoil leave it weakened.

    "Fury, can you cover me?" asked Burst.

    "On it." replied Fury.

    Fury charges at the Scyther standing over Burst and bite it with Poison Fang which poisoned it.

    You use your Baby Doll Eyes again. One of the Scyther, specifically that one that wasn't just poisoned, charges you. Bolt blasts it with Discharge before it gets too close. Both Scyther are now down.

    "Oh for the love of... I'll handle you myself then." said Scizor.

    "Just try it, you're 1 vs 4 here." you bragged.

    "Perhaps but these islands are full of emera, specifically awakening emera." said Scizor.

    Scizor hold up a looplet.

    "Now, let's even these odds." said Scizor.

    Inserting an awakening emera that he found on the island into his looplet, Scizor mega evolves.

    "Try this on for size." said Scizor.

    "Shut up already." complained Burst.

    Burst slammed into Mega Scizor in a massive Flare blitz. In a single attack, Mega Scizor is severely wounded and her revers back to normal Scizor.

    "Gotta go." said Scizor.

    The three Pokémon flee, leaving Celebi on the ground. Bolt goes up to it.

    "Celebi will be fine, just needs some rest." said Bolt.

    You and your party stay the night to ensure Celebis safety.

    What will you say/ask Celebi when it wakes up?

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  6. Uber-Dan

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    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 6

    With Celebi being down but not out, your party rests there for the night. The next morning, Celebi is feeling a lot better.

    "Good to see your awake. I'm impressed you know my name, I'm here as both explorer and guardian to investigate if Darkrai forces have attacked any other islands besides my own." you said.

    "Well, we guardians do know each other and we did meet before." replied Celebi.

    "We did?" you asked.

    "Yeah but you were just a baby at the time. You were so adorable." replied Celebi.

    "So, is it safe to say that your crystal is intact?" you asked.

    "Yep, all thanks to you." replied Celebi.

    "It seems so. I am glade we where just able to help out before it got worse." you said.

    "Same here." said Celebi.

    "Why were you fighting on your own? Don't you have anyone to help you in this island?" you asked.

    "Well I do but I didn't have time to fly away to get reinforcements. I did try to contact somebody else but I couldn't reach him." answered Celebi.

    "Who did you try to contact?" you asked.

    "Don't worry about it." said Celebi.

    "Some say you have time travelling power, is it true? If yes then couldn't you, like, travel back in time and warn us if stuff goes the bad guy's way? You know, just in case if Darkrai wins." you asked.

    "Well I tried that but everybody thought I was being paranoid. They really thought Darkrai was a good Pokémon." said Celebi.

    You gesture.

    "I know, not the first thing you would want to talk about But honestly it scares me anyone would wish to harm anothers island like this." you said.

    "Same here honestly, and not much scares us mythical Pokémon." said Celebi.

    "What happened anyway?" you asked.

    "Well, I was minding my own business then those three ambushed me. I tried to contact, erm him, for help but couldn't get through. You came shortly after the fight started and you know the rest." answered Celebi.

    "Any clues why Darkrai would be acting like this?" you asked.

    "Honestly I don't know why he would do this, especially considering his own island would be destroyed as well." admitted Celebi.

    "If war breaks out, will you have to leave the land?" you asked.

    "I doubt war will break out, rather we will probably form a united force to take on Darkrai." answered Celebi.

    "Any tips to help me being a good guardian?"

    "First, sometimes avoiding a fight is better that charging into a fight, however sometimes you need to fight. Second, you may be surprised who you can befriend." answered Celebi.

    "Get some good rest. Thank you for your time." you said.

    "I will. Also before you go, if you need my help you can use that necklace to summon me." said Celebi

    You can now summon Celebi. It can use Seed Bomb, Zen Headbutt, Solar Beam, and Heal Bell.

    Later as you walked back.

    "How did that go dad?" you asked.

    "You did good." answered Bolt.

    "We all did." added Burst.

    "I wonder what Bun is doing." you said.

    "Probably some training." said Fury.


    "Any 3s?" asked Bun.

    "Go fish." replied a Diglet.

    "How are you holding those cards?" asked Bun.

    "That's top secret, just like what my body looks like. Trust me, it isn't pretty." said Diglet.

    -Back to our heros-

    "Yep, probably some intense training with Blade." said Fury.

    It took the entire morning to get back to the boat and it was mid afternoon when you got back to Draketopia.

    Back at the guild, you explain everything to Blade, he seems excited.

    "Excellent, at this rate you will save us all in no time." said Blade.

    "Yeah, especially with Celebi on our side." you said.

    "Just remember, that necklace only contains a fraction of Hoopas power, it can only be used once per day after which it need to be charged. I suggest saving it for major fights." reminded Blade.

    "Got it, and I also thought of a team name too, The Eeveentures." you said.

    "Nice." said Blade.

    Blade registers your team as The Eeveentures.

    "Right, now that you are an official exploration team, you can use the resources at the guild." said Blade.

    "What sort of resources are there?" you asked.

    "We can house any Pokémon that aren't coming along on an adventure, we did that with Bun. There is a recruitment drive where you can check out potential new recruits for your adventure, we will have a few in a couple days. We have requests from Pokémon but you're too busy for that. Finally, we have a massive information hub." explained Blade.

    "Information hub?" you asked.

    "That's right. We have the largest information networks in the islands. Even the Kecleon shopkeepers are part of it." explained Blade.

    "Speaking of shopkeepers, why are so many shops closed?" you asked.

    "The shopkeepers are having a vacation. Every Pokémon needs one every now and then. They work hard and will be back in several days." explained Blade.

    "Alright then." you said.

    "Anyway, if you leave now for an island, you will arrive in the evening. You should leave in the morning." suggested Blade.

    "Ok. I was wondering through, how did this guild come to be?" you asked.

    "That's a good question. Let me explain." said Blade.

    You listen carefully.

    "Before I became a guild leader I was a humble rookie explorer travelling the world with my best friend, Solar." explained Blade.

    "My grandma?" you asked.

    "That's right." said Blade.


    A Ralts walked through a field to his partner, a Eevee.

    "Hay Solar, you up for an adventure?" asked Blade.

    "You bet I am. Dad says this has been good for my training" said Solar.

    "I can see why, you're so strong and smart." said Blade.

    "You could say I have great Anticipation skills." pointed out Solar.

    "I see what you did there." said Blade.

    After a boat ride they were in a dungeon.

    Encounter 1: Grimer x 5

    Solar Tacked one Grimer into another one. Blade blasted one with Confusion. Both retreated from the remaining two using Poison Gas and returned to slam them into each other. The Grimer that Solar Tackled recovered only to be met with Take Down and Confusion.

    "That was too easy." bragged Solar.

    "We're the best, that's to be expected." bragged Blade.

    Encounter 2: Tyrouge x 2

    Solar shivers in Anticipation.

    "I got this." said Blade.

    Sure enough, Blade takes out both of them with Confusion very quickly.

    "Thanks, I can't stand fighting types." said Solar.

    "Well, maybe some day you can evolve into an Espeon, then fighting types will fear you, plus it fits your name." suggested Blade.

    "It's funny how that works isn't it?" said Solar.

    Years later Solar, now and Espeon, and Blade, now a Gallade, were exploring.

    "Man this cave is deep." said Blade.

    "WHOS GOES THERE?" bellowed a voice.

    "Whoa, is that the boss of this area?" asked Solar.

    "Wait, let me handle this." said Blade.

    Blade steps forward a bit.

    "Wait, we're not here to intrude." said Blade.

    "THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?" demanded the voice.

    "We were just curious about what's in this cave." assured Blade.

    "SO, YOU ARE EXPLORERS THEN?" asked the voice.

    "Yes." answered Blade.

    A pair of glowing eyes appear and get closer. When it came into view both Solar an d Blade realized it was Darkrai.

    "I apologize for my temper before. Some Pokémon believe I want to try to enshroud the world in darkness." said Darkrai.

    "Why would they think that?" asked Solar.

    "Because I did before. I regret my actions and I want to make thinks up to the Pokémon of the world but, it's been hard." said Darkrai.

    "I know, there isn't a guild on the islands I come from. I bet if you help us form one, Pokémon will come to know the real you." suggested Solar.

    -End Flashback-

    "What?! Darkrai helped form this guild." you exclaimed.

    "Yes, and honestly I get the feeling we don't have the full story on this situation." suggested Blade.

    "What do you mean?" you asked.

    "Call it strange but I get the feeling it isn't as simple as Darkrai wanting to destroy the islands. Something is wrong here but I don't know what." said Blade.

    "I'll keep an eye out for any oddities." you said.

    "Thank you. Now then, which island will you go to next?" asked Blade.

    Vote now.
    Which island to go to next? (Pick 1)
    A- Lava Blast Island
    B- Marsh Deep Island

    Who to bring? (pick 3, the first mentioned gets 3 points, the second gets 2 and the third gets 1.)
    A-Bolt, Jolteon
    B-Burst, Flareon
    C-Bun, Buneary
    D-Fury, Nidorina

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  7. Uber-Dan

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    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 7

    Vote results:
    Which island to go to next?
    A- Lava Blast Island - 0
    B- Marsh Deep Island - 3

    Who to bring?
    A-Bolt, Jolteon - 8
    B-Burst, Flareon - 0
    C-Bun, Buneary - 4
    D-Fury, Nidorina — 6

    That evening you lay awake in bed. You were planning your next move and decided to pursue Marsh Deep Island as well as bringing Bolt, Bun, and Fury. You assume there will be a lot of water types there meaning Burst would struggle there despite his power.

    You flashback to the fight against Mega Scizor, if it can be called a fight, Burst took it out in a single hit. Despite that he won't fare well against water types like what will be at Marsh Deep Island, these type advantages and disadvantages are a major balance aren't they? Otherwise there would be a few super strong Pokémon controlling the world.

    You think about your group, in addition to your normal type self your party consists of an electric type, a fire type, a poison type, and another normal type. Each one has moves outside their type but it would be nice to get help from others as well.

    You think about your attacks, among them is Baby Doll Eyes. This obviously means you will evolve into Sylveon at some point but you don't know when or how you will activate it. For now, your training and experience will do.

    You think about your family. Seedling would have made an excellent support, Lunar is very tricky and clever, and Wash has training from a Pokémon Trainer. Any one of them would have been a major help but taking any of them would mean leaving either Bolt or Burst behind. It's a trade off and you have to use what you got.

    You think about this recruitment thing Blade mentioned. It seems interesting and apparently a bunch of new ones will arrive in a couple days. After Marsh Deep Island, you will get a new ally. You don't know who you will be picking from now do you know how many you can have.

    You think about Darkrai, just what is he up to? Blade mentioned something not being right. Did something cause Darkrai to change? You can't imagine what it could be. Solar mentioned Pokémon used to think he had changed. Just what is going on here? Who would want to destroy the crystals and end all life on these islands and why?

    "Something on your mind?" asked Bolt.

    "Just everything." you sighed.

    "It's a big mission isn't it?" asked Bolt.

    "You're telling me. Not to mention the fate of a lot of Pokémon was suddenly thrust into my paws." you said.

    "We wouldn't have done that if we didn't think you could do it." said Bolt.

    You pause.

    "Besides, you're never alone." said Bolt.

    "I know." you said.

    "Heh, maybe we'll run into an old friend of mine." said Bolt.

    You assume he means one of his old exploration teammates.

    "Yeah, I imagine their experience will be helpful." you said.

    You think about Chill. She's a very eccentric Glaceon, always running around, traveling from island to island for no reason at all. She never needed a reason to do something, she seemed to just do it for the sake of doing it. "Just do it." she would say followed by, "Don't let your dreams be dreams." which you never figured out the meaning of. She's you crazy aunt but you lover her anyway.

    "Well, let's get some shut eye." said Bolt.

    "Yeah, we got a big day tomorrow." you said.

    Hours later you wake up but not at the guild.

    "Where am I?" you asked.

    "Your end." said a ominous voice.

    You turned around and found yourself face to face with Darkrai.

    "Oh crap." you said.

    Darkrai lunged at you only to be stopped by a bright light.

    "That's enough you." said a soothing voice.

    You then woke up for real.

    "Thank goodness." you thought.

    Vote now:

    "Wait a second. We're ending this chapter already?" you asked.

    Yeah, it's been over a week and I want to get this out.

    "You spent most of the time playing games. If you weren't so lazy you would have a longer chapter." you complained.

    Right, anyway.

    Vote now:
    Who's backstory to hear on the way? (pick one)
    A - Bolt, Jolteon
    B - Bun, Buneary
    C — Fury, Nidorina

    Battle tactics: (pick one each)
    Encounter 1: Poliwag x 5

    Encounter 2: Mudkip x 5, Marshtomp x 2

    Encounter 3: Slowpoke x 6, Slowbro x 3, Slowking x 1

    Mini boss: Swampert x 1, Politoad x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Summon Celebi?

    Note: If you summon Celebi now you won't be able to do so during the boss.
    Note 2: There are signs of fighting in the area, patches of ice suggests ice attacks were used at some point, the Pokémon here may be agitated, take that into consideration.

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  8. Uber-Dan

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    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 8

    Vote results:
    Who's backstory to hear on the way?
    Bolt, Jolteon - 1
    Bun, Buneary - 0
    Fury, Nidorina - 2

    Battle tactics:
    Encounter 1: Poliwag x 5
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 3
    Hide - 0

    Encounter 2: Mudkip x 5, Marshtomp x 2
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 1
    Hide - 2

    Encounter 3: Slowpoke x 6, Slowbro x 3, Slowking x 1
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 3
    Hide - 0

    Mini boss: Swampert x 1, Politoad x 1
    Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes - 1
    Attack with moves like bite and Take Down - 2

    Summon Celebi?
    Yes - 1
    No — 2

    As you sit in the ship again, you begin to wonder about Fury.

    "So. Fury. Do you have a reason for going out fighting or are you just doing it for the rush of it? After all, 90% of strong mons have a reason to pushing themselves to be that strong." you asked.

    "Well I don't deny that I get a rush from fighting but there is another reason. We poison types are often looked down upon and I wanted to prove that we are a force to reckoned with." explained Fury.

    "I never heard of poison types being looked down upon." you said.

    "Think about it, how many types do we have an advantage over that fire doesn't already cover?" asked Fury.

    You think for a moment.

    "Just the fairy type." you answered.

    "Exactly and because of that, being a poison type had little advantage until the fairy type was discovered and Clefairy was suddenly weak against poison attacks." explained Fury.

    "Wait, Clefairy wasn't weak to poison attacks until the fairy type was discovered?" you asked.

    "Apparently not." answered Fury.

    "How does that work? Did nobody notice it taking super effective damage?" you asked.

    "I haven't the slightest clue. I understand with Ralts and it's evolved forms wiping out poison types using psychic attacks before they could be hit with poison but others, I have no clue." answered Fury.

    You decide to change the topic before you get a migraine.

    "So, back to why you wanted to be strong, how did you go about it?" you asked.

    "Well, we do have a long boat ride, I guess I could tell. It all started when I was young." said Fury.


    A young Nidoran♀ was playing with her friends, a Geodude, and a Wooper. It was a pleasant day as the young Pokémon had fun in the fields. However, their fun was short lived as a couple grass type Pokémon, a Snivy, and a Oddish, appeared and attacked. Both the Geodude and Wooper were knocked out very quickly.

    "Why are you doing this?" asked Fury.

    "Because we can." answered the Snivy.

    Now, you would think being a poison type would give an advantage in a 1v2 situation but nope, Fury was beaten too.

    "How weak." commented the Snivy.

    -End flashback-

    "When we came too, all our money was gone. It was at that point I knew I had to be strong. I trained myself until I evolved. I then confronted those bullies and showed them whos boss." explained Fury.

    "That's it?" you asked.

    "No silly, let me continue." said Fury.


    Fury had just beaten up the bullies with her friends cheering for her. However, some Nidoran♂ were snickering nearby.

    "What's so funny?" demanded Fury.

    "Well, everybody thinks your tough just because you can beat Pokémon with type disadvantages." said a Nidoran♂.

    "I'll show you." snapped Fury.

    Fury lunged at the Nidoran♂. However she was out numbered and beaten quickly.

    -End flashback-

    "You see Shine, this journey of mine isn't to become strong but rather to learn some discipline. I can't be flying off the handle every time somebody insults me. It's just that sometimes beating the stuffing out of everybody isn't the answer." explained Fury.

    "Wait a second. First you were saying that you wanted to become strong to show poison types are a force to be reckoned with and now you are saying that you only wanted to learn some discipline." you said.

    "Well, when you said fighting I thought you meant the tournament. I entered it to show the poison types strength but the overall journey is to learn discipline. That being said, getting stronger is something every Pokémon wants." explained Fury.

    "Really?" you asked.

    "Of course. In this world Pokémon fight for several reasons and everybody need to defend themselves." explained Fury.

    You never thought about it but there is a lot of fighting among Pokémon. You also hear about humans training Pokémon to battle. Apparently they are stronger than wild Pokémon such as yourself. That's not important though.

    "What happened next?" you asked.

    "Well Shine, that's a story for another time." answered Fury.

    As the boat arrives you can see some signs of ice type attacks. With that, you keep your guard up. Still, you wonder who caused ice attacks. You know that most water types can learn ice attacks.

    "Well, this place lives up to it's name." noted Bolt.

    Your father is right, the entire island is partially underwater. Even you are up to your neck in water. Of course you are also tiny but that's beside the point. After some walking/swimming you come across some Poliwag.

    Encounter 1: Poliwag x 5

    You ignore them. They look at you, clearly on guard but they don't attack, good move there.

    "What happened here?" you asked.

    "I don't know. There was some fighting here, that's for sure, It's got the locals on edge." said Bolt.

    "Either way, we have a job to do here." said Fury.

    In the next area you encounter some Mudkip and Marshtomp.

    Encounter 2: Mudkip x 5, Marshtomp x 2

    You hide and sneak by. They're too busy to take notice of you. However, something is clearly bothering them. It's clear something is going on here. Good move there.

    "You know, it was a good idea not to bring Burst here." you noted.

    "Yeah, fire types and water don't mix that well." said Bolt.

    "I heard some fire types like Simisear can use Scad, a water type attack." said Bun.

    "Interesting thought, I do know they can." said Bolt.

    You didn't notice before but that was the first time Bun spoke up all day.

    "Something wrong Bun?" you asked.

    "No, why?" asked Bun.

    "Well, you've been really quiet there." you said.

    "I know, I've just been doing some thinking." said Bun.

    "About what?" you asked.

    "Evolution." said Bun.

    Before you could ask you come across some Slowpoke, Slowbro, and a Slowking.

    Encounter 3: Slowpoke x 6, Slowbro x 3, Slowking x 1

    You ignore them. They notice you went by about six hours later, ha. Good move there.

    As you walk along you suddenly hear a voice.

    "There they are." said a voice.

    You then find yourself confronted by a Swampert and Politoad.

    Mini boss: Swampert x 1, Politoad x 1

    "Wait a second, I don't think they can use ice type attacks." said Swmpert.

    "They may have an ice type hidden power." said Politoad.

    "What's going on?" you asked.

    "As if you don't know, attack." said Politoad.

    You decide to save your summon for the boss.

    "Well, looks like we have to do this the hard way." you said.

    Politoad summons rain using Rain Dance.

    Bolt leads the fight by Discharging electricity. Swampert was immune but Politoad takes massive damage, amplified by the rain, your part also takes damage though.

    Swampert charges forward and narrowly misses Bun with a Hammer Arm. Bun responds with a Bounce.

    You charge Swampert with Take down but he grabs you and slams you into the ground, ouch.

    Fury is busy working on Politoad, furiously slashing it while avoiding retaliatory moves.

    Bun comes down right onto Swampert, damaging and paralyzing it.

    Bolt hits Swampert with a Pin Missle.

    Your party and your foes are reeling from those attacks but are still able to keep fighting which you plan on doing until a voice calls out.

    "What's going on here?" asked the voice.

    You look over and see a familiar face.

    "Chill." you said.

    Chill looks over to your foes.

    "Hey, sorry about the Frost Breath earlier. I wanted to make an ice shelter and didn't see those Poliwag." said Chill.

    "Wait, if that was you then, they..." began Politoad.


    Swampert and Politoad give each other a nervous glance before fleeing.

    "So, what brigs you here?" asked Chill.

    "Big mission, we need to check on the legendary Pokémon guarding the crystals on these islands." you explained.

    Chill jumps up and down in excitement.

    "Can I join?" asked Chill.

    She's crazy but pretty strong.

    "Sure, we would love your help." you answered.

    Chill the Glaceon joined the party.

    It's getting late, you decide to set up camp for the night.

    Vote now:
    What will ask Chill? Ask away.

    Encounter 1: Lotad x 5

    Encounter 2: Wooper x 4, Quagsire x2

    Encounter 3: Lombre x 2, Ludicolo x 6

    Boss: Serperior x 2, Sceptile x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  9. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 9

    Vote Results:
    Encounter 1: Lotad x 5
    A-Attack - 0
    B-Ignore - 3
    C-Hide - 0

    Encounter 2: Wooper x 4, Quagsire x2
    A-Attack - 1
    B-Ignore - 2
    C-Hide - 0

    Encounter 3: Lombre x 2, Ludicolo x 6
    A-Attack - 0
    B-Ignore - 0
    C-Hide - 3

    Boss: Serperior x 2, Sceptile x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes - 2
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down —1

    "So, Chill, I thought I should address the Mamoswine in the room and ask you why you're here? Does it have something do to with that rock of ice that made you evolve? What's it called? Ice Rock?" you asked.

    "Nah, I'm here because I'm bored. These islands are nice but it can get boring sometimes and yes, it is called an ice rock but it isn't here, it\s back home." answered Chill.

    You both pause for a moment, when it's clear you aren't going to say anything Chill continues.

    "How about you? Why are you here?" asked Chill.

    You talk about your mission, about Darkrai trying to break the crystals, and you making sure that doesn't happen.

    "Well they are guarded by legendary Pokémon from around the world and they are powerful but I imagine it's been a while since their last battle." noted Bolt.

    "Well then, how about you let your crazy cousin Chill help out." suggested Chill.

    Chill joined the party.

    "You already said that in the last chapter narrator." noted Fury.

    Oh right, sorry.

    "Anyway, we better get going." you said.

    "What about breakfast?" asked Chill.

    "This is the Pokémon universe, eating is optional." you answered.

    Move on you did, and some encounters happened.

    Encounter 1: Lotad x 5

    You walk by the Lotad. You think you did anyway, they do like to pretend to be ordinary lily pads so you can't really be sure.

    Encounter 2: Wooper x 4, Quagsire x2

    They're simple but not dumb. They know you were there. They keep an eye on you but take no action.

    Encounter 3: Lombre x 2, Ludicolo x 6

    You hide from them. Their dancing and loud noise means they are too busy to see you and you can't even hear yourself think around them.

    Boss: Serperior x 2, Sceptile x 1

    "So, you think we'll get there and not have to fight a hard battle?" asked Chill.

    "Nope, every areas will probably involve fighting a mega evolved Pokémon. I mean, it even says right up there that we are about to face a boss." you said.

    "Shine my friend. We may be aware of the forth wall but there are times we shouldn't awknoledge it to maintain a good story." said Chill.

    "What do you mean?" you asked.

    "Well, with the story we are not supposed to know when we are about to fight a boss but that's there to tell the reader. It's called acting and it's essential." answered Chill.

    You decide to drop the subject and keep walking. Soon you come acoss large pool of water. In the Middle, Suicune is fighting a Sceptile and three Serperior. It knocks out one of the Serperior with an ice Beam but the others take it out.

    "Shesh, you fell quickly." taunted the Sceptile.

    "Boss, we have company." said a Serperior.

    You and your party come out.

    "The Sunshine Shores Guardian, a Jolteon, a Buneary, a Nidorina, and a Glaceon? I think you're outnumbered and out typed there." taunted Suicune.

    "Shut up." snapped Sceptile.

    "Shall we?" asked a Serperior.

    "Get them." commanded Sceptile.

    You grab your necklace and prepare your first summon. Celebi appears.

    "Let's do this." said Celebi.

    You begin the fight by shining your Baby Doll Eyes. Both Serperior counter by using Coil. This creates an opening allowing Chill to use Frost Breath on one of them while Bolt launches Pin Missiles.

    Bun Bounces high in the air while Fury delivers a harsh Poison Fang to the one reeling from Chills Frost Breath. Bun comes down on the other and both are taken out.

    "That was a little too easy." you said.

    "They were probably weakened from fighting Suicune and they were forced to Coil when their attack stats were sharply lowered." said Bolt

    "Hmph, those serpents are tough but it seems I need to take matters into my own hands.." said Sceptile.

    With those words, Sceptile sticks an awakening erma into it's looplet and promptly Mega Evolves.

    You begin the fight with Baby Doll Eyes. Mega Scveptile simply blasts you with an Energy Ball. Celebi immediately charges in with a Zen Headbutt. Chill takes the opening to hit Mega Sceptile with Frost Breath.

    Bun Bounces in the air. Fursy charges in for a Poison Fame but is blasted back by Mega Sceptiles Dragon Breath. Bun comes down but Mega Sceptile side steps it and blasts her with an Energy Ball.

    Celebi throws a Seed Bomb at Mega Sceptile, it doesn't do much damage but it deistracts it from Chill.

    Chill nails Mega Sceptile in it's back with Frost Breath, catching t off guard. Staggering, it tries an Energy Ball but Fury gets it with a Poison Fang in it's back before it could be launched.

    "Ack, they're too strong." said Mega Scptile.

    All of your foes flee leaving your injured party and Suicune. Celebi disappears as your necklace runs out of power.

    "That was rough." you said.

    "Indeed, even with Suicune weakening them they really out up a fight." said Bolt.

    You camp for the evening. Even though you have a lot of questions, Suicune isn't in an shape to answer. It does join as a summon though. It can use the moves Mirror Coat, Exrasensory, Blizzard, and Hydro Pump.

    The next morning your party makes their way back to Draketopia, arriving mid afternoon and reports everything to Blade. Blade in turn tell you that somebody arrived to see you earlier at which point an Absol walks in the room.

    "Eeveentures, meet Razor." introduced Blade.

    You heard about Razor before, he's considered to be a legendary hero and solo explorer. It's said that his slashing skill can cut a steel beam in half. His strength is matched only by his courage on facing dangerous foes.

    Razor info:

    Name: Razor
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Super Luck
    Moves: Slash, Shadow Claw, Psycho Cut, and Night Slash
    A legendary Hero that wonders the islands. His name is known far and wide and he is known to traverse great distances to salve injustices.

    "Razor, it's an honor." said Bolt.

    "The honor is mine Eeventures, you have been tasked with saving millions of Pokémon and that's why I'm here. The one responsible for this, Darkrai, has hired Katrina to go after you." explained Razor.

    Katrina, Solar told you about her, she's an infamous assassin. Very few Pokémon targeted by her live to tell the tale. However, those very few Pokémon were saved by Razor. Still, the thought of her coming after you sends chills down your spine.

    "I can tell you are scared, if you wish to discontinue your mission I can take over." suggested Razor.

    "No can do, grandma tasked me with this and I will face any danger whether it's Darkrai, Karina, or any other Pokémon threatening me." you said.

    "That's what I wanted to hear. I will come with you, I can't simply stand by even if Katrina wasn't involved." said Razor.

    Razor joined the party.

    "Right, before we do that some new recruits have finished their basic training. We do need extra hands around here so you can only pick one of them." said Blade.

    Blade takes you to a room with four young shiny Pokémon, Petil, Vulpix (classic), Zoura, and Nincada.

    "Um, hello. I'm Petal the Petil, I hope I can help in some way."muttered Petal.

    "Listen up you, your team needs somebody with passion and style and I, Kitsune, have plenty of both." bragged Kitsune.

    "Hey, if sneaking by others is what you prefer then no Pokémon does it better than me, Zori the Zorua. My illusions will get you through any situation." bragged Zori.

    "I may appear weak but I, Cicada the Nincada, have trained as a ninja. My stealth and speed will be of great use to you." bragged Cicada.

    Vote now: Which Pokémon will you take with you?
    A-Petal (Petil)
    B-Kitsune (Vulpix)
    C-Zori (Zorua)
    D-Cicada (Nincada)

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  10. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 10

    Vote Results:
    A-Petal (Petil) - 1
    B-Kitsune (Vulpix) - 0
    C-Zori (Zorua) - 0
    D-Cicada (Nincada) — 2

    You think about you choice for a bit.

    "I'll go with Cicada. As a Nincada he will eventually become 2 Pokémon and like he said, his training will be useful." you decided.

    "Excellent choice Eeveentures." said Cicada.

    Cicada joined the party.

    Name: Cicadan (shiny)
    Species: Nincada
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Compound Eyes
    Moves: Mind Reader, Fury Swipes, Metal Claw, Dig

    The others seem disappointed...

    "oh... um... I guess I should have expected this." muttered Petal.

    Petal sulked away...

    "GAH! ARE YOU NUTS!? I, erm, I mean of course you couldn't see what sort of passion and style I have. Hmph, well I'm too good for you losers any day." snapped Kitsune.

    Kitsune huffed and left...

    "Well, I offered you my help and you turned me down. You loss, not mine." said Zori.

    Zori walked away...

    "Don't worry about them, they'll get over it. For now, you need to get ready for the next island, Lava Blast Island." said Blade.

    "Lava Blast Island, I don' think I can help you there."said Cicada.

    "Don't worry about it. There are other islands." you said.

    Cicada nods.

    "Also, the shop keepers came back from their vacation. You should check them out." noted Blade.

    "I'll keep that in mind." you said.

    You take a nice walk over to the shops. With the shopkeepers back you can browse their wares. You see the following for sale that is interesting to you:
    Attack Looplet: 200P
    Defense Looplet: 200P
    Sp Defense Looplet: 200P

    You only have 200P so you pick one (voted on below).

    Later that evening you sit down for a chat with Razor.

    "Worried about Katrina?" asked Razor.

    "Yeah, a little." you answered.

    "She's ruthless, no doube she will be waiting for us at our destination." said Razor.

    "How do you know?" you asked.

    "She was never one to pursue but rather waiting where she know her target would go, often in places they would be tired from, and ambush them." answered Razor.

    "How does she fight?" you asked.

    "She likes to teleport around and is ruthless in her attacks. You'll need to watch out for her Focus Blast move." answered Razor.

    "Thanks." you said.

    Razor walks away to tend to something.

    "He's cute isn't he?" asked a female voice.

    You turn around and see it's Chill.

    "What do you mean?" you asked.

    "I like how he looks." answered Chill.

    Chill walks over to Razor and strikes up a conversation. You decide to not listen in.

    You decide to sleep for the night. Early the next morning you see that both Razor and Cicada are up already.

    "Morning." you greeted.

    "Morning Shine." greeted Razor.

    Cicada simply nods.

    "You're both up early aren't you?" you said.

    "I wanted to get a little more preparations one." said Razor.

    You pause.

    "Also, not to be rude but what's with Chill? She started flirting with me last night." said Razor.

    "Honestly, we can't really figure her out but she always means well. That's one thing I'm sure of." you said.

    Razor ponders for a bit.

    "She seems weird at times but she's a good big sister and a really cool friend." you said.

    Vote now:
    Which looplet? (pick 1)
    A-Attack Looplet
    B-Defense Looplet
    C-Sp Defense Looplet

    Who to bring? (pick 3)
    A-Bolt, Jolteon
    B-Flare, Flareon
    C-Fury, Nidorina
    D-Bun, Buneary
    E-Chill, Glaceon
    F-Razor, Absol
    G-Cicada, Nincada

    Encounter 1: Geodude x 10

    Encounter 2: Charmander x 6

    Encounter 3: Magcargo x 3

    Mini Boss: Gardevoir (Katrina)
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Anything you want to say to Katrina?

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  11. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 11

    Vote now:
    Which looplet? (pick 1)
    Attack Looplet - 0
    Defense Looplet - 3
    Sp Defense Looplet - 0

    Who to bring? (pick 3)
    Bolt, Jolteon - 4
    Flare, Flareon - 2
    Fury, Nidorina - 2
    Bun, Buneary - 2
    Chill, Glaceon - 0
    Razor, Absol - 5
    Cicada, Nincada - 3

    Encounter 1: Geodude x 10
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 1
    Hide - 2

    Encounter 2: Charmander x 6
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 3
    Hide - 0

    Encounter 3: Magcargo x 3
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 3
    Hide - 0

    Mini Boss: Gardevoir (Katrina)
    Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes - 0
    Attack with moves like bite and Take Down — 3


    "Ok, I'll but the Def Looplet." you said.

    "Excellent choice." said the shopkeeper.

    "So, where did ya go?" you asked.

    "We just took a few days off, didn't go anywhere." explained the shopkeeper.

    "How was it?" you asked.

    "We really needed it." answered the shopkeeper.

    -end flashback-

    You look to Razor.

    "Basically, she simply finds you cute in a attractive way. And I guess she wants to see if she can hook up with you. At least that's what I think she wants. What did she say to you anyway? " you asked.

    Razor paused.


    "Hey handsome." said Chille.

    "Um, hi?" said Razor.

    "I was just thinking, you and me hang out and CHIL sometime." said Chill.

    "Nice one, maybe later ok?" said Razor.

    -end flashback-

    "She said I was handsome and wanted to get to know me better." explained Razor.

    "That sounds about right for her." you noted.

    "So, who are you taking with you?" asked Razor.

    "Well, I know that you are experienced in fighting Katrina so you're my first pick, Katrina is weak to steel attacks being a Gardevoir so my second pick is Cicada, we mostly avoid fights against wild Pokémon anyway, and my third pick is my dad, Bolt, as his experience is invaluable." you explained.

    "So I'm coming after all, normally I would be nervous about that but your explanation puts me at ease." said Cicada.

    The three of you sit down to breakfast.

    "So, do you plan on avoiding fights your entire journey?" asked Razor.

    "Well, I try to avoid unnecessary conflict." you said.

    "Yes but there will be times when you need to fight." explained Razor.

    You nod.

    "I know that and I'm prepared to fight if needed." you explain.

    You talk a bit about your past fights. Shortly after that the rest of your party shows up.

    "Morning." you greeted.

    You explain your plan to the group. Chill seems disappointed but other that that, everybody agrees.

    "Well, we better be off then." you said.

    Late on the boat, you try to not think about Katrina. The others are too busy talking to ask about their past and totally isn't due to me forgetting to put a vote on who to ask. Instead you think about your own past.


    "Why me?" you asked.

    "Because you are the youngest and the most capable." explained Solar.

    "But I can't even take on a Caterpie." you said.

    "Well, you will grow much stronger." explained Solar.

    "I don't know..." you sighed.

    Just a few years later...

    "Training again? Look at how tough I am already. I don't need training." you bragged.

    "What will I do with you?" sighed Solar.

    -End flashback-

    "Of course I'm tough but looking back, maybe I should have taken my training more seriously." you think.

    You sit with your thoughts until arriving at shore.

    "Here we are." you said.

    Looking forward, you see a long shore full of ashes leading to a volcano. As you hike the ash filled shore you make your first encounter.

    Encounter 1: Geodude x 10

    You hide, they are already hiding but then pass by you, looks like they weren't even looking for a fight. You noticed many are indistinguishable from a normal rock so trying to just walk by them would have been risky. Good move.

    Following the Geodudes, you make it to the base of the volcano.

    "How do we get up from here?" you ask.

    "There is a cave network leading around the place, follow me I've been here before." said Razor.

    Razor was right, he seemed to know where he was going, even skipping the second encounter completely.

    Encounter 2: Charmander x 6 (Skipped)

    However, you do un into encounter 3.

    Encounter 3: Magcargo x 3

    You ignore them, they try to give chase but are too slow.

    "That was easy." you noted.

    After a while to emerge from the cavern to find yourself on the side of the volcano around half way up.

    "Now that's a view." you said.

    "Enjoy it while you can kid, it's the last thing you'll see." called a voice.

    A bright light blinds you as a Gardevoir teleports in front of you.

    "Katrina!" snapped Razor.

    "Of course my old pal Razor shows up, you never miss a beat do you?" teased Katrina.

    "And you never learn do you?" snarled Razor.

    "Learn what?" teased Katrina.

    Katrina turns to you.

    "Nothing personal kid but Darkrai want's you put down." said Katrina.

    "So, Katy. Can I call you Katy? Are you doing this whole killing mons thing for money? Fame? For the rush of it? Or do you have a tragic backstory as a freudian excuse for this?" you asked.

    Katrina pauses for a moment.

    "Well now, I can't say I expected that sort of response. I suppose I could answer you. Simply put, this is all I know how to do. Not the response you wanted? Too bad." explained Katrina.

    "Wait." you said.

    "No waiting, best to get things over with. Oh, and don't think you will be getting you buddies to help you either." said Katrina.

    Before you could ask Katrina hold up the necklace you were using to summon legendary Pokémon.

    "Well then, let's do this." said Katrina.

    Katrina fires a Focus Blast right at you. You barely avoid it by diving out of the way. Razor lunges at Katrina but she teleports out of the way. Bolt takes his opening to pelt Katrina with Pin Missiles, several hit but she deflects the last few with Psychic. Cicada leaps and nails Katrina in the back of the head with a Metal Claw.

    "Enough of this!" snapped Katrina.

    Katrina uses Psychic to launch Bolt at Cicada, knocking out the latter. Razor strikes her in the gut with a Shadow Claw. Katrina is about to fire a Focus Blast at Razor but you slam into her with a Take Down.

    "Time to end this mess." said Katrina.

    Katrina levitates you and throws you right off the side. Razor leaps after you and catches you. Katrina tries a Moonblast but Bolt electrocutes her using Discharge.

    "Not bad, taking your group head on was not a smart move I'll admit. Still, don't think you're safe yet." said Katrina.

    Katrina teleports away.

    You use Baby Doll eyes.

    "Awww...little Eevee too much for ya..." You teased.

    "Don't get over confident, she still has your necklace and she held back." said Razor.

    "She did?" you asked.

    "I can tell she as preoccupied." said Razor.

    Your party sets up camp for the night and tend to your wounds, especially Cicadas.

    Vote now:
    How to deal with the next encounters:

    Encounter 4: Charmeleon x 3

    Encounter 5: Heatmor x 4

    Encounter 6: Golem x 2, Charizards x 1

    Boss 1: Houndour x 12, Houndoom x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Boss 2: Darkrai x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  12. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 12

    Vore results:
    Encounter 4: Charmeleon x 3
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 3
    Hide - 0

    Encounter 5: Heatmor x 4
    Attack - 1
    Ignore - 0
    Hide - 2

    Encounter 6: Golem x 2, Charizards x 1
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 0
    Hide - 3

    Boss 1: Houndour x 12, Houndoom x 1
    Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes - 0
    Attack with moves like bite and Take Down - 3

    Boss 2: Darkrai x 1
    Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes - 1
    Attack with moves like bite and Take Down — 2

    After resting for a bit you notice Cicada is a bit nervous.

    "Nervous about what's to come here?" you asked.

    "A bit, I'm a bug type in a place full of fire and rock types." answered Cicada.

    "Well you did great against Katrina." you pointed out.

    "I second that, going against and defeating a professional assassin is no small feat." said Razor.

    "Think she'll give up?" you asked.

    "Extremely unlikely. Unless her employer, in the case Darkrai, is defeated or turns on her she won't stop pursuing you." explained Razor.

    "We better stay prepared then." you said.

    Razor nods.

    "Let's get moving." said Razor.

    Encounter 4: Charmeleon x 4

    You ignore them, they look over seemingly disappointed that you didn't challenge them. They laugh upon seeing Cicada but that's about it.

    You move on and quickly come across your next encounter.

    Encounter 5: Heatmor x 4

    You hide from them. It wasn't necessary as they were busy hunting Durant. You move on without any issues.

    Finally you see the exit to what appears to be the summit. However the entrance is blocked by your next encounter.

    Encounter 6: Golem x 2, Charizard x 2

    You take cover and hide quietly. After several minutes they leave, mentioning getting something to eat. You successfully slip by.

    "Phew, that was scary." you said.

    "Agreed." added Cicada.

    Once outside you find yourself at the summit. Looking around Heatran, the legendary Pokémon guarding the crystal here isn't around. You fear the worst has happened.

    "This doesn't seem good." you noted.

    Suddenly your party is surrounded by a dozen Houndour.

    "Get ready!" you shouted.

    The Houndour lungs at once. You face one of them head on with a Take Down. Razor Slashes a few of them, Bolt Double Kicks one back, and Cicada digs underground.

    The remaining Houndour stop in their tracks and fire their Flamethrowers toward your group. You all get away but not without burns. You retaliate with Take Down but the burn is limiting your physical attack damage. Razor too suffers an attack drop from the burn.

    "I got this, take cover." said Bolt.

    You and Razor leap a good distance away as Bolt unleashes a massive Discharge. This electric attack knocks out the remaining Houndour.

    "That was close." you said.

    Razor nods.

    "What happened to Heatran anyway?" you asked.

    "I took care of him." said a voice.

    A pillar of fire erupts in front of you as Mega Houndoom makes it's appearance.

    "I was told of your power so I prepared myself." said Mega Houndoom.

    Your party takes their stance.

    Mega Houndoom opens with a Fire Blast. You barely dive out of the way but Bolt is hit and is sent to the ground.

    Razor lunges and Slashes but is thrown back buy Mega Houndooms Flamethrower.

    You clutch your burn. All your attacks are physical.

    "Time to finish you off." said Mega Houndoom.

    Mega Houndoom charges a Fire Blast but before it could finish Cicada emerges from underground, hitting Mega Houndoom in it's gut with a super effective Dig.

    "Did you think I fled or something?" teased Cicada.

    "Not bad but take this!" shouted Mega Houndoom.

    Mega Houndoom fires a powerful Fire Blast but it was intercepted by a Water Pulse.

    You turn around.

    "Chill?!" you exclaimed.

    Chill walks up to you and smacks you in the face.

    "That's for not letting me and Razor have some time together. Take us both or leave us both but come on Shine." complained Chill.

    "S-sorry Chill." you apologized.

    "Just think of us as individuals when choosing your team. Consider our interactions and such not just our types." noted Chill.

    Wow, you never knew Chill to be his harsh, not this insightful.

    Suddenly Cicada begins to glow...

    Cicada changes shape...

    Cicada evolved into Ninjask.

    Cicada forgot Mind Reader and learned Leach Life. Note that Leach Life has it's power boosted to 80 in gen 7.

    The discarded shell left behind moves, it's Shadinja.

    Shedinja joined the party.

    Name: Shadinja
    Species: Shedinja
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Wonder Guard
    Moves: Grudge, Hex, Shadow Ball, Phantom Force

    "Excellent, my training has paid off." said Ninjask

    Shadinja didn't say a word.

    You walked over to the downed Houndoom.

    "No longer mega so he's out." you noted.

    Your party is fully healed somehow.

    "What now?" you asked.

    "Now you die." said a voice.

    Darkrai appears in front of you.

    "Darkrai! Y-you're the one responsible for all this, attacking the islands, trying to break the crystals, and even sending an assassin after me!" you snapped.

    "I do not seek to break the crystals, just obtain their power." said Darkrai.

    "What could you possibly do what that sort of power?" asked Razor.

    "With this power, I will control the islands." answered Darkrai.

    Darkrai raised it's hand.

    "Enough questions, you bunch have been a pain in my side, it's time to take you out." said Darkrai.

    Darkrai sends out a fury of Dark Voids. Each one of your allies is hit, putting them in a deep sleep. Oddly enough, one didn't come for you.

    You turn around and your sleeping friends are suffering in their nightmares.

    "S-stop this!" you shouted.

    "Hmph, like I'll actually obey such a command. Regardless, a deep sleep is too good for you. No, I'll kill you outright instead. Since I'm so honourable, I'll let you make the first move." said Darkrai.

    You charge in for a Take Down but it barely fazes Darkrai.

    "Is that all you got? Take this." said Darkrai.

    Darkrai fires a Dark Pulse at you, doing a ton of damage and sending you flying near the edge of the volcano.

    Reeling from that attack, you knew you can't endure another but what can you do? Then, off the corner of your eye you see it, an awakening erma. You dive for it, barely avoiding another Dark Pulse and waste no time fitting it into your Defense Looplet.

    A surge of energy fills you. Before you could process it you are hit by another Dark Pulse but thanks to the Awakening erma, you are unfazed.

    "You are tougher that you look but no matter, your end is at hand." said Darkrai.

    Too weak for a Take Down, you Tackle Darkrai instead and send it flying. You got it's number now.

    "How could this happen? No matter, I have solutions for this." said Darkrai.

    Darkrai sends a Dark Void at you but you skillfully avoid it and Tackle Darkrai again, pinning it down. Over and over again, you strike with Tackle and Bite, doing tons of damage with each hit.

    As soon as it looks like you have this, the awakening erma wears off.

    "Die!" shouted Darkrai.

    With no time to react, you are his dead on by a Dark Pulse and black out.

    Darkness surrounds you. Your allies all appear one by one. Each of them glares at you.

    "Failure! We trusted you and you let us down! I can't believe this! Worst guardian ever! This is all your fault!" they all chanted.

    "Please, I'm sorry." you begged.

    They keep chanting and have now started throwing feces at you.

    "Please stop. N-no, this can't end like this, I can't give up." you cried.

    Suddenly they all disappeared.

    "Shine." called a voice.

    "Who's there?" you called.

    "You must never give up. Shine, stay determined." said the voice.

    A bright light blinds you and you find yourself back on the boat.

    "What happened?" you asked.

    Tears still stained your face.

    "Don't worry Shine, it was just a Nightmare brought on by Darkrai." reassured Razor.

    Chill jumps on you.

    "Shine I'm so sorry for being so harsh. If that was the last thing I said to you, I would never forgive myself." cried Chill.

    Chill sobs in your shoulder as you pat her back.

    "Now you know what you are up against, it is important to be prepared." said an unfamiliar Pokémon.

    "Who are you?" you asked.

    "My name is Cressila, I hold the power to reverse Darkrais nightmares but being psychic typed, I can't face it in battle alone. Luckily Heatran was there to help me drive Darkrai off.

    "Heatran? How is he?" you asked.

    "Heatran is fine. He said he'll join as a summon as soon as you get your necklace back. Before you ask, yes the crystal is safe." answered Cressila.

    You lay down.

    "This is going to be tough." you sighed.

    "Yes but you have your friends, always remember that." said Cressila.

    Later that night you arrive back in Draktopia. After informing Blade about what happened you go straight to bed. A few hours later however, you are startled away from a loud noise outside.

    "What could that be?" you thought.

    You rush outside and after running around a bit you see Katrina collapsed against a tree. In front of her is the cloaked Pokémon from the fighting tournament. Neither have spotted you as you hide.

    "Your master is a fool for betraying me like that." sneered Katrina.

    "No, you are the fool for failing." said the cloaked Pokémon.

    Looking closer, the cloaked Pokemons head is flopped over a bit.

    "I never fail. Had you done nothing I would have killed her in her sleep." said Katrina.

    The cloaked Pokémon charges in and strikes Katrina hard.

    "Stupid assassin, you will die for this." said the cloaked Pokémon.

    You're still tired from the battle against Darkrai but if you leave, Katrina will probably die.

    Vote now:
    What do you do?
    A-Save Katrina
    B-Leave while you still can

    Notice: From now on, to give an incentive to fight, defeating certain opponents may give rewards. For example, a powerful fighter may see you as worthy or chasing away a predator may cause it's prey to come out of hiding and join you.

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
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    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 13

    Vote results:
    What do you do?
    Save Katrina - 3
    Leave while you still can — 0

    "Damn my hero complex for saving beautiful mons." you said to yourself.

    You can tell by it's movements that the cloaked Pokémon is probably a ghost type so you jump in and Bite it. Taken off guard, the cloaked Pokémon suffers a direct hit.

    "What the?" gasped Katrina.

    Katrina is in shock that you are saving her but can't talk clearly.

    "You interfere, and it's our target. I'll kill two Pokémon with one stone then." cackled the cloaked Pokémon.

    The cloaked Pokémon lunges at you. You get ready to strike it but it zips behind you and proceeds to pummel you several times. You turn around but it backs off, clearly it knows what it's doing.

    "K-kid, that thing only has physical attacks." gasped Katrina.

    With that info you give it the old baby Doll Eyes. It's attack is lowered but it lunges and pummels you even more, sending you right into Katrina. Before you could get back up you feel something being placed on your neck.

    "Mimikyu here loves it's Shadow Claw so don't summon something that's weak to it." suggested Katrina.

    It's your necklace and it's fully charged. You use the power of Hoopa inside to summon Suicune.

    "A legendary huh?" said Mimikyu.

    If it was worried, it hid it well. Suicune opens with hydro Pump but Mimikyu easily dodges it. You lung at it with a powerful Bite but it avoids that too. Taking the opening, Mimikyu slashes Suicune with it's Shadow Claw. You try a Bite again but it slips around and slashes Suicune with it's Shadow Claw again.

    "Time to finish you both off." chuckled Mimikyu.

    Before it could make it's next move, it was slammed by a Moonblast from Katrina. With it's wound sustained from fighting Katrina, you, and Suicune, Mimikyu flees the area. With that, you walk over to Katrina.

    "So, Katy, I never worked as a assassin before. But I'm pretty sure if my boss tried to fire me the way he tried with you I sure wouldn't go and finish the job he asked me to do for him. But then again that's just my honest opinion. Also, in a scale from a Magikarp's Tackle to a Gengar's Shadow Ball, how much pain are you in?"

    "Well observed Shine, yes you are pretty much off the hook on this." answered Katrina.

    "Pretty much?" you asked.

    "Well you never know what else Darkrai may do to kill you. I heard it did a number on you." said Katrina.

    You lick your wound. That was risky but it looks like it paid off.

    "Anyway, to answer your second question, I would rate my pain at a Giratinas Shadow Force." answered Katrina.

    Katrina leans her head against the tree she was collapsed against.

    "Look. Right now you have two options Katy. Fight me and get worse and become a ghost type afterwards, or surrender, get you HP back to full and get to see the sunrise again. And maybe eat some good breakfast afterwards." you said.

    "Like I said, you're off the hook but I'll take medical treatment over dying any day. However, how do you plan on transporting me? You're by no means weak but I doubt you can carry me." said Katrina.

    You think for a moment. Bolt would impale her, Burst would add third degree burns to her injuries, Cicada, Shedinja, and Bun don't some close to being able to carry her, Razor wouldn't want to help her, and Suicune already disappeared. Just then, Fury comes out and walks to you.

    "What's going on?" asked Fury.

    You briefly explain what happened.

    "Well, I'll carry her then. I don't quite 100% trust her but she deserves this chance." said Fury.

    "Thank you and sorry for waking you up." you apologized.

    "Wake me up? HA, I couldn't get a wink of sleep with Chill and Razor playing all night." snapped Fury.

    "Playing?" you wondered.


    "Take that, I'm down to my last card and you have four left." yelled Razor.

    "Miss a turn, miss a turn, miss a turn, last card, and I win." yelled Chill.

    -End flashback-

    "Yeah, playing, what did you think I meant?" asked Fury.

    You and Fury take Katrina to the hospital on Draketopia. Yes, there is one of those there. Leaving Katrina there for the night you turn to her as you walk away.

    "Bye! See you next time Katy! I'll miss you!~♥" you said in a teasing manner as you used Baby Doll Eyes.

    You wink.
    "Also, you look really beautiful in the moonlight. Like, a lot, like, if I was a dude I would be in love right now." you said half-joking.

    Katrina chuckled at this while Fury gave you a funny look.

    "What?" you asked.

    "You're an odd one." said Fury.

    You walk back to bed, and by walk I mean you wobble slowly and collapse halfway there and being carried by Fury the rest of the way.

    "Wake up Shine!" shouted a voice.

    You toss and turn but don't wake up. You hear Cicada say something but you can't understand.
    After that, something hards hits you, sending you flying out of bed.

    "GAH! I'm awake already!" you shouted.

    "Finally, it's late." complained Fury.

    "Hay Cicada, you sure it's safe to be tossing Shedinja like that?" asked Razor.

    Cicada tossed Shedinja up and down.

    "Wonder guard my friends, wonder guard." said Cicada.

    Shedinja disappeared suddenly only to reappear and strike Cicada from behind with Phantom Force, knocking him to the ground.

    "Well I deserved that." admitted Cicada.

    Shedinja just floats there. Despite not saying anything you can tell it's proud.

    "Anyway, how is Katrina?" you asked.

    "She was gone this morning." answered Razor.

    "Razor here kept an eye on her all night. The one second he looked away she was gone, probably teleported." added Fury.

    "She sure didn't want to stick around." noted Bolt.

    "Given how wounded she is, there's a good chance she may succumb to them." noted Razor.

    You gasp in shock.

    "For now, we need to worry about the crystals." said Bolt.

    Your father is right but where do you go next? Mew requires advanced permission for non residents of Royal Plains to travel there not to mention Ancient Jungle and Deep Freeze Burg are inaccessible by ship, and Lunar Peeks is inaccessible period.

    "I don't know where to go next." you said.

    "Well, while you were sleeping I had a word with Blade to get us permission to travel to Royal Plains." said Bolt.

    "Why does Mew require permission like that?" you asked.

    "Unlike the other islands, there isn't any place to hide the crystal. It's right out in the open so extra security was applied. Also, te residents are very snobbish." explained Bolt

    "Did we get permission?" you asked.

    "We'll see at breakfast. Come on, it's getting cold." replied Bolt.

    At breakfast, you find out that it's already cold, darn. Chill doesn't seem to mind though as she snarfs through hers. Burst on the other hand complained non-stop.

    "It's cold." complained burst.

    "I know right?" cheered Chill.

    "I hate cold breakfast." complained Burst.

    "Your body warms it up." noted Chill.

    "Yeah, after I eat it. I like to eat things already hot." complained Burst.

    The both of them keep arguing until Blade walks in the room looking woried.

    "What's up?" you asked.

    "Follow me." ordered Blade.

    You and your party follow Blade to a large communicator.

    "They're here." said Blade.

    A voice begins to speak through the communicator.

    "Hello? Eeveentures? Miss Shine?" said the voice.

    "Shine here, who are you and is something wrong?" you asked.

    "This is Mew. Something came, something horrible. We don't know what it is but we could really use some help. Please come, I'm worried about the crystal." explained Mew.

    "We'll be there ASAP." you confirmed.

    "Thank you, please hurry. Your normal ship won't make it on time so I sent a faster one in advance. It should already be there." explained Mew.

    The communication was cut.

    "That was Mew?" you asked.

    "Yep. Though Mew is normally very easy going and carefree, even pulling pranks all the time. Seeing it stressed like that is worrisome. Even in times of crisis Mew normally keeps a calm and somewhat silly demeanor about it." explained Blade.

    Alright, you know the drill. Pick you team and battle tactics.

    Who to take (pick 3)
    A-Bolt (Jolteon)
    B-Burst (Flareon)
    C-Bun (Buneary)
    D-Fury (Nidorina)
    E-Chill (Glaceon)
    F-Razor (Absol)
    G-Cicada (Ninjask)

    Now for the encounters.

    Mini-boss 1: ??? (Rock/Flying) x 1, ??? (Rock/Water) x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Mini-boss 2: ??? (Dark/Ghost) x 2, ??? (Dark) x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Boss: ??? (Normal/Bird) x 1, ??? (Normal/Bird) x1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Hint: There is something real bad going on in Royal Plains. Something that shouldn't exist is here and is very dangerous. What are they? Where did they come from? How did they appear? No matter what, these are not normal Pokémon and the battles are not normal either.

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn

    Edit: Finally figured out how to have a fanfiction label next to the title and I feel dumb for now knowing sooner, oh well.
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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 14

    Vote results:
    Who to take?
    Bolt (Jolteon) - 9
    Burst (Flareon) - 0
    Bun (Buneary) - 0
    Fury (Nidorina) - 2
    Chill (Glaceon) - 4
    Razor (Absol) - 3
    Cicada (Ninjask) - 0
    Shedinja - 0

    Mini-boss 1: ??? (Rock/Flying) x 1, ??? (Rock/Water) x 1
    Support your allies with moves like Baby Doll Eyes - 2
    Attack with moves like Bite and Take Down - 1

    Mini-boss 2: ??? (Dark/Ghost) x 2, ??? (Dark) x 1
    Support your allies with moves like Baby Doll Eyes - 0
    Attack with moves like Bite and Take Down - 3

    Boss: ??? (Normal/Bird) x 1, ??? (Normal/Bird) x1
    Support your allies with moves like Baby Doll Eyes - 0
    Attack with moves like Bite and Take Down — 3

    After thinking you come to a decision.

    "Alright, I'll take my dad again as well as Chill and Razor." you said.

    "Yes yes yes, I get to be with Razor this time." cheered Chill.

    "Let's go Eeveentures." you ordered.

    At the docks, you see a private speed boat.

    "You know dad why do you rich only help when they realize what threatens others threatens them?" you asked.

    "Well Shine, those speed boats are expensive so they don't have very many. They are rarely used outside of emergency situations. In fact they were created as a means to evacuate quickly." explained Bolt.

    "Evacuate?" you asked.

    "Yep, Royal Plans has a huge population compared to the other islands. In fact, the residents were already evacuated to Draketopia." answered Bolt.

    "Really? Where are they staying?" you asked.

    "In various hotels. I feel sorry for the workers putting up with those snobs." answered Bolt.

    "Not to sound rude but we should get going." noted Razor.

    Chill hops on Razors head.

    "Yeah, let's go." cheered Chill.

    The speedboat was fast, you arrive in an hour. All around is a scene of chaos as various Pokémon flee.

    "This IS serious...No time to lose, Eeveentures, Onward!" you declare.

    "Weren't they evacuated already?" asked Chill.

    "Like I said, a huge population." answered Bolt.

    Waling forward you are quickly greeted by Mew. Mew is clearly distressed.

    "Eeveentures, I'm sorry I can't welcome you and play for a bit." apologized Mew.

    "What's going on?" you asked.

    "Near the crystal there are these, things, that appeared. I need you to take care of them." said Mew.

    Mew flies off leaving your party alone. Walking along you eventually come across a pile of bones.

    "What happened here?" you asked.

    Suddenly the bones stand up and form a Kabutops fossil and Aerodactyl fossil.

    Mini-Boss 1: Aerodactyl fossil x 1, Kabutops fossil x 1

    "What, how and why?" you asked.

    "No idea but they're about to attack." said Bolt.

    You open with baby Doll Eyes but it doesn't seem to work at all. Aerodactyl fossil swoops by and sends you flying.

    Bolt rushes into Kabutops fossil and fires off a Discharge. It seemed to be super effective, that's a good thing.

    Chill blows some Frost Breath on Aerodactyl fossil as it comes back around and completely shatters it only to reform after a moment.

    Razor Night Slashes Kabutops fossil to pieces nit it too reforms.

    "Any ideas?" you asked.

    "Keep breaking them?" guessed Razor.

    "I doubt that will work, look at what they regenerated from." you noted.

    Both fossils attack with wing attack and Aqua Jet. Bolt blasts them both with Discharge. Suddenly you get an idea. It takes a few moments for them to regenerate so you act fast. You grab a piece and throw it really far away. Your teammates get the idea and quickly scatter the fossil pieces as far as possible before the entire party runs away. It will take the pieces at least an hour to regenerate from that.

    "That was rough." you noted.

    "That was brilliant." said Bolt.

    Your party walks along laughing, stopping when a voice calls out.

    "I'm so lonely." said the voice.

    "Huh? Who's there?" you asked.

    "Stay... won't you stay with me?" asked the voice.

    Suddenly a humanoid copse emerges from the ground, stopping half way. Beside it, a couple gruesome white hands emerge as well.

    Mini-boss 2: White Hand (Dark/Ghost) x 2, Buried Alive (Dark) x 1

    You charge forward intending to Take Down one of the White Hands but you go right through it. You land a hit on Buried Alive but it didn't flinch, it just grabbed you and was about to pull you under when Razor Night Slashed it, making enough of a distraction for it to let you go.

    "Best to keep our distance from that thing." you suggested.

    "I think we got that already." pointed out Razor.

    One of the White Hands grabs you and begins to squeeze. You respond by Biting it, forcing it to release you.

    Chill ducks under a punch from the other White Hand and blows some Frost Breath. It hits the White Hand that grabbed you and Buried Alive but the latter was unharmed.

    You charge in and Bite the same White Hand as it reels from the attack and it flops over on the ground. The remaining White Hand slams down on you with a fist, that's gonna leave a mark. Bolt blasts it off with a Discharge.

    "You ok Shine?" asked Bolt.

    "Yeah, I'll recover." you replied.

    "Hey, anybody notice that think hasn't attacked?" asked Razor.

    It's true, Buried Alive hasn't made a move to attack your group at all. In fact, now that you look closely, it seems to be directing the White Hands like one of those Pokémon trainers you heard about. Considering what happened the last time you attacked that think, you figure it's best to take out the White Hand first.

    "Either way, there is still a White hand around." you said.

    Razor Night Slashes it, causing it to fall to the ground.

    "Not anymore." bragged Razor.

    Buried Alive lets out a loud screech and explodes along with both White Hands.

    "That did that." you said.

    Your party walk along a bit, the fancy city is in ruins. You don't know what caused it.

    "Hey!" called a voice.

    You turn around to see Mew.

    "Mew, how is everybody?" you asked.

    "Everybody was taken to safety. It's just us, our foes on the island now, and some other Pokémon that was sneaking around." explained Mew.

    You noticed Mews tone was more cheerful. Seems it has gotten over the shock of what is going on. Mew flies around your party before stopping in front of you.

    "Let's go." said Mew.

    Mew joined the part. No summing it for this story.

    Name: Mew
    Species: Mew
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Synchronize
    Moves: Barrier, Me First, Aura Sphere, Psychic
    The guardian of Royal Plains. Very playful and energetic, Mew is an oddball.

    Mew zips ahead and your party follows closely. The place is messed up, it looks like an epic battle took place here. After a while your vision blurs and you can see your foes through the static..

    Boss: Missingno (Normal/Bird) x 1, 3TrainerPoke$ (Normal/Bird) x1

    "W-what are those things?" you asked.

    "No idea." answered Bolt.

    You lunge forward to try to Take Down Missingno and it's down in a single hit, that was easy.

    3TrainerPoke$ rises up and delivers a barrage of Poison Stings. Razor and Chill are hit and the later is poisoned.

    Chill blows some Frost Breath. It hits but does little damage. She the takes burn damage despite being poisoned. Razor moves in for a Night Slash but suddenly can't move due to paralysis despite not being paralyzed.

    Bolt tries a Discharge and it hits, doing little damage. Mew fires an Aura Sphere which homes in on and hits 3TrainerPoke$ but does little damage.

    3TrainerPoke$ bombards the area with BubbleBeam, hitting your entire party for a good amount of damage.

    You try to run in for another Take Down but find yourself suddenly frozen in place.

    "Any ideas?" you asked.

    Mew produces the crystal.

    "You know how these things produce life energy for the islands?" asked Mew.

    "Yeah, what about it?" you asked.

    "Well with this amount of energy I can do this." said Mew.

    Mew lifts the crystal and slams it into 3TrainerPoke$, it does a lot of damage as it falls to the ground, defeated.

    "What? Did you think I was going to use a Z-Move or something?" asked Mew.

    "A what now? I never heard of a Z-Move." you said.

    3TrainerPoke$ begins to glow before exploding.

    "Ah, we can't escape!" you shouted.

    Everything goes bright before going completely dark...

    "Ow..." you muttered.

    You get up to find yourself in total darknesss alone.

    "Where am I?" you asked.

    "Welcome Shine." said a voice.

    Well that's quite the battle. Anyway, got anything to say to/ask from the voice? No vote, just that.

    P.S. For those that don' know, 3TrainerPoke$ has a glitchy attack that gives the effects of both freeze and burn so i played with that in the battle. Also, Missingno is fragile while 3TrainerPoke$ has HP, Defense, and Sp Defense of over 200 each.

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
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    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 15

    "Arceus? Is that you? Oh sweet buttered legendaries, I died. And I have to say, heaven is way darker then what I expected. Unless... ! Oh please all mighty Giratina, I'm just a poor defenceless Eevee! Don't force yourself in me!" you panicked.

    "WHAT!?! No! I'm not going to 'force myself in you'." said the voice.

    "Oh thank Arce- Wait! What do you mean by that!? Am I not good enough for you?! I'll let you know that I-" you began.

    "I'm not Giratina, I'm not Arceus, and you're not dead!" interrupted the voice.

    "Oh... Well..... Lovely weather we're having right? ....."You asked.



    "..... I'm going to pretend you never said any of that." said the voice.

    "Why IS it so dark anyway if I'm not dead?...is that you Mew?" you asked.

    "No, I'm not Mew either and it's dark because you're unconscious." said the voice.

    "Alright Considering you have not attacked me...what do you want?" you asked.

    "I'm here to provide some guidance as well as to keep you company until you wake up." answered the voice.

    "Why are you helping me? What are your motives?" you asked.

    "Because I'm the only one here that can really." answered the voice.

    "Please do. So, who are you mysterious bodiless voice?" you asked.

    "It's Cresselia." answered the voice.

    "Where are my friends and Team?" you asked.

    "They are close to you." answered Cresslia.

    "Do YOU know why Darkrai went rogue?" you asked.

    "Honestly, I don't know." answered Cresslia.

    "What where those strange Pokémon?" you asked.

    "They're from another world. I don't know the details but their mere presence is a threat to those around them." answered Cresslia

    "How did they get...here?" you asked.

    "I would assume Darkrai but I can't be sure. It would require outside help though if that was the case. What I do know is that they aren't all gone." answered Cresslia.

    "What do you mean?" you asked.

    "While you were fighting 3TrainerPoke$ something slipped away, a piece of Missingno." answered Cresslia.

    "A piece?" you asked.

    "Yes, a piece. I don't know what to make of it." answered Cresslia.

    The both of you pause.

    "Well, you are going to wake up soon. Good bye for now." said Cresslia.

    As soon as she said that everything went white and you wake up in a field. You are dizzy from that ordeal but you know you're not in the Royal Plains anymore. You wonder where you are.

    "SHINE!" called a female voice.

    You barely got your eyes open when you feel yourself being grabbed in a tight hug. You look up and quickly see who it is.

    "M-mom?" you asked.

    "Oh my beautiful Shine, my lovely daughter, my little Eevee, I was so worried when you didn't wake up. I was so worried I was about to lose you." cried Wash.

    "Ah, mom. I can't breathe." you gasped.

    Wash let go of you and you gasped for air.

    "Where are we?" you asked.

    "You're at home. Your friend teleported you and your friends here but you were out cold." explained Wash.

    Your mother motions toward a tree where Katrina laid against, clearly exhausted.

    "What happened?" you asked.

    "I don't know really. Best to ask your friends when they, and you, are rested up." said Wash.

    Vote now:
    Which family member to take with you at the end:
    A-Wash (Vaporeon)
    B-Lunar (Umbreon)

    Also, what will you say to your family and party. That's Wash, Lunar, Seedling, Solar, Bolt, Chill, and Razor. This is important, depending on how you interact something nice may happen.

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 16

    Vote results:
    Vote now:
    Which family member to take with you at the end:
    A-Wash (Vaporeon)-1
    B-Lunar (Umbreon)-2

    Your eyes open after some rest. It's great to be home. After a quick breakfast you decide to talk to the others.

    To Wash:
    "Sorry for not writing mom. Stuff... Stuff been a bit hectic. But now that I'm back home, why don't we talk for a bit? What have you been doing here? The same as usual or did some crazy shenanigans happen?" you asked.

    "I've been taking care of your grandmother and keeping an eye on things. Solar is tough but she's at her limit, I don't want to see her have to fight again." answered Wash.

    "Yeah, a single attack exhausted her and she used to stand on par with legendary Pokémon." you said.

    "More like stand above, she was a lot stronger in her prime than you may think." noted Wash.

    You wonder how she was so strong ans worry about whether you can match her nor not.

    To Lunar:
    "So, did you do anything interesting while I was gone bro? I punched a legendary in the face and got a BFF assassin now, what about you?" you asked.

    "Lucky you. I have been trying to have fun but mom keeps her eye on me at all times. When you were here she had both of us to watch but now it's just me and let's just say I can't escape her as easily now." explained Lunar.

    "How many pranks?" you asked.

    "None successful." answered Lunar.

    Lunar is always fun to be around but a bit of a bad influence, something you always appreciated. Being fun but being a bad influence I mean.

    To Seedling:
    "Hey sis. Anything weird happened again on our island?" you asked.

    "Not much, just mom keeping an eye on Lunar and myself maintaining Bursts lab, just cleaning of course." answered Seedling.

    "Any fires?" you teased.

    "No, especially with burst out adventuring with you. It's a relief really, maybe he will learn some responsibility." said Seedling.

    Your sister is going to take that to the grave isn't she?

    To Burst:

    "Uncle Burst, hows your research goin'? I thank you for helping me out earlier in my adventure." you said.

    "My research is on pause as I've been busy helping you. Of course I don't mind, it's a good break from it." said Burst.

    To Solar:
    "Hello grandma. Things been... Things been rough. Wave after wave of enemies. Was this as hard when you were young?" you asked.

    "Well sure, I did have a area pf effect skill in the form of Dazzling Gleam as well as a good friend but yeah, it was tough at times." answered Solar.

    "How did you get so strong?" you asked.

    "Hard work and dedication of course." answered Solar.

    "Gran, I thank you for Training it has served me well, But have you come up with any new udeas on what is wrong with Darkrai?" you asked.

    "Well no, not really." answered Solar.

    You always had the feeling that there is more to Solars power but she always denied it.

    To Bolt:
    "You ok dad? Things got weird back there. Do you want to stay with mother?" you asked.

    "Nah, I'm sticking by your side til the end, you're my daughter after all. Besides, if I left and something happened to you your mother would kill me, literally." answered Bolt.

    "Really?" you asked.

    "Really!" yelled Wash.

    "Father, Is there more you can teach me to help me in the coming battles?" you asked.

    "Not much that you don't know from training." answered Bolt.

    "In your travels did you ever meet someone called "Cresslia"?" you asked.

    "I heard if her but I didn't meet her until she woke us up from Darkrais Dark Void." ansewred Bolt.

    "I thank you dad for all your help through out our journey." you said.

    You bowed.

    "With your help and that of my friends I feel all the more confident." you said.

    "That's what I like to hear, after all I made sure you knew the importance of friendship. In fact, one may say that friendship is magic." said Bolt.

    Bolt was always calm and confident but seemed to fear Wash despite type advantages. You wonder if that is what marriage is like.

    To Chill:
    "You still there Chill or did this adventure finally shattered your mind?" you asked.

    "Did you not notice I was already crazy?" asked Chill.

    "Yeah but I mean completely broken, bonkers you know." you said.

    "Shine, I'm far more insane than you may think, I just control it better." answered Chill.

    "Control?" you asked.

    "Yeah." said Chill.

    You're not getting any elaboration from her.

    "So... Are you after Razor's tail or what? Cause I could help you with that." you asked.

    "Yeah, he is cool and cute but I don't need your help though, thanks for the offer." said Chill.

    You leave her with that, she was weird but always stood by the side of those she cares about.

    To Razor:
    "So. The assassin you hate so much and you're after right now is right outside my house and is now my BFF... Did you expect that to happen or what? Cause I sure didn't. Well, that's now true, I was kinda expecting something like this to happen a bit. Only not this easy. But enough jokes, you think she'll join us? Cause I think she might want to join us." you asked.

    "If she did it's not to help us but to get revenge on Darkrai." answered Razor.

    "You're sure on that?" you asked.

    "I've been fighting her for long enouh to know her that well." answered Razor.

    "Let me talk to her first. She saved me twice now, so no reason for her to attack me. Oh, by the way, did Chill do something with you?" you asked.

    "I'll admit that she has honesty going for her, never deceitful type. As for Chill, she won't leave me alone. I don't hate her or anything, she's crazy in a cute way. Look, I'll handle her ok?" said Razor.

    You wonder what's up with that duo.

    To Katarina:
    "Hi BFF~♥." you said while using Baby-Doll Eyes.

    "Ok, first off we're not friends, we're acquaintances at best. And you're far from my best acquaintances." complained Katrina.
    "Sure, sure. It's not like we risked our lives to save each other. Something only mons do to other mons that they REALLY care about." you asked.
    "Keep talking like that and I'm not going to save you next time." you asked.
    "Whatever you say BEST FRIEND~♥" you asked.


    "Oh don't be a tsundere, you like it when I call you friend. It must sound nice after a long live of solitude." you asked.
    "What makes you say I was always alone?" asked Katrina.
    "I kill because it's the only thing I know to do." With a line like that you either lived alone until some very not nice mons took you in or your masters weren't very positive." you said with a horrible Katrina impression.
    "... Look, if you don't want to talk about it, I'm ok with that. But there's still a little good in you. So! (sits down) We're going sit here and talk for a bit and figure out our next partner is going to be. Or we could just say "until next time" and go our ways. Because Razor is inside my house and I think he still wants your ass. ... Not in the sexual way, the prison way. ... And not the sexual prison way either, just the vanilla prison way." you said.

    "First, that's something I'm aware of and I know how to handle it. Second, I'll admit you got me on the loneliness part but I only saved you from Mimikyu to save myself and I saved you from that glitch mon so you can't say I owe you. Third, I'll help you only to take advantage of your groups power to get revenge. After that, we go our separate ways, I'm only using you for my own purpose, getting revenge." said Katrina.

    You wonder where Cressila is. She seems to be keen on hiding right now. Mew doesn't seem to be around either.

    You take a moment to think about what's ahead with everything going crazy. For now, you wonder which island to go to next.

    "Hey sis." said Lunar.

    "Hey Lunar, what's up?" you asked.

    "From what I hear, things are getting nuts." said Lunar.

    "Yeah." you said.

    "I know you didn't pick me when you first left but i want to help my little sis." said Lunar.

    "Welcome aboard." you said.

    Lunar joined the party.

    Vote now, which island to go to (pick 1):
    A-Ancient Jungle
    B-Deep Freeze Burg

    Who to take with you (pick 3): (you will regroup with the rest of your team first)

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 17

    Vote results, which island to go to:
    Ancient Jungle - 3
    Deep Freeze Burg - 0

    Who to take with you:
    Bolt - 2
    Burst - 6
    Bun - 0
    Fury - 0
    Chill - 3
    Razor - 0
    Cicada - 2
    Shedinja - 3
    Mew - 3
    Lunar — 2
    (Chill, Shedija, and Mew are tied for second, RNG says Shedinja and Mew come.)

    After saying good bye and Bolt getting a reminder of how many pieces he will be in if something happens to you, you and your party boards the ship and sails back to Draketopia. If you're wondering, Mew used telepathy to contact Blade and he sent the ship. You decide to talk to Katrina again.

    "Look, I get the whole revenge thing, but revenge only makes you feel good for a while. And if revenge is your only goal then you'll going to be lost when there is no one else to get revenge. What I'm trying to say is, what do you want to do with your life? With your skill you could easily because something better then a assassin or mercenary. And you good stop being alone." you said.

    "What makes you think I don't want to be alone or I like killing mons?" asked Katrina

    "Cause you admitted I got it right with the loneliness part and that if you liked ending mons then you wouldn't care if you "owned" me one." you pointed out.

    "... Do you really think it's that simple?" asked Katrina.

    "No. But it could be. Look, Katy I-" you began.

    "Don't call me that." interrupted Katrina.

    "As you say my dearest-" you teased

    "Don't call me that either." demanded Katrina.

    "Ok, Katy." you teased.

    Katrina grabs you using Psychic and violently shakes you.

    "CUT IT OUT NOW!" snapped Katrina.

    Katrina puts you down.

    "Sorry, just stop pressing me on that." huffed Katrina.

    Your head hurts from that.

    "Great now I can't no longer tell if she means what she's saying, or she's just messing with me or if she wants to get inside my skin dress. It's like the Alola Raichu assassination all over again, only this time with a possible lesbian instead of a guy and I don't know if she means what she is saying or not." muttered Katrina.

    "Pardon?" you asked.

    "Never mind that." said Katrina.

    You walk to another part of the boat, and by walk I mean wobble, Katrina shook you good. You lay down until the boat arrives. Your entire party and Katrina gather at the guild and you notice Cresslia and a Kirlia are present as well. Mew speaks up right away.

    "What's the status of things?" asled Mew.

    "The good news is that all the citizens evacuated safely. The bad news is that the explosion destroyed the entire island." explained Blade.

    "The entire island!? These islands are huge, how could an entire island be taken out like that!" exclaimed Razor.

    "We don't know but I did a fly by above the Ancient Jungle and Deep Freeze burg and there are more of those tings in both locations." explained Cresslia.

    "How many more?" you asked.

    "Hard to tell. The Ancient Jungle is overgrown with foliage and Deep Freeze Burg is covered in blizzards but it doesn't look like a lot are there. Given how much trouble two of them were, I'm worried about what will happen next." explained Cresslia.

    "Can anything else go wrong?" you asked.

    "Yes, have you ever heard of Ultra Wormholes?" asked Blade.

    "Can't say I have." you answered.

    "Long story short, they lead to a dimension called the Ultra Space. Inside lives what are called Ultra Beasts. Their power rivals that of legendary Pokémon and are very dangerous." explained Blade.

    "I take it that some were spotted?" you asked.

    "No but there have been signs of the energy that typically comes from the Ultra Space in both places. Given those things, we taken to calling them glitches, ability to alter reality and the sheer power to destroy the Royal Plains it's not unlikely that some may have that ability to open them up." explained Blade.

    "So we have to deal with the local Pokémon, Darkrais minions, Glitches, and possibility Ultra Beasts. I get the feeling this won't be easy." you said.

    "It won't but I have faith in you." said Blade.

    "Anything else?" you asked.

    "Not that I can think of." said Blade.

    "How about telling Shine that entering an Ultra Wormhole is a bad idea." said the Kirlia.

    "Oh yeah. Shine, entering an Ultra Wormhole will cause you to be infected by the energy inside. If that happens you will be a magnet for Ultra Beasts. They seek out the energy of the Ultra Wormholes to get back home but if they sense you they will pursue to try to get back home." explained Blade.

    The Kirlia nods to Blade.

    "Oh, I almost forgot. Shine, this Kirlia here is Grace, my granddaughter." introduced Blade.

    "Nice to meet you Grace." you greeted.

    "Nice to meet ya to. When the old mans retires I'll be taking over the guild." introduced Grace.

    Grace info:

    Name: Grace
    Species: Kirlia
    Type: Psychic/Fairy
    Ability; Trace
    Moves: Teleport, Magical Leaf, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic
    Role: Future guild leader
    The granddaughter of Blade, she is set to inherit the guild.

    "These are for you." said Grace.

    Grace hands your party a set of purple bandanas to wear around your necks.

    "Right, well I have work to do, excuse me." said Grace.

    Grace left the room.

    "Ok, tomorrow I'll take Burst, Shedinja, and Mew to the Ancient Jungle." you explained.

    "You're quite the planner." said Bolt.

    "Make sure Burst doesn't start a forest fire." noted Chill.

    "Oh for the love off..." began Burst.

    "Just teasing you Burst." said Chill.

    Vote now:
    Plan tactics:

    Who's backstory to hear?

    Encounter 1: Tangela x4, Tangrowth x2

    Encounter 2: Exeggcute x6, Exeggutor (classic) x2

    Encounter 3: Lurantis x3

    Enter the Ultra Wormhole you come across? If you do you will attract Ultra Beasts and your party will fight the mini-boss without you but maybe you can get their help or some other benefit? Is it worth the risk?

    Mini-boss: Chesnaught x 2, ??? (Rock/Poison) x1, ??? (Grass/Steel) x1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 18

    Vote results:
    Plan tactics:

    Who's backstory to hear?
    Burst - 0
    Shedinja - 0
    Mew - 3

    Encounter 1: Tangela x4, Tangrowth x2
    Attack - 3
    Ignore - 0
    Hide - 0

    Encounter 2: Exeggcute x6, Exeggutor (classic) x2
    Attack - 1
    Ignore - 0
    Hide - 2

    Encounter 3: Lurantis x3
    Attack - 0
    Ignore - 3
    Hide - 0

    Enter the Ultra Wormhole you come across? If you do you will attract Ultra Beasts and your party will fight the mini-boss without you but maybe you can get their help or some other benefit? Is it worth the risk?
    Yes - 0
    No - 3

    Mini-boss: Chesnaught x 2, ??? (Rock/Poison) x1, ??? (Grass/Steel) x1
    Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes - 2
    Attack with moves like bite and Take Down — 1

    "Hay, I know you're all excited but the boat we've been using can't get to the Ancient Jungle remember?" pointed out Bolt.

    "Of course but we do have a way. I had to pull some strings to get it." aid Blade.

    "Get what?" you asked.

    "Follow me Eeveentures." said Blade.

    Blade leads your party down into a basement where you came across large room with a boat in the middle. On the top you see a large balloon and around the back there are propellers.

    "What is this?" you asked.

    "It's an airship, basically a flying boat. This will allow you to fly over the Ancient jungle and take the mini ships down." said Blade.

    "Mini ships?" you asked.

    "Small flying machines. The airship can't land in the Ancient Jungle because it's too thick so you take the mini ships down and land. When you're down you take them back up." answered Blade.

    "Two questions. One, how do we fly an airship? Two, what is used for it's fuel?" you asked.

    "First, Grace is the pilot so you don't need to worry about that. Second, it uses psychic power from several on board Baltoy." answered Blade.

    You nod and take your party on board. You, Burst, Shedinja, and Mew wave to your allies as Grace comes on board.

    "Alright Eeveentures, get comfy while I get you to your destination." said Grace.

    The young Kirlia walks up some stairs that led to the deck, after a minute you hear the engines start. Your party heads to different directions, Burst to a lounge area, Mew to the top, and Shedinja just floated there. You followed Mew to ask it something.

    "Hey Mew?" you said.

    "What's up Shine?" asked Mew.

    "I was wondering, how did you come to guard the crystal at the Royal Plains?" you asked.

    "Well, one day I heard a call and I came out of curiosity. Originally I cloaked myself but I was found so I participated where I surprised man others in how strong I am. Of course I didn't come on top, your grandmother did, but I was tasked with guarding that crystal so I did." explained Mew.

    "What did you do before that?" you asked.

    "Well I'm a laid back mon, I kept to myself but sometimes I would get bored and play pranks. Even now I sometimes play pranks for fun." explained Mew.

    "What about a job, an adventure, anything?" you asked.

    "Nope, none of that." answered Mew.

    "Seriously?" you asked.

    "What? You think because I'm mythical mean I have an interesting story? Nah." explained mew.

    You walk away and look around the airship for a bit. It's pretty nice and spacious, the lunge is comfy, there is a kitchen where you fix yourself a snack, and there is a good view from the deck.

    "Alright Eeveentures, we're over the Ancient Jungle." announced Grace.

    Your party meets her on deck.

    "We're here already?" you asked.

    "That's right, this airship is much faster than some lousy boat." answered Grace.

    Grace leads your party to a large room with several mini ships.

    "How do we fly them?" you asked.

    "Oh, it's really simple actually." answered Grace.

    A little while later you and your party are exploring the Ancient Jungle.

    "I have a question, how is this Jungle Ancient if it's been around no longer than the other islands?" you asked.

    "Who knows?" asked Burst.

    Eventually you come across your first encounter.

    Encounter 1: Tangela x4, Tangrowth x2

    This time you decided to fight. Walking up to them they turn and promptly attack with Vine Whips. You jump over them and Tackle a Tangela.

    Burst takes a more direct route, he charges through the Wine Whips and slams right into one of the Tangrowths with a powerful Flare Blitz.

    Mew flies around seemingly toying around with them. After a bit it fires an Aura Sphere and takes out the remaining Tangelas. The last Tangrowth is taken out by Shedinjas Phantom Force.

    "That was rough." you said.

    "Speak for yourselves." teased Mew.

    "My head hurts." complained Burst.

    "Well you did go straight for a recoil move." you pointed out.

    "Well played." said Burst.

    Your party marches on and you keep an eye on Burst. You wonder how big this place is. You quickly come across your second encounter.

    Encounter 2: Exeggcute x6, Exeggutor (classic) x2

    You hide in a nearby bush, they walk by without noticing you.

    "That was close." you said.

    It's not long until your next encounter.

    Encounter 3: Lurantis x3

    You ignore them and move on. They ignore you too.

    "Good call." said Mew.

    After some walking you come across something. It's an ultra wormnhole. You decide to heed the advice given and not explore it. You're still curious but better safe than sorry you figure.

    After some walking you come across a clearing. Perfect for the mini-boss.

    Mini-boss: Chesnaught x 2, Nihilego x1, Kartana x1

    You never seen a Chesnaught before but you can tell something is very wrong with them, both seem to by hurt and not right in the head. Before you could think about it one of them launched a Seed Bomb at you, you barely avoided the attack.

    You use Baby Doll Eyes to lower all your foes attack. Shedinja disappears. Mew uses Psychic on one of the Chesnaught, doing major damage. Burst think about using Flare blitz but remembers your words and uses Smog instead. It doesn't do nearly as much damage as a Flare Blitz would but it poisoned both the Chesnaught though both the ultra beasts were unaffected.

    The healthy Chesnaught put up it's Spiky Shield while the injured one fainted from the poison. The Ultra Beasts just float there.

    Shedinja reappears and hits the Chesnaught with Phantom Force, removing the Spiky Shield. Mew the finishes it off with Psychic.

    "That wasn't so bad." you said.

    As you said that Nihilego fires a Power Gem at Shedinja, taking out on the spot. Kartana comes in for a Leaf Blade targeting you but Burst intercepts it with a Flare Blitz, taking himself out from the recoil and badly damaging Kartana. Mew Uses it's Psychic to attack Nihilego.

    The Ultra Beasts look at each other and flee the fight.

    "That was rough." you said.

    You settle down and tend to your fallen party members. It takes a while but they wake up and you tell them how the battle went.

    "Well, let's get some rest for tonight." you said.

    "Before we do, should we go back to that ultra wormhole?" asked Burst.

    "Are you crazy?" you asked.

    "Well yeah but that's not the point. None of use are fallers but the ultra Beasts attacked us anyway. Maybe we can find something in there that will tell us why they did and how to get them to stop." answered Burst.

    "Burst has a point. The ultra beasts being attracted to us and attacking was the only reason they told us not to. With that now a moot point I don't see why not/" said Mew.

    "Um, let me think about it." you said.

    "You mean let the readers decide." said Burst.

    "Yes, that's exactly what I mean." you said.

    Vote now:

    Explore the ultra wormhole?

    Encounter 1: Sunkern x 8, Sunflora x 2

    Encounter 2: Pansage x 7

    Encounter 3: Carnivine x 3

    Boss: X C (glitch) x 1, PkMn PkMn T (glitch) x 1, 7PkMn 'V (glitch) x 1
    A-Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes
    B-Attack with moves like bite and Take Down

    Who to summon for the boss fight:

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 19

    Vote results:
    Explore the ultra wormhole?
    Yes - 2
    No - 1

    Encounter 1: Sunkern x 8, Sunflora x 2 (RNG says to hide)
    Attack - 1
    Ignore - 1
    Hide - 1

    Encounter 2: Pansage x 7
    Attack - 2
    Ignore - 1
    Hide - 0

    Encounter 3: Carnivine x 3
    Attack - 2
    Ignore - 1
    Hide - 0

    Boss: X C (glitch) x 1, PkMn PkMn T (glitch) x 1, 7PkMn 'V (glitch) x 1
    Support your allies with moves like baby Doll Eyes - 0
    Attack with moves like bite and Take Down - 3

    Who to summon for the boss fight:
    Celebi - 0
    Heatran - 2
    Suicune — 1

    "Well, I'll head toward the ultra wormhole then." you said.

    You backtrack for a bit and come across the wormhole. Taking a deep breath you enter it, landing on the other side in a few moments.

    "This place is bizarre." you thought to yourself.

    The scenery looks alien in nature and it's hard, but possible, to breathe but you decide to explore the area a bit. After following a path you see the biggest Pokémon you ever seen in your life.

    "What the?" you thought.

    The giant Pokémon turns around and sees you. Immediately it leaps in the air and lands in front of you and looks down. From this angle you can tell you are a tiny crumb compared to it, in fact it's around 30 times your size.

    "HELLO LITTLE VISITOR!" shouted the giant Pokémon.

    "Ah!" you yelped.


    You pause for a moment.

    "So, you're name is Celesteela?" you asked.


    Kaguya info:
    Name: Kaguya
    Species: Celesteela
    Type: Steel/Flying
    Ability: Beast Boost
    Moves: Autotomize, Seed Bomb, Double Edge, Heavy Slam.

    Your ears begin to hurt from the yelling.

    "I'm Shine." you said.


    You explain what's going on.


    "These weird glitch mons are distorting reality and the ultra wormholes open up as a side effect." you explained.


    Kaguya joined the party.

    "I have a question though. A couple Chesnaught were acting strange, would Nihilego or Kartana do that" you asked.


    A little while later, you and Kaguya walked to where your party is waiting.

    "Shine, what in the name of Arceus is that?" asked Burst.

    "First, that saying is so 2007. Second, this is Kaguya, a Celesteela. Kaguya is going to help us." you answered.


    "Is it always shouting?" whispered Mew.

    "Yeah." you whispered.

    "Um Shine, isn't that an ultra beast?" asked Burst.

    "Yep." you answered.

    You and your party continues on their way with your new friend in tow. Well, not exactly in tow. Kahuya is three stories tall so it hovers above the forest.

    Encounter 1: Sunkern x 8, Sunflora x 2

    You and your party hide. Kaguya hovers closer and scares the Sunkurn and Sunflora away.

    "SORRY LITTLE BUDDIES." shouted Kaguya.

    Well that was simple. You carry on to the next encounter.

    Encounter 2: Pansage x 7

    You approach and they turn and launch Energy Balls. You, Mew, and Burst dive out of the way and Shedinja stands still, enduring the attacks with it's Wonder Guard.

    Burst blows Smog over the Pansage and Mew fires an Aura Sphere at one, sending it flying.

    Shedinja disappears as one of the Pansage tries to Bite it. It then reappears and hit's it from behind with a Phantom Force.

    You take out the last one with Take Down and they all flee.

    It doesn't take long to get to the next encounter.

    Encounter 3: Carnivine x 3

    As you approach they don't hesitate to attack your party. You narrowly avoid a Bite from one of them. Burst takes another out with Flare Blitz. Mew sets up a barrier.

    The one that tried to Bite you tries again and is stopped by the barrier. Burst blows Smog on it while it recovers and Shedinja finishes it with a Shadow Ball. The last one flees.

    "That was easy." you said.

    "Are they gone?" whispered a voice.

    "Huh? Whos there?" you asked.

    A bunch of Bounsweet come out of some bushes.

    "They're gone." said one of them.

    "Those weird ones saved us." cheered another Bounsweet.

    "Yeah, we beat those Carnivine." you said.

    The Bounsweet cheer and three Steenee and a single Tsareena emerge as well.

    "So this is where you bunch wandered off to." said the Tsareena.

    "Yeah, we hid from those thing but these girls saved us." said one of the Bounsweet.

    Burst seems annoyed at being called a girl.

    "Hey, thanks for that. I don't know who you are but these Bounsweet don't fare well against predators. If you didn't take action, who knows what would have happened." said one of the Steenee.

    "Alright girls, let's get to safety." said the Tsareena.

    "Can I go with them?" asked a Bounsweet.

    "What? But.." began a Steenee before being cut off by Tsareena.

    "I had a feeling you would. Stay safe Ivy." said Tsareena.

    "Wait, so you're just coming on without asking?" asked Burst.

    "I'm fine with this." you said.

    Ivy joined the party.

    Name: Ivy
    Species: Bounsweet
    Type: Grass
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Oblivious
    Moves: Splash, Play Nice, Rapid Spin, Magical Leaf

    "Alright girls, let go before the Carnivine come back." said Tsareena.

    They all go leaving your party with Ivy.

    "Let's go Eeveentures." you said.

    Kaguya drops down.

    "HELLO LITTLE NEW FRIEND." shouted Kaguya.

    Ivy screamed and leapt high in the air and landed on Kaguyas head.

    "Don't scare me like that." said Ivy.

    Everybody, including Ivy, shares a good laugh over that.

    "Let's get going Eeveentures." you said.

    Kaguya flies back in the air and your party moves forward.

    Boss: X C (glitch) x 1, PkMn PkMn T (glitch) x 1, 7PkMn 'V (glitch) x 1

    "Ah, glitches." you said.

    They seem to have noticed you.

    "So much for a surprise attack." said Burst.

    Before the fight starts, the aura you gained from the ultra wormhole flares up, raising all your stats by 1 stage.

    X C moves in front of 7PkMn 'V, probably to protect it. PkMn PkMn T zips around and Wing Attacks you from behind.

    You use your necklace to summon Heatran. Seeing what you're up against, it uses Earth power on both XC and 7PkMn 'V.

    Ivy, whom is riding on Mews head, tries a Magical Leaf. It hits PkMs PkMn T. This stops it long enough for you to Take Down it for a quick KO.

    Mew quickly takes out X C with Psychic.

    Hurt and cornered, 7PkMn 'V completely goes berserk. It charge in with a High Jump Kick and takes out Heatran forcing your necklace to desummon it. A swift Wing Attack takes out Shedinja as well.

    Mew blasts it with Psychic and it responds with Petal Dance both inflicting major damage. 7PkMn 'V the unleashes a huge Blizzard. You charge in after that and Take Down it for a KO.

    "Phew, that was rough." you said.

    7PkMn 'V gets up and glows. You fear it'll explodes but it instead charges with all it's might knocking you out.

    You wake up that evening back at the guild. Your necklace in in pieces. The rest of your party is back as well.

    Decide now:

    What do you sat to them or anybody else?

    Is there anything you would like to do? It's been a while since you were at the shops.

    Team link: http://fav.me/da6fakn
  20. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    An Eeveenture 20

    You hop out of bed and walk to where your party is meeting with Blade and Grace.

    "What happened?” you asked.

    “You were knocked out cold for a while. I thought you wouldn't wake up after THAT kind of blow.” answered Burst.

    “I'm surprised you're even alive after that, you're one trooper Shine. You take after your grandmother well.” added Blade.

    “Why are we here?” you asked.

    “After you were knocked out I had Kaguya carry you back.” answered Burst.

    You notice Kaguya isn't in here. It makes sense as they are three stories tall and wouldn't fit inside.

    “HI LITTLE BUDDY, YOU DOING OK?” shouted Kaguya from outside the window.

    “Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for carrying me.” you said.

    “NO PROBLEM LITTLE BUDDY.” shouted Kaguya.

    “How are we here?” you asked.

    “Kaguya carried you on board and the rest took the mini ships. Kaguya carried your up with them, real strong friend you have.” answered Grace.

    “THANK YOU LITTLE BUDY.” shouted Kaguya.

    “Why my necklace is in pieces?” you asked.

    “It shattered after that glitch attacked you and knocked you out.” answered Burst.

    “After looking at it I calculated that if you didn't have it, the attack would have torn you to pieces so consider yourself lucky.” explained Grace.

    You gulp, these glitches are not to be underestimated.

    “Please tell me this wasn't one of a kind.” you said.

    “I'm afraid it is unless you can find Hoopa and it wasn't seen around these islands ever really.” answered Blade.” answered Blade.

    “Where did you and grandma get it then?” you asked.

    “On an exploration near the Kalos region, we met Hoopa.” answered Blade.

    You know for a fact that you don't have enough time to find another one.

    “So Kaguya... What do you think of my world so far?” you asked.


    “So Katrina... Still thinking about what to do now? My offer still stands.~♥” you asked.

    Katrina simply looks at you with an annoyed expression.

    “Point taken.” you said.

    "Is everyone else ok?" you asked.

    “We're all fine.” answered burst.

    "Did...we win?" you asked.

    “Yes you did Shine, those glitches are gone.” answered Blade.

    "Where is Ivy?" you asked.

    Ivy hopped a couple times showing she is among your party.

    “Here.” answered Ivy

    "Has anything really bad happened since I was "Under"?" you asked.

    “Luckily no but I have a bad feeling about what's ahead.” answered Blade.

    “There is something that concerns me.” said Razor.

    “What is it?” you asked.

    “I've only known you for a few days but I get the feeling you'll want to lead the group in the next island despite your condition.” answered Razor.

    Razor has a point, you're not fully recovered and being fully rested will do you a lot of good in the final fight, plus waiting a day isn't an option but you're sure you'll be fine going anyway.

    “I'll be fine.” you insisted.

    “I know you will be but I think it's best you rest for now. I can sense disasters and ther is one ahead.” insisted Razor.

    You remember reading that Absol can detect disasters.

    “Disaster? What kind of disaster?” you asked.

    “I don't know, I never sensed something like this before. That's why I want you at full strength for this.” said Razor.

    You consider this.

    “Let me think about that.” you said.

    You step outside. It's been a while since you went shopping so you make a supply run. First you make a shopping list. You won't be able to afford all this.

    Shopping list:

    Reviver Seeds
    Sitrus Berry
    (decent) "stat-stick"
    Oran Berries
    Stat healing berries
    Gifts (all party members, with special care given into family, most injured members and Katrina.)
    A bow (white/pink stripe) (Make us stand out from the other Eevee's)

    After some time you purchase the following items:

    Revivor seed x 2 Revives a fallen ally once and turns into a plain seed, automatic use.

    Sitrus Berry x 1 Heals HP to full or raises max HP by 2 if eaten at full health.

    Pecha Berry x 2 Heals poison.

    Rawst barry x 2 Heals burns.

    Chesto berry x 5 Makes the Pokémon immune to sleep for a while.

    Persim berry x 2 Heals confusion.

    Lum berry x 1 Heals all status effects.

    Friend bow x 1 it looks pretty on you

    Friend gift x 1 for each Pokémon in your team and others there. They're the ones from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

    You try to strike up conversations with the shopkeepers but they're too busy to chat.

    You return back to the guild with your preparations and distribute the friend gifts. After some conversations about said gifts Razor speaks up.

    “Have you decided whether you you will rest and regain your strength or come into the Deep Freeze Burg?” asked Razor.

    You think for a moment, you're not 100% yet and being well rested will make the final area easier but can your team go without you?

    Vote now:

    Do you rest or do you go?

    A. Rest, Bolt will lead the team in the next area.

    B. Go and lead the team.

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