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'Bio' of a Former Zard Main

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Vaquero, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Vaquero

    Vaquero Member of the Charicific Valley

    King Crimson
    Level 41
    May 29, 2018
    So... yeah. For those who don't know, or for those who don't care. I main Charizard in Sm4sh.

    I always had a fascination with the Flame Pokémon as a character. He was even favorite Pokémon at one point and is a close second, today. Brawl was when I got the pleasure of playing him and the dismay of having him be a bad character alongside his other half-baked comrades. He just wasn't very good but I played him because he's Charizard. I had my actual semi-competent character in the form of Mario (even though he was low tier) Then I realized something: Pokémon Trainer is annoying. I could really care less for Ivysaur and Squirtle as characters and as Pokémon. We all know that most of the player who even battered an eye on Red (at least that's what I'll say he is) was because of Zard's presence. I know I did.

    The whole switching and stamina mechanics are charming and nice nods to the Pokémon series. However, there merely that. They are cumbersome and annoying in play and keep you from playing as the mon's you want to beat iconic video game characters with. But you can't because of stamina and whenever you got smashed off stage, you'd auto switch to the next pocket monster at your disposal. Which is why I've grown a hatred to Pokémon trainer. If they were all just their own characters then fine, I wouldn't really mind. Charizard could have sucked as his own character and I would have played him happily.

    Now, onto Sm4sh. I remember that glorious Pokémon trailer where all the mon's were displayed and remembered just how hyped I was when I saw Zard on top of the mountain with Pokémon trainer and the two plush toys he was lumped were absent (sorry if you like Ivy and Squirt) Then greninja caught my eye and I became a Greninja main for a short bit. I still used Mario as my safest choice because I was familiar with him and he hadn't changed much (except for losing his dank Brawl overalls) Then I finally saw Zard and gave him a try. I was impressed, he was fun, by himself and flipping Flare Blitz. Loved him, immediately but at the time, Greninja and Mario were still taking over and I played them almost exclusively. This was at the time I was getting decent at Smash and could hold my own against lvl 9's. Them somewhere along the lines I just put down smash for a bit. Don't know why.

    Then, finally that day after school. My friends were sitting down outside and playing on their Dses. And wouldn't you know, they were playing Smash. I then wanted to join because I haven't played in a while and now I have friends to fight against. (I used to back in the early days of 3DS Smash but that was long ago in a galaxy far far away) So, then I had to pick a main to show that I have one. I was going to say I was Mario main right then and there but then I realized something: Zard. Originally, I claimed I mained Zard as a joke because I wanted to be a kool edgy hipster dude and my only real main was Mario. Then I played and I kinda sucked but somehow... my Zard was ok. My Mario was much better but my Zard was semi-decent. The next day I brought my 3DS XL, dusted off my copy of Sm4sh and played. I actually won a couple of time because I got acquainted with grabbing, shielding, and all that good stuff. I was then called a good Mario and a pesky Charizard. (Flare blitz was used heavily because we were in battling in 4 player smash)

    Then I had a sort of mentor who mains Luigi and is one of the best in my state. I actually learned a thing or two from him and even vs'd him not too long ago. Got my Italian and scaley hides handed to me but I won once or twice. So, that's fine.

    But I really started getting serious with my Zard game when I found a YouTuber by the name of Introspektive, a fellow Zard main. Saw his Zard game and said, "I want to do that." So I watched his vid's, learned a few moves and most importantly, carry the challenge of spreading the 'Zard Walk' into Sm4sh For Glory (still can't seem to do it) And let's just say, the Zard Walk is a tactic only used by true Zard mains and is the best taunt in the game, only rivaled by Sonic's 'You Too Slow' Brawl taunt. So now, I'm actually a somewhat threat with Zard on For Glory 3DS. If you ever come across a green Zard on 3DS then there's a good chance that's me because Charizard's are rare to find and especially with that color.

    Then Ultimate is announced and the hype is built up. I was ecstatic about a new smash bros game and ready to take Mario and Zard. I was even planning on picking up Ridley just because of his sheer awesomeness. Unfortunately, in the reveal trailer, Pokémon Trainer just had to be there along with Ivy and Squirt dragging Zard with them. And that crushed my dreams of continuing to main Zard. Mario was now looking pretty lonely as being my only Sm4sh main in Ultimate and now he has to get acquainted with a space dragon pirate.

    And that's that. After that, I accidentally picked up Dr. Mario as a main and found out he was an underrated character. He plays differently than Mario but in a good way. But now, I'm still trying to enjoy Zard while I can and regularly use him on For Glory to show that there are dozens of us Zard mains I tell you. DOZENS!

    December 7, 2018 is the date where I officially put down Zard as one of my mains. It was a good run while it lasted. I saw a character Analysis of Ridley and saw many comparisons to Zard so I'll carry on his legacy in the slightest way.

    I hear you angrily type as you roll your eyes. "You can just play Zard and not use the other two mon's." It's just not the same, though. Zard isn't his own Character anymore. I will be down a move, which gimps me enough. But now I have the option for two completely different characters. There's a whole psychological thing that'll make you want to use them that will either hurt or help. There's also the whole, switching on death thing that annoys me too. Pokémon Trainer is just not for me and it's unfortunate he had to drag Zard down with him alongside squirt and ivy. But, all I can do now is hope Ridley can fill the dragon-sized void in my heart.
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  2. FireSpartan5

    FireSpartan5 Pokémon Professor

    (Genesect Egg)
    Level 5
    Jan 16, 2017
    Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★Tapunium Z ★★★★★Choice Specs ★★★★★Flame Orb ★★★★★
    I agree that Pokémon Trainer, while an interesting concept, lacked in execution. I thought Squirtle was perfectly fine, but agree that both Ivysaur and the switching mechanics were huge hindrances to anyone who wanted to use the character. While the switch time has been significantly reduced, I doubt it will be enough to salvage the character for most players. For any former Charizard mains, you have my pity. We can only hope that there is a setting where you can have a different down special instead of the switching as an option so that people can main Charizard and Squirtle without the trainer, but the odds are slim to none. Ridley looks to me like a buffed Zard though anyway, so there's a chance you'll end up liking it better. And I recommend at least giving the trainer a chance. While unlikely, he may surprise you. Just a few battles, test it out.
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  3. FNT

    FNT Collector

    Storm The Fort
    (Giratina Egg)
    Level 2
    Jun 30, 2018
    Ultra Ball ★★
    It would never hurt to try trainer though I agree zard seemed better alone
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  4. TripleAAABattery

    TripleAAABattery Look at my fluff! LOOK AT IT

    (Eevee (K))
    Level 45
    Nov 12, 2014
    As a person who uses Zard quite a bit (though not as a main) I'd at least give Zard a shot in Smash Ultimate. Stamina is shown not to be a thing that exists, and honestly, I'm not even sure if you're forced to switch if the Pokémon gets KO'd. And you never know what you could do now that switching is much faster, too. Might lead into better combos/mindgames if you decide you wanna try and utilize those two as well.
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