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Dark's League: Only the best survive

Discussion in 'Festival Plaza' started by DarkSin, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. DarkSin


    Only the best survive.

    Please read everything.

    That is the goal here in this Pokémon league.​
    It's a simple concept, any person can be a gym leader.​
    There are no tests to become one.​
    However it does not mean you'll stay a gym leader forever.​

    There are only 8 gym leader spots and many people wishing to become one.​
    People can challenge the league to claim the spot of champion.​
    Or people can challenge the gym leaders for their spot in the league.​

    The first 8 people have it easy, just speak up and the gym and gym type is yours.​
    Once it's filled, challengers may challenge that gym leader for their spot.​
    This HAS to be done with the same type of team as the gym leader they are challenging. (IE: Fire gym= fire team vs fire team)​
    Once you have a spot in the league you may change your type to something else.​
    As long as that type is available of course.​

    Battle's amongst the gym leaders may occur.​
    When one gym wants to change their type to that of another gym the challenge is done the same way.​
    If the challenger wins, they acquire that gym type.​
    The looser must change to a open gym type.​

    Why a league like this?

    That question is easy to answer.​
    What happens when a gym leader loses and another takes their place?​
    The out come is this, either the better battler won or hax.​
    If the out come was determined by hax the gym leader will quickly be replaced by a challenger who won.​
    How ever if the better battler won, the the league got stronger.​
    With this system, the league is always changing and evolving to become better.​
    Eventually the best have risen and the spots will become stable.​
    Challengers will find it harder to take a gym leader spot.​

    Once the gym's stabilized, those who have held their spot for the longest will move on to the elite four.​
    Opening up 4 new spots for new gym leaders for those who still want them.​
    Then challengers may challenge the new leaders for their spots till the league stabilizes once more for an incredibly tough league.​

    Table of contents
    • Introduction
    • Rules and Requirements
    • Challenge Information
    • Gym Leaders and E4
  2. DarkSin


    1. Each gym has their own specialty type with one wild card allowed.
    2. Each gym will stick to OU or lower, you may have an all RU team but be expected to take challengers with an OU team.
    3. Battles may be done anywhere on Wifi, Pokémon online, or Pokémon showdown.
    4. Challengers can challenge any number of gym leaders in a day for their league badge, but only the same gym leader once per day.
    5. Challengers can only challenge one gym leader a day for their spot as gym leader.

    1. Be active on the forum's, check the thread and your in box for challenges.
    2. Have a team of 5 mono type Pokémon along with a wild card.
    3. Accept all challenges.
  3. DarkSin


    Challenge Information

    Pokémon League Challenges

    Challenge format post-

    Challenge Date:
    Pokémon team (just the species):
    Badges Acquired:

    1. Post your challenge
    2. You may challenge all of the gyms in any order, but only the same gym once per day.
    3. Losing to a gym leader does not make it so you have to start over.
    4. You must challenge the E4 in order from first to fourth.
    Gym Leader Challenges

    1. Openly challenge the gym leader by posting a challenge to them on the thread, and sending them a PM.
    2. The battle is a same Mono type battle. So Fire vs Fire each team getting one wild card.
    3. The challenge is a best two out of three.
  4. DarkSin


    Gym Leaders:
    3: Skyleon (Flying)
    4: Swordz (Ground)
    5 Manlymanaphy (Dragon)
    6: RedScizor (Fighting)
    7. The Unknown (Rock)
    8. DarkVoid (Steel)
    Elite Four

  5. DarkSin


    Need two more member' to open this up.
  6. The Unknown

    The Unknown Collector

    Nov 22, 2012
    PO Users. Please take the time to make a monotype team and apply to join this league. That way, this league can commence and... I wanna battle people!!!!
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  7. Achromatic

    Achromatic #TeamMagikarp

    Eevee (KS)
    (Eevee (KS))
    Level 17
    Nov 21, 2012
    Deep Sea Scale ★★★Deep Sea Tooth ★★★Star Piece ★★★★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★
    This league is closed, since Dalto was banned for various reasons. If you're curious why, start up a topic in the staff lounge thanks. :]
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