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Dear Other Me

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by PikaandChu, May 24, 2017.

  1. PikaandChu

    May 5, 2017
    Some people want to become a Pokémon Champion.

    While others want to run an evil organization.

    Some want to explore the world and meet lots of people.

    While some want to harm other people for their evil deeds.

    Some want to catch them all and finish the Pokédex.

    While others want to catch them all and use them for evil.

    If you were to have the choice,
    Which life will you pick?
    Both lives will connect
    And will meet in one world.

    A story made by PikaandChu
    Dear Other Me


    This is my first story here in Lake Valor, and this is my first time trying this too so... hope you like it! :D
    Feel free to leave your reviews in this thread! :)
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  2. PikaandChu

    May 5, 2017
    ~CHAPTER 1 - Start Anew~
    I was running and walking through the forest, all alone. Rustling grass, trees shaking, Pokémon running. Rain was falling. I didn't realize that running away from my home would be this difficult. The road was very muddy, and as a result, slippery as well. I had to walk while holding the trunk of trees in order for me to not lose my balance. I'm tired, with no food or water. The only thing that I have are my backpack and my flashlight, which guided me through this forest. Small Pokémon were running too, some shrieking in fear. Before knowing it, Pokémon were running past me too, shocking me.


    As the Pokémon were running through me, I lose my balance, falling down the steep road I was taking. I was rolling in the ground, not knowing what to do. It was so slippery that I couldn't find a place to make myself stable. I kept on rolling and rolling, each time hitting a shrub or luckily passing by a tree. But before I knew it, I managed to hit the trunk of a tree. I was losing consciousness. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Everything was going dark.

    I found myself lying on what seems to be a bed. My head was still pounding, and I didn't know what was happening. I slowly opened my eyes, revealing a young girl sitting beside me.

    Before I knew it, the girl began to shriek. "Oh, good, you're awake! Daddy, he's awake! Come here daddy!"

    And of course, my ears were ringing. I was being mentally tortured with my head still pounding and my eardrums being destroyed. Moments later, I heard the door open.

    "He is awake!" A concerned voice came from a man in his forties.

    "Where am I?" I stammered, replying in a weak voice.

    The girl quickly stood up, putting her hands at her hips. "You're at me and my daddy's house! We run a farm, and daddy's a lumberjack. Oh, did you know that he made our house on his own? Did you know we have Mareep living in the barn? We also have a Blissey and an Audino at the barn. Sometimes they come to the house and play with me. They also helped you recover. Did you also know that w-"

    "Alright Cindy, that's enough. We gotta let the guy get some rest." The man said as he motioned his daughter to stay quiet. "Hi there, my name is Jack. This is my daughter, Cindy, as you've probably already known."

    "Nice to meet you." I replied weakly. "But I gotta get going..." I attempted to get up, but to no avail. When I move my body, it hurts. "You shouldn't move for now. You're heavily injured." Jack said as he tried to put me down.

    "Mr. Stranger guy, what did happen to you? And what's your name?" Cindy asked.

    I was supposed to reply... but then I suddenly can't remember anything. I don't know who I am, or what happened to me. I was unable to answer her question, leaving Jack and Cindy worried.

    It took seconds before I was able to reply. "I... I don't know. I don't know who I am or what happened to me." Jack and Cindy froze in shock. "You must have amnesia." Jack replied. It was probably true.

    Cindy kindly narrated what had happened. "Daddy told me he found you lying unconscious on the ground near a tree during a storm. He said he was going to get some wood to fuel the fireplace, but he found you instead." Okay, that cleared stuff up a bit, I was unconscious on the ground. But that didn't help me get my memories back.

    Jack continued the story. "When I found you, I saw your head bleeding a bit. Even if it weren't, I still wouldn't leave you behind there as it was raining heavily. Audino and Blissey fixed you up, and thanks to them, your head stopped bleeding."

    "Thanks for saving me." I shyly responded. "You must be very hungry. We've got breakfast ready, why don't you join us?"

    I knew I didn't have a choice. "I guess that's for the best." I said as I attempted to stand once more.

    "No, no! Let us help you. Daddy and I can help you get up." Cindy put my arm on her shoulder, while her dad did the same to my other arm. When they opened the door, it smelled really good. There was bacon, eggs, sausages, bread and some vegetables. "Hope you like vegetables cause we got a whole farm just for that!"

    Cindy and Jack helped me sit down in the chair, and we began eating shortly after. Cindy and Jack had the normal dad-daughter bonding, they'd usually talk about stuff about the farm and Jack's adventures while gathering wood. They sometimes dragged me in their conversations, replying a few times. There was something about this family that made me really happy, without knowing it.

    Fresh air was coming from the window and fire from the fireplace was flickering. It was a quiet and tranquil place that they decided to build their house in. This is probably the future life I want, away from any trouble. But there was a problem; my memories. I don't know if I left anything important behind, or anybody important before I got this amnesia. Maybe I got amnesia for a reason, because life wants to tell me that I have to start again from scratch, to START ANEW.
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  3. PikaandChu

    May 5, 2017
    ~CHAPTER 1 - Continue My Life~
    I was running and walking through the forest, all alone. Rustling grass, trees shaking, Pokémon running. Rain was falling. I didn't realize that running away from my home would be this difficult. The road was very muddy, and as a result, slippery as well. I had to walk while holding the trunk of trees in order for me to not lose my balance. I'm tired, with no food or water. The only thing that I have are my backpack and my flashlight, which guided me through this forest. Small Pokémon were running too, some shrieking in fear. Before knowing it, Pokémon were running past me too, shocking me.


    As the Pokémon were running through me, I momentarily lose my balance, but I successfully find a tree trunk for me to grab, allowing me to make myself stable again. Before I knew it, the horde of Pokémon was over, and I was left alone once more. The rain was still falling, heavily. I was so scared, and I was shivering due to the cold. I traversed the forest, until I found a cave. It wasn't lit, but my safety was more important. I quickly ran towards it, keeping me from getting wet from the rain. I put down my backpack and I begin to lie down.

    "Hey you!" A voice came from further inside the cave. "What are you doing in our cave?"

    I was startled, I didn't know what to do. "Please, sir, let me stay here until the rain stops." I begged, trying to make the guy feel bad for me.

    But I was wrong. "You think that I'd be that stupid to feel bad for your case? Sorry buddy, but no." He sneered, smiling strangely. "If you wanna get out of here fine, then I suggest..." We got more company as more people slowly came out from the shadows. "That you leave. Now!"

    I was so scared; I didn't know what to do. If they take me, at least I don't have to stay out in the rain and even possibly die. But he also said something about being fine earlier... I really don't know what to do!

    "You wouldn't dare hurt a kid!" I exclaimed.

    "Ho ho ho, just because you're a kid doesn't mean we'll go easy on you! Grab the kid!" The people began to hold my arms as I tried to struggle. The man who talked to me smiled weirdly, before hitting me in the neck, causing me to faint.

    I opened my eyes, and I find my arms hanging due to chains. It was very dark and silent. I can't see anything, but everything changed from black to a scene between three people. I don't think it was completely silent too as I could hear muffled voices. Maybe it's just me still getting my senses back. I slowly hear the voices a bit more clearly.

    "... and you had to take a child, didn't you?" A man angrily said, scaring the two.

    The men recoiled in fear, before one began to speak again. "But sir, he almost entered the cave that led to this base!"

    "You could've just sent him off on his way you know!"

    "We tried, but he was persistent!"

    The man sighed, before ordering the two to leave the room. I heard the metal door closing, giving me the chills. A second later, the man walked towards me and crouched to look at me.

    "You know kid... you're very lucky. If it weren't for me, you could've been mercilessly beaten up. Or worse." The man said as he held my chin. I recoiled in fear, and attempted to not look at the man.

    "If you want to die, I could let out poisonous fumes in your prison cell." He said as he stood up and walked a few steps away from me. "But if you want to survive... join us."

    I was shocked and scared at the same time. It was like an offer between life and death, well, it is, kinda. I don't want to die, I'm too young for that, but I don't want to live and become evil! But I have no choice. I bow my head in shame, accepting the offer. This was it, I was given a chance to CONTINUE MY LIFE.
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  4. PikaandChu

    May 5, 2017
    ~CHAPTER 2 - Two Worlds~
    ~Sun and Moon~

    I was staring at the sky, noticing the clouds. It was quiet as always, but I didn't mind. I've been staying with Cindy and Jack for the past two weeks, and I've recovered, not fully, but at least recovered enough to start doing daily stuff. Jack was doing his thing, riding the Tauros that was pulling the carriage that had his lumber. Cindy was playing with Blissey and Audino, and I was just at their doorway, watching them. I offered to help Jack a few times, but he kept on declining, saying that I'm not fully recovered. I've been spending most of my time with Cindy, helping her out in feeding the Mareep.

    Even though there's been changes with my physical body, I still haven't gotten any sort of weird hallucinations regarding my past. I thought that maybe helping Cindy do some chores would trigger something, but till now, nothing's been showing up in my mind.

    As I was feeding the Mareep in the barn with Cindy, I decided to go outside for a little walk. I saw the trees, the Pokémon and the grass that tickled my feet. I found a cave, but I ignored it. Moments later, I saw something that was like a crack in space, a wormhole, possibly. Inside the hole was the same image I was seeing right now, right in front of a cave, with a person standing in front of it. He looked like me, with brown hair and green eyes. He looked like he was in so much pain and sadness. He was wearing a black uniform with a red R in it, and has gray gloves and a black cap.

    "Who are you?" I asked, but I get no response. Everything was silent. Suddenly, the wormhole flashed, and the hole disappeared. The guy was standing right in front of me, without an aid of a wormhole or something. He was real.

    "Help me..." He whispered. I ran towards him, but when I got near him, some sort of invisible barrier was stopping me from getting to him. We tried to smash the barrier multiple times, but to no avail. Seconds later, the wormhole appeared again, and the guy was inside of it once more. He looked into the ground, feeling disappointed, before the wormhole completely disappeared.

    I still don't know who that was, but if I had the choice, even if he is a Team Rocket member, I'd try to talk to him. He didn't seem like the Team Rocket type, like he was forced to join the group. I just hope that he'll get better one day.

    I've been working for Team Rocket ever since they've taken me two weeks back. They've been forcing me to do some stuff, like commanding some grunts and capturing rare Pokémon. Those were all against my feelings, but the man kept on threatening that he'll kill me if I don't follow his orders. A week ago, I tried to escape multiple times from the base, but to no avail. Each time, I was seen by some grunts or the exits are locked. I thought that maybe I should give up on ever escaping this place, that I should just accept that this is my life now.

    None of this is what I would've wanted my life to become. I want to escape this curse between life and death. This continued life is horrible, and I've had enough. But do I really want to risk my life to be free? That might be something I need to think about.

    I was tasked to command another group of grunts to find some rare Pokémon, but I let them outside first. They went to the meadow past this forest, and I was left alone at the entrance of the cave once more. Moments later, I saw a hole in the air, with cracks on the sides. There was a guy standing in front of the view that I should be seeing. He looked exactly like me, with brown hair and green eyes. He looked calm and peaceful, something that I wish I could feel right now. He was wearing a red vest with a black shirt below, pants and sneakers.

    "Help me..." I whispered, but I don't get a reply. Even if he was talking, I couldn't hear him somehow. Moments later, the hole flashed brightly, making the hole disappear. The guy was standing in front of me, like he was real. And he really was!

    "Who are you?" I heard him ask. I ran towards him, but I was stopped by an invisible barrier that was separating us. We attempted to break through the barrier, but it didn't work. Moments later, the hole appeared once more, and the guy was inside of it again. He looked into me like he was feeling bad for me, seeing that I'm sad and disappointed. Then the wormhole disappeared for good.

    I wish that I'd be able to see him again. He looked like he had so many things to ask me, and with that calm demeanor, I'm sure that he is a good person, and that he could help me get away from this. But would he even talk to a Team Rocket member like me? I don't know.

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