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Forgotten: Chaos Rebellion

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by CypherServine, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. CypherServine

    CypherServine Bug Catcher

    Dec 23, 2014
    Forgotten: Chaos Rebellion
    Chapter 1:
    Walking by Market street, Ashni was buying food supplies for the summer. It was an early day and the wind was calm. The trees behind her stay stilled as she begins her walk. Bumping into many foxes as she can as she smiled, trying to catch the other's eye. But no one wants to see her and they walked past her. Somewhere behind her, a poor fox was being robbed of his money by the three foxes. But Ashni didn't pay attention and went on her way. The stores beside her were fill with a variety of fruits from apples to oranges and anything in between. She continued her stroll until she reached the end of the street where she was meeting quickly by a group of yellow foxes. Wagging their tails in front of the former queen, Ashni smiled and turned her head towards the last market.
    A lot has changed since her daughter had taken control; there were whispers of hatred towards her daughter and talks of rebellion. Hoping to place the former queen back into power and by this, Ashni was scared. Ashni sighed and walked towards the market. A green fox smiled back and disappeared in the back. Ashni was wearing a yellow dress and a golden crown. She looked like she was in her thirties but she disagreed and much looked older than that. As the green fox emerged from the shadows with a white bag filled with pears, Ashni took it and nodded. The green fox nodded too and she took her leave. Walking back to the front of the gate, she recognized several foxes chanting outside the market entrance. Holding signs that says "Down with Koji!" "Koji the Tyrant! Can't even win any wars!" Ashni gasped quickly, putting down her sack of pears as they rolled out of her view.
    She ran quickly towards the protesters and shouted. But her voice was not heard as the chants became louder and louder. Stronger than her voice, Ashni sighed and went to pick up her pears. When she heard something in a distance, a strange beating noise... "Beep... beep... beep." She blinked and looked around, "Was she going crazy?" She wondered. The markets owners glanced at her as if she was mad. Only several of them looked away. Ashni shook her head and tried to filter the noise out. She picked up hear pears and stood up. But that beeping noise was still there, alive and breathing. Her heart beat wildly as she looked around. Now others think she was paranoid, glancing wildly at her surroundings. The beeping gone closer and closer... Ashni was sweating. The protesters continue their chanting and then... Everything changed.
    Unexpectedly, a blast blew up most of the market. Sending flames up into the atmosphere, Ashni took a step back. She was gasping for breathed, horrified by the blast. The protesters stopped their chanting and glanced back. They were angrily and ran towards the markets as they put down their signs. Another blast happened and another was kill. This chain of reaction goes on and on until she noticed she was standing near one market. The beeping was wild in her ears and she tried to get away. The owner had evacuated his market. She yelled out for help, but the voices soon drowned her. All she could hear was the beeping noise getting faster and faster. Then... it went silent. Ashni held her breath and glanced nervously at the market inside.
    "Did you do this?" Pyrail roared in front of Koji's face. She blinked and glanced at him, confuse about what he was offering to her. "What?" "Did you cause the market to blow up?! Put in there explosives?" "That wasn't me." Koji growled but Pyrail slapped her. She fell down onto her bed without resistance. Holding her nose with her paws, Pyrail asked again "Let me ask you again-" But he was interrupt by a voice. Both Pyrail and Koji glanced behind them. At the door was Seiko and he was holding a letter.
    "I'm telling you, Pyrail." Seiko growled, "It wasn't her. It was this letter." "Lies!" Pyrail roared again walking towards him before snatching the letter. Koji rose from her bed as she stared at Pyrail with worried eyes. After reading the letter, Pyrail growled and stormed out of the room. Seiko ran to Koji and sat with her on the bed. "What's wrong?" Koji asked, "The rebels, my queen." Seiko answered. "The civil war has begun." Koji widen her eyes as she tried to hide herself inside the blanket. But Seiko threw it out and watched Koji. "no... No... It..." "It is." Seiko sighed, "They want you dead after you killed Ashni, your mother." "But that wasn't me!" "oh was it?" Seiko eyed her. This was no laughing matter. But what can they do?
    "Where's Pyrail going?" Koji asked after the moment of silence. Seiko sighed worriedly and glanced away. He doesn't want to tell the queen this piece of news that Pyrail had proposed during the meeting. Koji asked again "Where is he going?" "Nowhere." Seiko lied. Koji stopped. "Now then. We have to deal with the rebel forces. They are starting to burn our supplies as they are marching here." "Then get me out and into a hidden base of our own." Koji said without thinking. Seiko stopped and glanced at her. Trying to protest, Koji interrupted him "Now." Seiko nodded and walked away.
    Koji got out of bed and sighed. She truly wished for peace in her lands but how can she when there's so much hate against her. Wanting to place her mother instead of her that just hurts her feelings. She often had these questions in her mind as she walks down the stairs. Wondering to herself, how can she change the way she act. Once she reached the first floor, she glanced at the door. But it was empty and Koji guessed that the two Cyphers had left their post. To fight against the rebels or to join them, Koji nodded to herself and walked into the kitchen.
    There, Shiro and Seiko were sitting on the chairs discussing their plans. When Koji walked in, they both glanced behind them and smiled. Lending her a seat, she sat beside them as Shiro filled her in. "We're going to let the rebels take the castle." Koji gasped and slammed her paws onto the table "What?! Are you out of your mind!?" But Seiko shook his head "We aren't, my queen." Koji glance at both of them and sighed. She wanted to go for another direction and she gave a sigh. Seiko, now noticing her behavior, asked "What's wrong?"
    "Can't we go for a negotiation?" Asked Koji and the two Cyphers laughed "What?" "Listen here, Koji." Shenzi smiled as Koji glanced at him "The rebels want you dead and they're going to get it, whether you like it or not. You are the one responsible for your mother's dead. You have killed her." "Not true!" Koji growled. Then there was hastily knock on the door and a slam. The three stopped and glanced at the door. Shenzi was standing by the door; sweat was coming off his face and armor. He puffed and huffed before catching his breath then he walked into the kitchen.
    "report?" Seiko asked. "The rebels are coming here, Seiko." Shenzi reported, "and it seems that Pyrail has joined them in their cause." Koji gasped silently as Shenzi continued, "The rebels have burned off almost all of our supplies and captured the ladders. They are marching here as we speak." Then he collapse onto the floor, passed out. Seiko and Shiro glanced at one another, worriedly. Koji nodded and raised herself "I know what we must do." The two Cyphers glanced at her before one of them spoke "Don't Koji! We have to retreat to our base." "and then what?" Koji asked, slamming her paw onto the table. "Allow the rebels to capture this castle." "That's our plan." Shiro added and Koji stopped. "Also we're expecting arrival of our loyal allies. So we must flee to the base until this happens." Koji nodded, despite fighting off the rebels herself.
    They all fled outside the kitchen and into the warm air. "Quickly! We must not be spotted!" Shenzi whispered. The other three nodded and ran. Koji was worried about the civil war happening. "What did she do wrong?" She wondered. They ran in the shadow of the castle; hoping anyone wouldn't catch them. Koji, Seiko, and Shenzi ran towards nowhere. For days, Koji thought she was out of shape as she breathed through her mouth. The other Cyphers stopped suddenly and Koji blinked. Glancing down at the grass, she spoke "Here?"
    Shenzi shook his head and pointed, "It's on that mountain. No one expected it to be there" Koji smiled slightly but said nothing. "Another climb to the mountains." She thought as the group took off running again. They eventually reached the mountains but instead of climbing to the top. There was a big black hole curved on the cave, Koji blinked and walked inside after the rest. Once inside, there was a fire establish inside and Sayuri was here. But she isn't alone, Jareth was standing still glancing at Koji.
    "Sorry we're late, Sayuri." Seiko said. Sayuri bowed and nodded. "Excellent. Now we just have to wait for Neo and Ryker for their attack." Koji froze "What? What attack?" Sayuri blinked and glared at Seiko. Frowning, he turned to Koji. "We didn't tell you the full plan because we're afraid that it may land in the wrong paws." But aren't they here to just kill me?" Koji protest. There was a collective of murmurs as Koji sighed. "Alright."
    Night falls and the fire was burning out. Everyone but Koji was sleeping; she was standing in front of the mountain cave, staring out into the moonlight. She was worried about her father and her allies. Most importantly, her mother. "How was she killed? She wondered to herself as the stars twinkled. She gave a sigh and then glanced over at the city itself. There was a nearby fire and then a geyser blocked the Rebel's entrance to the castle itself. She squinted at the geyser. Standing next to it was a green fox with a cape behind him. "Ryker!" She gasped. "What is he doing here and where is Neo?"
    Then at the entrance of Wintergold, there were ice buildings and icy roads. Koji guessed, "That must be Crystal." She thought and glanced inside the cave. She ran inside and shook the Cyphers awake. Seiko glanced at him with tired eyes, "What is it?" "We got reinforcements, Seiko." Koji said in a calm voice. Seiko nodded and glanced at the others. "Alright Koji" Seiko explained as he got up. He led her outside the cave where it was nice and quiet. Screams and voices of war heard from the city itself but both of them ignored it.
    "The first phase is complete." Seiko whispered as Koji nodded. "We will allow the rebels to storm our castle and capture it. But they will realized that the queen is not there. Once all the rebels are in, we will shut and lock all the doors..." "Then" Koji added with a confuse look. Seiko smiled and shook his head "We will starve them to surrender."

    Chapter 2: Second Phase
    "Come on!" Crystal shouted, waving her paw in the air in a circle motion "let's go! Let's go!" The rebels charged into the castle without trouble. The doors were broken and Crystal smiled. She was the leader of the Revolution and the cause who hated Koji. She wasn't wearing her old uniform she left at her city; she was wearing a thick blue rebel jacket. On her head was a captain blue's hat and she smiled. The rebels were mostly made up of foxes those who are loyal to Ashni herself and they were wearing blue uniforms.
    Once the last of the rebels was inside the castle, the doors shut automatically leaving Crystal outside. She glanced around, looking for any more rebels still alive and outside. But all she could find was the dead; she nodded to herself and went to the ladders that was placed. Each of them leading to Koji's bedroom and she went up the ladder. She climbed up the ladder and went into Koji's room. But she found out it was empty. She blinked and looked around. The blanket was on the floor. The pillows stand still; leaning against the wall. There were two holes on the bed as Crystal walked towards it. Noticing that there were four holes on the bed, she smiled and looked around for these two.
    The rebels stormed up the stairs and separate into different bedrooms. Crystal growled and walked out but two Rebel soldiers, aiming their blades at her neck, stopped her. Thinking that she was loyal to Koji, they backed her onto the bed before Crystal shouted "Stupid. It's me." The two stopped and smiled shyly, embarrasses as Crystal stood up and dusted herself clean.
    She sighed and asked the two guards to meet her at the hallway. They nodded and ran out the door leaving Crystal inside the bedroom as she took one last look around the room before making her way out the door. She closed it afterwards and descends the stairs where the army of rebels was waiting. But they seemed confused about the situation as Crystal walked in front of them. They fell silent and eyes were front. Crystal acknowledged it and spoke "it seems that the Royals are not here. We have complete control of this castle." The crowd roared as Crystal added "But the war still rages on until we capture Koji. We must end this war and capture her!" "Execution!" chanted the crowd as Crystal nodded. Then headed for the doors but found out it was shut.
    Blinking, she tried again. But the door wouldn't open. Growling, she turned to the army "Scatter! Find any means to escape!" The army nodded and scattered like ants leaving Crystal alone as she looked at the door. Smiling to herself, she whispered, "Well played, Koji. Well played."

    Minutes turned into hours as the morning sun rises again from the horizon, Crystal was sitting in the corner. She sighed and looked around, there weren't any food around in the kitchen and they were losing men fast. Several dead rebels lay at her feet. She was paranoid and wanted to get out but the question is "how can they when all the doors are locked." "Find the key! We must get out!" Crystal yelled as several rebels nodded. Suddenly, they heard a yell from the outside.
    Crystal stood up and glanced at the door. Rubbing her eyes with her paws, she thought that the doors could speak. "Open up! Open up!" The doors yelled. Crystal yelped with terror. "I think the doors want to eat us." She said, worriedly. The rebel soldier smiled and tried to comfort her. But despite his efforts, Crystal was still shivering. "Get me out of here!" She yelled, "I surrender! I surrender!" She ran up the stairs and into Koji's room. There the rebels looked at her and ran up to her. But Crystal nudged them away. Once she was free, she looked around for an opening. The windows were tightly shut all around, "Calm down, Crystal!" One of them said. Crystal shook her head and ran out the window. There were a couple of shouts and then a thud.
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