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Forgotten: Imposters

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by CypherServine, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. CypherServine

    CypherServine Bug Catcher

    Dec 23, 2014
    Forgotten: The Imposters
    They were fighting one another although there was no clear winner. As the rest of the Royals watched them fight, circling around one another while they tried to swing their blades. It seems to everyone that the training battle is at a stalemate and both contenders knew this. Huffing as they stared upon one another, Seiko and Jabari could not believed they had made it this far with the fight. With their sweaty paws around their blades, they ignored the shouting around them. But this made Jabari nervous and he was shaking in his boots. Koji growled at him without him knowing it. Speaking out towards him, "Come on Jabari! you can beat him! I know you can!" But Jabari frowned upon this and tried to rushed at Seiko. It was a bad move as Seiko anticipating this and swing his blade at him.
    Cutting at his side, Jabari gasped and fell back into the circle. Both of them were giving it their all as blood dripped from their wounds. Koji growled again but spoke nothing as she glanced around. Noticing Pyrail nervously leaning against the wall, she walked up towards him and smiled. "What's wrong?" he turned to her and frowned. Something that he would do often when with his mate as he spoke "There's nothing wrong with me, Koji. Go back with your fights." But Koji frowned at him and leaned against the wall next to him, staring out into the sunlight. She smiled indirectly at him "Why so sad, Pyrail? Don't you want to see your son able to defend himself?" "It's not that." Pyrail shook his head and sighed. Then without even thinking, he got out of his wall and walked in silence. Towards the castle door as he opened it and closed it when he went inside, Koji blinked and sighed. Wondering "What is he's problem? He doesn't want his own son to defend himself? He'll get himself killed if he doesn't." She growled silent before the sounds of fighting startled her. She turned her attention towards the rest of the royals as Seiko and Jabari continued to fight one another.
    "Alright everyone." She growled, raising her paws into the air as she walked forward. "This battle is over, let's go." "But we haven't found out the clear victory, Koji!" Sayuri complained as she growled at her. "Just go." The Cyphers left the arena leaving behind her and Jabari as he frowned upon her. Slamming the wooden blade onto the floor, he growled, "What is your problem, Koji? We were having a good fight until you had to ruin it!" "Jabari..." Koji whispered, trying to calm him down but he continued to flair his arms around as he yelled insults at her. Not something that a descendent of a royal should do, but Koji ignored his insults and grabbed his arm. Without speaking, she stared at him with her eyes and he glanced upon her. Frowning, he said nothing and snapped his arm away from Koji. Before taking his leave, Koji spoke "Something has gone wrong with Pyrail, sweetie." "How do you know?" Jabari growled at her.
    Koji frowned and glanced upon the ground. Unsure about what to say to her own son, she sighed and chose her next words carefully. "He was acting quite strangely now. It was almost like that he was being chased by someone or something..." "Like who?" Jabari asked, interested in her words as he turned to her. She frowned and sighed again. "Don't know." She shook her head, "It's impossible now since he returned to the castle doors." "Do you want me to speak to him?" Koji gave a silent nod as he nodded and ran towards the door.
    The Cyphers emerged from their respective hiding place and walked forward towards Koji. Frowning upon this, Seiko bowed and stepped forward. "I hope you are right about this." He spoke, worriedly as Koji nodded at him "Yes... I hope so." "So what now?" Sayuri replied, trying to get the conversation going. The Cyphers and Koji stared upon Sayuri in silence.
    But no one said anything as Sayuri responded to the silence before her "Okay... But should we check on Pyrail? You know to make sure that he's okay." "I'm sure he's okay." Koji smiled faintly. But was very unsure about her confidence about her mate. As there was another set of flapping wings, Koji glanced up and tried to whistled them down. But the pair of birds flew past them outside the boundary of Wintergold they go and disappeared towards the sunset. Leaving behind the Cyphers, Koji decided to pay Pyrail a visit and Seiko wanted to come alone with her. They headed towards the entrance of the castle and opened the door. Heading inside the room, they had noticed that all the lights were either demolished or dimmed out. Both Seiko and Koji glanced upon one another, noticing this change of atmosphere as they headed up the stairs. Hoping to see if Pyrail was alright, they headed into his room and knocked onto the door.
    Javari's voice was heard from the other room and Koji smiled faintly again. Easing her scythe, the door was suddenly opened and they were let inside. They had saw Pyrail sitting onto the bed, rocking himself to sleep. Putting his two arms around his legs as his eyes were white. There was no pupils on his eyelids and Koji shuttered upon this. Jabari stepped forward towards her and frowned. Nudging her, Jabari pointed at Pyrail and spoke "Please make him feel better, Koji. He's starting to creep me out." "Me too." Koji nodded and glanced nervously at Seiko. Seiko nodded nervously again and stepped forward. Waving his paw into front of Pyrail's face, Pyrail suddenly grabbed his paw and threw him out the window. Where the window had shattered, Seiko fell onto the ground just outside the back of Wintergold's castle as the rest of the Cyphers rushed in to help their leader. Koji and Jabari gasped upon this as they glanced at Pyrail.
    Still making that same nervously cracking voice, Koji stepped forward with cautious and knelled in front of him. "Uh... Honey?" She whispered. Pyrail raised his head onto her face and reeled back. He had a gasped on his face as his mouth hung opened, Koji frowned upon this and closed her eyes. Readying herself to be thrown out, she noticed that she had not. But a grab on her sides by his paws shivered her as the warmth of love raised her. She smiled upon him but he frowned back. Tears were now flowing down his eyes as he closed them. Worried about what was going to happen next as Jabari growled and stepped forward. "What is the problem, Koji? What's wrong with him?" "There was nothing wrong with him." Koji replied with a tearful smile. "What?" Jabari asked, confused.
    Just as Koji was about to stand up, Pyrail grabbed her suddenly and threw her down. Putting himself on top of her, he closed in onto her ear and whispered "They're... They're coming after me! Please... help me, Wintergold." Koji blinked upon Pyrail as he stood up. Paranoid about what just happen as they watched him walked back outside into the darken hallway where he walked down the stairs onto the first floor. Leaving the door cracked open, Jabari helped Koji up as Le and Maruja landed onto the edge of the window behind them.
    Le tapped the window with his beak as Koji and Jabari glanced back, looking upon Le as he waved his wing again at them. Koji walked up to them and opened the window. Allowing the two to go inside, Le and Maruia reported "We think we found it, Koji. The one that Pyrail thought that he was being chased." "What?" Koji asked, confused. "What are you talking about, Le?" Le stepped forward and spoke again. "There's an imposter around Wintergold and we think that there are two Pyrails around the area. The fake Pyrail is after the real one, going to kill him with a kitchen knife I believed." Koji and Jabari gasped upon this news as they glanced at one another.
    Koji gave a silent nod and growled. "Thanks." "No problem, we're going to pin point the exact location of the fake Pyrail. Look for him in a costume, Koji and Jabari. Also, he is acting very strangely when approached. If he runs, you know that is an imposter." "But what if it's the real Pyrail running away from the fake one?" Koji suggested as Le nodded. "yes. yes, if that is the case, look behind you or any to the sides. If the fake Pyrail is coming in with a knife, arrest him and we'll take care of the rest." Nodding, Koji and Jabari ran downstairs onto the first floor where the Cyphers are waiting for their direct orders. Talking amongst themselves, Koji stepped into the ring and Seiko glanced over at her. Smiling, he saluted her and fell silent. Koji nodded and acknowledged the silence as she spoke "We are looking for a fake costume Pyrail; just arrest this fox and we'll be okay. Cyphers, you know what to do." "Right." Seiko nodded and rushed out onto the battlefield, leaving behind Koji and Jabari as they watched them go.
    Upon the night where the stars are bright overhead, the Cyphers spotted the real Pyrail wondering off by himself in the dark. Wondering if he was being tailed by someone behind him, he wishes that this nightmare is over. Seiko signaled silently to Sayuri and Shiro to moved forward, heading towards the real Pyrail they go. Seiko and Shenzi stayed behind and positioned themselves on top of the castle where they have the entire view of the city. Knowing such that they could easily spot the fake Pyrail within seconds, Seiko started to grow cocking among himself. They stand in silence as the crickets sounded into the night. Waiting for the fake Pyrail to come out, Shenzi spotted the real Pyrail to be heading into the park at the center of the city.
    Then he spotted it, standing over by the park's entrance, Shenzi rushed forward without Seiko's approval and attempted to capture the fake Pyrail standing by the entrance. But when he did, he had laughed signaling Seiko to turn his head and glanced over to him. Leaving his initial position, he walked towards Shenzi as the real Pyrail fled the scene, running toward the right where the market street was. Seiko glanced upon the fake Pyrail and shook his head. The fake Pyrail was not the same height as the real Pyrail. The color of the costume was bright red, almost looking like pink as Shenzi frowned. Letting go of the fake Pyrail, the cub rushed towards its home. Crying to its parents as the Cyphers went back to their mission.

    It was around midnight and the time was ticking fast, the Cyphers were worried and glanced around the city franticly. They had committed at least two mistakes, one was the second cub they saw at the entrance of the market street and the tall fox at the other side of Wintergold. Sweat was moving down his face as he growled softly towards Shenzi. Shenzi frowned upon Seiko and shook his head, admitting, "There's too many Pyrail costumes around the place, how are we able to find the real one?" Seiko sighed and swung his tail to the side. Worried that he had lost the mission and he glanced over at the two Cyphers who were sleeping on the job. Leaving the real Pyrail to who knows where as Seiko sighed and brought himself up again. Glancing around the city once more, he had spotted Pyrail standing by the entrance of Wintergold. He was nervous and didn't know what to do. He walked over to Shenzi and gave him the telescopes.
    He went down onto the rooftops of the castle and fell asleep. But Shenzi yawned also and sighed, waking up Seiko and the other two sleepy Cyphers. They glanced upon one another and frowned. "That's it... I don't know where he is. This is too much and we're all sleepy upon this point." Seiko yawned again, raising his paws onto the night sky as the two birds laughed upon them. "Giving up already, Seiko? That's so typical of you." Le smirked upon Seiko as he growled upon him. "Oh yeah? Try figuring out where the real Pyrail went smart birds!" Le smirked confidently again and grabbed the telescope. Raising it towards his eyes, he glanced over at the surrounding city but gave it back to him again. He shook his head and said "I cannot use the telescope, it hurts my eyes. So we'll just fly around the place and see if we can find him." Le spoke as Seiko nodded.
    Waving, he and Maruja flew around the city. Looking down upon the alley ways of the city, they tried to find the real Pyrail and found him walking by the park at the center of the city. Smiling among themselves, they flew back towards the castle and spoke "We found him." "Where is he?" Seiko asked, confused. Noticing that they had a quicker time than them, he growled silently to himself. Le noticed this and smiled upon him but this was no time for games as he said, "We found him at the park, center of the city." Seiko blinked and grabbed the telescope from Shiro. He placed it down in front of him and looking into it. Seeing Pyrail standing by the entrance of the park, Seiko blinked and growled at him "No. That's just a fake costume." Le gasped, flapping his wings "Are you serious! We thought that was the real Pyrail." Seiko shook his head and sighed. "No. We're about to turn ourselves in for the night, We just can't find Pyrail." "We can't! The future of Wintergold depends on us. If the real Pyrail is dead, Koji will kill us!" Sayuri complained.
    Seiko sighed upon this and shook his head. "I can't complain with that." He replied with a sigh. Nodding towards Sayuri, Seiko decided to change things around. He aroused both Shenzi and Shiro out of their sleep as they glanced upon Seiko with worried. Yawning, they asked "Found him yet?" Le shook his head as Seiko growled "We're going to try a different plan this time." "Which is?" Sayuri asked, cocking her head at him. He smiled sleepily at her and explained. Then after the explanation, the Cyphers and the two birds decided to spread themselves apart. Covering the entire city, Seiko had hoped that at least one of them had found that imposter beforehand.

    Seiko was assigned with the upper side of Wintergold as he rushed North West towards it. Starting from the entrance of Wintergold, he glanced around as he started walking. But as he walked, he couldn't run into the fake Pyrail. No matter what he tries, all he could find was trash cans and some dirty things that Seiko feel like vomiting about. He urged himself to keep walking, no matter how dirty his assignment was as he walked the corner, hoping to find the fake Pyrail at the second straight away port. But instead, he kept on seeing more trash bins and flies. Along with the flies some rats running around the roads before him and he had enough.
    Hearing someone, he perked his ears and smiled. He jumped into the rooftop of one building and saw that Shiro was waving at everyone. Next to him was the fake Pyrail and he smiled upon himself as he rushed towards him. He had saw that everyone else was almost excited as he was as they all gathered themselves together before Shiro and the fake Pyrail. Removing his mask, they gasped about what they had just saw as Seiko stepped forward and growled. Putting his blade onto Ryker's neck, he growled "What are you doing here, Ryker?" "Don't you know?" Ryker asked, growling back as he tried to cut himself free. "The Pyrail you have is not the same as the Pyrail from before. The Moongem city had you set up! Moongem city had set you up!" Ryker growled. Seiko blinked and took a step back. Glancing over at the others as Koji and Jabari ran out from the castle, Seiko frowned "What? What did you say?" "Moon gem had set you Wintergold up!" Ryker growled, shaking himself free from his captive.
    Le and Maruja looked worriedly upon the Cyphers and Koji as she turned to him. Stepping forward, she asked, "What do you mean, Moongem had set us up?" "The real Ryker is hiding within Moongem city! The one you are looking for is in Moongem city. Let me go! I have to apprehend Neo!" "Neo" Everyone gasped, surprised as they heard footsteps from behind. Growling, Koji ordered to captured Neo but Ryker growled upon her. Le and Maruja glanced over at Koji and frowned, nodding towards her. Koji sighed and nodded, "Release him." Smiling upon them, Ryker thanked them all and glanced over at the runaway black fox. Growling at this, Ryker spoke to them "How about you guys join me and Sebella against the four foxes. They are at each other's throats as of right now and so we could deal with them all. If we work together, maybe we can deal with them" Worried about another trap, Koji denied the offer and walked back to Wintergold.
    Leaving behind the Cyphers, Ryker and the two birds, they glanced upon one another and smiled. Only Seiko spoke for Koji, "We will but let us speak with Koji first." Ryker gave a silent nod and walked away, leaving behind Wintergold as the Cyphers and the two birds walked back towards the castle. When they emerged from the castle, they were surprised about how empty the place is as Koji growled and walked to the stairs to slam her fist onto the first steps. She turned to the Cyphers and angrily nodded. "So... what can we do, my queen?" "We have no choice." Koji replied with a sigh as she turned her attention to the stairs again. "Declare war on both Moongem and Glacier city, we're working with Ryker against them both." With a nod, the Cyphers emerged onto the darkness as Koji stands in darkness with her yellow electric Scythe. How had she not see this coming, she would have avoided a looting thief on their paws and she slammed her fist onto the first stairs again in anger.
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