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Guardian of Legends - Origin of the Eon

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by RPD490, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. RPD490

    RPD490 Youngster

    Jan 16, 2017

    This is my fanfic that is currently a work in progress, in which progress has been slow as I am not so much as a writer. I don't know how often I will post a chapter, but my recent chapter is a small one, but regardless I hope you enjoy it.

    Original Link to Fanfic on Fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11435919/1/Guardian-of-Legends-Origin-of-the-Eon

    Guardian of Legends: Origin of the Eon
    by, RPD490

    Hall of Origins — December 29th, 1991

    Arceus was standing over its realm, as it watches over the events of the world in which it created. However, today was big event, as something that hasn't occurred in over 500 years. The deity has its eyes closed, as it was expecting this moment, and opens its eyes, the minute it heard a faint cry. The cry of a newborn child.

    "...And so...the lineage of the Guardian has finally continued..." Arceus said to itself, "Although...it will be a several years before he can take up the mantle as the Guardian. For now, this child, will have his path set out for him...when he leaves for his journey, in the next ten years..."

    Arceus then turns over as it closes his eyes, "My child Celei...you have a task set out for you in due time." It was then a shiny Celebi appeared in a flash of light, as she looks up to the god.

    "What is it Lord Arceus?" She sounded as though she was in her mid 20s, yet for a Celebi, she was much older than she looked.

    "The birth of the Eon Guardian has happened, and in due time, he will need to be guided down the path..." Arceus then explains to the Celebi about what she is tasked to do in the future, to which she smiles softly and nods.

    Blackthorn City, Johto — December 29th, 1991

    It was around midnight, as snow was coming down in the mountainous city of Blackthorn, home to the Dragon Tamers and Dragon's Den, where the mythical type was said to be honored and reside. In a small home outside the city, was a young mother was holding a newborn baby in her arms. A few people from the city, was there given how unexpected it was. One of the people was Clair, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader, and a good friend to the mother. Clair gave a soft smile.

    "You really did pull through. No doubt, he is going to want to go out there in the world and explore." Clair chuckles.

    "Heh, yes. But at least I don't have to worry about that for now...he's still got his whole life ahead of him, but I know one day he will ask, and I don't want him to feel discouraged. He deserves to see what the world has to offer." The mother said quietly, smiling as she looks at the sleeping newborn.

    "So, what name did you decide to give him...?" Clair asked.

    "Hmm...I thought about it, but I think I prefer Logan. Nothing too special, but not so common neither." The mother replied.

    They nod. They thought the name was a good one. They felt that Logan was going to have a large future ahead of him, and they would be right.

    Blackthorn City, Johto — March 21st, 1999

    Late Morning

    8 years later...

    "Logan! Logan come down! They're gonna be here any minute!" The youth's mother called downstairs.

    Logan, now 8 years old, was busy playing his Game Boy Color, when he heard his mom yell up to him. He stopped as he yells back, "Alright mom! In a minute!"

    Today was a special day. Because of a tradition that was held in Blackthorn City for over 300 years since its founding, it was customary for children that have turned 8, to be able to receive a Dragon-type Pokémon, for use in becoming a Dragon Tamer, however, from a recommendation from Lance, the former member of the Elite Four of the Indigo Plateau and now Champion of Johto, as well as Kanto, and resident Dragon Master of Blackthorn City, he was able to contact Professor Elm, Johto's regional Pokémon Professor that hailed from New Bark Town to come up and give Logan not a Dragon-type, but one of the Johto Starters. Lance felt that he could see potential in future Dragon Tamers, but there was something about Logan that made him think more of him, and so figured they could make an exception, and have him choose one of the three starters of Johto to have.

    He would need to wait till he was ten though to officially obtain a Pokémon Trainer License, and be able to travel on a journey around Johto, and around the world, but there was no harm done in giving him an early start, as he was already a student under Clair, as a beginning Dragon Tamer, though times he spent in the Dragon's Den, was mostly playing with the Tamer's small Dragon Pokémon like Dratini.

    "Logan!" His mother yelled again.

    "Alright coming!" Logan yelled back, as he shut his Game Boy Color off, and then heads downstairs.

    "You excited sweetie?" His mother asked, smiling down at her son, as she rubs his head.

    "You bet! I can't believe I can get a starter this early on! It's awesome!" The young boy beamed, his mother just giggling.

    "It sure is, but know, its going to be your responsibility to take care of your Pokémon, but I know you can do it. You are such a bright boy, and I couldn't be anymore prouder to you than I could be now." His mother said.

    "Thanks mom. I promise I'll take care of whatever Pokémon I choose, and train it to be the best it can be, so that I will have experience when I can actually go on a journey!" He jumped when he said that.

    She giggled, seeing just how precious her son was. It would be hard for when he does leave for a Pokémon journey, but she would be confident that Logan can succeed and will be proud with his exploits.

    It was then, there was a knock on the door. Logan jumped for joy, when he knew it was time. However, unknown to everyone, including himself, this was the start of a set events, that would soon make the boy into a legend.

    Chapter 1 - A New Friend
    Hall of Origins — March 21st, 1999
    Late Morning

    "It is hard to believe that eight years have passed this quickly for the child, now he is about to receive his first Pokémon..." Arceus mused to itself, as it watch from a window in his realm, the young child about to pick his starter for training.

    It shuts its eyes, sighing quietly to itself. While the deity was glad that the boy was able to take his first step into become the next Eon Guardian, unknowingly though, he knew that what would be happening next would be a rather...disheartening turn of events.

    Regardless, Arceus felt that Logan had potential, and no matter what will happen, he will overcome them, no matter the cost.

    Arceus opens its eyes, and gave a soft expression, as the boy picked the Pokémon he chose to be with him, till the end. "You show promise, my child... You taken your first step on the road to your destiny. Soon, you will be walking to the next part of it."

    Ryuko Residence — March 21st, 1999

    Late Morning

    "I choose this one...!" Logan said as he grabbed the first Poké Ball he saw, and released the Pokémon that was inside of it. The light shot out of the small spherical object and onto the table, as it turned into a small green creature, with stubby paws with a single 'toe' on each, a large green leaf on its head, and small green buds around its neck. The little Pokémon opened its eyes, as it looked around.

    "Chiko...?" It said cutely, tilting its head, wondering where it was. Upon looking at Logan, it tilts its head again.

    "Ah, so you pick Chikorita, the grass Pokémon. Wonderful choice! Grass-types are known to be easy to raise as they are very docile." Prof. Elm explained.

    Logan's mother just giggles at the little Leaf Pokémon. "It's such a cute little thing.~ I think this was a good choice sweetie."

    "Chiko?" Chikorita looked to the mother, and smiled softly at the mention of being called 'cute' and the right choice.

    "Yeah. I think I'm confident that we could do anything together, and nothing will hinder us!" Logan said with pride. Chikorita looks up to Logan, smiling brightly. "Chi!~"

    Prof. Elm just laughs. He knew that these two would do well together. "Very well then, Logan. It seems you already gotten Chikorita to trust you, with ease. I think its because this one is rather affectionate, and seeing that it was chosen, just made it more inclined to be your partner. Now, do you wish to give Chikorita a nickname?"

    Logan thought about it for a few seconds, and then smiled. "I have, I think I'll call her...Chika! Do you like that name?" He asked looking down at the Leaf Pokémon, who just nodded with enthusiasm.

    "Chiko! Chi!~" Chika jumped up and into his lap. Logan just laughed and pets her. His mother just smiled softly, seeing how adorable those two looked.

    Prof. Elm also smiled, "Well, I'm sure you will have no problems taking care of Chika then. Like I said, Grass-types are very easy to care for, so I'm sure she do you well in the road ahead."

    He then closes the suitcase and gets up, "Well, I best be going now. It was a long trek up here, I want to be able to return to New Bark before the sunsets."

    Logan's mother gets up, "Thank you so much for coming up here, Professor. I never seen Logan this happy before. It does me proud to see him like this. And now, we have another member of the family." She laughed. "I'll walk you to the door."

    Logan gets up, as he holds Chika in his arms, "Thank you so much Prof. Elm! I promise I'll take good care of Chika, and we will be the best Trainers when the time comes!"

    "Chiko!~" Chika nods in agreement.

    Prof. Elm chuckles, "It was my pleasure Logan, and I know you will do well when training starts. When you do begin your journey, come by New Bark Town for a visit! Would like to see how far you gotten during your training."

    Logan nods, "Will do Professor! Thanks again!" He waves.

    "Yes, thank you again. It was wonderful to meet you Prof. Elm. Be safe on the way home." Logan's mother said warmly as she waves to the leaving professor as he walks out and waves back.

    "Take care now!" Prof. Elm said as he began his trek back to New Bark Town. With that, she closed the door and walks over to the two, who just smiles contently.

    "You two...just look so adorable together. I know you will treat your Pokémon with love and trust. It is those two that will help you succeed when the time comes to go on your journey."

    "Heh, I know mom. Me and Chika are going to do great when training starts next week. Won't we girl?" Logan asked as he looks down at her, who looks up cutely and smiled bright, nodding.


    "Well then, how about I fix you lunch sweetie?" His mother asked, putting her hands on her hips, as Logan nods. "Yeah mom! That would be great!"

    With that, Logan was given a good lunch, while Chika was given some Berries to eat. While she was capable of eating, she was still a Grass-type, and they often fed off of the sunshine with photosynthesis. With that, she was sitting in the sunshine that was coming through the kitchen window as she ate her Berries contently. All and all, the rest of the day was a good one.

    "Mmm..." While doing the dishes, his mother stopped as she held her head a bit, and shook it off.

    "Mom?" Her mother jumped slightly to see Logan behind her.

    "Are you okay?" He asked. She nods, smiling softly.

    "I'm fine sweetie. Just a tiny headache that popped in my head and went away." She assured.

    "Oh, okay then. Me and Chika are gonna go out and play for a bit. I wanted to go show Chika to Clair." He explained.

    His mother nods, "Oh, okay. I'm sure that Clair would be happy to see you and Chika. Just be careful okay?"

    "I will mom! I'll be back soon. I love you!" He said as he ran outside, with Chika following after him. She giggled as she watched her go after him, and as soon as she was out, she shut the door behind Chika. She then went to go lay down on the couch, and sighed. "That was...weird though. That feeling...what was that...?"

    Blackthorn City Gym — March 21st, 1999

    It was another uneventful day at the Gym for Clair. As a Gym Leader, it is her duty to challenge those that have entered the Pokémon League challenge to give out the last Badge to enter the Indigo Plateau over in Kanto, as both Johto and Kanto share a Pokémon League, the Rising Badge. While she had her fair share of challengers that were able to defeat her, much to her disdain as she often doesn't take a loss that well, most of the Trainers that appeared didn't seem to give her much of a challenge and wiped the floor with them.

    Dragon-type Pokémon are coveted as powerful Pokémon types, but the drawback of being weak against its own type, Ice-type, or even the recent new Fairy-type that was discovered from the faraway region of Kalos. Regardless, Clair seemed rather bored to the fact that the challengers she faced today were either ones that had too much of an ego after getting seven badges and were overconfident to their skills, or just hobby Trainers. While she acted as Gym Leader during the day, she closed the Gym around later afternoon to go to the Dragon's Den behind the Gym, to train and find peace to herself, before she has to resume her duties the following day. She was about to tell her Gym Trainers that they can head on home for the night, the doors to her Gym opened. Thinking it was another challenger, she nonchalantly told them off.

    "Sorry, we are closing up for the evening. Come back tomorrow."

    She then stopped when she heard a familiar young voice, "Oh...sorry Miss Clair, I'll just come back tomorrow."

    She turns around and saw the young child at the entrance, before she shook her head in regret, "Oh! Logan! I'm sorry young one, I didn't know it was you. I just had so many battles today, I'm kind of worn out. Hold on, I'll be over in a second."

    As he waited, several Trainers were leaving as they all waved to Logan as they walked past him out the door. Soon, Clair made her way to Logan, smiling softly. If there was one thing that could take her mind off a tough day, it was a visit from Logan. Being a friend of his mother's, Clair was there when he was born. When he was around four, she took him to the Dragon's Den to show him the Dragon Pokémon that resided there, and often let him play with the young Dragon Pokémon that were tamed for the next beginning Dragon Tamers, much to his delight. As he got older, he often went there to help take care of them, adding some experience to the Dragon-types, though these were mostly ones that were still young and easy to handle and not the larger and more powerful ones as they required a higher leveled Tamer to take of them.

    Clair looks down at Logan, rubbing his head softly, smiling. "It is nice to see you Logan. I think I know why you came over today." Clair pretty much knew that it was a big day for him, as she learned about him receiving a starter Pokémon for use in training by Prof. Elm.

    "You were thinking right! Look what I got!" He turns around as he picks up Chika, who just adorably looks at Clair and waves her little arm.

    "Chiko!~" Chika greeted. "This is Chika, and she is my new friend, and partner."

    Clair just chuckles as she rubs the little Chikorita's head softly, to which she cooed cutely. "My, aren't you just full of energy, and so affectionate."

    "Well Logan, I'm so happy for you to get your Pokémon. Are you excited for next week for when training starts?" Clair stood back up, her hand on her hip as she looks down at the child.

    "You bet! Me and Chika are excited. It's gonna be fun to finally learn how to be a Trainer!" Logan exclaimed as he holds his fist up, showing how determined he was, Chika mimics him cutely, "Chiiko!"

    Clair laughed at the too. These two were made for each other. "Good! Now, even though you are not using a Dragon-type, that is fine. Taming a Dragon and training it to its full potential, is basically the same way of training any other Pokémon. Its about forming a bond, and battling others to make them grow and get stronger. You have it a bit easier, since you have one of the starters of Johto, so raising Chika will be pretty easy, whereas it takes longer to raise a Dragon-type to its full potential. Even a Dratini needs time to become strong to become a mighty Dragonite, as does your Chikorita. It will take time before she becomes a strong Meganium. But knowing how you help take care of those in the Dragon's Den, and you studying, you will have no trouble the day training starts, and when you become of age to leave town on your journey." Clair explained.

    Logan looked up to Clair as his mentor of sorts. While he never trained with Pokémon, he would often learn about training of Pokémon, as well as history and culture of Blackthorn as a whole. It was around this time, Logan learned about the legendary Pokémon of the world, and how it all began from Arceus, the Alpha, and essentially God of the Pokémon universe. He learned how these powerful creatures often would appear to Trainers they find worthy to be near them, and even at times, capture them as a way to lend their strength to the Trainer, an example being Victini. Being known as the Victory Pokémon, and hailing from the far region of Unova, it is said that those who have it with them in their team, are said to be able to conquer any battle they compete in, no matter what. That is just one example.

    Johto has its line of legendaries, that are well known throughout the region. The three beasts that were resurrected in Ecruteak City hundreds of years ago by the rainbow bird Pokémon that resided in the Bell Tower, when lightning struck the Brass Tower, and caught fire and took days before the rain put it out. It was this tower, that the guardian of the sea roosted and since then, has been hiding in the deepest parts of the Whirl Islands. And then there was the guardian of the forest, known to travel through time, and keeper of Illex Forest. It was said that when it came back, it was a sign that it was to be a good and bright future.

    It was these stories and myths, that made Logan want to go on a journey and seek them. He didn't know why he felt so entranced to do so. It was as if it was his calling, and was likely being told to seek them. He knew then, what he was going to do when he turned ten and received his Trainer's License.

    Clair and Logan talked for a couple more hours, mostly inside the Dragon's Den, as he helped take care of the Dragon types that were being prepared for training next week for the new Tamers. Logan took the time to introduce Chika to the Dragon-types, to which they all greeted back at the Leaf Pokémon. She wondered if they were gonna be her friends, which made her more giddy. The day was drawing to a close, and Logan had to go home for dinner. Not wanting to worry his mother, he grabs Chika and walks out with Clair, who congratulates him on getting his starter and looking forward to finally being able to train under her.

    The two said their byes, and Logan runs back home, carrying the Chikorita in his arms. Unknown to them, as he was a couple blocks from his house, a white furred Pokémon with a scythe looking horn on its head, watched the child. Logan stops, feeling he was being watched and looked around...and saw nothing. Chika looks up at her friend and tilts her head, "Chiko?"

    "Hmm...must be my imagination, felt I was being...watched. Oh well. Let's go." He said looking at his Pokémon who nods and began walking the rest of the way home. When he was out of sight, the creature appeared where he stopped moments ago, and looked down to where he was going for a couple minutes, before dashing off back into the wild. The fact this Pokémon appeared, met one thing: something bad was going to happen, and it wasn't going to be a natural disaster.

    Chapter 2 - A Heartfilled Loss
    Logan's House — March 21st, 1999

    It was around 6 PM when Logan entered the house. He walks in as he takes his shoes off at the door and placed them on the mat, with Chika resting on his shoulder so he can use his hands. He goes into the living room, and finds his mother resting on the couch. He walks over to her and light shakes her.

    "Mom, I'm back." He said in a low voice, smiling softly.

    "Mmm? Oh, hello sweetie...back already...?" She said groggily as she rubbed her eyes, and then looked at the clock.

    "Oh! I been sleeping for a few hours! Thanks for waking me dear, I'll get dinner ready." She said as she stood up and stretched as she walked to the kitchen.

    "How was your visit with Clair? Was she as thrilled to see Chika as you were when you got her?" His mother asked cheerfully.

    He nods, smiling brightly, "You bet! She was very glad that I got my Pokémon, and is eager to start training next week."

    His mother giggled, "Oh, typical Clair. She may be a couple years older than me, but I swear she still acts like as she did as a teenager sometimes. But, I'm glad that she is as eager as you are sweetie."

    Logan talked about his afternoon with his mother as she got dinner ready. She listened as she cooks and laughed when he mentioned Chika being snuggled by several Dratini. She was happy that the Chikorita was able to make some friends during their day at the Dragon's Den.

    Soon, the small family ate, as Chika was nibbling on some Berries and Poffins that his mother made for her, much to the Grass-type's delight.

    "So what are you going to do after dinner, Logan?" His mother asked as she ate her side salad.

    "Well, seeing as I got Chika, I figured I spend a bit of time reading up on Grass-types and figure out a strategy for when it comes time to train next week. If I had a Pokédex, it would be easier to know what her moveset consist of, as well the general information on the species as a whole." Logan explained after he swallowed his rosemary chicken.

    "But, I figure that judging by her physically appearance, she would most likely know Tackle and Growl. That is usually typical for most Grass-type starters, like Bulbasaur." He added.

    His mother just smiled. She knew that her son was very bright, and smarter than the average 8 year old boy, when it came to Pokémon. Logan took the time to study on Pokémon history, battle strategies and techniques, and basic Pokémon psychology. Though, she knew he didn't study all the time, as he often helped her out in the house, and like a typical child, he would play others and was a basic gamer, when it came to video games. But he knew to make time for everything, since he was trying to learn to become a great Pokémon Trainer.

    After dinner, Logan helped his mother with the dishes and then took Chika upstairs to his room where he sat down on his bed and grabbed a big book that involved Pokémon types and basic battle information regarding those starting as a Trainer.

    "Let's see...ah here we go." Logan said as he looked at a page involving Grass-types.

    "Grass type Pokémon are generally aimed to be special attackers and decent defenders with an above average defense stat, depending on the Pokémon. While there are few physical Grass moves out there, it is important to know the type of Grass-type Pokémon you own and work out an overall strategy."

    "Defensively, Grass-types have good and bad points. While weak to Fire, Ice, and Flying types, which are commonly used offensive types, other weaknesses that Grass-types are weak to are used rarely offensively. Most Grass-types share a secondary typing of Poison and Bug-type which eliminates these two weaknesses, but makes Flying and Fire types more of a threat. Grass-types, however, have a strong resistance to Electric, Water, Ground, and other Grass-types." Logan read aloud, as Chika listened.

    "Hmm...well looking at you, you don't look part Poison, and don't look anything remote to being a bug, so I guess you are a pure Grass-type, huh?" Logan asked Chika, as she gave a simple nod.

    "Right! Next up is..." Logan continued reading.

    "Sometime ago, it was shown that certain asset of Grass-type Pokémon were immune to the move Leech Seed. However recently, it was discovered that all Grass-types are immune to Powder and spore based moves, such as Sleep Powder and Spore. As these moves are learned by most Grass Pokémon, this enables them to provide support to the rest of the team and can make them difficult to defeat. Because of this, they are good at defending against other Grass-types."

    "Grass-types are also affected by the weather most than other Pokémon types. This is likely due to their relation with the natural environment. They can gain good and bad benefits from certain conditions, such as harsh sunlight and rain. For example, a Pokémon that knows Solar Beam would have to wait for the attack to charge by building up any light and convert it into solar energy, but should the weather conditions be harsh sunlight, which can be formed with the use of Sunny Day or a Pokémon with the ability Drought, the attack will instantly be ready for use without waiting."

    "Offensively, while Grass-types are very effective against Water, Ground, and Rock-type Pokémon, that have their disadvantages. Since Grass-type attacks are resisted by seven different types, which is also true for Bug, double resistances to Grass are extremely common, even more so than double weaknesses."

    "Hmm, well that is something we can work on. Seeing as your a pure Grass Pokémon, everything would be out to get you that is effective...but if we can play our cards right, maybe we can do something with that..." Logan thought to himself.

    If he had a Pokédex, he would be able to see Chika's stats and nature, and can likely try to work something with Chika. For now, he has to go off on written material until he can register Chika into a Pokédex, which will likely not happen until he receives one when he turns ten. With that, he continues reading.

    "Most Grass-type attacks aren't very powerful, or can have several drawbacks, and the majority of Grass moves don't have a wide attack coverage. Despite this, Grass-types have above average Attack or Sp. Attack."

    He goes through the book a bit more before he closes it, and thinks as he looks down at the Chikorita.

    "Well Chika, I guess I would have to go off instinct and figure out what you could be good as. Now, you might have decent attack and special attack, but you might have better defense and special defense. If thats the case, I could have you act as a support Pokémon, as you might be able to take in a lot of hits, even from super-effective attacks. The best offensive is being defensive, as they say." He chuckled, as he rubs her back, to which she cooed cutely.

    "Chiiiko~" She said, to which he just chuckled again.

    For the next couple hours, he read some other material, and took the time to play with Chika. Soon though, it was getting late and his mother comes in.

    "Okay you two, time for bed now." She said softly, with a gentle smile.

    "Yes mom." Logan replied as he puts his books away and gets into bed, as Chika goes and lays down on top of him. His mother giggled.

    "Okay dear, good night." She said, leaning over and kissing Logan's head.

    "Night mom..." She smiled letting her. Chika looks up and smiled brightly.

    "Chiko-chi!~" She chirped.

    She giggled, "Good night to you as well Chika..." She goes and strokes her back softly and then leaves the two, as she turns the lights out and closes the door. Logan goes and holds Chika as he hugs her.

    "Night Chika." He said quietly.

    "Chiko..." She replied back, as she nuzzles him and then falls asleep, to which the former does the same, drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

    Later that night, his mother was about to get ready for bed, when that weird feeling started to occur in her head again, only it started to hurt more. She winced, as she goes to the bathroom and takes out a bottle and takes two migraine relief pills. Hoping that would get rid of the pain, she goes to her bed and lays down and shuts the lights off and closes her eyes. It took time, but she was able to fall asleep. What she didn't know, it wasn't just a migraine that was causing this.

    All was quiet then, nothing but the sound of night time Pokémon going about their evening. However, in the front yard of Logan's home, the same white Pokémon that followed him earlier sat there, looking up at the house, namely toward the window of his mother's room. Its as if it knows, it wasn't going to be a pleasant day tomorrow for the boy...

    Ryuko Residence — March 22nd, 1999

    It was around 8 in the morning and the sun was shining down over the mountain town. Logan was known to wanting to sleep in, but he suddenly began to stir awake. He yawns as he rubbed his eyes, tiredly and looks down and sees Chika just still asleep. He just smiled softly and quietly got out of bed, without waking her up. However, it proved fruitless as the sun shoned into the room, and onto the sleeping Leaf Pokémon. Chika suddenly felt the warmth and was feeling energized already, to which she got up and stretched and looked to Logan and smiled brightly.

    "Chiii...!~" Chika greeted.

    "Heh...good morning Chika. I guess your ready for the day already." Logan said as he chuckled. "Mom is likely up now, I'm gonna go down and get breakfast, so you can just continue sun bathing. After all, you are practically a plant."

    Chika just nods as she laid back down and enjoyed the sun's beams. Logan shook his head at her adorableness and leaves the room. He walks downstairs, "Good morning mom."

    However, when he got down, he saw nobody there. Usually mom is always the first one up and making breakfast at this point, but she wasn't in the kitchen. He goes and looks out the window, thinking she was outside, tending her garden, but to his surprise, she wasn't out there either. Her shoes were at the door so she didn't leave. Was she still in bed?

    "Huh..." Logan thought as he goes back upstairs and sees the door to his mom's room closed still. He knocks on it.

    "Mom...? Mom you still asleep? Its already 8." He said. However there was no response. He knocked again.

    "Mom? Mom, are you there?" He said, sounding confused. Chika, who was in his room, heard him knocking on the door and decided to go see what was up.

    "Chiko?" Chika tilts her head as Logan picks her up.

    "I don't know Chika, mom must've really wanted to sleep in today... but she isn't answering. She is a light sleeper though..." He told her with concern.

    Left with little options, he slowly opens the door, peering around. He then opens it slowly as he sees his mom laying their in bed, asleep still. He then goes over.

    "Mom? Mom, time to wake up." Logan said as he shakes her shoulder, but she didn't respond.

    "Come on mom, you can't be that deep asleep, your never this heavy..." He said chuckling, albeit nervously, but she didn't respond still.

    Logan was getting worried, and bit scared. Chika noticed this and also was getting worried as she jumps down onto the bed and nudges her.

    "Chiko, chi chi ko?" She said to the unconscious woman, but still nothing.

    "Mom...mom please wake up. This is not funny!" He shouted, worried now. Nothing.

    He was beginning to breath heavily. She couldn't be...could she? He then did placed his hand over her chest. His heart sunk, as he didn't feel her heartbeat, or see her breath at all.

    "...M-mother...?" His eyes widen to the realization, and slowly stepped back. He felt tears beginning to come out. He then picks up Chika and runs out of the room and downstairs to the phone and called 911.

    "This is Blackthorn City Police, whats is your emergency?" The dispatcher asked.

    Logan held back his tears, he wanted to stay strong, "H...hello? I need someone to come here right away...my m-mom...she isn't waking up..."

    "Your mother isn't waking up? Like she isn't responding to you or anything?" The dispatcher asked calmly, realizing it was a child.

    "N-no, me and my Chikorita tried to get her to get up, but she...she isn't breathing...her heart isn't beating...I...I'm scared." He said shakily, finding it hard to hold back the tears as they began to come down his cheeks.

    "Okay sweetie, I want you to remain calm. I'll send an ambulance over. What's your address?" She asked.

    "230 Dracion Drive..." He replied.

    "Okay, someone will come right away. Stay on the phone with me until they come okay?" She asked in a kind voice.

    "O-okay..." Logan said, calming down slightly.

    Soon it got out when the ambulance arrived at the house. The neighbors came out or people who walked in the mornings saw the scene and began talking among themselves. When they saw a stretcher with what looked like a body on it being lifted to the ambulance, and the sight of a small child holding a Chikorita, they knew then that poor child lost his mother.

    Clair then arrived, after Logan asked if Clair would come, and when she heard the news, she left the Gym immedately as she came to the house and saw him sitting there on the doorstep, quiet, as Chika tried to get him to say something. The Dragon Tamer could do nothing but feel pity and sadness.

    "Logan...?" Clair asked as she kneels down to the boy, with worry and concern.

    "...Clair...?" Logan just asked as he looks to her.

    Clair then just embraced him tightly, Logan took a few seconds before slowly embracing back. She can hear sobs from the boy, and knew there was nothing they could do. He lost his mother, she lost her family friend and now her son was an orphan. This was something an eight year old boy could not go through, especially early in this lifetime.

    "Come on...your going to stay with me for now. I can't leave you here all alone..." Clair said as she wipes his tears. Logan could just nod.

    She had him get dressed and grab his belongings, namely his books, Game Boy, and of course Chika. She felt very sad and hurt that her master just lost his meema, what Pokémon refer to as the mother when they are young, and Chika was still rather young. She just snuggles in his arms as he walks away from his home, realizing that his life was forever changed that morning, with Clair. In the distance, as the crowd began to die down, the white Pokémon watched and could do nothing, but feel pity for that boy. It bowed its head down, closing its eyes, before looking back up to where the two humans were walking and darts back off into the wilderness.

    A few days later...

    It was a rough few days afterward. As it turned out, the cause of his mother's death was due to something no one would have expected: A brain tumor. Judging by it, she likely had this tumor going on for several months, but never came in to have it checked. She more than likely didn't think much of it, but if she did, it was likely out of the love of her son, and not to worry him, given it would have been hard for Logan to take in the fact she was going to likely pass away. And yet, she was always smiling, always happy and cheerful, just for Logan. And she kept that up to her last day. Her funeral took place the following week, a couple days before training started for the new Tamers. Many people showed up, as they knew that she was a kind and gentle soul, and felt remorse for Logan who was now without a parent. He never knew his father, and when he asked his mom about it, she never explained about him. If he was still around out there, would he even come back? More likely not...

    Logan was staying with Clair, and decided to take him in as his legal guardian, until he was old enough to start his journey in two years. Logan was sitting in his room, with Chika resting on the bed, as he was reading. He heard Clair walking by, and then he called for her.

    "Clair?" Logan asked. Clair stopped as he looked at him.

    "Hmm? What is it, Logan?" Clair asked.

    "You know how you asked me, after the funeral, that if I didn't want to start training because of what happened, I didn't have to if this was going to be hard on me mentally?" Logan asked. Clair nodded.

    "...I've been thinking." He closed his book as he looked at her in the eyes, with a look of seriousness.

    "I want to go through with training. I can't...grief for mom forever. I know it hurts...it hurts me so much, that I lost her...but she wouldn't want me to give up on my dream, no matter what! I'm gonna make her proud, she would have wanted that." Logan explained, with a bit of vigor.

    Clair was surprised. She didn't think Logan would have wanted to continue and start training, even after what happened to him. But he had a point, he wanted to make his mother proud, even after death, and knows that she wouldn't want to see him give up on his dream. She then smiled and nods.

    "Alright then Logan. If that is what you want to do, then be ready tomorrow. We begin at dawn, at the Den." Clair said to him, to which he nods.

    He knew, this was gonna be a long two years.

    Chapter 3 - Strong Will and Confidence
    Blackthorn City - Dragon Tamer Training Grounds - June 19th, 2000

    Months have passed since Logan's mother died, and he began his awaited training with the other aspiring Dragon Tamers. Day in and day out, Logan learned about Pokémon battles first-hand and was able to get hands-on experience in battling. Him and Chika battled other trainees and their young Dragon Pokémon, trained eight hours everyday, while being able to get breaks every once in awhile, but regardless training was a serious matter. He, as well as the other trainees, that they would begin by battling on a difficulty system, from beginner battles with low leveled Dragons like Dratini and Bagon, to Expert where the veteran Tamers come and teach those that reached that far in their training and battle their more experienced, high-leveled Dragon Pokémon, like Dragonite and Salamence.

    He vowed that he would make his mother proud of him, and over the course of one year, Logan has made it up through his training. He studied on his down time, learning and planning different battle strategies that he and Chika can use, and likely use later when he finally leaves to go on his journey in the following year.

    His prowess has made a name for himself, as he was filled with determination and not backing down. So much so, word got to Lance about the boy's achievements during his training, to the point the Dragon Master and Champion came to watch Logan's battle style, and he was impressed for a boy this young, having this level of confidence and competence.

    "Hmm..." Lance was deep in thought, as he watched the boy battling against one of the advanced leveled Tamers.

    "Something on your mind, Master Lance?" One of the elders asked as they were also intrigued by Logan's style.

    "...He reminds me of myself. Could you remember Elder?" Lance chuckles as he looks to the elderly man, as the latter nods, with a light smile.

    "Ah, I do my boy... Then again, it seems like most of our bloodline followed with this sort of vigor. But this child...I feel as though he is bound to do...something greater..." The elder mused.

    "The fact that he still has a Chikorita, and is battling against a mid leveled Dragonair, I am bound to believe that..." Lance replied.

    Soon, the battle ended with Logan, though did very well, lost after Dragonair used Ice Beam on Chika, who while was capable of holding out on her own, was still a Chikorita. Logan though about having her evolve a few months back, but something told him that Chika wanted to do as much as she could at base leveled, before evolving. Plus, it seemed Chika was still childish, and just liked to be held by Logan.

    Lance then began walking away, as the Elder looks to him, "Where are you going, Master Lance?"

    Lance just smiled and looked back, "I need to go make a call to somebody. I'll be back shortly."

    Lance took out his phone as he speed dials and then waits for it to answer.

    "Hello? Professor? This is Lance. I actually have a request for you..."

    The spectators cheered for both the rookie and veteran and they shook hands.

    "Well young one, you certainly know what you are doing. I'd never think I would fight a trainee that had the skill of an expert Trainer. And with a Chikorita no less." The older Tamer said, with a light chuckle.

    "Thank you. And congratulations. It was a really fun battle. I know Chika had fun. Did you Chika?" Logan said as he looks at the Leaf Pokémon who was exhausted, but still filled with peppy and happiness.

    "Chiiko...~" She said tiredly.

    "I'm glad. You just rest now okay?" Logan said as returns her to her Poké Ball for the time being.

    "Well, I wish you luck in your future endeavors child. Farewell." The Tamer gave him a salute that is known by every Tamer there was. They were taught this early on in training, as it was a sign of gratitude and to be strong, no matter what life throws at you. Logan simply salutes back before they both walk off the opposite direction.

    After that was all done, the day was done and all the trainees returned home. As Logan was getting ready to head to the Pokémon Center, he was approached by a young man.

    "I must say Logan, you really are exceeding everyone's expectations." The man said, as Logan turned to look at him, with his eyes widen.

    "Oh! Master Lance!" Logan said in a surprised tone.

    "Aha ha, no need to be so formal Logan. I maybe a Dragon Master, but I am still a Trainer at heart so you can address me as 'Lance'." He said laughing softly.

    "Oh, r-right." Logan grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

    "Anyway, that was impressive battling for someone your age. I guess Clair really has been teaching you, huh?" Lance asked.

    Logan nods, "Yep! Clair is an awesome teacher. But I also study on my down time, so I really want to be ready for when I begin my journey next year."

    "Ah, so you are choosing to travel around Johto?" Lance asked, while crossing his arms.

    "Well, actually I plan on traveling around the world..." Logan corrected him. "You see, I don't aim to be the best Trainer in the world or desire to be a Pokémon Master, like the other Trainers out there. I actually have one desire that's been sitting in my head for the past couple years." He added.

    Lance was interested. He knew it was common for most Trainers to desire to be a Pokémon Master, but this was a goal in which Logan didn't desire.

    He then asked, "So, what is it that you desire to do out there in the world."

    "Heh that's simple..." He looks up toward the setting sun that was going over the mountaintop.

    "...I want to meet the Legendary Pokémon of the world." Logan answered.

    Lance blinked, and chuckles. He knew that Legendary Pokémon were a sight to behold, given how powerful they were, and why most Trainers sought after them. However judging by the way Logan answered, it sounded as though he had a different reason for wanting to find them.

    "I see, that is a rather interesting goal in one's life. Meeting a Legendary is something that most Trainers dream of, but you seem to have a different reason." Lance replied.

    Logan nods, "I want to...meet them and well...might seem rather silly if you think about it, but I want to seek them and befriend them."

    He would have expected Lance to just laugh at that concept, but he was silent as he listened.

    "...You really are something special, Logan." Was all Lance said.

    "Huh?" Logan asked confused. "I am?"

    "Logan, you are going for a dream that others would likely find impossible. Befriending a Legendary is only possible if that person has a righteous heart and a strong bond for those he cares for. The way you battle, your bond with your Chikorita, and the fact that you have a strong will and determination, I feel as though the world has something big, waiting for you." Lance responds as he too looks up at the sunset.

    Logan took what he said in. Was he that special? Was the world really waiting for something special to happen? Sure, he was a gifted trainee, but he wouldn't think he was that special.

    After a few minutes the sun was gone. Lance then looks at the boy.

    "Your staying with Clair right?" Lance asked.

    "Yeah, she took me in after mom died. Why?" Logan asked back.

    "I want you to meet me at the Pokémon Center tomorrow afternoon. Clair was informed, as she wishes to be there." Lance replied as he began to walk away.

    "Is it a surprise?" Logan asked, a bit excited. While he maybe a gifted trainee, he was still a child at heart.

    Lance just chuckles. "You'll see. Have a good night Logan."

    "Yeah Lance...good night!" Logan said as he watched him go. Soon he made his way to Clair's house. He wondered what was going to happen tomorrow.

    Blackthorn City Pokémon Center — June 20th, 2000

    Logan arrived at the Pokémon Center a bit after 1PM. He walks in and sees business as usual, seeing passing Trainers or residents of the town there healing their Pokémon. Logan waves at Nurse Joy, as she smiles softly at the boy.

    "Hello Logan. How are you doing today?" The nurse asked cheerily.

    "Hi Nurse Joy! I'm doing fine. I'm just here waiting for Lance." He replied.

    "Ah well I got a call from him to tell you to head upstairs to where the old Cable Club was located. It would be more private and quieter, as he put it." She said, pointing to the steps that led up the second floor. The Pokémon Centers all had a second floor that contained a Cable Club, but after the building of the Global Trade Service , G.T.S., in Goldenrod City, and the invention of the PSS from Kalos, the Cable Club was rendered redundant and shut down. Now the second floors had space for more rooms for Trainers staying overnight.

    "Oh, okay. Thanks Nurse Joy!" He said as he waves and heads upstairs. Nurse Joy giggles.

    "Still a sweetheart as ever, that child." She mused before returning to work.

    Logan waited up there for a ten minutes, as Lance came up the steps and saw the boy.

    "Ah! Logan, thanks for coming. And sorry it took so long. Clair is on her way up too." Lance said as he approached him.

    And sure enough, Clair arrives as well. But she was not alone, as another individual came up behind her. It was a older man, wearing a lab coat, and wearing purple shirt underneath. He had a stern look, but he was smiling brightly.

    "Is that...?" Logan eyes widen when he saw who it was.

    "That is right Logan. This was the reason why I wanted you to meet us up here." Lance said as he steps to the side as the older man approaches him.

    "Well, hello there Logan! It is finally great to meet you. As you know, I am Professor Oak." The older professor greeted by holding his hand out.

    "Woah, hi Professor!" Logan said excitedly as he shook his hand. This was his surprise? To meet the renowned Pokémon researcher in the world, even more of Kanto and Johto? This WAS a surprise.

    "Now then, from what I heard from Lance, I was told you seem to have a knack of becoming an excellent Pokémon Trainer. Never in my day I would have met someone as young as you, capable of taking on veteran Trainers of Blackthorn City, with just the starter you received from Prof. Elm a year ago." Oak said.

    Logan grinned sheepishly, blushing lightly that he was getting praise from the professor.

    "Thanks Prof. Oak. I'm really flattered...heh."

    Oak chuckles, "Ahaha, no problem my boy. When I was told about your potential as a Trainer, at this age, I had to make a trip out here to meet you myself. And I can tell, you do have the eyes and determination to be excellent!"

    "Well, I don't think I'm THAT special professor. I just study hard and watch and learn hands on in battle." Logan replied.

    "Ah, but you are quite special my boy. The fact you manage to get up through the ranks of training within a matter of a year, is quite astounding. And by the looks of your Chikorita, I'd say you did an excellent job raising her." Oak said as he pats the small Chikorita that rested on the boy's shoulder, giving a soft coo.

    "And because of that, after talking with Lance and hearing his recommendation. I hearby make you an official Pokémon Trainer. Everything for registering a license was done, as trainees were given an ID card. I made it so your would be recognized as an official Trainer. Congratulations Logan." Oak said as he smiled brightly, as he takes out of his pocket, a small red device.

    "Here. This is your own Pokédex. As you know, it automatically records the data of Pokémon seen or caught. This one also allows you to check the status of your Pokémon in your party that are registered. This model was upgraded to the National Dex, as you know Pokémon outside of Johto have migrated here so it should help you out in learning information on out of region Pokémon." He hands the boy the small device, as the latter was just...speechless. He was a Trainer made this early? He could go on a journey now if he wanted too.

    Lance just chuckles, "I know its a lot to take in Logan, but like I said yesterday. Something out there is calling for you, and your skills as a Trainer is unquestionable. You have earned the right to be made into a Trainer officially. This hasn't been done since I began my journey so many years ago."

    Oak nods, "I remember that. I guess this happens within those destined for greater things."

    "Prof. Oak, Lance, Clair...thank you. I...I don't know what to say..." Logan was just overjoyed, as was Chika.

    "Its nothing Logan. You been at it for a year, and you already made far. If your mom was here...she would be proud of you..." Clair said, with a soft smile as he strokes the boy's head.

    Logan nods. He felt it. Even from beyond, his mom was looking down, smiling that her son was finally going to live out his dream.

    "Well my boy, I have to be on my way now. I have to go meet my friend Mr. Pokémon on Route 30. He made an excellent discovery and since I was in the neighborhood, I'd go visit my friend, before heading to Goldenrod. You take care Logan. Whether you fill the Pokédex up is up to you, but whatever you do out there in the world, good luck!" Oak said as he pats the boy's shoulder.

    "Thank you Prof. Oak. I promise I won't let you or everyone down!" Logan proclaimed.

    With that the professor nods and heads down the steps to leave. Lance and Clair look to Logan.

    "Congratulations Logan, I feel you will do great things for the world. For now, I have to return to the Pokémon League to continue duties as Champion. Best of luck to you, on your goals. I hope we can battle one day should you feel the need to take on the Elite." Lance said as he ruffles the boy's hair before turning to Clair as the two did the salute before Lance leaves.

    Clair looks to Logan, "Well Logan, since you are officially a Pokémon Trainer, you are free to leave and begin your journey."

    Logan gave it some thought, "Actually Clair...I was hoping to finish my training here first."

    Clair blinked, "Really? But you are free to go out and challenge other strong willed Trainers and see the world. You have already exceeded our expectations."

    "I know, but... I want to finish what I started here first. Its better to get two years of experience than one. I really want to be ready for when I do head out there in the world."

    Clair thinks over his words and nods, smiling, "Alright then Logan. If that is what you wish to do, then its fine. Since you have been doing so well, I do believe you have earned the right to go into the Shrine and train under the Expert leveled Tamers, and the Elders. You have cleared out the other levels of difficulty, so starting tomorrow, you will begin your year in the Shrine."

    Logan nods, "Understood Clair." He gives the salute as she smiles and returns it, before hugging him.

    "Really, I am proud of you, and so is your mom...never forget that..." She said quietly.

    With that, the two Trainers leave the Center, after he showed Nurse Joy his Pokédex and congratulating him. With that, Logan decided to head back home after Clair allowed him to rest for the day, while she returns to the Gym to continue her day as Leader.

    Clair's House — June 20th, 2000

    After looking over the Pokédex, Logan finally decides to register his ID into the device.

    Hello, I am Dexter. I am a Pokédex programmed by Professor Oak for Pokémon Trainer Logan Ryuko of the city of Blackthorn. My primary function is to provide Logan with information and advice regarding Pokémon and their training. If I am lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced.

    Logan just blinked as he got the blurb for the device, "This is so cool...!" He then looks to Chika.

    "Let me register you in this Chika. Can finally see if I was correct in what your Nature was last year." He said as he held the device over the Chikorita.

    "Chiko!" She said excited.

    The device beeped and then dinged.

    Registration Complete!
    The Leaf Pokémon
    Ht: 2'11''/0.9m
    Wt: 14.1lbs/6.4kg
    Description: In battle, Chikorita waves its leaf around to keep the foe at bay. However, a sweet fragrance also wafts from the leaf, becalming the battling Pokémon and creating a cozy, friendly atmosphere all around.

    "Well that seems about right for you Chika." He chuckles, upon hearing the entry.

    "Chiko~" Chika proudly said.

    "Well let's see your status info." He said as he pushes the keys and selected Chika from his list of available Pokémon, this case his only one.

    Gender: Female
    OT: Logan Ryoko
    ID: 10176
    Ability: Overgrow
    Raises the power of Grass-type moves when in a pinch.
    Moves Known:
    Tackle, Magical Leaf, Reflect, Synthesis, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Poison Powder
    Nature: Relaxed
    (Defense + / Speed -)
    "Sweet, you do have a good nature. Your speed would take a hit, but you would be pretty bulky against physical attacks. I think with that in mind, we can try to work up on your speed a bit so you can get a little better at striking enemies a bit quicker, but most we are gonna focus on your defense and special defense. Doing that, you can stand to be hit from super-effective attacks better and be able to strike back." Logan said as he switched the Pokédex off.

    "Chiko chi." She nods.

    "Well I guess we can just relax for the day, tomorrow we are going to be hard at work in the Shrine, mentally and physically." Logan said as he laid back on his bed as Chika laid on his stomach, nodding in agreement.

    "And just think...we can finally go on our journey at anytime too...even if I chose to continue training here for another year, we can finally do what we wanted to do..." Logan said quietly. After awhile, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

    "Yes, in due time child. Your time will come..." A soft mysterious voice said aloud to no one in particular, but Logan and Chika didn't hear.

    Hall of Origins — June 20th, 2000

    Arceus mused to herself, after watching Logan fall asleep and turning her attention up to the stars.

    "In due time, Chosen Guardian...in due time..." She closed her eyes, with a soft smile.

    She didn't expect these turns of events, and the boy is able to go on his journey, but chose to finish his training before he does so. She knew, that his bloodline, were always the modest types. That is why she finds the child precious to the world, as he is the first Guardian to appear for 500 years, even if he wasn't aware that he is the Guardian, or the fact he is still too young to carry up the mantle of the title Eon Guardian, but she was confident that he will do good for the world, do good for humans and Pokémon alike.

    One year later...
    Dragon's Den - May 11th, 2001

    Another year has passed, and it was the last day of the two year training in the Den. All the rookies were now experienced Tamers, and Logan, who spent the last dozen months in the Shrine, training under the Elders and Expert Tamers, was finally ready to officially begin his journey. All the recruits that have trained for the last two years gathered outside the Shrine, with the Elders, Clair, and Lance who came back to see how much the rookies improved, and he was impressed.

    "All of you, have endured two long years...training day and night, to become the best Dragon-type Trainer. You all made it through training, and I want to say I am very proud of you all. You all continue the tradition that has been going on in our clan for centuries, since the founding of Blackthorn, and your bloodlines shall help continue the tradition for generations to come. You have earned the rank of being experienced Tamers, but the road to becoming a Dragon Master, like myself, takes hard work and dedication, as well as the love and care you share with your Pokémon. They have been with you from the beginning, and they are your allies, your partners, your friends, and maybe even a part of your family..." Lance annouced out to the crowd.

    "I would like to say now, as of this moment, you have officially completed your training. You are now all free to pursuit your goals. Whether be continuing to train here to become a Dragon Master or..." He says as she looks to Logan, with a light smile, seeing how far the youth has come over the past two years.

    "...journey out there, and discover what your place in the world is... Regardless of your choice, we are all Pokémon Trainers, and we wish to grow alongside our Pokémon. As long as we share a close bond, nothing will come between us!"

    The recruits all cheered, feeling empowered by Lance's speech, and just happy that their two years of training is completed. Logan just smiles, having grown another foot taller, and now more experienced than he was a year ago.

    "And, I want to give one recognition to one recruit, who has exceeded so much in the past two years, and was able to train with the Elders and Expert Tamers in the Shrine. Logan Ryuko." Lance said as he waved toward him, while Logan rubs the back of his head, having the spotlight shine on him.

    "He was given the option to start his journey early, after receiving a Pokédex and being made into a Trainer, by the esteemed Prof. Oak, one year ago. But he chose to remain and finish his training with you all. It goes to show, how modest one such as this young man here, would do, to help prepare him for the world out there. We should follow his example, if we wish to achieve those we desire, then we should never back down and go in with strong confidence and determination. With that, thank you Logan, and job well done, dear Dragon Tamer." Lance said as he saluted, along with everyone else as he looks around surprised. He wasn't the sort to be used to all the recognition, but Logan chuckles and smiles softly, as he salutes them back.

    "Thank you...everyone." Was all he said.

    Outside Blackthorn City — May 11th, 2001

    After the ceremony in the Den, all the recruits, now full-fledged Tamers, ran home as some were eager to continue training there, or begin their own Pokémon Journey. Logan, wearing a black jacket with dark gray pants and brown boots, with a large side pack around his belt. He was at the south entrance of the town that lead down the mountain toward Route 29, with Clair.

    "Well this is it huh. Guess I won't be around for awhile..." Logan said looking up to his mentor.

    "Yeah, but I know you'll always come back. If your beginning your journey here, you will likely wind up back here. Hopefully you accomplish what you set out to do. Finding the Legendaries won't be an easy task, but I'm sure with your compassionate heart, they will appear before you." Clair said with her hand over her hip, smiling softly at the now 10 year old boy.

    "Yeah, but I am going to need to get stronger, so I think I will take on the Gyms around Johto, and likely expand out to the other regions..." Logan looks down the path.

    "Its gonna be a long journey..." He mused. Clair looked down the road too.

    "It will be..." She said softly.

    "Well...I better get moving. I plan on visiting Prof. Elm before I set out to Violet City for the first Gym." Logan explained.

    "I can see why you want to go in order. I do look forward to when you come back, and we see how strong you gotten." Clair smirked.

    "Believe me, I'm gonna show you how tough a real Tamer can be." He retorted back, before both of them laughed.

    Clair then goes and hugs him, "You take care of yourself, alright?"

    Logan nods as he hugs back, "Don't worry, I will."

    He begins to walk down the road as he looks back and waves, as Chika rode on his shoulder and waved cutely back at Clair, saying good-bye.

    Logan's journey...has just begun...
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