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Original I need this why? (9-20-2021 prompt)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Katanaeyegaming, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Katanaeyegaming

    Katanaeyegaming #FEARTHEWYVERN

    Level 43
    Feb 6, 2015
    Poké Ball ★Potion ★Oran Berry ★★Thunder Stone ★★★Helix Fossil ★★★
    The shopping mall had been packed for the past three hours. You couldn't move 5 inches in some cases without bumping into somebody. I guess that's what happens on black friday.

    But now we have a kid coming to the register with a box of games from the other side of the store. They had very thoroughly probed our catalog grabbing the latest edition of the newest racing game and his favorite series Blast Racers.

    The very loud clack of his footsteps rang in my ears as it had before. While I loved talking about video games with him there was always one major pet peeve I had with him. His shoes made the most obnoxious noise and it was very noticeable.

    "Hey Doug how are you doing?" The kid inquired with me being the beacon of positivity that he had always been.

    "I'm doing good Dylan just a busy day today." I meekly responded making small talk as I scanned the copy of Blast Racers 4: Turbo Edition.

    "You have your ID on you?" I asked. Recently there had been an increase in shoplifting so management had implemented a policy stating that all game sales required ID regardless of age as a measure to keep down theft. It certainly lead to some unpleasant moments such as the guy who threatened me with a knife over the policy.

    "Since when has this been a thing? And yes I do!" Dylan pulled out his ID and the $45 for the game without complaint only questioning why the policy existed which was fair of him.

    "About a couple days ago some guys stole a bunch of games and now management are doing this as a way to prevent that." I told him with all the energy I had left towards the situation.

    "Well that's a little crazy, But then again there are people like that everywhere!" He told me after I scanned his game with him waving goodbye after a little more small talk.

    'At least he took it well.' I thought as I went back to work. There was still over half a shift to go on black friday even though not many people were in our store.
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