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Article MOTM Interview - May 2016

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Pixel, May 4, 2016.

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  1. Pixel

    Pixel Aether Child

    Level 16
    Nov 16, 2014
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    Hello Valorians, [member='Aura'] here with this month's Member of the Month interview! This month I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely [member='Megarai111'], who was chosen as the Member of the Month for May of 2016! My questions will match the text colour you see here, while [member='Megarai111']'s will be in this colour.

    Let's start with an easy one; who are you?
    Well, I'm Mega, also known as Morgle! I'm a weird girl from a weird country with weird friends who likes weird stuff and does weird stuff and enjoys weird stuff. Oh yeah, I like to talk and write long replies to questions, so be prepared for a lot of reading. Nice to meet you o7

    How did you find out about Lake Valor?
    Well, I used to post Pokémon pixel art on DeviantArt (nothing too shabby, I did it because I was bored, it's nothing special) when I received a Note from someone named "LVAchromatic" ([member='Achromatic']) (I was - and still am - a nobody on DA and I never got notes, so that was pretty funny), somewhere in November or December 2014.
    ..you know, I should still have that note somewhere. I never get any notes, which makes my inbox very small. Lemme see...
    *scrolls through ten pages of spam* man, I didn't realize how much this one person has been spamming me >_>
    Ah, I found it! (His DA account is banned? O_O) Yeah, he asked me to join the site, he apologizes because he knows how annoying these notes can be (tbh, it's the first and last invite Note I ever received, lol) and he tells me they've just hit 4000 members and he'd like to see more active members. I didn't mind checking it out, so I signed up. I didn't do that much for about a year though, not knowing how to get to know others better (I was even more of an internet noob than I am now). I guess the launch of the Discord chat, along with my idea to go write an LV fanfic gave me a kickstart, and now I'm MOTM! Woo! \o/

    Do you enjoy the role you play in Lake Valor?
    The "role" I play... hmm. That role could be many things.
    Do I enjoy being a Social Crew member? Yeah, it's awesome to be able to help out the site, and the nameglow is really cool too!
    Do I enjoy writing stories for and about LV? Yeah, it's awesome to write stuff and have people actually read and like it. It feels great to have an audience for once, instead of just writing and storing everything in my Google Drive.
    Do I enjoy being on the Discord chat talking to everyone, laughing about stupid jokes and making stupid jokes myself? Yeah, it's awesome to- alright, I should stop repeating this >_> Let's just say I love the role I play here \o/

    Do you enjoy being a part of the Lake Valor community?
    Hell yes! Now that I've found a way to really get into the community, I can really enjoy LV to its fullest, IMO. Everyone here is great, I have the best in-laws ever, I even have a sweet hubbie (even though I'm still waiting for him to return from his final exams, even though those will end in about a month from now >_>) and I love everything \o/

    How did you react when you found out you had won Member of the Month?
    Ohh, funny story :3
    As many of you might've noticed, I was on vacation to Tenerife in the week that the next MOTM would be announced. I had seen my name pop up in the nominations through a notification, so I knew there was a chance I would win. The morning of the 1st of May, I woke up one and a half hour earlier than usual thanks to the excitement and the tension (this happened in the previous months in which I was nominated as well, lol). There was one teensy-tiny problem though: there was no internet in our house, so I did something I had never done before: I enabled roaming (you guys have no idea how frigging expensive that is, I think you pay about €0,25/Mb >_>). After having LV opened, I carefully scrolled down, letting the tension inside of me build. Once I had reached the MOTM tab, I scrolled down a bit and saw the upper half of my avatar. I was like "What, for real?" I scrolled down a bit more and saw my name there! So yeah, I was sitting in my room, it was pretty damn early, yet I managed to not wake up my parents and my brother with my screaming. I don't know how that happened either *shrugs*
    Also, my parents still pay my phone bill. I think I'm gonna get into some big trouble once they find out about the roaming costs. It was totally worth it though \o/

    Finally, describe Lake Valor in one word.
    Yes, fram. Ask Wyx ([member='Wyxamex']) for details. Fram is the only word I can use to describe LV.

    On behalf of the writers team, I'd like to thank [member='Megarai111'] for taking the time out of her schedule to answer these questions, and we'll see you in the next MOTM Interview! This is [member='Aura'], signing out!
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